Under Pressure

On the Western Front, stout German resistance in the north covers an organised retreat to the far side of the Hindenburg Line. However, the Germans don't completely pull out, delaying forces are left behind in various strongpoints, to ensure any Allied advances still exact a high toll. The French Army battles through Lassigny in the centre, capturing it after a week of heavy fighting.

In the south, the French continue where the Americans left off and successfully storm the heights on the far side of the Aisne river, capturing the ground where 750,000 French died during the Nivelle Offensive of 1917.

The Allies are optimistic enough to divert some troops to to arrive in Russia, where they attempt aid the White Russian forces battling the Communists. During August American forces land in Vladivostok and Britain and France send troops to Archangel, where they are placed under the command of the local Russian commander.

With Greece secure the Allies were placing great pressure on Bulgaria, the weakest member of the Central Powers, as well. A major offensive had been begun by Greek and Serbian forces against Bulgaria in June 1918, but they were now augmented by British and French divisions, and despite fierce resistance by the Bulgarians and their Austrian allies, they were being inexorably driven back.

General Ludendorff offers his resignation to the Kaiser - the offer is refused, but the Kaiser decides, "The war must be ended."

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