The Flogging

Scene: Captain O'Callaghan realises his unit was failing in discipline
and makes an example of a soldier.
Players involved: O'Callaghan, Vaclav, Willian, Phillip, Elena,
Elizabeth, Marchand, Heinreich

The Grid-----> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION
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Coordinates : 1 2

A neat park in the middle of the city, there to break up the urban
sprawl with some pleasant looking greenery. The wildlife knows nothing of war and so the
birds sing as they would in peace time, though the gardeners seem to have been on strike
for a while and the park is beginning to look unkempt.

It is currently daytime.

The Captain responds, "The International Brigade was formed to
take all men and women helping to fight for the World Revelution. Spain is but the first
step to a Communist Europe. Imagine a world where the people support themselves, govern
themselves, and all contribuate for the common good. It will bring our civilization to a
new golden age. An age to which all men are to be brothers." That probably didn't answer
Phillip's question, but the Captain was satisfied with his statement and leaves it at that for

Phillip nods. "Good." he says quietly, but letting it carry. "Because I am AWOL and have a judgement against
me in Paris. Fifteen lashes and a year of hard labor in the stockade." He passes it off like the sentence
is nothing. Slamming the bolt home he adds "If I survive."

William chuckles lightly. "Viva la Revolucion." He raises his fist in a Communist salute.

The Captain gives Phillip a sturdy pat on the back with a
hearty chuckle. "That will no matter when the revolution reaches France. You will be a new
man then." The next comment is said to both soldiers, "What you learn here in France, the
skills and mentor ship that you will leave here with, you will need to take home with you
and train the new soldiers for the fight that lays a head of them."

William blinks at the Captain. Has he lost it? In response, he just
shifts his eyes around and smiles and nods quietly.

Phillip laughs some, but doesn't say anything. He knows the legion. Hell, Germany could invade and over
run the country in less than a month, and the legion would still carry on the same way they always have.
Looking to his rifle, he pauses to sight it in before looking to another person's. "Come on now." he mutters
to the boy in french. "I'll do it." With that he sets to work on that rifle too. Again it's the reciever,
and again the file comes out. What on earth is he doing anyway?

Anna has arrived.
Anna arrives from the East.

William looks up as he hears the distant sound of something roaring, which gets closer. He sees a woman
in overalls on the motorbike, zooming at top speed! "Woah," he simply says.

«Ground Vehicles» Elena gets out of 1918 Harley-Davidson.

William watches as the lass turns off her roaring motorbike and steps
off. The saying goes, "Boys and their toys." But this? This totally contradicts the saying.
"Are motorbikes popular around here?" He grins and looks around for any other

Captain O'Cal sits on a bench talking with the other soldiers
about communist ideals and what things wil be like after the war in Spain. The Captain
then nods to Phillips comment but goes silent when he hears the engines of the

Elena swings off the bike… and stumbles, just a little bit. She frowns at the bike as if, perhaps, it
is somehow at fault, but ends up shaking her head, one hand out to steady the thing. She turns about to face
the others, looking distinctly… displeased. And armed with a great deal more weapons than is her
usual. She crosses her arms over her chest and scowls as she looks over those present, sticking close to the
Harley for the moment.

Phillip never looks up at Elena, though he does say aloud. "France
is…Socalist. You know, I have never truly been explained the difference?" Looking back to his
own rifle he blinks some and then stands walking to Elena. "May I assist you with the

William has a tinge of fear in his eyes. A woman, with weapons, and a
motorbike. What is this? Some sort of scene in the Wild West? But the weapons arn't drawn,
so perhaps he's a friendly. Not like the anarchist lady who was shooting wildly at them
earlier when they took the Telephone Exchange.

The Captain looks towards Elena trying to asses what she has on
her, "IS that a resupply or something else?" The Captain doesn't stand from his seat
being pleased to finaly have a few minutes off of his feet.

Yuri has disconnected.

Phillip realises it's not weapons, though the woman is pissed about
something. So he deflects by acting suddenly like he doesn't speak a lick of english,
but only french. Walking back to his rifle he goes about fixing it again. Yes, he's back
to being the stupid frenchman again.

William seems much more at ease when the woman comes closer, and it appears that the tools all over her
overalls arn't really weapons afterall. He lets out a sigh of relief, as it becomes apparent to him now that
she is some sort of machinist, or works with machines, or fixes them, whatever. He keeps his eyes squinted at
the bright rays of the sun.

Vaclav has connected.

Those arms remain crossed over her chest. And Elena takes the time to
look each and every soldier over. Finally, she turns her full attention back towards
O'Callaghan. "Capitan!" she calls, dropping her hands to her sides, resting one comfortably on
a wrench. "Why do you let these men keep break my tanks!" she demands in heavily
accented, rather broken ENglish. ANy close enough… well, it seems the little mechanic rather
smells heavily of wine at the moment.

