No Smoke No Water

Where: Brunete
Who: Elena, Jase, Vaclav, William
When: July, 1937

It really has become a bit of a tradition. It's like the victory song of the O'Cal's Company. The roar of the Harley's engine after a battle as the mechanica moves in to join the rest of the troops.

The scene is far more subdued than most might expect. To a native of Spain however, the middle of a sunny July day is no time to be up and about wasting energy. The formidable corporal himself is seated in the scant shade to be had against one wall, shirt drawn off, and thrown over an abandoned clothesline, it's bloodied sleeve flapping in the faint breeze like a little communist pennant.

William spots the Harley drive down and stop. Its driver, the mechanica, hops out and looks about. He just stands at the window of the makeshift hospital, watching.

The bike is brought to a halt a short distance from where the brigade seem to have taken up post. She kicks the bike to a stop before swinging one leg over the back of it. She strides away from the thing, glancing about at those present as she goes. "They broke the tank," she says, adn its' a distinctly displeased tone, directed to no one in particular.

Vaclav leans his head back, setting his short haired head against the dirty, whitewashed wall behind him, as blue eyes narrowed against the midday light fix upon the complaining Elena. The captured machine gun leans against the wall beside him, the Corporal occupying his down time by fitting 8mm bullets into semicircular clips. "Hrm. Stukas, and mines."

Since Jase seems to be among the few who aren't injuried, he's been rewarded with sentry duty! The boy is currently at the edge of the small down, his back to a tree a rather bored expression on his face. Only the briefest of glances is given westward when the motorbike drives in before his attention is once more drawn to the south.

William sits down at the steps in front of the makeshift hospital, and stretches his legs. Both his hands are heavily bandaged. His rifle is of course, slung.

Elena gives a small nod at the further information about whta, exactly, happened tot he dear ol' tank. "I did not stop to check on it. Do you think it can recover? Or will we need to… aquire a new one?" she ventures, gaze moving over those present, noting positions beofre looking back down at the corporal. For once, she's /taller/ than him! HA!

William leans back against the steps, dosing off a little. But because his rifle is in the way, he unslings it and lays it across his lap. "Well, at least they didn't shoot off any of my fingers…" he murmurs, raising his bandaged hands to look at them.

Vaclav shakes his head once, a drop of sweat flicked from his nosetip with the motion. "Even if so.. Not drive it out, without blowing up also. Second time." Frowning deeply with the discussion of the tank and it's fate.

Elena frowns a little more, crossing her arms over her chest. "I should go speak with them, yes? About their treatment of vehicles?" And she sounds perfectly serious at the suggestion though she quirks a grin, rocking back on her heels. "I'm glad your fingers are not missing entirely, ENglish. Hard to shoot without them."
That last bit directed towards William, of course

William chuckles at Elena. "Have you forgotten my name already, Mechanica?" He puts his bandaged hands on his hips to look dignified. "I suppose I can continue fighting, though I would be hilarious for the enemy to see a man with no hands hugging his rifle into battle. Then they will be easily dispatched… while they laugh at me."
Dream on, William. Dream on.

«Game» It is now Dusk.

"Hrm!" is Vaclav's only comment to the subject of Elena's 'talking to'. When the sun at last starts to slip down, the corporal rises to his feet, rubs briefly at his eyes and turns a frowning stare about the little plaza. "Courier. Any word on resupply? Water, food?"

Um… opps? Elena's brows furrow at the question (or maybe because the tall man decide to stand up, thus losing la mechanica her chance to loom over /him/ for a change). "I have not heard," she admits with a shake of her head. "Is there nothing here?" she ventures, glancing about hte small town. "A well, perhaps?"

Jase continues to look southward, his nose wrinkling somewhat as he wipe sweat from his brow. He raises his rifle to aim at a passing bird, but he doens't pull the trigger- instead he just follows the animal across the sky,

William grins and calls out to Jase, "Practicing your aim, Comrade Morris?"

Vaclav sniffs once again and tosses his head toward one of the side streets leading out of the plaza. "Well that way. Has water. Also had dead animal in it when we take town." Appetizing.

Elena watches Vaclav as he gestures, frowning to herself as he does so. She looks towards the indicated area, hands dropping to her side. "So what do the locals use?" she asks before shaking her head. "Those left," she adds. Just in case that wasnt' clear enough. She glances towards William as he calls out, attention then following his towards Jase. She quirks a brief grin.

"No," is Jase's rather terse reply to William, eyes squinting to the south as he lowers his rifle again, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. He doesn't look back towards the small village at all, instead he walks a few steps away from his tree to get a better look southward.

"Not know," Vaclav mutters in reply, "Bad wine," if his dry guess. Turning a narrow eyed glance toward Jase at the other's reply, the corporal frowns a bit curiously, drawing a slow breath, and crossing his arms over his chest.

