Dear Comrade Tania,

I am sorry to have to write you of the death of Andre Markovic. I do not know if he was your brother, husband or friend. Only that he kept this letter from you close to him, no doubt to remind him of that which we are all fighting for. I am returning it to you, a pale memento but sadly all that I can offer.

I did not know Comrade Markovic very well. In fact, I only knew him to see him around the factory we have been defending. But I do know that he fought bravely for Mother Russia, defending his comrades to the last.

Please know that your Andre did not die in vain. Every day we send more Fascists to their graves. They try to drive us back over the Volga, but every day they fail. Knowing that you are safe behind us gives us the strength to hold this line. We will not fail.

A Comrade

(written by Elise)

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