Squads are customisable groupings of soldiers. Squads have a commander and a number of underlings. Squad commanders are required to have the squad commander skill, and confer some benefits to all those under their command. Squad commanders can in turn be commanded by other commanders, thus forming a hierarchy.

+squads - gives a list of all squads of your allegiance.

+squad/list - gives some more detailed information about your own squad.

+squad/add <name> - Adds a player to your squad with you in charge. Will overwrite any previous squad membership.

+squad/rank <name>=<rank> - Sets the military rank of someone in your squad. …do not abuse!

+squad/position <name>=<position> - sets a position for someone in your squad. Rifleman, machine gunner, driver, as you wish.

+squad/note <note> - Lets you put a note which others will be able to read with +squad/list. Vacation times if you're going to be off the mux, a note that you are wounded, whatever.

+squad/desc <desc> - Lets a squad commander type in some sort of identification which shows up on +squads.

+squad/where <name> - If <name> is in your squad, you can use this command to locate them. It does reset your timer though.

+squad/leave - Removes you from a squad.

+squad/command <command> - Sends <command> to all your minions provided they are in the same warzone and no farther than (your squad commander skill in rooms) away from you. This command can be considered to be an IC command, and could be represented by before-mission training, general tactical ability, or an NPC runner.

+squad/report <report> - The reverse of +squad/command, lets an underling send an IC message to his commander, thus allowing communication to be two-way. There is no tick cost but it does reset your timer.

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