Phillip uhs some, holding up a hand to say defensively in his own
accented english. "I do not touch tank." pointing at Will though, he's all too happy to be a
good communist and share the blame. "He did."

Captain O'Cal leans back into the park bench relaxing as best
he can under the cirmstances presented to him in Barcelona. His moment of relaxation is
interupted by Elena's shouting. Not bothering to stand up, the Captain turns slightly
to face Elena giving her a stern look, "First off, those are not your tanks. They
belong to The People which have been given to the International Brigade. They are not mine,
nor are they yours."

Marchand returns from a more distant spot in the park he'd wandered off
to. He kneels down to take a seat on a log, listening quietly and carefully to the
captain's words.

William scoffs at Phillip. For a supposed legionnaire, tossing blame
around seemed a bit, dishonorable. He spots Comrade Marchand sitting down on a log. "Ah,
Comrade Marchand, greetings."

Phillip settles in to his work, taking time to lube the rifle and dig
out the stuff from inside it. HOW the recruit got mud in the barrel is beyond him, and for
a moment the Legionnaire gives the person a stern glare before shaking his head.

Vaclav strides into the park from the city to the east, narrowed blue
eyes picking over the exchanges unfolding in the Company's camp. "What in Hell?" he rumbles
under his breath. Weapon carries across both shoulders, one brown brow arched, the
corporal simply frowns.

Marchand nods back to William, "What's going on, comrade? I missed
whatever caused this argument." He frowns a little using that last word, and closes his lips
again as he looks around to try to get a better understanding.

"I still fish!" Elena announces firmly, stomping one foot to make her point.
"Er. Fix. /Fix/. I fix, yes? Tanks muy difficult to fix, Capitan! I am running
out of spare parts! I only want to know why they broken /again/!" The more frustrated she
gets, the thicker the accent. "/How/ do men keep breaking /tanks/?" Elena asks with a helpless shake
of her head.

Phillip looks over at Elena and then shrugs as he goes back to his
work. "If you are liking, we can ask the Nationalists not to shoot at them so much, that
way they won't break." looking to the finished rifle, he says. "I think the word you
are looking for is Combat."

William says "It would seem the miss is angry that the tanks are being
damaged, and she is quite tired of fixing them frequently."

The Captain keeps his cool not getting angry at Elena's out
burst. He retorts with a smart ass comment, "Lets see…Armor Pierecing rounds, High Explosive
Rounds, Land mines, Grenades…pick anyone of them. They are all responsable for the tanks
being damaged."

Vaclav stops his steps near the loose cluster of Phillip, William, and
Marchand, offering a low, "Comrades.." in greeting while still eyeing the mechnica and
Captain. "What start this?" he wonders of the men aloud.

"Don't forget dive bombers." The frenchman chirps up helpfully, tossing
the rifle back to its owner as he picks up his jacket. Looking right at Vaclav he says.
"Tank broke. Mechanic pissed."

Elena lifts her right hand, waving the wrench about angrily now. "Then
/I/ will speak with them!" she declares vehmently. "They break tanks, I break /them/!" And
she turns about on her heel (swaying with the motion), then stops to frown. "Donde estan?"
she asks weakly. "Where… are they?" Whether she means the tanks, the Nationalists, or
the fish, it's hard to say.

Marchand responds to the corporal with a shake of his head. "I'm not
sure, comrade. But I think our comrade mechanic is frustrated with the amount of damage our
armor and vehicles are taking." He lets loose his breath. "The Molotov that hit the
motortruck the other day couldn't have made it any better. Parts are short, and we've few good
mechanics able to patch things up like she is." His face lifhgts to look towards Elena,
offering her a nod.

William chuckles lightly as he watches the lass stomp around angrily.
He whispers to Marchand, "She's cute when she's angry." It is not so loud enough that
she may hear it, much less over her own barrage of words. He turns to the other American
comrades, the blues musicians, and gets them to start playing a few tunes.

Elizabeth has connected.

Phillip suddenly ducks rubbing his head. The Kepi he wears goes flying
as the man crumples. Oh yes, he got a bit too close and was coldcocked by the wrench.
Staggering back he groans. "Oh the irony. Survive combat, only to be killed by a wrench."

The Captain watches Elena begin to march off and doesn't say a
word at first. As the gerible in his head begins to spin the wheel, the Captain turns to
look at the soldiers gathered, "Corporal, make sure she doesn't drive off on her bike. As
she's on the piss, she might crash it and then come after one of us with that wrench." The
Captain manages to chuckles this out a bit as he watches the woman storm off a little

"Hrm," the czech corporal mutters at the reports, blue regard still narrowed on the fuming and stomping
Elena. "Good thing she not doctor," Vaclav rumbles dryly. Looking toward the irishman as O'Cal calls his
rank and gives words, he nods curtly. "Understood, Comrade Captain-" A sidelong look at Phillip and a low
snort as he shakes his head.

