No One Belongs Here

Where: Mediana Aid Station
Who: Crocetti, Elizabeth, Grigory (NPC), Hans, Hernandez, Jase, Phillip, Rothschild, Vaclav
When: September, 1937

Coordinates : 5 5

The more prominent buildings are constructed of a pale brown, ruddy stone, while the poorer structures are wrought of plain wood, plaster and shingle. Civilians have long since fled the town, leaving soliders, and rats as the only occupants.

It is currently dawn.

Sub-Rooms :

1. House

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage rips through Mediana to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

«Ground Vehicles» Artillery hits BA-6 (#9775) in the BACK!
Penetrating Hit!
Hans suffers 4 wound damage to his left leg.
Hans suffers 4 wound damage to his right arm.
Ubbe suffers 1 wound damage to his left leg.
Ubbe suffers 4 wound damage to his right chest.
Ubbe suffers 2 wound damage to his left leg.
Ubbe suffers 2 wound damage to his abdomen.
Crocetti suffers 7 wound damage to his right hand.
Crocetti suffers 3 wound damage to his right arm.
Crocetti suffers 7 wound damage to his left arm.
Crocetti suffers 1 bruise damage to his left chest.

Hernandez stands around, having newly arrived off a resupply cart that brings in the trickle of fresh supplies to the forces participating in the offensive. In his hand is a piece of paper, an order most likely. Unfortunately, enemy artillery begins to rain down and he goes quickly for cover.

«Game» Hernandez changes his style to TakeCover!
«Game» Rothschild changes his style to TakeCover!
«Game» Vaclav changes his style to TakeCover!

Crocetti was making his way from one building to the other as the artillery comes in, and cries out in a bit of pain as he gets hit. Making his way for the building where everyone else seems to be, rather slowly.

Jase was sleeping oh so peacefully… and then the bombs start dropping. The American sits up quickly, before hunkering down again, as he checks the load on rifle.

Elizabeth is still in the aide station, having finished her sketch earlier in the day and tucked it under her pillow. As the shelling starts, Lizzie shifts on her bed to reach for Rothschild's hand, presuming he's still sitting beside her bed.

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage batters Mediana ineffectually.

Hernandez rushes into the nearest building, as the artillery tosses hot red shrapnel around, narrowly missing his spine by inches! The rest patter against the wall of the already punished house; its walls seemingly like sliced cheese. Going down to the floor of the house, he crawls besides a window. The paper is crumpled in his hand, so he safekeeps it in his pocket. Then he unslings his rifle in preparation of an enemy attack.

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage batters Mediana ineffectually.

(From BA-6) Hans shakes his head, "I will die here…" he says sadly, he tries to get in front so he may try to escape

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage batters Mediana ineffectually.
«Artillery» Artillery barrage at Mediana has lifted!

Rothschild sits up in his chair at the sound of the artillery, reaching over to clasp Elizabeth's hand. From where he is, indeed, still seated next to her bed. He gives his head a slight shake. As if the bombing broke him out of some stupor. He half-opens his mouth as if to offer some comforting words to his wife, but he can't find any.

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage rips through Mediana to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

«Ground Vehicles» Artillery hits BA-6 (#9775) in the BACK!
Superficial Hit!

«Ground Vehicles» BA-6 moves South <S>.

Crocetti frowns a bit as he manages to get inside, pulling himself towards a window. Looking out of it, he frowns, "Anyone see anything?" he asks, quietly.

Vaclav is stirred from dozing on the cot by the second barrage (the first one he slept right through) Gritting his teeth and sitting upright, before ducking back down as another shell falls, the corporal barks out over the next shell, "Who looking west?"

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage rips through Mediana to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

Hernandez peeks out a window facing west. "NADA!" he calls out in response to the others.

"I am, comrade," Jase calls out as he takes a position by a window, scoped rifle in hand. "Its clear for now."

