To Stasi


I hope this finds you well. I was assured by our party officer that it would find you. Still, I'm loathe to put anything in here that could be captured by the enemy; so you shall not find much about me. Well, other than yes, I am alive. Then again, I'd have to be in order to write you correct? So, what of me…I know you want to know a great deal. Let's see here.

You might want to tell Father that he was right. I didn't see it when he left with you and mama, that was part of why we argued so. I thought Germany was my home, now I know it wasn't. I tried to fit in, but I see now that it was also wrong. Yes, I stayed loyal to the party. I know full well father will want to know that. Maybe, he would be proud of me. Since he quit writing me I don't know. I remember your last letter, and I must say I am proud of you. Very proud of my sister.

And before you ask, no, I've not told anyone. Well, one person, our party officer; but he's the only one. The others I doubt would really belive me. That said, I fully expect to hear about your exploits. You will one day be famous. Myself, I am but a lowly private. Yes, I know what you're thinking. I've started over dear sister, and now I fight for the right cause. That doesn't mean it's easy though.

We have a new Corporal. He's a big Czech, which you know what that means. Hard headed with the subtlety of a steam locomotive. He fights well, though I'm of the impression he's going to get himself killed if he's not careful. I just hope I'm not around when that happens. Lord knows they'll blame me somehow.

Well, I better let you go before he comes in here screaming at me. It wouldn't be so bad if his accent didn't make him sound like a drunk russian. Oh great here he comes. I hope to see you some time sissy, or if not please write me back. It should find me.

Your Brother, Dim.

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