Opps. Striking Phillip wasn't her intent. That time. Elena blinks at the Frenchman, a flush creeping high
in her cheeks. THen promptly scowls, waving the wrench threatening in his direction. Hopefully not hitting
him again. "You bring back tank /whole/ next time!" she growls furiously. "Where tanks?" she asks next,
turning about again…and stumbling a bit this time before soft swearing insues (all politely in Spanish,
of course)

Phillip ends up sitting on his rear, looking up at her crosseyed. "I do
not know. I'm a legionnaire." he slurrs and says. "Rifle. Bang bang. Kill many." With
that, his senses spent, he flops back on the ground to stare at the sky. "Pretty
colors." he mutters.

Marchand looks over to the tents for a moment, considering something else as he contemplates who
might be within. "Comrade captain", it's spoken quietly, just loud enough for the words to reach
O'Callaghan. "I just had a thought, an idea. I know it's your choice in the end, or the Commissar's, but
it concerns the man who fired the first shot when we arrived in Barcelona, Yuri."

Phillip just lies in the grass on his back staring at the sky.

Captain O'Callaghan had washed his hands clean of the Yuri
situation after having dumped it on the Commissar. The perks of leadership, being able to
delegate taskings down to your subordinates. However, in this case the Captain does take an
interest. The Captain glares at Marchand as he raises to his feet and states, "Who the hell
do you think you are? Why the hell should I even listen to what you have to suggest. You
should have a spot on that wall beside him when he is shot."

Finally composing himself, Phillip moves to retrive his kepi and clean himself up. He'd rather steer clear
of Elena for now. The woman with the wrench. To that end he sighs and dusts off, and then sticks out of the

"Do legionnaires learn how to stand up straight, also? Or were part of training to be beated accidentally by
women?" Vaclav wonders flatly of Phillip, while eyeing the frenchman with half his attention, turning back to
keep study on Elena thereafter. Drunken mechanics are only marginally better than drunken soliders, after

Elena opens her mouth to say something… but some things carry more
weight. She falls silent, mouth closing as she turns to look back towards a suddenly very
angry Captain. She blinks owlishly, but stays quiet, swaying where she stands. At least
she isn't waving her wrench about again.

Marchand forms a frown, but resists speaking the first words that come
to his instincts. Finally, tilting his head with a look over towards the captain and
speaking in measured words, "Apparently your superiors do not agree with you, comrade
captain, and find more value in my view." The man then silences, closing his lips as if not
having more to say.

Phillip laughs some at the Corporal and then smirks. "You get hit
upside the head with one of those wrenches and see what happens to you." he says and then hmms.
"On that note, maybe we should just turn her loose on the Nats…" before he puts his Kepi
on, he checks for blood, but only finds a goose egged sized knot. "Ah see, I am as hard
headed as many say.."

Konstantinov has connected.

The Captain takes a step closer to Marchand as he continues to
talk sternly at the soldier, "You think your so smart dont you? Maybe you fail to realise
that your under my command and your life could be made to feel worse then death. The stunt
you pulled yesterday is what causes soldiers to forget why the fight, shattering
morale, and causing soldiers to go home in body bags. Those above me might have said your
off the firing wall, but life will be hell for you and you will be begging to be placed

"Quiet, Comrade," Vaclav rumbles to Phillip, his own regard slipping
back to fix upon O'Cal and Marchand.. With the occasional sidelong look snuck
back at his charge, to make certain no wrench-wielding spanish bikers
terrorize the streets of Barcelona..

Nope. The wrench-wielding, Spanish biker stays right where she is,
though a bit unsteady, sure, but she isn't going anywhere. She idley thumps the
wrench against her leg, still swaying back and forth as if her body
hasn't quite sure its going to stay upright. Attention remains firmly upon the
Captain and Marchand.

William begins to distance himself on the bench from both Marchand and
O'Callaghan. It would appear they are moments away from duking it out
either with words or with fists. The American Brigadiers who play blues stop
their blues music and begin to scuffle away.

Marchand draws up to salute with an extended fist. "Yes, comrade
captain!" and goes silent. "It's against the chain of command for me to offer
debate to an officer, or even discussion without your permission. Do I have
your permission to offer opinion, captain?"

Phillip just stands there, taking Vaclav's comment like an order and
snapping to a rather rigid attention.

The Captain continues to glare at Marchand, "You voiced your openion
with yesterdays stunt. You dont have the pleasure of being in my company
again. You will report to Corporal Vaclav, I am sure he has a last of shitty
details that need to be done by crap soldiers like yourself." The
Captain then waves off Marchand with his right hand signaling that he is done
with the soldier. It all ends with a simple, "Dismissed."

Heinreich has arrived.
Heinreich arrives from the North.

Marchand remains standing at attention, not speaking in response.
Finally, when the captain has spoken 'dismissed' the American turns to walk back
to where the tents are and the corporal has other brigaders.

