To The Staszak Family

To Father, Mother, Anya, and Basia

Of the many things I did not expect upon coming to Spain, I am left amazed at the temperature most often. It grows so hot that the spaniards have a custom, in which during the hottest hour of the day, they find a piece of shade, and take a nap. The second thing that I am suprised by, is that as long as my travel to come here had been, others among my comrades have travelled much, MUCH further. There are many volounteers from the Americas, and even some from china! I am learning more english from my fellow soliders- To my little sisters, Father is not simply bothering you when he says how important your language lessons are. So for your brother's sake, try harder next time he or Mother scold you for your letters.

I am part of the 'XI International Brigade', any while many fellow Poles travelled with me to Spain from Paris, it is among foreigners that I find myself- Although, really, I am the foreigner. To Mother, I suspect you have had a hand in this.. but one of my American comrades has insisted that when this fight is won, I must go back to the University, and study. I may be at the far corner of Europe, but still my friends tell me the same thing, and I find great comfort in that.

Though the Army of Africa has been greatly feared in this struggle, we have stopped their advance at the capitol of Spain, and thrown them back- Just as Father and the Home army did at Warsaw, years ago. All the world has come to fight for justice, and under the hand of General Kleber, I have no doubt we shall prevail.

As I end this letter, I promise to write again, and will leave you all with a Spanish joke:
Here in Madrid, after the artillery shelling, two spaniards had thier Houses destroyed. Both of them had a picture hanging on thier walls.. The first spaniard had a picture of Christ on the cross, and the second had a picture of Franco. They both took thier pictures to the banker, and asked for money to rebuild.. The banker took the picture of Christ, and gave the first spaniard money for a new home. He turned the second spaniard away with nothing. When the man asked why the first fellow got so much money, and he recieved nothing, the banker told him: That man brought me a picture of his lord crucified. Bring me a picture of *your* lord crucified, and I will give you a mansion!

Love always,
Janos - November, '36

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