Sick And Home Sick

Sick and Home Sick — Masters


I know tomorrows news paper will bring head lines of our most resent campaign and everyone back home will be stricken with fear of what my fate will be. I am unsure if I have been blessed or cursed by a twist of fate that I dont know how it will end. I have been stricken with dysentery. The doctor has prescribed three pills and claims it to be a cure all, but today is day three and I feel no better off then I was prior to being sick. I have been placed on light duty and my work load is kept under three hours a day by the doctors orders. I would rather work 24 hours straight and be healthy then even attempt to lift a finger in my current state. This is just another time that causes me to be stricken with home sickness as I wish I could be with you to nurse me back to health. I am being treated as best under the circumstances at hand, but there are those far worse then me that need the attention of the doctors and nurses here and sometimes I am left to fend for myself. Things are getting pretty busy here in the hospital, it looks like the first wave of the wounded are coming back from an assault. They are pouring in one after another. I am told to pick up my belongings and move out of the aid station so the wounded can take my place. I close my letter here.

I love you,

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