"Hrm," Vaclav repeats under his breath at the dismissal played out
before the Company. Low words rumbled under his breath in czech, before the
corporal draws a deep breath, rumbling to Elena, "You. Guererro. No
drive off. Understood?" First things first, before briefly eyeing Phillip and
returning his regard to the approaching american.

Phillip doesn't say a word, since he was rather ordered not to speak.
He moves into a more parade type rest position, waiting for his own

No driving off? Why would she drive off?? Elena turns to frown up at
Vaclav, crossing her arms over her chest again, feet braced shoulder-width
apart. And she winces only a little bit as she hits herself in the arm with
the damn wrench. Ouch. She clears her throat rather than whimper, lifting
her chin. She blinks a moment… Oh!! OH right!! The tanks! /That/ is why
she was going to drive. "No. No comprende," she says firmly. "I go beat
Nationalists now," she announces, turning to start for the Bike.
Alright, she more starts walking towards William, but it kicks in that he's
/not/ her Harley, so she manages to turn her steps towards the bike instead.

Marchand comes to a stop before the corporal, standing at attention yet
again as he clenches his fist to extend the arm forward into the air in
salute. "Comrade Corporal" and waits, the salute extended. His only
distraction is to glance Elena's way for a moment, but he holds back
his thoughts.

Captain O'Callaghan returns to his spot on the bench where he was
relaxing just moments before. The Captain crosses his arms and kicks his legs
out once again trying to relax, "At this pase, I'll be grey in a week." The
offbeat joke was made at his hair.

Phillip doesn't say a word. Standing there at a parade rest, his rifle
by his side and eyes straight ahead. Oh dear lords, someone smack the guy
in the back of the head or dismiss him.

Heinreich was barely sluggishly walking into the Park. Two
small deer were slung over his shoulders. One appeared to be a Doe, another a
large fawn. His Rifle was slapping against his belly. Despite his
mangled hand, Heinreich had managed to go hunting. 'Allo? Any of you mind
giving an Old man a hand?' He shouted out loudly when he got into bellowing

William chuckles as the woman seems to head his way, then suddenly
veers off to the bike, with the Comrade Corporal trying to stop her. He shakes
his head, but still being on the bench and the only one closest to the
Captain now, "It's never too late to get some gray hair. Adds character to your
look, Comrade Cap'n." He chuckles, as he stands up and waves at Elena.

"Comrade Marchand-" Vaclav spares a terse sidelong look, and curtly
barked, "Engelbretson! Make certain she does'nt get on damn motorbike." William
was closest. Bad luck. Back to Marchand. "Comrade. When anarchists think we
storming city, they sabotage Barcelona sewers. Bricks, rubble, timbers.
Backed up. Excepting time when you following Commissar's assignment..
Your on duty time be spent helping clear this. Understood?"

Phillip blinks some. Being in demolitions he could help, still he was
ordered to be quiet and quiet he is.

William sighs at the abruptness of the Comrade Corporal. He quickly
stands up and jogs to stop Elena. But it would appear that she is fast walking
towards the bike. It is questionable whether they will catch up to her
on time to stop her.

Marchand gives a firm nod. "Yes, comrade corporal. As of this moment, I
am now in the process of tending the assignment given to ME and the
Commissar by the Communist Party of Spain and the Republic. Until that mission is
complete, or the attempt has failed, it is my one and only mission. A
mission I have tactical command of, with the Commissar as highest
authority. Do I make myself clear?" It's spoken firmly, but not shouted.

Elena stops beside her bike, really not noticing that she's being
followed. She frowns as she works on trying to set the wrench back in its loop.
Again. Again. And keeps missing. She frowns a little more, closing her eyes as
she works on concentrating… ah-ha! Just took four tries. That's when she
tries to climb back on her bike, though William has had plenty of time to
catch up. Again, bad luck for him.

The poor Captain cant catch a break today. If it wasn't one trouble
maker it was the next. This time Heinreich was in his sights. The Captain
takes a deep breath then darts a look towards Vaclav. He had a different
solution to this problem now. "Corporal Vaclav? Why is Private Heinreich walking
around with two dear?! Where did the private find the time to hunt? Who
authorized this private to leave Barcolana? WHo authorized him to expend
International Brigade munitions on his recreational activities? Who authorized
Heinreich to leave the Medical Station when he was sick only days before? Well
Corporal?!" The Captain spits out these questions in rapid fire at
Vaclav putting the blame on him for this. Shit rolls down hill and Vaclav was
the first one below O'Cal.

Vaclav glares a bit at Marchand. "Listen better, Comrade. I say
'Excepting time when you following Commissar's assignment'. Was I unclear?" The
czech's flat, deep voice.. Before- oh look. Another problem is shouted at him.
Frowning deeply, the corporal barks back to O'Cal, "No authorization
given, Comrade Captain!"

