The Ride To Hell

Fredricks and Slayback meet

Slayback lays in his bunk, carving things into the steel wall with his raider stiletto.

Fredricks moves into the Bunks area, jumping into his bunk, taking a book, and sits, leaning against the bulkhead and opening his book.

Slayback doesn't notice see Fredricks enter but he hears him. His soldier instinct takes over and he jumps out of his bed, stiletto in hand. He spins quickly to the bunk behind him where Fred is. He holds the stiletto to his neck for a second before realizing it's just the nice doctor, "Oh fuck! I'm sorry, doc."

Fredricks blinks, holding very still as the psycho decides to hold a knife to his neck. He blinks as the man backs off, "We're on our transport to Guadalcanal. We're not even in the warzone yet." He rubs his neck, "Exactly how crazy are you going to go once the Japanese are in the equasion?"

Slayback grins wryly at Fredricks, "Crazy enough that your work's gonna be cut out for you." He slips his stiletto into his breast-sheath, "I'm genuinely sorry about this whole incident."

Fredricks nods, watching the man for a moment, then offers a hand, "Jason Fredricks, doctor, surgeon. Guess we're on the way now. We'll see what happens when we get to our LZ."

Slayback smiles and nods, "Pfc. Laurence Slayback, friends call my Lars or Larry." He shakes the offered hand, "I heard you military doctors don't live very long, that true?"

Fredricks shrugs, "Depends on if we're knifed in our bunks." He shrugs, "In the old days, the Medical staff were spared enemy fire, doesn't hold true today."

Slayback nods slowly to the man, "Yeah, I heard these guy we're fighting don't hold to highly the rules of war. I heard that they're savage, sub-human creatures who live in the trees and can see you in the dark." He's obviously trying to scare the good doctor.

Fredricks nods, slowly, "Amazing they have submarines, and planes then, hmm?" He looks neutral about the arboreal, nocturnal Japanese, "Or were you talking about the birds?"

Slayback laughs and says, "No, just the people." He sits on the bunk across from Fredrick, "So, where you hail from, Doc?" He says this and takes a quick drink from his canteen.

Fredricks closes his book, setting it beside him, "Ames Iowa, originally. Studied at the University of Iowa Hospital. When the war hit, I joined the effort and worked in Los Angeles for a while, then got shipped here."

Slayback nods to him, "I had the idea of working in the medical corps. I've always had the grades and the smarts to do it…but I just don't think it was my calling."

Fredricks nods, "Well, if you don't have the drive leaning to medicine, then you've made the right choice. How about you, where are you from?"

Slayback states very dryly, "Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was a steel worker before I joined the war effort. It's hard when you've got the brains to do something amazing and working in a steel mill is the only option that won't get you shot."

Fredricks nods, listening, "Well, that's good for the war, Steel working, I mean." He gestures about, "Steel everywhere. So were you drafted, then?"

Slayback shakes his head at Fredricks, "No, I volunteered. In Pittsburgh you weren't a man unless you joined up right away, y'know? Most of the boys from my town got shipped to Africa…guess I got lucky."

Fredricks nods, "Africa. Hmm, Sand and tanks. Guess the boys will be showing Rommel what for, eh?" He smiles, "While we've got Tojo to deal with."

Slayback scratches his head and says, "Yeah, I heard about those preliminary reports about the Japs. They're relentless. I figure we'll have to wipe out an entire city of them before they give up."

Fredricks nods, "That'll take a lot of work and would be pretty nasty, but taking back the Pacific is what we're here to do."

Slayback smiles and nods, "It's what I'm prepared to do." He reaches under his bunk and pulls his BAR out from under it, "I've got a feeling that it's going to be a hard fight with alot of crying mothers."

Fredricks nods, "Going to be tough, keeping you boys alive, but that's why I'm here."

Slayback laughs and says, "It better be, or else we're going to be in a helluva bind."

Fredricks chuckles, "Well, just remember to duck when you need to and we'll work from there." He looks around, "you met the rest of the unit?"

Slayback glances up at Fredricks, "I haven't met anyone else, no." He scratches his head and continues, "Although I've mostly been working down in the cargo hold, y'know? Making sure that nothing gets knocked loose and goes off." He chuckles.

Fredricks nods, "Makes sense, the Pacific is a big place, it'll take a while to get where we're going."

Slayback looks at him, "I sure hope not, I've got an itching to let loose this beast of a rifle." He chuckles and continues, "Nah, I'm just not too big a fan of boats."

Fredricks nods, "Ahh. Well, first boat trip for me and it seems pretty nice, to be honest. A little recirculated air not smelling too nice, but in all, not bad."

Slayback nods to him, "Yeah, I'm just a big fan of ground that isn't moving…y'know this ship was probably built by the Irish. Who the hell trusts an Irishman to build anything this big!?"

Fredricks looks around, and shrugs, "Hasn't fallen apart yet." He seems fairly at peace with the boat itself "Anyway, there's no reason to think this thing's going to fall apart now, I'm sure this isn't the ships first trip out of harbor."

Slayback raises an eyebrow, "Well -that- makes me feel real secure. Oh yeah, I feel much better now that I think this ship's been around the block, so to say.

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