To Penclawdd With Love

From Private Kendall Llywelyn written May 1940

To: Mrs. Winifred Llywelyn
17 Gowerton Road
Penclawdd, South Wales

Dear Winnie,

I'm sorry I haven't written as much as I said I would. We've been on the move a lot these past days. Don't worry. I'm fine. I'm just not sure how to put it all into words. But our sergeant, Fawkes, said we should take a moment to write home while we had the time. I've just realized what good advice that was.

I'm in Belgium now though I can't say exactly where. It's beautiful country. Or it would be, I think, without us and the Germans making a mess of it. I feel almost guilty cutting trenches into the earth here. This place isn't so different from Swansea in some ways. I've seen the refugees on the road, just ordinary people. More women and children than I'd care to see. It makes me think of you, and the child of ours that'll be born soon, and I thank God you're safe back home.

I wish I could be with you. Don't admit it to my father, but I don't think I'm cut out to be a soldier. Perhaps Father's right. Perhaps there's no reason for men to do these horrors to other men. It's certainly not worth any amount of pension. But I still think perhaps I can do some good. Every man deserves to live free on his own soil, whether they're a Welshman or a Frenchman born.

I pray this will all be over soon, and that I'll be home in time to see my son or daughter born.

Love always,

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