Phillip doesn't move. Closing his eyes for a moment he just waits,
caught right in the thick of it. Personally, he wants to go, NOW, but he
can't. Damn officers and their vague orders.

The Captain continues to peer at Vaclav from his spot on the park
bench, "Then why are you not addressing this problem Corporal?" The Captain
leaves it at that. He had been dealing with these problems all day, it was up
to the NCO Corps to deal with this sort of thing.
The Captain the runs a hand over his hair and goes back to his
conversation about his hair, "You think so?"

Marchand draws up his chest, "Yes, comrade corporal. And at present,
and until it is accomplished or fails under my tactical leadership, I am on
the assignment given to me by Comrade Dolores Ibarruri and tending to it in
mission planning, organization, action, and completion." He then goes
quiet, remaining standing there. More quietly, "As soon as it is completed, I
shall personally clear the sewers with my own hands, if I'm still alive to do

Phillip stands there silent. Making no move to speak up. Even so, he
does snap to attention when the Captain speaks before returning to a
somewhat easy parade rest.

William clears his throat, "Ah hem… Senora, parades por favor!" He
lightly touches her arm. Yes, he knows some Spanish from his boarding school
and military academy training. All the while, the Captain is preoccupied
with the hunter, Comrade Marchand and Comrade Corporal are having a
difficulty, and the mechanic is probably going to go on a murderous rampage on her
bike. Entropy makes the world go around.

"I know!" Vaclav snaps to Marchand at the american's renewed
clarification. Turning his narrowed stare, and accumulated ire on the newly arrived
german (why are they always germans?), the corporal barks, "Comrade Heinlein!
Drop that! Come here, now."

Heinreich Grunts, startled, and the two deer hit the ground in a heap,
and he quickly jogs to Vaclav, snapping to attention. 'Yes Comrade?' He
said, the salute quickly being brought down to his side. Still, his happy
smile rests on his features. You couldn't truly irk the old man.

Phillip sighs, or would if he hadn't been ordered to be silent.

Elena swings one leg over her bike, settling herself atop it before she
even realizes she's being spoken to. She turns and frowns up…
up…"Pardoname?" she shakes her head. "Do you need help?" she frowns even more. "You
broke tank," she says, recalling Phillip's earlier self-tuckus-preservation.
"Take me to where they are." Yup. Because that makes sense.

Marchand stands at attention, and goes silent after the corporal's
final words. He waits there, his eyes watching what goes on with the man
carrying game and the mechanic on the bike.

Vaclav drops his regard to Heinreich's mangled hand. "Comrade. You on
restricted duty. Who grant clearance for you to leave hospital, and-
Unless those animal were wandering down Camino Real- who grant clearance for
you to leave city?"

Phillip gives a look to the captain. One that seems to beg "help me."
Meaning in army speak. "Am I dismissed?"

William laughs marrily. "I am not aware we had tanks, madam." He says
this in Spanish, thinking and halting between words. "But I cannot let you
leave on the bike, because you might hurt somebody with your anger. I saw you
hit the poor Frenchman earlier." That last barb was more of a tease.

Heinreich Gives a sheepish grin toward Vaclav. 'Comrade Corporal, I
view Hunting as still a restricted duty…I did not overly exert my
self..and the act of drawing the bow has helped in keep my hand from growing
stiff…I will one gave me clearance Comrade. I got caught up in
stalking beasts…I hope the fresh meat makes up for this..Yes?' He spoke in
German to Vaclav, knowing he understood it.

Captain O'Cal hadn't even noticed Phillip standing there till now and
was clueless to why he was there, "Dont you have something else to be doing
right now besides standing there?" That was as good of a dismissel as
Phillip was going to get. He was unsure of what the man even wanted.

Marchand starts making his way over towards where the Commissar can
normally be found, after waiting in place for a reasonable moment.

Phillip snaps to full attention, giving a crisp salute to the captain.
"By your orders mon capitane, I am leaving to do my duty." That done, he
picks up his rifle, places it upon his shoulder as a soldier should and does
a quick snap turn before walking a short distance away to return to
working on his own weapon.

Elena gives a toss of her head. "Frenchman deserved," she says firmly.
"An I /will/ hurt damnable fascists with anger. No doubt," she agrees as she
starts the bike. William didn't think this was going to be /easy/, did

Vaclav lets out a short breath, blue eyes narrowed on Hein. Keeping to
sharp german for now, the corporal voices curtly, "There are words for that,
Comrade! 'Absent without Leave'. You left the Company, and the post.
Comrade. I will be so very clear, that there can be no misunderstanding:
Until otherwise ordered, you are confined to this park, under Company
arrest. Do you know what this means?"

Marchand continues in his search for the Commissar now, peering into
the tent where he'd been known to do paperwork and reading.

