William is lying down on his rack, rest and healing up from the battle yesterday. A total of seven wounds he got from Brunete are still bandaged but medicined by the nurses and the stitches/healing process examined by the doctors.
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Aid Station
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Coordinates : 8 2

Off to one side of the busy road there is a makeshift aid station, a small grouping of tents. A steady flow of minor and major injuries are brought here from all around Madrid. The Republic's medical facilities are as stretched as its military ones.
It is currently night time.
Sub-Rooms :
1. Bomb Shelter

Matti is sitting on a stool in the aid station. He hasn't really been wounded, but as most of the company is here, he's spending most of his time here as well. A well-thumbed, cheap German copy of "Capital" is sitting on his lap, but he's had enough of reading for now. His grey-blue eyes idly skim over the row of patients.

William sits up from his rack and spots the unharmed Matti sitting with a book on his lap. He raises his hand to say hi as good Comrades do.
Matti turns aside at the motion seen from the corner of his eyes, offering a sullen smile at William. His angular, stubble-covered face doesn't seem designed for the expression. "How you feeling, comrade? You get shot up some."

William stands up and approaches Matti. His legs are perfectly fine, which is great since he could walk pretty well. He tries to stretch, but not so that he will pop his stitches. Yawning, he replies, "I am alive but I feel so sore!" His eyes gaze down at his numerous wounds.

"Yes, you wounded in battle. It good to see that you pull through." Matti's blue-grey eyes follow your progress, and he offers you the book as you get close to him, "This good read, if you know German. Marx and Engels have clever things to say."

William nods vigorously. "Ja!" he says, enthusiastically. "Capitolism is inherently evil in the way it places its value on greed and injustice."

Matti presses the book to William's chest, offering a strained smile, "You read it, comrade. You give me back when you done, or I take it from you if you get shot." Apparently, that was supposed to be a joke. He doesn't seem to have completely mastered that art yet.

William grins and gives it back. "I actually have a copy of it at home and I've read it before. Besides, I save you the trouble of having to retrieve it bloodstained from my dead body," he says, in a strangely matter-of-fact way.

Matti shrugs, pocketing the book again, "Oh well. I suppose I read it again, then." He doesn't seem massively enthusiastic at the prospect. He looks curiously at William, muttering, "Why you in Spain, comrade? Are you answering call for World Revolution, or you simple want to fight fascism?" The earlier reference to the World Revolution must have been an indirect question on whether you're actually a communist.

William shrugs in response to the question. "I wanted to escape from my mother's boyfriend?" He grins at that joke, but partial truth as well.

Jack speaks in a dull tone, "Might have been safer to join a circus, Yank."

Matti chuckles, a harsh, grating sound, clapping William on the shoulder, "Good reason. Me, I hate fascists. But I also want to see world. Maybe meet woman, you know?" He offers a sullen smile at William; from the look of his stubbly face, the odds of that happening are rather slim. He glances aside at Jack, raising an eyebrow at the man's words.

Jack lies proped up on cot near the back of the Aid station, his hands, arms, legs, and torso are heavily bandaged.

Jack starts to chuckle at something Matti said, but it quickly becomes a harsh cough.

Jack curses at the pain from coughing.

William turns to the direction of the comment, which is Jack. He smirks, one eye squinting. "Why, at a circus I wouldn't be allowed to kill Fascist dogs." He turns his attention back to Matti and his smirk turns into a grin. "Well, there are a few senoritas in Madrid I think you might find relatively pleasant." Though, he doesn't elaborate.

Jack mubmles something about the Fascist dogs not shooting back at a circus, but he says it mostly to himself.

Matti looks at William a little suspiciously. After a while, he mutters, "Want nice woman, good woman. Not 'camp follower'." Camp follower being the ancient euphemism for the scarlet ladies. He glances at Jack, shaking his head, "Maybe fascists shoot if he very bad performer?"
Jack again starts to laugh but ends up coughing and cursing.

William looks around at the Nurses. Some were ugly but some were average… and a few were actually attractive. "Try one of the nurses," he whispers to Matti with a wink. "They are clean, I believe." His eyes shift towards Jack murmuring. "So why are you here, Comrade?" he asks Jack.

"Maybe I try." Matti shoots a nervous look at the passing members of the opposite sex - wooing definetely doesn't seem to be his forte.
Apparently he doesn't consider the moment opportune, as he turns back to William and Jack. To the latter, coughing man, he mutters, "Maybe I not make joke now. Coughing not good for you." Well, cutting down the level of humour probably shouldn't be very difficult.

