To Jack 2

Dear Jack,

I was glad to receive your letter and hear that you are well. With such staggering news of casualties along the Western Front, it is easy to fear the worst. I pray you stay safe. The situation here is not much better. I dread the days of stiff fighting, for our meager aid station lacks the staff to deal with the constant flood of wounded. Even the hospital ships are filled to the brim. Last night the doctors were still doing surgeries well into the night, and of course we were there to assist them.

A few of our medics were involved in the recent offensive, and they are quite shaken by what they saw. I wish I could offer them some comfort, but there are no words. There is a tacit agreement among most the nurses that we don't talk about the terrible suffering we see every day. I believe it is because we fear if we did, we would all fall to pieces and be no use to anyone. We must put on a 'brave face' for the lads in our care, and keep their spirits up. For me, at least, this is easier said than done at times.

Some of the Turks made it close to our position earlier today, but our lads fended them off readily enough. It is frightful to think just how close to the fighting we are, yet I feel we are able to do the most good here. I just pray I am up for the task.

Your Friend, Kathleen
May 1915

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