Heinreich Strokes his chin a bit. 'I suppose it means I am not to leave
the park unless expressly ordered to?' Hardly a soldier, he gently removed
his bowler hat, wiping sweat off his forehead with his sleeve. 'Comrade, I
will do my best to aid the Cause even when confined here, is there any way I
might be given an aid in gutting the deer? I'm afraid I do not want to
risk infection with my hand..'

"Disertion is what we call it here!" Captain O'Callaghan shouts loudly
from his bench. The Captain doesn't bother looking in the direction of the
two, but decided to add another 2 cents to the conversation. AWOL was to
light of a punishment for this and someone would have to be made into an

William smiles at Elena. "Senora, how about this? You don't hop onto
that bike until you have cooled down, and I will help you with fixing the
tanks and whatever that needs fixing. And I will find mechanics to help you
to relieve your burdens." He is trying to strike a deal, being as best of
a diplomat as he can.

William was speaking in Spanish.

Phillip settles down, letting the officers handle it. Looking at the
captain some he offers his hat. Since the man was talking about his hair.
However, with the angry captain's tone, he doesn't say anything, letting his
smile say volumes.

Vaclav clenches his jaw at the Captain's shout. Eyes still fixed
fiercely on Heinreich's. "Comrade. Forget. the fucking. Deer. Hand me your rifle."
An open palm is held out to recieve the named weapon.

Heinreich Nods, and unslings his rifle, handing it to Vaclav. 'Yes, of
course Comrade, I will not try to anger the captain further..' He said
in a very soft tone to Vaclav. Clearly feeling bad for bringing this about
on the Corporal.

Elena frowns even more, crossing her arms over her chest once more. "I
will fix," she says firmly. "Not a problem," she switches to rapidfire
Spanish, giving up on English altogether for the moment. "Do you realize how
much it takes to fix these things? And we're running out of spare parts!! The
scrap is getting bigger and bigger holes." She shakes her head. "I will fix
them, though I accept help, yes. Right now, however, I want to find the damn
fascists who /put/ the holes in my babies. You will help me with this,
yes? Show me where they are? I will have a /very/ firm talking to them,a nd
they will not shoot our tanks any more." Because, obviously, /everyone/
lists to ticked off little mechanics.

Vaclav inclines his head curtly, accepting the rifle. "Good," he
rumbles quietly, before pitching his deep voice to carry in english, "For
desertion of post; punishment if flogging, and seven days in stockade." Face a
stony mask, the corporal looks to the side, and names, "Comrade Chavalix!
Comrade Richards! Secure Comrade Heinreich to recieve his dicipline.."

Phillip ahs some and then sighs. Something makes him think he gave the
corporal the idea since HE faces the fifteen and a year in the
stockade. Walking over to Heinreich, he looks at the man and then nods. Moving to
stand at a side position to the guy.

Heinreich Looks dismayed, almost upset they would dare consider
flogging him. But, stays his tongue, having suffered punishment before. His own
father was quite a hard ass.

The Captain raises to his feet, "Corporal Vaclav's team continue as
instructed." The Captain then raises his voice for the others, "Everyone on
your feet and form up behind Corporal Vaclav. NOW!" The Captain
stresses this loudly. This was to be done publicly for an example for the rest
of the Company, not hidden behind closed door where no one would learn from

William tries to catch up with Elena's rapid fire Spanish. But he
catches enough of it to catch the gist. "Madam, let us deal with the fascists,
and whenever we manage to knock out a tank, we'll get some spare parts to
you." He gives her a friendly smile. "Come and release yourself of your
worries for a moment and enjoy life a little with us? Though I daresay, this is
not the best place to do so."

Marchand frowns after poking his head into Commissar Konstantinov's
usual tent haunt, lifting his head to peer around, surveying the park woods
with his eyes. For a moment his gaze lingers on Heinreich and the corporal,
but he turns his head away after hearing the captain shout. Instead, he
moves on, towards the outposts where PCE officials tend to gather for vodka.

Phillip slowly digs into his pocket, pulling a small strip of wood out
of his pocket. One he quietly wraps in fabric and leather. Looking to
Heinreich he offers it. "Take this. It will help." That and it'll keep him from
biting off his tounge.

Heinreich Nods, and inserts it into his mouth. Suddenly, he wished he
had stayed in the woods until people forgot he existed.

Elena gives a shake of her head, gesturing with her chin first towards
O'Callaghan then to Vaclav. "Capitan ordered you to fall in," she
points out, reverting back to almost painful English. "I will be well." Not
that anyone /else/ will. But /she/, atleast, will be fine. "I find scrap."

Vaclav orders curtly, keeping to staccatto english. "Comrades. Present
Comrade Heinreich's back.. To the Company." Shrugging the long machine
gun off his shoulder, the corporal looks toward the captain, as the rest of
the Company is formed up for the formal dicipline.

Konstantinov has left.
Konstantinov heads off East.

Marchand has left.
Marchand heads off East.