Vaclav prompts aloud, "North!"

Elizabeth tightens her hand around Rothschilds' as she sits up a little more and inches closer to him, leaning her head forward to seek out his shoulder. She murmurs quietly, though her words might be lost in the noise to anyone but her husband.

Hernandez now occasionally peeks out the window, and waits for the artillery barrage to end. The hulking Caucasian's shout prompts him to look northward through another window in the room he is in.

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage batters Mediana ineffectually.

Crocetti turns his attention in the northern direction, while working on tying something around the injuries, frowning a little bit. Muttering something to himself in Italian.

Hernandez calls out in response to the hulking Comrade, "NADA!"

"West is still clear," Jase calls out over the artillery, "But its so damn dark, I can't see much."

Vaclav nods curtly once, looking out the southern window to search out the armoured car's progress..
Vaclav growls, "Where in Hell he go?"

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage rips through Mediana to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

"Probably ran as far as he can with his tail between his legs," Jase quips under his breath.

Rothschild nods numbly to Elizabeth, his expression dour and somber. "Nobody should be here," he mutters. As much to himself as to his wife.

Crocetti frowns a little, closing his eyes for a few moments. "Maybe they're all hunting the car and hoping for some lucky strikes will kill us," he offers lightly.

«Game» Crocetti tries to inspire the troops!

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage batters Mediana ineffectually.

Vaclav sniffs once, noting aloud, "South clear. Others, report!"

Elizabeth grits her teeth, nodding slightly as she lifts her head to look over in the direction of the window. "Ben…I mean it," she murmurs.

Hernandez grits his teeth at the artillery, which is getting to him. He looks north for any shadows or movement.

"Still nothing to the west, Comrade," Jase calls out, peeking through his scope for a momment at the western city block.

Hernandez calls out to the hulking Comrade, "Nada!" He then goes back under cover.
Hernandez says "Norte, Nada!"

«Ground Vehicles» You notice BA-6 arrive at Grass.

«Ground Combat» Vaclav deploys his Chauchat!

Crocetti nods in agreement with Hernandez, as he quickly looks over his equipment, then out to the front again.

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage batters Mediana ineffectually.

Hernandez gulps as he grips his rifle tighter against him; he is not curled and rolled up, horrified at the deafening sound of the artillery clumping in town. His eyes look to his more calmer and experienced Comrades, but his face shows that they are no relief to him.

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage rips through Mediana to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

Rothschild gives his head another shake. Forcing himself to concentrate. "There's nothing but a sure ticket to the grave out there now, Lizzie. At least in here we have some cover. It'll be over soon." He means those words to sound comforting, though they have a more grim note than anything else.

Vaclav slowly sets out the bipod for the chauchat, into the broken and now sandbagged window of the aid station. As another shell explodes he narrows his eyes and rumbles aloud, "Stand ready. Check bullets, guns!"

«Game» Vaclav tries to inspire the troops!
«Game» Rothschild assists Vaclav!

Elizabeth actually smiles, if faintly and bordering on a wry smirk, at Rothschild's answer. "I didn't mean this minute," she clarifies, before swallowing and moving a little closer to Ben.

«Artillery» 155mm Field Gun artillery barrage batters Mediana ineffectually.
«Artillery» Artillery barrage at Mediana has lifted!

«Game» Phillip wields his .44 Largo Tigre!

Jase is shaking quite a bit as he looks out towards the west, scoped rifle quivering in his hands. Vaclav's little speech doesn't seem to do much to help his jangled nerves.

«Game» Jase changes his style to TakeCover!

«Ground Combat» Phillip reloads his .44 Largo Tigre!

Hernandez clears his throat as mucus begins to coat his throat. Listening to the shrapnel poking holes into the walls, his eyes open wide, horrified as the wall develops cracks. Any more and the building would fall, but perhaps that was just exaggeration. He offers no reply to the hulking Comrade giving orders, nor does he check his rifle and ammunition, knowing of his rifle and ammunition situation before this all started.

