To Alexi Berg

Dear Alexi,

I hope you are well, wherever you are, and that this letter makes its way to you somehow. I have no idea where you've been stationed, so I can only entrust it to the army and hope for the best.

I'm sure you've heard of the siege by now. The Fascists have bombed the city quite mercilessly, but we fight on. 'Not a step back' is the order, and we will not falter.

Most everyone in Auntie's building have been conscripted into the Army, including Zoyuschka. It is hard to imagine her as a soldier, I know, but she is a fierce fighter, and a good marksman - far better than I. I volunteered to be transferred to her unit, since there was more need of infantry than gunners. We try to look out for one another. It is good to have her here, for otherwise I feel quite alone sometimes. Everyone here is fighting for their homes and their families. I suppose I am, too, after a fashion, but home and family is so very far away.

All my love,

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