Sveta Kornakova
Private Sveta Kornakova
Portrayed By Lindsay Felton
Gender Female
Age 20
Aliases None Yet
Place of Birth Kharkov, Ukraine
Occupation Housewife/Army Conscript


Sveta appeared in the apartment block without papers before fighting broke out. She was dressed in a dirty Red Army uniform and had claims that her CO had sent her to be quartered in the communal block. The woman doesn't seem to be too worried about much of anything and willing to answer questions, though she falls short of being apathetic. She claims she has a family that may or may not have gotten to Odessa - where she wants to eventually get to in order to find out - but this woman originally hails from Kharkov. She says she was involved in the brutal fighting around the city, too. People who were in her unit can probably be found billeted around locally.


Standing just above five feet, six inches, Sveta carries the stature of a woman who appears shorter due to the tired gait that typically carries her. Sveta's frame, buried under the layers, is what one might expect of a young woman at her age - but not that of a farmer's daughter who has spent years working hard. Her features speak to a somewhat more pampered lifestyle that the war hasn't quite worked away yet. Her face is typically marred with scratches and dirt that appears every time her sleeves or hands meet her head to wipe something away. Its hard to guess her age but she is probably around twenty, maybe younger, but the war having already taken a toll on her has aged her past that on first glance. The ruddy skintone of her aristocratic face is framed by long strands of brown hair that drop everywhere around the shoulders of her uniform - which is perpetually dirty. The flat olive green is generally dusted and muddied across the front, extending from her boots to her chest and again all over her arms.


None yet.


  • Has a Ukrainian accent.
  • Eats fruit like she hasn't seen it in months.
  • Can fieldstrip plenty of guns - German and Russian.
  • Recently reassigned to the 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment
  • Claims to a husband who was killed by the Germans in mid-to-late 1941.
  • Doesn't have an discernible identification except for those who might vouch for her.
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