Phillip rolls out of his bed, though wounded, the spattering of shrapnel enough to wake him. Lotta good it does him.

Vaclav barks, "South clear!" Prompting the other lookouts..

"West still clear," Jase calls out in his somewhat quivering voice.

Crocetti leans a bit more heavily towards the wall now, looking out a bit thoughtfully. "Looks clear," he offers.

Hernandez sighs as the enemy artillery barrage has finally ended. He watches the Comrades to see if they begin to stand up. "Norte, nada, Comrade!" he replies, but it would appear he needs to speak more English than Spanish. At least he knows some English it would seem.

«Ground Vehicles» BA-6 arrives from Grass!
«Ground Vehicles» Hans gets out of BA-6.
«Game» Hans moves into House.

Vaclav rises up slightly, leaving the machine gun deployed in it's emplacement. "Standard watch for rest of night. Patrol!" he barks to the men outside, "Clear city!"

Rothschild smirks some himself. He probably knew what she was talking about. "Right. And you're right. This country's lost, Lizzie. Delaware gone…Everything's gone…" He shudders.

Hernandez watches as the armored car rumbles by and its driver exits, noticably wounded, and enters the building where he is in. He takes a second look around. An aid station? His eyes concentrate on the hulking Comrade and he stands, approaching the man. Of course, he slings his rifle and fishes his pockets for his orders.

Hans drives from south, he seems to be using his one hand. He finally breaks and stops the car. Opens door and walks towards the house, one of his feet behind him. "Medic…" he asks for help..

Phillip sighs, dragging his own injured self over to tend to Hans. "bumpy road?" he questions.

Hans Eyes phillip, "Very funny." he shakes his head, "A damn shell fell on top of the Armored car." he says, "Its damaged." he says.

Elizabeth shivers herself, eyes closing for a moment as she whispers yet another appology, something she's been doing to Rothschild often lately. "As soon as it's safe for all three of us." Yes, she remembers other problems.

Hernandez approaches the hulking Comrade and gives his best Communist salute. "Comrade Hernandez reporting in, Comrade," he stutters, still a bit shaken up from the enemy artillery. "My orders." This is said is heavily accented English. He hands the heavily wrinkled paper to the Corporal and waits for instruction.

«Game» Hernandez changes his style to Stealth!
«Game» Phillip changes his style to Stealth!

"I see one guy to the west," Jase says quietly.

«Ground Combat» Hans moves out of House.

Hernandez makes sure that he is in a safe position. As one Comrade speaks up, he takes a little moment to comprehend the man's statement. Once done translating, he quickly goes down to a knee and tries to find a place to hide. He looks up at the hulking Comrade Corporal, as evident by the shoulder placards.

«Game» Jase changes his style to Banzai!

Rothschild just nods numbly, again, to Elizabeth. The reporter has lost his glibness of late. "Safe. Yeah." There's a certain amount of sarcastic bitterness on the word 'safe.' That doesn't apply anywhere in this land, these days.

Vaclav turns about slowly, expression screwed into a scowl. Either for the recent shelling, or the bandages still about his head. He looks over the papers, and then looks back up to clarify, "Transfer to Company, comrade?"

«Ground Vehicles» Hans gets into BA-6.#-1

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Mediana!
«Ground Combat» Cota snipes Jim with his Mauser M1893 but misses!

Jase is about to take a shot, but he thinks better of it- re-aligning.

«Ground Combat» Vaclav moves out of House.

Hernandez nods, looking up to the Comrade Corporal. "Si, Comrade Corporal. Comrade says he sees a man…" He is interrupted by the gunshot and the Corporal suddenly moves out of the house in a hurry.

(From BA-6) Hans jumps inside the armored car, he notices vaclav move out, "Jump in comrade!"

Vaclav barks shortly, "Just go now! Run him down!"