William chuckles lightly and nods to Elena. "Thank you. Be careful and
take care. And if you ever need some help with repairing anything, feel free
to ask me for help." He gives a wink and then leaves to follow the Comrade

Phillip nods, taking it upon himself to remove the man's shirt and then
turn him about. Tying Hein to a wooden post of some sort. (Probably a lamp
post) That done he turns back and salutes Vaclav. "The prisoner is presented
as ordered mon Comorade. He is prepared and ready for the continuance of
the sentence."

Captain O'Callaghan forms up in front of the soldiers gathered of K
Company. A good amount of soldiers are present, the only ones missing
are those tasked with patrols, sentry duty, or are wounded. The Captain
stands at the front of the formation peering about the soldiers. "TODAY!" he
shouts gathering everyones attention, "Private Heinreich has disgraced
himself, the Company, and the International Brigade by failing to be on duty by
hunting in the woods. There are things that all of us would much rather be
doing then fighting here today. BUT, we are soldiers here. We have made great
sacrafices for a group of people we ahve sworn to help. It is out duty
as soldiers to be in our proper places at our proper times in order for
our unit to function properly and with out hitch. Heinreich has taken it
upon himself to do what he wants, this is detramental to our beliefes. We as
soldiers must act as one. We are here to support each other. If he is
not on his post watching our flank…who is?"

And what a time for the press to show up. How -does- Elizabeth manage
to do this all the time? Camera bag in hand, as usual, she's just in time to
hear O'Callaghan's speech. And Oh, what a story this will be.

The Captain then continues, "Due to his actions, he will be flogged 7
times." The Captain then turns towards Corporal Vaclav and motions for
the man to proceed, "Continue with your detail Corporal."

Vaclav stands straight backed and grim throughout O'Callaghan's speech
to the Company. "Yes, Comrade Captain," the corporal voices flatly,
nodding to each of the men assigned to prepare the prisoner and motioning for them
to step back. the big cezh turns toward the bound Heinreich, and draws a
slow breath.

Phillip nods, slowly stepping back. Though in truth it's not a real
back motion but more of a side one that puts him where he can reach to the
prisoner should he need, and then slightly out of the way. Acting as
something of an honor guard.

William stands at attention, rifle slung, standing in formation with
the rest of the Company. He watches as they punish Heinreich.

«Ground Vehicles» Elena gets into 1918 Harley-Davidson.

«Ground Combat» Vaclav attacks Heinreich in melee combat with his MG
34 and hits! Heinreich suffers 7 bruise damage to his left chest.
«Ground Combat» Heinreich has been knocked unconscious!

Phillip sighs as the man goes limp. Moving close, he reaches to pull on
the ropes so Heinrich stays taut. It's a silent gesture, one that the
legionnaire seems to think is expected of him.

(From 1918 Harley-Davidson) The mechanic starts the bike, and eases
away from those present heading off towards the west. Put… put… put…

Elizabeth flinches slightly on Heinreich's behalf, even as she moves to
pull out her camera as quietly and unobtrusively as possible. Another moment
of war about to be saved in black and white, it seems.

«Ground Vehicles» 1918 Harley-Davidson moves West <W>.

Captain O'Cal does an about face to watch the punishment unfold.
Hopefully all the soldiers would soon learn that the Captain was now fed up with
undisciplined soldiers and it would be coming to an end today.

Vaclav draws back, twisting back and shoulders, to lash forward with
the meaty sound of impact. "One," the czech rumbles. A second drawn breath,
as the corporal draws back again. Another cracking blow. "Two." The grim
count goes on..

Heinreich suffers 8 bruise damage to his right chest.

Heinreich suffers 8 bruise damage to his abdomen.

Phillip holds the ropes taut, even as the count goes on. The
Legionnaire is grim at his task, the comrade for the moment now nothing more than a
prisoner who needs taught. Still, he knows that the Corporal must have
thought the man salvagable, since he wouldn't have been given a second
chance other wise. Perhaps, Heinreich will see it that way also.

William gulps as he watches the flogging. Just like the punishment in
the ol' British Navy that he read about when he was a kid.

The only sound betraying the picture being taken is the soft click of
the button being depressed. One is all she needs, and it's likely the sound
was muffled by the flogging. Slightly pale faced, she presses her lips
tgether as the task continues.

The Captain watches each flogging with a blank face. If he approved or
disapproved of the punishment, he shows no signs of it. Standing there
at attention he continues to watch. A clicking sound does catch his
attention, but from his position at being at attention he isn't permited to look
in that direction.

The german is unconscious before the end, yet still the corporal's
count proceeds: "Six." *crack* "Seven." A curt nod, looking sidelong to the
irishman.. holding the look a moment, and waiting for some indication,
rumbling to Phillip and the other solider to "Bring him down," if none
is had.

