A weapons database is available which contains stats on all the myriad of small arms available in the game.


Weapons are broken down by skill. So you may use +weapons <skill type> to get back a list of all weapons which that skills governs.
You may also use +weapons <name of weapon> to bring up more precise details on that individual item.

The weapon skills are

Antitank Rifles
Automatic Rifles
Machine Guns
Rocket Launcher
Submachine Guns

For example, if you do +weapons machine guns, you get a list of all the machine guns on the game. Then you can also do, for example, +weapons MG 42 to see the stats of that specific weapon. It shows:

MG 42

Skill Machine Guns
Accuracy Mods 0.65/1/0.75
Damage d8
Reliability 1
Fire Mode XA
Base Recoil 40
Ammo Type 7.92-57
Clip Size 100
Penetration 7mm

Heavy Weapon

Known as Hitlers Buzzsaw because of its extremely high rate of fire, the MG 42 was also sometimes known as the 'Spandau' because of the suburb in Berlin where they were made. Probably the best general purpose machinegun of the war, and perhaps even of all time, the MG42 was in constant demand by troops, demand which German industry was unable to meet.

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