«Ground Vehicles» BA-6 moves West <W>.

«Game» Crocetti changes his style to TakeCover!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Mediana (5 5)!
«Ground Combat» Jase fires his Scoped Mosin-Nagant at Cota but misses!

«Game» Jase unwields his Scoped Mosin-Nagant!
«Game» Jase wields his Star SI35!

Hernandez watches the armored car rumble towards a house, and he sees a shadow sneaking away from the house. Another gunshot. He quickly scoots to a window to the west and raises his rifle to shoot at the enemy.

Crocetti frowns as he looks over at the enemy, shaking his head a little, "Can't get a good shot…" he mutters, still trying.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Mediana (5 5)!
«Ground Combat» Hernandez fires his Mosin-Nagant at Cota and hits!
Cota suffers 2 wound damage to his left arm.

«Game» Cota unwields his Mauser M1893!
«Game» Cota wields his Molotov!

«Ground Vehicles» BA-6 arrives from Mediana!

Phillip grunts, moving to a window. Least he can do is get the sniper's attention.

«Ground Combat» Jase moves out of House.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Mediana (5 5)!
«Ground Combat» Phillip fires his .44 Largo Tigre at Cota and hits!
Cota suffers 3 wound damage to his head.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Mediana (5 5)!
«Ground Combat» Crocetti fires his Mosin-Nagant at Cota but misses!

Hernandez fires, and his rifle pushes back into him with recoil. He quickly pulls ejects the empty cartridge and gets the fresh round into the chamber.

Cota ducks out of the building, snickering to himself at the armoured car turns and flees from the glass bottle he had brandished. The smug moment is short lived as- with bullets hissing aroung him, the s[aniard bolts westward, one of the shots tearing his hand, another taking off much of his ear.

Phillip fires a shot, levering the rifle and then aiming again. He actually watches the guy drop before yelling. "he's fleeing west."

(From BA-6) Hans Comrade vaclav jump in.

«Ground Combat» Jase moves West <W>.

Hernandez frowns. "He gone, Comrades!" he calls out to the rest as the enemy disappears past view.

Phillip nods. "Oui. I managed to get his attention." he says simply, levering the rifle to check it's load before nodding and relaxing back against the wall.

Vaclav had moved a bit too fast, and had to raise a hand to his head, snarling in frustration, and bracing against the wall for a moment. "Chase to edge of town!" he barks out.

Crocetti leans towards the wall again, body shaking a bit more than before. "Couldn't do any good," he mutters.

«Ground Vehicles» BA-6 moves West <W>.

Hernandez stands up and goes to move west to chase down the enemy soldier.
«Game» Hernandez changes his style to Sprint!
«Ground Combat» Hernandez moves out of House.

From Mediana, a male voice shouts, "Westside of town is clear! Could use a second set of eyes!".

Hernandez heads off West.

Grigory arrives from the West.

Vaclav is stepping back toward the aid station, shaking his head once sharply, and blinking his narrowed eyes several times, before setting back down to a seat, once the patrols are sent and the sentries posted.

In the wake of the shelling, and the pop of small arms fire it is not from the Nationalist front lines that the next men to enter Mediana come; it is from the east, and the road back toward the Army of the East's command. Three men speak briefly with a sentry, before walking unhurried toward the aid station. One in spanish khakis, the other two in soviet greys. A tall, thin man walks central, the men to either side of him carrying slung submachine guns.

"WHen do you want to go, Ben?" Elizabeth wonders quietly as she turns to look directly at the reporter, eyes still dull but at least she's holding an actual conversation at the moment.

Rothschild answers quickly, "Soon. I have some…things together. Papers, foreign currency. I can get us out of the country, I think. It'll have to stretch. I spent a lot of it on…" He stops, swallowing. "Well. On something that wasn't any of my business. But we can manage it. I've been thinking, Lizzie. About where to go from here…" From his tone, he means far beyond the here and now in Spain. The three newcomers draw a look from him of vague curiosity that penetrates his numbness.

