Vive Le France

Who: Chevalier, Claude, Genevieve, Henrik, Kraller, Vogel, Wolff
What: The Execution
When: August, 1940

Coordinates : 14 4

A fine example of a French town. There is little sign of war here, the buildings are all in good condition - very good condition in fact, as most of them have been newly built. The last war was not kind on this area, after all. It all looks peaceful, at least on the surface.

It is currently dawn.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Air Raid Shelter
2. The Wall

Chevalier makes a point to stand near the back of the assembled crowd, doing his best to just be another face in the crowd.

Henrik is among the crowd, but unlike others, the stern faced swede is one one who easily blends in. Moving toward the front of the civilians assembled, he rumbles under his breath, "A man's end should be seen," as he regards the soldiers assembled about the Police station.

Dawn has come and, along with it, the beaten form of Claude is marched out of the police station by a couple of Nazi grunts. He tries to move as silently to his death as possible, though he can't help but shudder as he's put up against the wall. The spectacle has indeed attracted quite a crowd. Germans, of course, but more than a few French have come out. This is the country that invented the guillotine.

Genevieve is here as well, dressed a touch warmer for the outdoors weather and the early morning. She's got her best game smile on her features, but the flush in her cheeks might be drink as much as it is early morning cold. She is doing her best to gain Wolff's eyes for a moment, giving him a quick wave and a reassuring smile before she slips back to stand near the German lot. She's not going anywhere near the French, not right now.

Vogel is there, talking quietly with Untersturmfuhrer Kraller in a lurking but prominent position near Claude's impending death. The sturmbannfuhrer is not lining up with the firing squad himself, of course, but he wants to give the order. He's a hands-on guy, that way. "A pity you weren't able to learn more from him," he says to Kraller. "But as it is, fine work, Untersturmfuhrer. You will do well in this post, I think. I am glad to have this matter resolved."

Chevalier lights a cigarette finding a place with a clear view from which to watch. He stares cold and unemotional at the prisoner.

Wolff is among the smart column of nazis who stand crisply to attention as the ranking officer arrives on the scene. Standing at face-left, until being order with the others to ready and aim, the Schutze does indeed catch Genevieve's look, a tight smile on his face at noting her.

Henrik stands with arms crossed, and expression flat as he watches the frenchman marched out, and set with his back against the blank wall. shoulders and chest rise and fall with deep, slow breaths.

Genevieve smiles a bit more as she does catch Wolff's eye, but then her gaze turns towards the prisoner. She doesn't let her smile faulter. She pulls out her cigarettes and a lighter, slipping one between her lips so she can enjoy a smoke as this happens.

Chevalier says to a another spectator standing beside him, "So that is the instigator eh?"

Vogel steps forward to address the crowd a little, as he's got himself an audience. "I thank you for coming to witness justice this day, good people of Arras. It is a most cheering sign of support for the Reich, after these recent unfortunate events. You see before you a murderer and a traitor, both to the German government and our French allies. Subversion, as you can see, has only one possible end."

«Ground Combat» Claude moves into The Wall.

Chevalier quietly stares at Claude as the nazi speaks.

Claude puts his head back against the wall. More as if resting it than anything else. Judging by the bruises, it aches rather a lot. He closes his eyes as Vogel goes on, just waiting for them to get it over with.

Wolff shifts his eye from the friendly frenchie, to Vogel as the commanding officer of Arras speaks up. Damn, Vogel isn't as much fun to look at.

Vogel is oblivious to Wolff's lack of interest in his looks. He's got traitors to order killed. He steps to the sidelines again, next to (but far more prominent) than Kraller. Claude doesn't even get any last requests. Without further ado he shouts, "READY!"

The line of soliders bring arms from 'at rest' to 'at ready', turning thier heads at once to look at the condemned.

It takes every last bit of Genevieve's to keep the smile on her lips and the almost cherriness in her eyes. She hugs her jacket too, too tightly around her body, eyes never leaving Claude now… waiting until the time to cheer…

Claude tenses, his entire body shaking. This is it. His jaw shudders, almost uncontrollably. As if he's trying desperately to say something but can't manage the words.

