SS-Schutz Reiner Pauluson

Wilhelm Reiner Pauluson was born 17 April 1920 in Munich. The third son of an architectural clerk, he was a merely average primary school and gymnasium student, in part because he spent much of his time involved with the Deutsches Jungvolk and Hitler-Jugend (which he joined before they were compulsory). He took part in their leadership training and vocational programs, learning mechanics as he worked at the BMW assembly plant in Munich under the auspices of first the HJ and later the Reichsarbeitsdienst [Reich Labor Service].

Though Reiner did not attend the HJ's preparatory school for future Party leaders, he did rise to become a local leader of the Motor-HJ and was tapped for the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler in toward the end of 1939. Over time he has been noted as a skilled motorcyclist (though it is also noted that those riding sidecar with him had better be skilled, courageous, and tenacious as well).


Above all else, Reiner is a fervent member of the NSDAP and proponent of the Party's nationalistic and racist ideology for whom that ideology is not an intellectual exercise but instead his moral compass and life's code. As the one he follows once said -

"Knowledge would spoil my young people. I prefer that they learn only what they pick up by following their own play instinct. But they must learn self-control. I will have them master the fear of death through the most difficult trials. That is the heroic stage of youth. Out of it will grow the stage of the free man, a human being who is the measure and center of the world."

All in all, Reiner is the model New German Youth.

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