To My Dad


It's been some time since I last wrote, and part of me doesn't want to write this letter at all. This very well may be the last opportunity I get and that is not something I am simply going to pass up. I know that you're very disappointed in me and I have never lived up to your expectations, but assuredly that's about to change. I am about to embark in noble war for Queen and Country to fulfill my duty and debt in service to the crown.

/Though I am terrified./ I wish so much that I had worked harder, and that I may still be studying to be a Doctor. Failing out may have been the worst thing I've ever done, and for this I apologize. But that doesn't change how proud I am to be doing what I am doing. Egypt isn't as bad as some of the lads make it out to be. Sure it's hot, but there's so much history around us. Don't tell anyone, but I managed to get a bit of the pyramid for myself. Can you imagine that? A stone from the great pyramids themselves! It'll be something of a comfort for me when I end up wherever it is we're going.

Tell mom I love her. And I know that neither of you are the religious sort, neither am I. But considering the alternative .. please, pray for me. Enclosed is a photograph of myself, Doc. Young and another lad named Tanner. Just some friends I've made, all part of the medical corps.

Here's to hoping that I write again.


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