Jack holds William with a steady gaze, his voice flat and matter of fact, "While in prison I read a book by Marx. The words spoke to me in a way nothing else had. It made sense, you know? Once I got out I heard of the struggle here, so I signed up."

William grins at Jack. "Hey if I remember correctly, you were in the British Army and you got put in the stockade for sleeping with the CO's wife?" he asks thoughtfully.

Matti raises an eyebrow at William's words, looking sideways at Jack. "Rich women no good. Need good worker, or farmer for wife… Know how to run household." He nods emphatically, indicating that this piece of wisdom is particularly valuable to him.

Lind is wounded like so many others but she is alive. She's been sleeping the sleep of the morphine-filled, now slowly stirring and waking up, opening green eyes that get that confused sheen to them of someone who doesn't immediately know where they are.
Jack smiles at Matti, "I wasn't looking for a wife of my own." then back to William, that is ocrrect, although beating the shit out of the C.O. didn't help.

Jack notices Lind stir, "Ah welcome back Comrad Lind."

William gives Matti a half smile as he asks, "You don't plan to be home much?" And to Jack he only chuckles, but doesn't say anything else. Then he just goes back, awaiting Matti's answer.

Jack says playfully to William, "I think our freind here is looking for breeding stock, what?"

Lind manages to sit up, moving pillows behind herself with careful gestures. A nurse looks her over and she's given some 'breakfast' to eat. "Thank you," she murmurs to Jack, giving him a smile from a pale face. The words from Jack causes her to raise her eyebrows and look at Matti.

"Of course! Well, man has to hunt game, and go cut logs in forest. Maybe work at other farms for living… Anyway, it important to have sensible, hard-working wife. Only rich imperialist afford to have useless woman who waste all man's money and do nothing but look pretty." Matti nods to William, while shooting Jack an odd look. Apparently hanging with women for non-marrying reasons doesn't seem his cup of tea, at least partly from a decided lack of passion in his general character. He frowns at Jack, muttering half-seriously, "I punch you if you not so wounded, comrade."

Jack holds up his bandaged hands in a gesture of feigned surrender.

William laughs at Jack's joke. "Making more of yourself to fight greedy Capitalists and Fascists in the future, eh Comrade?" That is to Matti. He turns to Lind, and sees her paler than usual. "Welcome to Elysium, Comrade Lind," he says, grinning.

Jack juts his chin out at Lind, "Where you get hit?"

Lind has to smile when hearing Matti. Her expression suggests she mostly agrees with what he says, but she says nothing while nibbling on a piece of bread. "Hello, William," she says and gives him another smile; she is always generous with warm smiles. Having been mostly unconscious or sleeping since being brought in yesterday, she's out of the loop and asks; "How did it go? What happened?" To Jack's question she simply points to the left side of her chest.

Jack nods at Lind then says, "Good question, how did it go?" looks expectantly

William hmms as he tries to put it nicely. "We counterattacked the enemy in a direction where there was no enemy and ended up all the way to Madrid. No casualties on either sides, of course."

Matti shakes his head, "Bloody anglais. No understand anything." He doesn't look any more sullen than usual, however… Apparently he's picked up that word from Paris, where he likely saw his first Englishmen as well. As Lind and William speak, he mutters to himself, "I green, but that sound like best kind of counterattack." He looks around guiltily, waiting for a comissar to turn up.

Lind blinks slowly. She hadn't even realized she was back in Madrid. "Where's Comrade Corporal Vaclav?" she asks next, not able to stop herself from asking this, biting her lip hard while waiting for the answer.

"Not worry, Swede. He wounded, but pull through. I carry him, bastard get blood all on my coat. Well, him and comrade Jack there." Matti offers a smile, to imply that this is meant to be a humorous phrase.

William smiles at Lind, "Well that's the good news. The Comrade Corporal is fine… he's probably out there grilling a shivering green recruit right about now…" He looks out the aid station for signs of yelling or a crying recruit.

Jack snickers.

Lind is lying in a bed, propped up by some old sorry looking pillows and with a blanket over her body. She's not in the uniform per se - an old blue man's shirt and her usual uniform pants are on while the rest of her outfit is folded up next to the cot. A piece of bread in hand she is worriedly looking at William and Matti, then relaxes and smiles a broad happy smile when hearing the news about Vaclav. "Good," she says, then says, again, "Good. Cause, he is a, uh, really good soldier and we need him."

Jack looks towards William, a look of pain covers his face, "Hey, Comrad William..ha..(his words are cut off by another bout of coughing accompanied by some bloody spittle).

William squints his eyes a little at Lind suspiciously, but that all goes to pass when Jack begins coughing out a little blood. "I think you should rest some more, Comrade."

