Sonja Korhonen

Sonja is one of Dr Korhonen's five daughters, born in 1911, and works in his family practice as a nurse and a secretary. Not afraid to get involved in physical work, and devoted to her father, she was known as an attractive and warm hearted but rather shy and bookish woman in the village, who was teased or worse by the resident manly men when she fainted when treating an accidental gunshot wound a few years back.

Sonja is not a Lotta, being rather too mild for such things, and besides its doubtful the Lottas would take her as she's also a single mother and that doesn't go down too well in 1939 Finnish society. That scoundrel Erkki seduced her two years ago and left her with a toddler to look after, Henrik, and he didn't do the right thing and marry her!

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