"Memento Mori…" Giancarlo mutters, a bit absently as he looks around, frowning a bit as he looks over at the new arrivals.

«Ground Vehicles» Hans gets out of BA-6.

Vaclav had managed to muss the wrapping of his bandages, frowning deeply, he attempts to resettle the wraps once, before wincing, and dragging the cloth off outright. Only then he notes the looks of the others toward the door, and turns his frowning blue regard toward the three.

Hans chokes and leaves the Armored car, "Damn." he says and curses in german. He walks towards the house and notices Grigory. He walks to vaclav to seem supportive…

Elizabeth frowns faintly as Rothschild trails off, and after a moment, she turns around to follow the direction of his gaze…and stilling as she takes in the trio. Her eyes widen slightly, and she actually shrinks back and away from the doorway. She tightens her grip on Rothschild's hand while she, perhaps for the first time in her life, tries to hide. In his shadow.

The tall, thin fellow in soviet greys steps through the doorway first, flanking him immediately once inside is the second man in grey, while the shorter spaniard in his khaki uniform gives a ready smile to any who meet his eyes. Words come in english, first, and are directed toward, "Mister Rothschild. My associates and I would like to speak with you."

Phillip looks up, having spaced. Whether from pain or whatever he comes around again.

Hernandez arrives from the East.

Rothschild doesn't hide. Quite the opposite. He stands, letting go of Elizabeth's hand but still keeping himself in front of her bed. With his unshaven face, rumpled clothes and blank, grim expression, he doesn't cut a particularly neat figure next to the Soviet officer. "Well, here I am, 'comrade'," he says to the thin fellow. Putting more bile than is probably wise behind the word 'comrade.' "Speak. I'm all ears." He pushes his glasses up a notch, over the bridge of his nose, and crosses his arms along his chest.

Elizabeth inhales sharply, shaking her head slightly as the officer seems to indicate Rothschild needs to be spoken with. She remembers what happened when they 'spoke' with her. "Ben…" she murmurs, shifting on her bed to stand behind the reporter, looking past him to the trio.

Vaclav remains silent throughout the exchange, one of those who meets the little spaniard's smile. The expression is not returned.

Hernandez salutes the Comrade Corporal as he comes back from sentry duty. "Comrade Corporal. Patrols see nothing. Sentries see nothing. Further orders?"

The spaniard, meets the corporal's look and offers with a hollow smile, "Comrade Corporal. Again, simply a routine matter." As Rothschild stands up, the american is still solider enough to note the subtle change of posture in the man flanking Grigory, a slight tensing; a readiness. The thin russian however shows no tension in bearing or voice as he speaks in barely accented english, "Through what is.. no doubt an unfortunate oversight, Comrade Orlov has yet to recieve word of consent to the proposed arrangement."

Crocetti frowns a bit as he listens, rather thoughtfully. Leaning towards the wall as he watches the exchange, rather carefully.

Phillip can't help but listen. Not that he's trying really, with all ears on this. Wandering past he nods, salutes best he can and then flumps on his own bed, unmoving. Either dead, or more likely exhausted.

Hans gets into the house and lies to a bed. he seems to have pain, he tries to sleep and faints finally…

"The arrangement?" Rothschild repeats the Russian's words in a deadpan. "Oh, right. Your professional PCE editor you want to lend me. My apologies. I've been rather preoccupied, what with my /wife's/ highly unfortunate injuries. It may have slipped my mind."

Hernandez eyes his fellow countryman who is apparently going to do some "business" with the spectacle wearing man and the bed ridden woman. "I apologize for interrupting, Comrade Corporal." He stands back to give them space to do their thing, as it is not his business to know or take part in this.