From the north comes the deep, rough voice of a man who damn well does'nt know when he should be lying down. "You think I laughing?" the corporal's sharp voice barks. A moment's pause, wherein he is answered more quietly, and Vaclav can be heard to add, "Good!" Perhaps a half minute later, and the grim czech walks- slowly, but mostly steady, into the aid station, blue eyes bright, and frown deep.

Jack shakes his head at William, then in a weaker voice, "Seen a Doc?" mocks givning himself a shot in the arm.

William begins to inspect Jack, checking his numerous and savage wounds. He could already count at least twenty gunshot wounds… and in response, shakes his head. "You need new bandages Comrade."

Matti is sitting on a stool next to the wounded comrades, looking perfectly unharmed himself. Apparently he's here for the company, or something. He looks up as Vaclav enters the makeshift aid station, offering a sullen nod in his direction.

William goes over to Jack. "I will have to be your doctor for the moment. Allow me to remove your soiled bandages?" he asks as he reaches over for some rolls of bandages left near to cot. Apparently the nurses were all busy with others. And doctors? Hell, they were scarce as hell.

Jack says in response to William, "As long as new bandages include morphine."

Lind gets a certain shine in her eyes when that oh so familiar loud voice is heard outside and she immediately looks expectantly at the entrance to the aid station, almost holding her breath. However, as Vaclav enters, her expression changes to something more neutral, watching him with a scrutinizing look, obviously looking him over to see how badly hurt he seems to be.

William hmms. "Have the doctor's sewed up your wounds, Comrade?" he asks Jack as he begins to take off the heavily soiled and reddened bandages.

Jack shrugs, "I don't know. Just woke up myself a few hours ago.

Vaclav's narrow blue regard catches on Matti first who recieves a curt nod, and frown before the corporal looks over the rest of the wounded. "Comrades," he rumbles in flat greeting, looking over Jack, and William in turn, wondering aloud, "Where Morris?" flatly, before settling on Lind.

Jack studies the Corporal for few seconds as William prepares to change his bandages. "Excuse Comrad Corporal?"

William gulps at the mention of Morris. "Ah eh… don't know Comrade Corporal… have you seen him?" He says this with the ahs and the ems that would signify some sort of anxiety. He continues to unbandage Jack's wound. "Ah, these need to be cleaned and stitched up," he mutters, frowning.

Matti shrugs his slight shoulders, indicating his complete lack of knowledge of the other man's location. Or existence, for that matter. He glances back at Jack, wondering what the man's exact medical situation is.

Lind has to bite her lip again to not blurt out something to Vaclav. She focuses instead on the question asked. "Morris? Who is that?" she wonders, shaking her head to show she has no idea. THen, to Matti; "I am sorry, comrade. I have not introduced myself. I am Lovisa Lind."

Jack winces as William removes the bandages.

Vaclav's expression darkens a bit as a glare is turned on William, "Engelbretson. If I see Morris, you think I ask 'Where is Morris'?" A sniff, and shake of his head. A curt word to one of the orderlies inquires where Jase has gotten off to, before a breath is slowly drawn, and Vaclav settles down for a seat- his injuries still crippling endurance. "Jase Morris. American. So tall-" a hand held up to indicate, "Skinny."

Matti nods to Lind, offering a slightly nervous, and inevitably sullen smile in her direction. "Nice to meet you, Comrade Lind. I am Matti Tuomonpoika. People call me Matti, because surname difficult to say." He seems to be rather unsettled by talking to a member of the opposite sex, nevermind their comrade-ness and masculine clothing. He turns at Vaclav's words, muttering, "I see someone maybe look like that get carried out of our last positions. He not badly injured. Should be around somewhere, I guess."

Jack sucks in his breath with a hissing sound as the bandage being removed tugs on the wound.

William clears his throat at the Comrade Corporal's answer. "Ah yes, quite so, Comrade Corporal…" He goes back to removing Jack's ton of bandages.

Jack looks over at Vaclav and asks, "Any news from command?"

"Nice to meet you, Matti," Lind says pleasantly. Despite being wounded she's keeping her spirit up. "Ahh yes, him… Sorry, Comrade Corporal, I have not seen him. I just woke up a few minutes ago," she admits to Vaclav. "Comrade, how hurt are you? Have a nurse change your bandages now perhaps?"

Jack winces again and snaps unfairly at William, "Damn, could you be any rougher!…shit"

William smirks at Jack. "Could the enemy be any rougher?" he counters.

Matti looks aside to Jack, "You were one not want decent wife to take care of you. And now you cry because comrade anglais there help you. You strange man, 'Jack'."

