Symbols Of The New Order

"Symbols of the New Order"

Who: Isaac, Gabriel, Alice & Christiane
IC Date: July 1940
OOC Date: March 5, 2008
Where: Cafe Mason - Arras, France

What: Isaac shows off his new German-approved accessory.

Logger: Christiane

Cafe Mason (16 4)
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The cafe isn't huge by anyone's standard, fitting ten or so tables with four chairs around them, and a few smaller tables near the large front window to allow for more privacy with only two chairs. The tables all have a wooden surface but metal legs, and the chairs are simple wooden chairs with blue upholstery, matching the blue-white chequered table cloths. Mismatched vases with fresh flowers are on every table, together with salt and pepper shakers.

The floor is lacquered wood, the walls are painted white and the ceiling is also wood, with small lights hanging at even intervals to provide light for the customers. A long counter stretches across most of the room, behind which the bartender can serve drinks and snacks, with shelves behind holding various liquors. A swing-door in a corner leads into the kitchen, letting the staff pass through easily to bring food to the guests. Another door at the other side of the room has a 'PRIVATE' sign on it - it must leads to the upper floor and the private residence of the owners.

It is currently daytime.

Sub-Rooms :

1. Table 1
2. Table 2


Kitchen <K> Private <PR>
Out <O>

Isaac is currently at the bar as if waiting for someone to exit the kitchen. He chooses to stand rather then sit as his stay is only planned to be brief. The man smiles as Alice greets him which is replied with a 'Hello'.

Gabriel shakes his head slowly and reaches out to brush a thumb against Alice's cheek as he speaks. "We simply must keep our faith… I am sure that God will carry us through this long night." Alice knew Gabriel was a religious man, but speaking about it in front of others was a small clue as to his worry. When she waves to Isaac, he turns his head to the man and gives a slow, weary nod. "Good evening." At last, the chance to talk over something better than the work crews.

Christiane emerges from the kitchen, still half in conversation with the staffer about sandwiches or wine or some other such cuisine-related matter. "Doctor Soshan." She smiles when she sees him loitering in the cafe. "Alice. Gabriel. It is good to see friendly faces in such times."

Alice closes her eyes as Gabriel's thumb brushes against her cheek. She smiles up at him. "I know…" She wasn't QUITE so religious, but has grown closer to it thanks to her dear Gabriel. Iggy is now asleep in her lap, and she reaches up to set her hand on his cheek. Then she lets it fall, seeing others. "Madame," Alice smiles, waving to Christiane. "It is good to see you both."

Isaac smiles as much as he can under such circumstances. "Hello Christiane." The man looks like he has things on his mind or maybe something to ask, but lacks the courge to do so. He removes his jacket and places it on the back of one of the barstools. When his jacket is removed, his yellow star patch required for him to wear is revieled. A new policy set forth by the Germans. "I'll take a glass of the house whine please."

Gabriel takes Alice's hand as she lets it fall, turning to see Isaac's yellow star all bright and new. He doesn't seem to react to it, other than to give the man a slow nod and turn fully toward the bar, awaiting his chance to order. "How is Ignus faring in these tough times?" There's a safe subject.

Christiane sighs at the site of the yellow star. But she just nods a little to herself. The times, sadly, are changing and not for the better. "I think we can find you something," she says, shooing the waitress and going to fuss behind the counter herself. She pours a glass for Isaac, and one for her. Lines of worry etch her face as she looks from Isaac to the Chevaliers. "You look tired, Gabriel."

The Yellow Star causes Alice to frown. Oh no. She looks worried. "He is well, I am trying to keep him inside, but he keeps getting out," She frowns. She must fear for the feline. She settles in to watch, though. She seems mostly content to hide and linger. Must be her way of coping perhaps. "Etoile wanted to compare him to pictures here." She looks around. "I am not sure why."

Isaac was still not used to wearing the star identifying him as a Jew. On the otherhand he was getting used to to peoples reaction to it or maybe just better at hiding it. As the glass of whine is placed in front of Isaac, he picks it up by the stem and swishes the whine a little to let it airate.

Gabriel nods to Christiane, his eyes closing slightly at the mention of it. "Oui, Madamoiselle Morgenstern. I have been pressed into the work crew, in addition to the work that my job requires. So far they have allowed us to keep our own police force, despite the rare need of it. If you could, please, I'd like a sandwich, ham if you have it." He turns then toward Alice and frowns in confusion. "Pictures… here? Ignus? I doubt he would have been around for most of these…."

Christiane sighs, nodding at Gabriel's words. "Few men have not. Quite disgraceful. How do they expect the town to function if they use us for their labor like that?" It's a rhetorical question, and one she does not expect an answer to. "One moment, Gabriel. I think Markus has some in the back left. He is quite excellent with sandwiches." With that, she heads to the kitchen.

Alice is still wearing a frown at the idea of her husband being forced into labor. "I mostly worry they will use me to hassle Gabriel, so I try to stick to seamstressing and stay at home." She looks down to the cat, "Etoile asked." She eyes the sleeping feline. "I wish there were more I could do to help you Gabriel," She sighs. "I feel useless," She says. She looks to Isaac. Poor fellow.

Sure…look at Isaac when your down to realise that there is someone worse off then you. The man continues to stand at the bar sipping from his red wine keeping quiet and to himself. He does feel a bit awkward as he feels peoples eyes look at his yellow star from time to time. Still, he stands his ground at the bar trying to not let it bother him.