Phillip nods, moving to cut the man down. He lets the body fall, as he
squats down to check the man's pulse. "He is unconcious mon coporal,
but will live." looking up he questions, not the order, but more a
suggestion. "Some stretcher bearers could come to help us carry him to the aid
station, and then when he rouses to the stockade?"

Elizabeth isn't stupid enough to stay in the spot she took the picture
from. Moving quietly around behind the ranks, tucking her camera away in her
bag as she moves, she swallows, but doesn't say anything.

Captain O'Callaghan nods to Corporal Vaclav to continue with his
detail. This is followed with the Captain's next order"Ensure he is brought to
the stockade and seperated from the Nationalist Prisoners." After this
being said, the Irish Captain does an about face to look at the Company of
soldiers assembled, "COMPANY! DISMISSED!"
The Soldiers of K Company follow Captain O'Cals order as they do an
about face, take one step forward, and lastly dispurse to go about their
business. The soldiers rouse about with mixed feelings of the event at hand. Some
aggree, others dont, and then there are those were just upset for
having lost their leisure time.

Phillip looks not to the Captain for his order, but to his corporal. He
is but a simple legionnaire, he can't order anyone.

Vaclav frowns to Phillip, "You heard Captain. Take him now. Will send
medic to Stockade for tending." A drawn breath. "Drag him, if you must."
That's why there are two men on the detail.

Phillip nods. Turning to the other man on the detail they shoulder
Heinreich and carry him to the stockade. Only returning once the order has been
carried out. Walking back, he salutes (some ten or fifteen minutes time
passing before he comes back.) and waits further orders. His player
uses this break to grab some soda and munchies.

William watches as the hunter is dragged to the makeshift infirmary. He
strolls off, in search of the mechanic.

The Captain peers about the disbanding soldiers looking for the
reporter that had snapped the picture of the todays event. His eyes dart from
person to person searching, glareing, looking angered. Whoever had the camera
had escaped him for the time being, but he had his speculations on who had
snapped the photo.

Phillip salutes the corporal, saying as he was trained. "The prisoner
is resting, though I doubt comfortably given the conditions. If you have
no futher orders of me mon corporal?"

Vaclav shakes his head once. "Dismiss, comrade." With those two short
words the big czech turns a narrow eyed look about the park.. eventually,
stopping on nothing else, he regards O'Callaghan and starts toward the irishman.

Phillip salutes and does as ordered, finds himself dismissed.

The Captain looks towards his nice relaxing bench and looks about to
begin walking to it when he spots Corporal Vaclav. The Captain gives his NCO
his full attention, "It is not a very pleasent details, and no one wants to
do it. But you executed it well. We are all brothers and sisters in this
unit, so tuff love is still love."

Phillip waited till he got Hein in the stockade to at least tend one
wound that went a bit too deep. Thankfull that Hein was knocked out he rested
assured no one willing to talk would see it. Meaning that if they did
he could at least deny it. Besides, who would they belive? Nats and a
flogged prisoner, or the prim and proper Legionnaire?

Vaclav nods curtly. "It is duty, Comrade Captain," the czech voices
flatly in return. "Further orders, Captain?" he asks with a drawn breath,
before taking his leave of the site.

The Captain had no orders for Vaclav at the moment, "Continue as you
were Corporal. Ensure the soldiers are fit to fight and that is all I have
for you."

Vaclav nods again, and salutes, before turning away from the irishman,
and walking across the trodden grass of the park. Helluva way to pass his

Phillip doesn't get any orders, so he wanders futher to nod at the
Captain. "Mon Comarade? Persmission to speak freely?"

The Captain the turns his attention towards Phillip giving the man a
firm nod, "Make it quick Comrade Phillip." The Captain was hoping to enjoy
some downtime before his shift started.

Anna has disconnected.

Konstantinov has arrived.
Konstantinov arrives from the West.

Marchand has arrived.
Marchand arrives from the West.

Marchand comes walking stiffly, almost a march, following the
Commissar's lead. His weapon's not drawn, the rifle still shouldered.

Phillip ahs some. "In my experience, I think you handled this well. As
well as any man could in such a position. It's not something to take
lightly, no, and will do much for the men. Morale and what not being such as it is.
I think too, he will learn from this, and like I, will come to respect
you once his anger has subsided." Snapping to attention, he salutes. "By
your leave mon Capitane?"

The Captain paitance had been growing thin over the last hour. How he
tried to sneek out from a busy HQ for a few hours and suddenly got cought up
into this nightmare was anyones guess. The Captain simply nods to Phillip.
He didn't need to be told his actions were the correct choice because he
knew they were, but rather then get snippy with the Private, Captain O'Cal
says, "Thankyou." He then gives a communist salute towards Phillip and
dismisses him to carry out his business.

Phillip nods. "As you have ordered, so I go to carry that out." He
returns the salute and then snap turns to walk off. Truth be known it's a march
of a slow 88 fpm.

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