Vaclav lets out a terse breath and looks aside to the staff, "Someone find Morris-" he growls, before gritting his teeth and looking back at Lind after the swede speaks. A moment of silence, before he looks aside, sniffs, and mutters, "Fine." Weapon set aside, the corporal sits still for awhile. No nurse immediately comes to tend him, as the staff is quite busy.. but soon enough. "Back to Lind, he inquires flatly, "Breathing good, comrade Lind?"

"I am fine," Lind lies unconvincingly. She's not a very good liar. But she swings her legs over the edge of the cot and stands slowly and carefully, moving over to attend to Vaclav herself, much like William is helping Jack. She has enough knowledge of medical treatement to change some bandages at least. Matti is given a quick amused look.

Vaclav grits his teeth and frowns, eyeing Lind unconvinced. Despite this, he rumbles wordlessly, and sets about shrugging off the newest uniform shirt (those corporal's shoulder placads have been changed off at least a half dozen ruined shirts in the past week). His only comment is a flatly muttered, "You're a terrible liar," in french.

Lind gives Vaclav a thin smile at that, finding some clean bandages and pulling up a chair since she really doesn't want to stand up for too long. "I am," she admits, responding in French. She meets his gaze for a moment. "But you should be resting and you know it."

Matti looks from Lind to Vaclav with faint, obfuscated amusement on his sullen face - it's not an emotion easy to recognize in him. He remains diplomatically silent, studying the Mosin-Nagant inevitably placed close to his sitting place. He also doesn't seem to speak French, or is making a determined effort to ignore things if he does.

William moves quickly to his rack and fishes his rucksack for a syringe of morphine… one that was scavenged by Comrade Chavalix and given to him for emergency purposes. He takes off the cap and injects it into Jack to relieve the poor man of his many gunshot wounds. After doing so, he begins to bandage the man with rolls of fresh bandage. However, the doctor will still need to patch the wounds up.

"I'm a corporal, I know nothing," Vaclav rumbles back keeping to french, still frowning as he eyes Lind, scowling deeper and gritting his teeth, at the motions of taking off the shirt to bare the bandaged swapped tight about his torso. A sniff, "But fine. I'll slow down when you do," he mutters lowly, challenging.

"I just slept a whole night, resting!" Lind says, rising to the challenge, reverting back to English as that language is the one she knows best. She begins unwrapping the old bandages with excruciating, tender care and very slowly. "I woke up and did not know what had happened," she adds, sighing. A glance is shot to the sides, at William and Matti, both given a brief smile before she continues aiding the corporal.

"I go now." That was rather abrupt - perhaps Matti is embarassed by the (obfuscated) affection here. At any rate, he stands up, pushing his stool away and grabbing his rifle. He nods to Vaclav, "I take walk outside. Maybe find comrade Morris, yes? Maybe he off taking piss in park." He glances at Lind, flushing slightly - possibly at using such language in front of a woman.

Vaclav snorts. "Asleep is only reason you sat still," the czech challenges right back still in french, in a flat, knowing tone- the words cut off as his jaw tightens; the only outward aknowledgment of the bandage changing procedure. A curt nod, frown still in place as he looks aside and rumbles to Matti, "Do it."

William grins at Matti as he walks off but turns back to bandage the silent Jack, who is hopped up on morphine.

Lind seems unconcerned about any rough language, not even noticing. She'd be a sorry soldier if she couldn't take that. "Take care, Comrade Matti," she offers pleasantly to him, giving him a respectful nod. Vaclav is given a snort in return; obviously, Lind isn't especially intimidated by the intimidating corporal though she obviously has a deep respect for him. "Alright, comrade. I rest all day here, you do the same. And you have a doctor look you over. Deal?"

Matti raises a hand in an absent wave to the cluster of injured comrades, disappearing out of the aid station with his rifle slung over his shoulder.

Vaclav rumbles a few choice words under his breath, while glaring at Lind, before tossing his head and growling, "Deal."

Those choice words muttered make Lind blush and she glances hastily around to see if anyone's noticing. Clearing her throat, she says loudly; "Very well, comrade corporal." The last bandage is applied, knot tied gently. "Me too," she then murmurs quietly in response to what he said, before withdrawing, standing up carefully to move back to her cot.

William finally finishes dressing Jack up with bandages. Because the man is quiet and probably sleeping by now, he moves off back to his rack to rest some. Of course, because his back was turned and he was working on Jack, he doesn't really notice the exchange between Vaclav and Lind.

Vaclav stays seated awhile catching his breath again, and frowning as though a grim expression alone were enough to win this war. "Very well, Comrade," he rumbles.

