To Somewhere Near Moscow


It is a cold October already. I know you were meant to ship back out around now, so I can only send this out and hope it gets sorted. If you're still with Antonina Sergiyevna and Vasilii Ivanovich, pass along my hello and wish for victory in the Union's greatest month - this red October.

Here we are still fighting with every fiber and every drop of blood that we have. I know we'll free your beloved Leningrad, as we will free Kiev. As we will never let go of Stalingrad. I can't help but worry so much about you, but I know you'll do what you have to for Russia no matter the cost - you always have. You are the one that reminds me that there is something more powerful in us than grief.

Small paper, little space left. Artillery's shit. I miss you.

Luka Andriyevich

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