To Pyatigorsk With Love

My dear Raisa,

I hope this letter finds you. Getting any mail out of the city now is most difficult, which is why you have not heard more from me. I have thought of nothing but you and your brother since the fighting reached here. Know that I am well, my daughter. I am now fighting for the defense of Mother Russia to drive the fascists out. Like your grandfather fought for the Motherland against the Tsar so many years ago. Do not worry for me. I am still whole and we shall be together as a family again when this is all over.

I am grateful you and Isak were gone from the city when the Germans came, but know that it grieves me that we were not together as a family during these last years. I thought you would have a better life with your aunt after your mother was gone. I still believe she has given you a better home than I could have then. But I realized today that you would be nearly thirteen now. I know you are growing into a fine young woman and my one regret is that I have not been there to see it. When this is over, we shall be a family again. This I promise. Too much time has been lost. I shall miss no more.

All my love,

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