Gabriel grumbles slightly as he hears some sort of disturbance outside. "I better see to that…" And with that, gets out of his seat to head out.

Christiane returns with the sandwich a moment after Gabriel goes. She sighs, her brow creasing with worry again. "I hope it is nothing too serious. Would either of you like some?" She offers halves the sandwich to the both of them, though the ham might deter Isaac.

Alice sighs, and waves to her husband. "No, I am okay. I finished one earlier. Iggy wandered in and I didn't want him climbing on any furniture," Alice shakes her head. "But I can take it home for him I guess, if Isaac doesn't want it," She scritches her sleeping feline. "How have you been Isaac? I am sorry I am not at the hospital so much. Gabriel already gets picked on…"

Isaac raises his hand and motions that he has no care for the sandwich, "No thankyou. I already ate earlier. Thankyou for the offer." The man then takes another sip from his wine when Alice addresses him. "Ohh…I left my position at the hospital about the time the Germans arrived. Dr. Brun wrote to the univercity saying my internship was complete." He pauses a moment, "I'm just waiting for my diploma to arrive now."

Christiane nods to Alice about taking the sandwich home, when Isaac declines. "I'll wrap it for you," she says, and proceeds to do just that. She smirks when Isaac mentions his diploma. "Even if it does not, you have more than earned you. You make a fine doctor, Isaac. Perhaps…" But she stops herself from completing that thought, pursing her lips.

"Oh? Really!" Her eyes widen. "Congratulations!" She even gives a little, very light clap. Ignus grunts in protest, kicking his hind feet comically. "Oh hush you." She eyse the cat. Alice smiles, "Thank you madame." She settles onto her barstool a bit. "That is impressive, I wish I had a diploma but … well-" Well, let's face it. Alice is adorable and friendly, but not necessarily the sharpest or most dedicated tack in the home depot. "I am much better at sewing," A weak smile.

Isaac has often been in a depressed mood and tonight is no different. The man still remanes courteous and well mannered, "Thankyou." he replies, then a moment later adds, "Not that it will do any good now. I doubt very much that the hospital will hire me." He then taps his yellow badge before taking another sip from his wine glass.

"Likely not," Christiane agrees, though she frowns thinly, eyes on his yellow armband. She purses her lips thoughtfully again but, whatever she's thinking, it's kept to herself. She smiles a little at Alice. "I never had a need for a diploma, either. Life trained me better than university, I suspect. Still, it is a wonderful thing to get to study like that, Doctor Soshan."

"To be fair, the Germans are lousy bosses," Alice points out. "And I think it is incredible. Not many make it through even if they go to the university," She notes. "I am not so sure I have the brains for it, but. The world needs pants," She smiles and shrugs. "Always with the pants…" It is an eternal puzzle. One to even leave Alice scratching her head. "Do you prefer we call you Doctor Soshan or Isaac?" Another head tilt.

The title Doctor was still something that Isaac wasn't used to, but now at this point he did believe he had earned the title. After a moment of thought he replies with, "If I am at work, then Doctor will be fine. Otherwise, Isaac will is fine too." He then shrugs and continues, "I do not know. Either is fine." It really hasn't been anything he has put much thought into at all. "Very much true on getting by with out a degree. I just feel that I am now eight years behind my peers now and now wasted a lot and I do meen a lot of money." It wasn't cheep to attend schooling abroad.

"Your parents must be very proud of you, at least," Christiane says with a smile. "Mine were ecstatic when my brother Albert graduated from university in Brussels. They never expected it of me, of course. It was a thing my brothers' needed, not I. But I still wonder what it might have been like to study at such a place, if things were different."

"Don't say that. You learned a lot, right? If you enjoyed the learning, and what you will do, then it is never a waste. I'd rather be a happy streetcleaner than a depressed politician, you know? I am proud of you," Alice nods. She smiles. "I had a sister. She takes care of the sewing shop there," Alice adds. "So I came here. Sewing is what our family does, so I guess it makes sense." Ignus snores softly, and Alice gently pokes him. "Sheesh, you are as bad as our neighbors."

Isaac finishes his wine and sets the empty glass onto the counter. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out some coins to pay for his drink. As he picks though his change he comments, "Well, it is a great proffesion to know and I love my work. Still, if you are not doing it, it appears and feels like the time getting there was a waste." He shrugs, "I will manage something." The correct change is then placed onto the counter and he reaches for his jacket. With the sun setting, he wanted to get back to his house. There was zero room for error with the curfe when you wore the gold star.%r

"If there is anything you need, Doctor Soshan, my home is open to you," Christiane says, still looking at him with open concern. "It is not easy for…anyone in these times, but we can help each other. That, at least, we can do."

"The same, Gabriel and I would be glad to help," She is less open about her concern, but still well meaning. Alice looks to him, "I do not think any of us foresaw this. That is not your fault," Alice adds. "We're hoping for you." At least, she and Ignus and them are. Then she looks outside. "I guess I should go too. I can't stand out, Gabriel already gets in trouble for things," She sighs.

Isaac actually manages to let a real smile, "Thank you for everything." He then buttens up his jacket and continues, "If I need any help, I will come to you two first. Thankyou for being wonderful friends." With that Isaac parts ways from the cafe.

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