"There is some food there," Lind says, pointing to a table where some rather dry bread and luke-warm soup in a bowl is standing. "Not sure there is a free bed…" she says, looking around in the cramped space where wounded lie moaning all over the place. "Comrade William? You know if there is a free bed?"

William hmms as he looks around, since he's still standing and hasn't flopped down on his rack just yet. "I don't think there are any free beds available at this point…" He looks over at a Comrade who is just a kid with the top half of his head missing. Somehow he made it out of Brunete alive, but now lies there with tubes going in and out of his head. He steps over to look at the kid's face, which looks pretty stony and dead like, so he moves over to touch the kid's throat but feels no pulse. The rack suddenly buckles as the dead kid just flops onto the floor, spilling grey matter all over the floor. "Oops?" William asks, shrugging as he looks around.

William watches as the nurses come over in disgust, seeing the poor kid on the floor, dead and his brain matter splattered against the floor. "Well, the Comrade Corporal can have the recently deceased Comrade's rack?"

Vaclav nods once to the motion toward food, drawing a few short breaths before rising to his feet, and taking the step toward the table. Dry bread put in thew bowl to soak up lukewarm soup, and a short stare toward William as the other.. means well. "Engelbretson, you clown," Vaclav mutters. "Once bed not fall down, I will."

Lind is hardened from the war but now she has to turn away from the sight of the young boy's brain on the floor. Turning paler, she crawls up into her bed and pulls the blanket up. "Thank you. I think," she tells William with a somewhat dry tone.

William shrugs and works to get rid of the other standing side so that the rack will be lying perfectly on the floor so it can't buckle again.
Vaclav is breathing heavily by the time he has crossed the floor to where the (now shorter) cot sits. Not so disgusted that he can't take a bite of the soupy bread, before settling down with a wince to sit on the cot, he gives a short nod to William's effort.

Seeing that Vaclav is indeed about to take some rest, Lind rests easier in turn, relaxing back into the bed. "Do you know anything about what is next? We lost Brunete?" she asks quietly, turning a serious face at Vaclav and William.

Vaclav nods once, stating flatly without looking back, "We lost Brunete. Talk of another offensive. In east. To take pressure off comrades in North, where Franco pushes hard. Maybe true. Maybe not."

William says "Hopefully they let us have some time to heal. We lost about, what…. fifty percent of K Company in Brunete?"

Lind lets out a gasp at that. "It was that bad?" she asks, horrified, eyes widening. She shakes her head, almost unable to grasp it, as she wasn't there for the bad parts.

Vaclav does'nt look back at Lind's gasp, gaze woodenly kept on his thin soup. "Half wounded. Half of those die. Many of wounded too bad hurt to fight more. Brigade being re-organize. Will get replacement, soon."

William sighs sadly, but decides to get some rest rather than engage in such demoralizing talk.

Lind is feeling less and less like Spain's saviour these days. She meets Vaclav's gaze, seeking solace in his steady character, not feeling especially spirited right now.

Vaclav turns to meet the swede's regard, holding that look for a long moment. "You did well, comrade," he states evenly after the pause. "More would have died, if that tank not driven back. All must do what we can."

Lind takes it to heart and she nods, some spirit immediately returning and a smile offered. "We did what we could," she agrees. Having excerted herself some, she's now tired again and her eyes begin to blink. "Perhaps in a few days… we can go rest somewhere else," she suggests in a tired but suggestive whisper to him. "When we feel better."

Vaclav draws a slow breath, eyes ticking more narrow on Lovisa's as he rumbles, "Ne zena az k byt, roven vy na vecne casy.." Quietly, evenly, he mutters further, "Few days, and I tell you what that mean."

Lind gives him a little glare at that, and tries to remember what he said. "Ne zena…byt… casy… Oh, damn," she murmurs, as it was too quickly said for her to just remember it right away. "Jag har langtat efter dig," she retaliates, in Swedish. "And I will tell you what that means."

"Hrm," Vaclav sniffs dryly, frown fading toward brief, wry amusement. "Deal."

"I like making deals with you," Lind says, curling up on her side, the one not wounded. This so she can watch Vaclav more easily and because she intends to sleep more. "Better than being angry at you for not resting."

Vaclav queries flatly, "What is swedish for 'go to sleep'?" After taking one last bite of the soup soaked bread and setting the bowl to the side of his low cot, drawing booted feet up with a wince, and frown.

"Sov," Lovisa murmurs sleepily. It's just one word that translates from the three words in English. "Good night, Vaclav. You sleep well."

"Var tyst och sov," Vaclav rumbles back, as he lies down, to keep his end of the deal.

As Lind's eyes close she smiles at his words. They are perfectly said too. The woman sleeps the sleep of the wounded and war weary.

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