Frank "Sticky" Barbowitz
Full Name Frank "Sticky" Barbowitz
Portrayed By Sean Penn
Sex Male
Nationality American
Rank Private First Class
Age 21
Current Location Guatacanal

Sticky likes to post pin-up girls almost anyplace he can reach, so be on the lookout.

Character History:

During the start of the 'roaring twenties', Arnold MN didn't change very much from it had in the decade before that. Or the decade before that. Sure, women's hair shortened up a bit along the way, but small town life doesn't change too much. Another generation is born, they take over what the previous generation managed to leave, and the hum-drum continues.

In 1922, this humdrum continued in the same old cycle for Frank Barbowitz. His father had immigrated from Poland in 1901 as a very young boy, and his family had moved away from the coast in the hopes of a better life. Arnolds MN was as far as they got before they dropped dead, and Arnold is where Frank's father stayed. He married a local girl, and viola! Thus is the story of Frank Barbowitz.


Frank's father owned the only car-shop in town. There was one car shop. One diner. One five-and-dime. One school. The list goes on. As such, Frank grew up fixing cars and motor bikes, but he was never very smart. He graduated High School in 5 years, and stayed on fixing things for his father. Living at home. And being the dog of the town.

Yes, Frank Barbowitz was, like many men before him, a dog. Oh sure, deep down he was a nice guy. But Patty Carver just had the nicest tits! And who wouldnt want to run their fingers through Amy Feldman's hair? And Mary Adams' daddy bought her a new car for graduation, somebody had to christen that thing! You get the idea. Most young girls found ways, as they had in the past, to keep the crying, screaming, pooping proof of thier dirty ways from every seeing the light of day, but there was even a raised eyebrow or two about Mrs. Marks' baby being born with a nose that was too big for either her or her husband….

Long story short, Frank had no real designs to move in the world. He was comfortable in Arnold, MN, having fun with the girls around town he'd grown up with and the occasional visit from a friend's cousin. He kept himself busy fixing cars for his dad. A sweet life. A sweet deal.

And now he's drafted. Fuck.

Oh, and why do they call him Sticky? Think. Think really, really hard. Thing about the hard, throbbing reason why he might be…there you go. Yeah you go it. No, go back in the gutter. Yup, that's it.



Sticky has a problem. He likes women. He likes to drink. He likes to goof off and have a good time. Most of this is simply due to surface reasons. He's a man who likes to have a good time, so he has a good time. He misses his sweet life back home in Arnold. However, like most people in life-or-death situations, Sticky's humor is how he handles the darker side of life. War is a very dark side of life, and as such, he makes fun of as much as he can, as often as he can. Laughter makes it all go away, right?

But underneath it all, Sticky is a real stand-up guy. He'll make you believe to the bottom of your soul that he's a dog - he kind of is - but when push comes to shove, he'll shove to kingdom come and back in order to even possbily do the right thing. War is hell, right?


  • Miss Annablle Clark: A very fine looking Aussie woman, she's something out of the movies. Sticky'd love to tap that all over the island, but she's spoken for by the man who is quickly becoming his combat buddy.
  • Corporal Ryan Fischer: The buddy. Fischer is a much more toned-down man in comparison to Sticky, but he does appreciate Sticky's humor and Sticky appreciates this man's goodness of heart.
  • Medic Binyamin ben-Amram Kappedal: The Jew.

Sticky's Pin-Up Collection:

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