Vaclav looks briefly aside as Hernandez walks up, returning his regard to the trio standing before Liz and Roth. Rumbling to Hernandez without looking at the man, he states, in rough spanish, "Wait here for further orders, comrade."

Hernandez nods at the Corporal, even though the man isn't watching him. So he stands at ease nearby, but not too close to the scene, waiting for further orders.

Elizabeth continues to stand behind Rothschild, her breath held, for a moment longer before she shifts up to be closer to be beside him as he answers the trio.

Phillip breathes into his pillow, small puffs of dust from the prior bombardment emitting around his head.

Grigory's answer is delivered in the same colorless tone as he greeting. "Apologies mean little, Mister Rothschild. You may have all the apologies you wish for your wife's unfortunate injuries, so long as your agreement is secured. It is your cooperation that the Republic is in need of, and your consent which is of interest to the Service. Toward that end, any dispatches you have prepared can be collected now, and transferred to your employers through secure channels."

"Sit down, Lizzie," Rothschild says to his wife, taking his sweet time replying to Grigory. "You wouldn't want to strain yourself." That said, he locks eyes with the Russian again. "I already have an editor at the North American Newspaper Alliance. I don't need another. In any case, it doesn't matter now. My wife's condition makes it necessary for me to take her out of your fine Republic, where she can receive proper care. So you can relax. My dispatches won't be troubling you anymore."

Vaclav's steady frown remains fixed on the men before him. And for once, Rothschild is'nt asmong the recipients of the corporal's glare.

Elizabeth shakes her head slightly as she remains by Ben's side, reaching for his hand as she does. Well, at least she hasn't lost her stubbornness.

"Leaving the Republic at this point cannot be permitted, I'm sorry to say," Grigory states without sorrow in his voice. "The Fascist rebellion has made international travel quite impossable to undertake safely. The same torpedoes and guns which choke off the food and supply of the spanish people are turned against travelers. Regrettably, even the safety of journalists can't be promised in such times." A slight pause, "It would be wise, Mister Rothschild, if you were to continue your work, until a safe avenue of departure from Spain opens."

Hernandez is actively practicing his English, listening to the conversation back and forth. His face is stone blank, offering no condolences or sympathy to the couple. But of course, he doesn't know them.

As he was earlier standing and leaning heavily towards the wall, there's a loud thud as the wounded Crocetti falls over, looking to be quite asleep in his state of woundedness.

"Regrettable," Rothschild repeats, between clenched teeth. He smirks. "Let's just stop pretending I have any choice in this matter. Or that you give a damn about my safety. I'll do what I have to do. But leave my wife out of it. Or, I swear to God, if she's hurt in any way by your men again, I will kill those responsible with my bare hands." The threat isn't made with any particular menace. He just sounds tired and ragged, and quite serious.

"Ben," Elizabeth repeats, tightening her grip on his hand as she turns her gaze from him to the trio, a flicker of fire showing in them for the first time since she was brought in. A hint that the old Liz is, indeed, somewhere in there.

"Of course, Mister Rothschild," Grigory notes with a slight dip of his chin. "At several points throughout the day, our couriers will come to collect any new dispatches.. you will understand, I'm sure, if there can be no regluar schedule for these collections. The war disrupts everything." A look to the side, and small nod to the other man in grey, who takes a step back, and turns toward the door. After holding Ben's eyes for a moment longer, Grigory turns to follow, Esteban (the spaniard among the trio) giving one more empty smile and voiced, "As you were, comrades." before following.

Rothschild watches Grigory go, his jaw tightening. Then, after a pause, he calls after the Russian, "It doesn't matter, you know. It doesn't matter what you let me write. Or don't write. Too many eyes from every corner of the world have seen what's been done in this country. And as long as there's any kind of freedom in the world, the people will know the truth."

"Ben!" Elizabeth is usually all about voicing the truth, but here and now, with these men, even LIzzie knows it isn't the place. Stepping forward, she half steps in front of him, as if preparing to defend him.