Vogel booms, "Take aim!" in full military-voice splendor. He's even smiling.

Firearms are levelled on the traitor to the Reich, nazi fingers tensed on triggers..

Claude swallows, finally seeming to find the strength, and manages to call out a wavering, "Vive la France!"

Vogel frowns. Well. That was annoying. "FIRE!" he growls.

«Ground Combat» Kurt fires its Kar98k at Claude and hits!
Hits hard cover.
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Arras (14 4)!
«Ground Combat» Wolff fires his Kar98k at Claude and hits!
Claude suffers 4 wound damage to his head.
«Ground Combat» Ebner fires his MP40 at Claude and hits!
Claude suffers 3 wound damage to his right arm.
Claude suffers 4 wound damage to his head.
Claude suffers 2 wound damage to his left hand.
Claude suffers 3 wound damage to his left hand.
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Arras (14 4)!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Submachine Guns from Arras (14 4)!
«Ground Combat» *boom* Headshot!!!

Henrik remains stoic and stonefaced as he eye goes again to Claude, seeking the frenchman's own. At the doomed man's call Henrik simply draws a deep breath, letting it out no faster as guns explode in fire.

Claude is thrust flat back against the wall by the force of the bullets, before his body sags bloodily down onto the street. His skull was blown apart quite messily by those shots. The Nazis know how to aim, it must be said.

Kurt is alone among the firing squad as his shot hits only plaster, blowing a divot out of the wall. His fellow soldiers however, gain bloodier reward for thier aim, the unfortunate Claude not being left with much of a face by the executors' volley.

«Ground Combat» Ebner reloads his MP40!
«Ground Combat» Wolff reloads his Kar98k!
«Ground Combat» Kurt reloads its Kar98k!

Chevalier takes one last drag from his cigarette as Claude voices his final act of resistanceas. He flicks the last of the smoke down as the body that was once Claude slumps to the ground. He simply stares at the prone form showing no emotion before slowly fading away with the rest of the crowd.

«Ground Combat» Chevalier moves North <N>.

Kraller watches the execution with no joy, but no sorrow either. Particularly after Claude's last shout. He nods a little to himself, content of the necessity of this. "What should we do about the body, Major?" he asks Vogel in German.

Genevieve waits for anyone else to cheer the man's death, and though her cheeks were previously flushed with warm and have now gone a bit pale, she claps in the very least, giving a little leap of triumph as she applauds the Nazi's work. She smiles in Wolff's direction almost proudly, nodding in approval at him.

Vogel considers Claude's corpse with a sneer. "Have the frog policemen clean this up," he says in a low tone to Kraller. Clearly confident the Frenchies can't hear or understand him. "Make themselves useful for once. Then, toss him in a field. The traitor can be left to the crows."

Wolff reloads the spent shell along with the soldiers to either side of him, sniffing in short humor as Ebner snickers at Kurt. Looking back over his own shoulder in time to catch Genevieve's reaction, the Schutze raises a hand to tip the brim of his stahlhem at the woman's enthusiasm.

Kraller is not quite so enthusiastic about this order but he knows better than to question his superior. Particularly when there's still blood in the air. "Of course, Major," he says, popping off a quick, "Heil Hitler!" before marching off to the police station.

Genevieve waits for the men to be slightly dismissed, not really understanding the words, thankfully. But as Wolff is laughing, she takes it that things have eased up a bit and she walks in his direction, her smile warm around her cigarette. "Good shot, Schutze. Well… all of you, really." She offers in French, hoping someone understands. She pulls out her pack of cigarettes, offering them to the men.

Vogel returns Kraller's "Heil Hitler!" with all the proper zeal, then turns to the remainder of his men. "Fine work. Dismissed!" His eyes fall on Wolff. And he notes Wolff noting Genevieve. His eyes narrow at the Frenchwoman. "Schutze!" Wolff is hollered at. "Do you find something so intriguing in the crowd?"

Henrik doesn't look toward the nazi officers as Vogel and Kraller speak of orders and corpses. He regards the dead man- or rather his remains, once more before hearing the dismissal, and moving through the crowd to withdraw, idly keeping an eye on the direction taken by the corpse-disposal detachment.

