Ticks of the clock are the currency of actions on this game. Every second or two you will be given ticks, which accumulate on your character. Actions require a certain number of ticks to perform. Typically when you perform an action your accumulated ticks are reset to zero. If you type +status it will show the tick cost of various actions.

shows you how many ticks you have stored.

Ticks may be transferred from one character to another using the following command.

+assist <name>

+assist will transfer some of your ticks to the recipient, and reset your own timer. The precise number of ticks depends on how many you have (if you have 100 ticks you will transfer more than if you had just 10) and your Squad Tactics skill. The maximum number of ticks it can transfer is 50. Any excess ticks are lost. The target must be in the same room, in the same place, and be of the same allegience.

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