Viacheslav Vasilievich Karpov
Viacheslav Vasilievich Karpov
Portrayed By Konstantin Khabensky
Gender Male
Age 27
Aliases None
Place of Birth Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
Occupation Tailor, Football player
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Born in September 1915 in the city of Rostov-na-Donu, Viacheslav Karpov was the only child of Vasily Karpov and his wife Svetlana. The family was far from rich, but they worked hard, and together, the little family got through most things.
Growing up, he proved to be an adequate student at school, but excelled at sports. He started playing football early, and this seemed to be one of the greatest passions of life for young Viacheslav. He was regarded as a talented young midfield player, and when he was 18, he started playing for the local top team, Dynamo. Here he played until the team’s brief spell in the top division five years later. Although they were relegated, he played so well that he ended up moving to Stalingrad after the season to play for the best team in that city, Traktor Stalingrad, where he’s played since then, until June 1941 when the rest of the season was cancelled due to war.
Off the sports field, he worked as a tailor, which he kept on doing until the Germans attacked the city, and he was brought into the army to help defend his now home city.
In 1937 he got married to Anastasiya Ivanova, a librarian, and they lived together until Anastasiya’s death from illness in December 1941. An event that hit Viacheslav quite hard, but he’s determined to get through it all.


This man, looking like he's in his late twenties is quite fit for someone of his height, which seems to be around 5'8". His dark brown hair is kept carefully away from his face, which include brown eyes that watch the world thoughtfully, a slightly larger than average nose, and pale lips that frame two rows of teeth that's relatively well taken care of. He's currently wearing the uniform of someone that's ended up in the Soviet Army.


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