September 1918

The general advance continues all across the Western Front in the first half of September, making slow but steady progress. In the north on the Lys Front St Pierre-Vaast Forest is recaptured by the British after bitter fighting. The town of Lens, just east of beyond Vimy Ridge is evacuated by the Germans as the Canadian Corp battles forward down the slopes. Mangin's French 5th Army mops up the resistance in the centre, linking up south of the Australian position on the St Quentin Canal, and the Americans launch their first wholly independent (and successful) attack in the south at the town of St Mihiel.

In the second week of September 19,000 prisoners are captured by the British alone. But by mid September there is a brief pause, as the Germans have now reached their Hindenburg Line defences proper and the Allies have difficulty moving the guns and ammunition up to the front over the ground they have captured. The German Empire offers a white peace to Belgium, but is rebuffed.

In Russia the civil war hots up, with Bolsheviks massacring the bourgeoisie in Petrograd. And in Jordan the last remnants of the Ottoman forces are being mopped up, the 7th and 8th Turkish Armies are almost wiped out by the British in fighting around the Dead Sea, with 25,000 Turkish soldiers captured.

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