Elena tsks softly as she looks back to the Corporal. "I'm sure someone /somewhere/ in the village has /good/ wine instead," she points out, keeping her voice light and cheerful. Perhaps even /moreso/ because of the frown the Czech is sporting.

William sighs at the terse response he receives from Comrade Morris and just leans back and relaxes after a hard days worth of fighting. He looks at the sky, watching the moonlight and the stars as the temperature somewhat goes down, but it is still pretty warm.

Jase doesn't say anything else, or really do much else. He just continues to watch out to the south, occassionlly shifting his rifle around from hand to hand.

William breaks the silence… "So, Mechanica, did you come here to visit poor old wounded me?"

Vaclav reaches down with his right hand to close a grip about the barrel of the machine gun, drawing the weapon across his shoulders and taking slow, even steps toward the south edge of the plaza where Jase in on watch. "comrade," he rumbles, in deep greeting, eyes also on the southern plains, rather than the american he speaks to. "Dead yet?"

Elena's attention has slid back towards the south, watching as the giant Czech rumbles off in that direction. So much for being cheerful. She watches silently for a long moment before looking back towards William, grinning crookedly. "No," she says with a shake of her head. "I came to teach the Brigade how to drink properly." Yup. That's it.

William raises his eyebrow. "Oh so you came to corrupt young minds like myself with alcohol?" He grins back, narrowing his eyes a little. "And I know you came to visit me and to see how I was doing." This is said in a lowered voice. He crosses his arms, eying her suspciously.

Jase shakes his head a little bit, glancing briefly at Vaclav before he returns his watch to the south, though its getting darker. "No, not yet," he says, "But I think we will be soon."

Vaclav draws a slow breath, frowning on the distant silouette of Brunete to the south. "Why you say that," he queries flatly; deep tone level and stoic in it's inflection.

Elena arches one brow high, canting her head to one side. "Why do you say that, English?" she asks with an amused grin. She glances again after Vaclav and Jase, craning her neck curiously in that direction before looking up at William once more

"Just a feeling, I guess," Jase says, shrugging his shoulders a little bit, "Also I'm feeling a little exposed not digging in here. I know we're not staying long- but a counter attack could come."

William smirks. "You may quit calling me, 'English' now. My name is William… Elena." He eyes her with an amused smile, not bothering to answer her last question.

Vaclav sniffs. "A feeling," he echoes dryly. "You not get that feeling before *now*?" A short, bittersweet chuckle stirs the big man's shoulders. "You make me feel old, Comrade. And that not normal."

Jase shakes his head, "No, I've never had this feeling before," he says, checking the clip on his rifle, "I've been scared before battle an' all, but I've never felt quite like -this-." He shrugs again, "Its probably nothing."

Elena crosses her arms over her chest, laughing faintly. "Will," she says with a shrug. "And maybe, just maybe, I came to make sure the lot of you didn't break my tank?" she suggests, canting her head to one side to listen to the conversation between the other two as best she can from this distance. "THough, this time, I wil accept it was the fascists' fault…" Very big of her, that.

Vaclav nods once, slowly, narrowed blue eyes still on the southern town. A passing breeze on deeply scarred skin cools his temperature and temper in one, as the big czech lets out a slow contented rumble. "It's nothing. Apart from those few scratches you get month back, you not even be grazed, comrade. You the lucky one." A dry curl to his lip as the corporal looks briefly sidelong to Jase voicing further, "You will be fine. Good solider, Morris. Once this fight done, you be back in America; pretty girls with big tits be all over you." A bemused sniff.

William replies facetiously, "My, how KIND of you…. but really, it was the Stuka's fault." He points to the sky the best he can with his bandaged left hand. "So, is it repairable… that tank that passed by? I dare say the two B-5s that were destroyed will not even be salvagable."

Jase smirks a little bit at that, before shrugging his shoulders, "I doubt that," he says, glancing around, "Do you have any smokes? I havn't had a cigerette all day, and I think I need one."

Elena chews on her lower lip as her expression grows thoughtful, eyes unfocussing as she considers it. And finally shakes her head. "Is a lost cause," she says at last. "You will need to find another one…"

Vaclav doesnt answer directly, instead looking back over one shoulder, to bark out, "Engelbretson! Have smoke?" Lower he mutters to Jase, "Ran out before Suicide Hill. Had no smoke for month in Field Hospital." A shrug, "Not feel like it any more."

William frowns at the answer. "Well so much for armored support," he says, sighing loudly. His eyes turn to watch the distant darkness where the enemy held town is. The enemy must be cautious, not letting light escape as to betray their troop positions. "Tommorrow is when the real fighting will happen." Suddenly the Corporal barks at him for a smoke. He calls out, "Sorry Comrade Corporal, I don't smoke nor do I have any smokes." Probably he will be met with the Corporal shouting, "William, you limey wussy you! Can't take pain and doesn't smoke… what are you… a girly man?" Just like Auhnold.