Wolff had drawn a breath to answer Genevieve when Vogel hollers at him. The Schutze returns to attention and regards his commander. "Only the proper loyalty of a loyal Arras, Sturmbannfuhrer!"

Genevieve turns her head as she hears Vogel calling in her target's direction. She might not understand, but she can hear the harshness in his voice. She carefully allows her jacket to fall open, revealing her rather low cut but elegant dress beneath a she turns in Vogel's direction. "I am sorry, it is my fault… I was going to offer him a bottle of wine in… well, in congratulations for killing the dirty fool. But I suppose it's you who deserves the wine, no?"

«Autojudge:» Genevieve rolls 1d100 and scores 25! (Social Chameleon) Success!

Vogel glares at Genevieve but, after a long appraisal of her, he seems to deem it best not to order her shot just now. He even smiles again. A very little. It's not a particularly nice smile, especially when one just saw him direct it at a man about to be shot a moment again.

Vogel glares at Genevieve but, after a long appraisal of her, he seems to deem it best not to order her shot just now. He even smiles again. A very little. It's not a particularly nice smile, especially when one just saw him direct it at a man about to be shot a moment ago. "It is not trouble, Frauline…what is your name? I'm sure I have seen you before. Singing in that quaint little cafe."

Genevieve gives Wolff a brief smile over her shoulder, but she's trying to save his butt from getting in trouble too, right? So hopefully he won't be too mad. She casually almost saunters in Vogel's direction, but she doesn't make it quite that obvious. Maybe she's just tired. She offers her hand smoothly, "Genevieve… Genevieve d'Este. And yes, I do sing there. I… I've been doing my best to make certain you all feel welcome. I'm not certain if a celebration is planned but I would be happy to offer some wine for a toast, at least?"

Wolff certainly doesnt appear likely to complain, slinging his rifle over one shoulder and getting out of the line of fire (read: Vogel's line of sight). He divides his attention between the dispersing townsfolk, and the discussion ongoing between Vogel and Genevieve.

Vogel clears his throat, a sound which could mean anything. "I do not often leave the barracks, and I have little taste for French wine. But I thank you for the offer. Perhaps you can perform for the men one day. They do lack for entertainment."

Genevieve allows her fingertips to drop, as he doesn't take her hand, but her smile lingers, moving to just a touch warm and eager as he mentions the possibility of performing for the men. "I would be… more than honoured. Anything I can do to help, Herr… ah.. I'm sorry, I don't know your name? But…anyway I can help. And we have beer also? It is not French, but it is good. You all deserve to relax a bit… it has been a horrible time with that damned man around."

"Herr Sturmbannfuhrer Kurt Vogel, frauline," he informs her. And he clearly expects to remember every letter of it. He makes another throat-clearing song at mention of beer that isn't French. "Perhaps. But not now I have duties to attend to. Good day, Frauline d'Este. Heil Hitler." Faint, faint smile.

Genevieve repeats it, so she can hopefully remember indeed, "Herr Sturmbannfuhrer Kurt Vogel… Sturmbannfuhrer, then." She trips on the word JUST a bit, but she's a singer and she can manage syllables and tones rather well, so it is not too bad and she says it in all respect. "I look forward to seeing you again. Heil Hilter." She responds, her tone completely serious and respectful as she says those last words.

Vogel smirks when she trips over his title. Silly frogs. Though her 'Heil Hitler' earns a sharp nod of approval. He turns on his heel and strides off, to attend whatever dark business he attends during his daily routine.

Genevieve watches him go for a few heartbeats before she turns back in relief, looking for Wolff, a slightly wider smile on her features that she did not get him in trouble.

Wolff smiles more broadly as Vogel says his farewells, and turns on a smart heel. With the officers gone and the execution unit dismissed, the Schutze steps toward Genevieve. In his usual deliberate french, the soldier offers, "I owe you a big one. Then again, it WAS your fault he snapped at me, wasn't it?" A short laugh follows his joke.

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