To Penclawdd Ii

From Lance Corporal Kendall Llywelyn, dated May 1940

To: Mrs. Winifred Llywelyn
17 Gowerton Road
Penclawdd, South Wales

Dear Winnie,

Again, I apologize for not writing more regularly. I've had trouble holding a pen lately. I want to tell you that things are fine. That I'll be home to you and the baby soon. I pray that's what will happen but if it doesn't, I wanted you to know that I love you, and that I was thinking of you.

I can't tell you where I am. Not that it matters. We've been moving so much over the past days I barely get a position fortified before it's abandoned. Perhaps I should have been a miner. I have some skill digging, building things with my hands. Sometimes I think that when I get back to Swansea I'd like to keep building. Boats, or houses maybe. Something a man can live in, that can sustain him. A man could be proud, supporting a family with a trade like that.

I've been thinking of names. I wish we'd talked about it more when I was with you in Penclawdd but it always seemed we'd have more time. Now I think perhaps I won't be there when my child is born. If you have a girl I'd prefer she be called Helyn, after my mother. But I hope you won't think me vain when I say I'd rather like a son. Someone to carry on my name. I've always liked the name Owen.

Love always,

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