"Ah, don't worry about it," Jase says looking towards the south again, "Probably a bad idea to light up now anyways. Get a sniper's bullet in the face for my troubles."

Vaclav sniffs once, and mutters a curt, "Bah!" Sop what if smoking would only make a lack of water worse? Cigarettes should damn well *appear* when one of his men want them! So it says in the Book of Vaclav.

Elena crosses her arms over her chest, looking back towards Vaclav and Jase again, frowning even more at what William had to say. "Right. FInd more places to hide," she mutters beneath her breath.

William does a half smile at Elena, and gazes at her. "Looking of the bright side of things, you won't be ordered to rush in there with the big bad Nationalist Fascist dogs tommorrow. And there will be some vehicle salvaging for you to do." Needless to say, he apparently didn't mention that he might be sent into the town himself. "Say, how is that leg doing?" Probably a stupid question since Elena isn't hobbling around and can drive her bike and all.

Its around this time when another soldier arrives to relieve Jase of his position. The young man salutes both his replacement and Vaclav, before he shoulders his rifle and starts to head back towards the other side of the plaza.
Elena snorts softly, shaking her head. "I will do as ordered. If that is rushing in without anything else, I will do such," she says firmly. 'And hte leg is better. Bit sore, but better…" she trails off as she catches Jase moving from the corner of her eye, turning to look towards him once more.

Vaclav returns the salute, and turns off in another direction as Jase heads to the other side. A few muttered words under his breath in czech, and the corporal heads toward the small house set aside as the munitions dump.

William stands up and then goes to enter the aid station without saying another word. Most likely try to get medicine and some shut eye for tommorrow.

Jase heads towards one of the houses that the company has commadeered for barracks, that same thoughtful expression on his face as he settles down on the steps outside. He looks skyward for a momment, before turning towards a nearby soldier, "Hey, got any smokes?"

Elena frowns as she looks back towards William, one brow arching as he turns about to head into the aid station. She grunts faintly, turning to head back to her bike, humming a soft tune beneath her bretah as she goes, forcing cheerfulness. Afterall, if /she/ isn't chipper, then hwo in camp /will/ be? The corporal, perhaps? She flips open one of the saddlebags, rummaging through the thing as she continues to hum her little song.

Of course no one has any. Hell, no one has any water out here, so why should Jase expect to find cigarettes? He just shrugs off the denial, and goes back to sky gazing.

Elena laughs suddenly as she finds something in the bottom of the bag. She shakes her head, turning to head towards where Jase sits. Her hand comes forward, and in it, a crumpled back of cigarettes along with several (unbroken) cigs still within. "Don't ask for fire - no matches. Perhaps someone else here will have some for you," she offers.

Jase takes the offered pack, and quickly fishes out one of the cigerettes, "Oh, a light I've got," he says, digging around in his pocket and pulling out a book of matchs, "Thanks."

Elena gives an incline of her head. "I wasn't sure there was any in there. THink nothing of it," she says with a grin. "Though don't tell the Corporal. Is more fun for him to think he did not get his way for once."

Jase gives a sort of absent shrug as he careful holds a cig between his lips. "If you say so," he says quickly striking a match and bringing flame upward to meet tobacco. Ah… sweet, sweet nicotine.

Elena sighs as she rolls her eyes. "This is what I get for trying to bring smiles," she says with a gesture. "Humoring." She crosses her arms over her chest. "Now don't get shot, hm? Or you'll owe me that pack back."

"I sure as hell don't plan on it," Jase says, offering the pack back to her. Perhaps one was all he wanted, "But the thought of trying to find a new pack of smokes just because I do is enough to make me try harder."

Elena accepts the pack back with a nod, tucking them away into one of the many pockets of her overalls. "And if you get through it without dying, I promise to give you another one," she offers cheerfully.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Jase says with a bit of a smirk as he takes a long drag on his cigerette, his eyes closing as he savors the fine, healthful flavor. After all, 9 out of 10 doctors recommend this particular brand for a long and healthy life.

Elena chuckles as she nods, taking a step back. She opens her mouth to say something further, then closes it again.

Jase archs an eyebrow at that as he exhales another cloud of smoke. "Something on your mind?" he asks, tapping some of the ash from the end of his smoke onto the ground.

Elena tucks her hands into two of those random pockets, giving a quick shake of her head. "No, senor," she says, managing a quick smile before turning about to find herself some place to hole up for the evening, whistling her chipper little song once more.

Jase just quirks a brow at that, before he procedes to smoke his cigarette all the way down. AFter flicking the butt away, he gets up, yawning. Time to find a place to crash indeed.

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