Theater: The Lost Generation
Nationality: American
Formation: The Greatest Generation - USMC
Position: Drill Instructor
Rank: Corporal
Status: Retired



Born on Aug. 21, 1894 at Bradford PA. He enlisted in the Corps on Oct 10, 1913 at the age of 19. His professed reason for enlisting was to follow in his fathers foot steps who served in the Spanish American War. There were other reasons that had been kept to him such as seeing the world that would have been impossible to do on a factory workers wages.


Only months after completion of boot camp, Private West found himself in the forefront of the Mexican Revolution. The capturing of US Sailors at the port of Tampico, during February 1914, had caused President Wilson to send the US Fleet to Mexicos eastern coast to resolve the issue. In April, the U.S. moved to seize Veracruz, bombarding the city as it landed Marines. The city conquered with force from Mexican President Hurertas Armies and repelled numerous counter-attacks as the Mexican Army tried to retake the city from US control. 12 July 1915, Private West was evacuated from Veracruz do to combat related injuries. During his one year six month combat tour in Mexico, Private West was awarded the Purple Heart of combat injuries suffered in Veracruz and the Mexican Incursion Medal 1911-1917 for participation in combat duties in areas of operation surrounding Veracruz. Private West was nominated for the Navy Cross for his actions performed during the assault on Veracruz.

Awards Package:

-Navy Cross Awards Package:

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Serving with the Third Company of Marines on 3 July 1915, Private West deployed south of Veracruz, Mexico for a six-day reconnaissance. After dark on the evening of 7 July 1915 Third Company, 1 Platoon came under intense enemy fire. The five-man observation/listening post (OP) received the blunt of the attack. Three men were instantly killed and two other wounded during the first volley of fire. Private West discovered a route to the OP that provided both cover and concealment from enemy troops. Private West and two other marines were ordered to advance under concealment and provide security for a Medic allowing life-saving first aid techniques to be applied to the wounded Marines. Due to Private West’s situational awareness, the two wounded Marines were medically treated and evacuated out of the combat zone.


Corporal West at Paris Island instructing a new recruit on marksmanship techniques

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