Jase arrives from the East.

Grigory pauses at the door, and half turns to look back at Ben. For a moment, the russian and spaniard with him tense, looking back toward the aid station and waiting. Of the tall, thin man in grey however, he simply looks at the american for a long moment, before a small, slow smile touches his gaunt figures. "Of course Mister Rothschild. The People *will* know the truth.. The truth is my business." Starting to turn back, he pauses once more, voicing, "Oh, and Mrs. Rothschild? I understand you carry a firearm. Such things badly damage the neutral standing of journalists in this engagement. You will hand over that weapon, now."

Weapons slung over his shoulders, Jase comes back in from the west, having been relieved of his post, a tired look on his face.

Vaclav stands near his cot in the aid station, expression dark, and eyes intent on the trio of SIN men who linger at the building's door, just having turned back to speak further with Ben and Liz.

After having just protested to Ben's own smart-ass remark to the trio, Elizabeth seems to have one of her own. "Trying to mop up the loose ends you left the last time we 'spoke'. Forgot a few things, did you?" Shifting, she tilts her head to the side. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I do n't have the weapon on me." Which is true. She doesn't have it tucked into her waistband…

Rothschild has told Elizabeth hundreds of times to get rid of that damn gun. But, now that the SIN is saying it, he's not so keen on the idea. "My wife's spent the last weeks in hospital. You think her doctors let her carry a pistol? I'm surprised you didn't take it the last time you tore our hotel room apart. You seemed to make a pretty thorough job of it."

"I'm not disappointed, Mrs. Rothschild," Grigory answers, in his grey voice once again. "If it is within this building, you may retrieve it for the purposes of surrendering the weapon. If it is elsewhere, my associates will accompany you to collect it." A slow pass of his eyes to Rothschild. Quietly, thoughts are weighed, without speech.

"I'm sorry, I don't remember much about the night I was brought in here. I can't remember where I put it." And given the shape they left her in, Lizzie's stories might just be believable.

"Why don't you take this up with the doctors who might actually know where the thing is?" Rothschild says tersely, putting a protective arm around Elizabeth. "I think my wife has 'answered' enough of your 'questions'."

Grigory turns fully back toward the pair, standing just outside the doorway. A look and small nod to Esteban, who looks back into the room, and looks about for a doctor. Rapidly losing patience (but not his smile) the spaniard, voices to the room at large, "If anyone can supply the pistol belonging to this woman, we shall be on our way." The words are repeated in spanish.

Elizabeth steps closer to Ben, her arm tightening around his waist as she glares at the trio in the door. "Whatever you're thinking, 'comrade', know this…you've killed my baby. If you even consider doing anything of the sort to my husband, the world will know. And I will find you." It's not voiced as a threat, but as a simple statement of fact. Behind her, one of the doctors scurries to her bed, reaching under her pillow to pull out the pistol. With an appologetic look to Elizabeth as he passes her, he heads for Grigory.

Rothschild holds his wife close, expression hard. He makes no move to stop the doctor from handing over the pistol. Not that he looks happy about it. Much as he hates Elizabeth wielding the thing, he hates even more the Russians taking it from her. "Looks like it's time for your men to be going, comrade."

Vaclav looks away from Esteban, and the others as Liz speaks so. Jaw muscles standing out beneath the skin as teeth clench together behind his frown. A sharply drawn breath through the nose, as he looks away from the photographer, and toward the pistol bearing SIN men.

It is Esteban who moves to receive the pistol from the doctor, checking the trigger and chamber, before holding it up for Grigory's approval. A small nod, and, without further words, ado, or difficulties, the trio of men step outside, the last thing seen of them being Esteban tucking the gun into his belt.

As the trio leave, Elizabeth seems to loose the old her that she'd found, turning into Rothschild and pressing her face into his shoulder as she all but squeezes the air out of his lungs.

Rothschild's shoulders sag as the SIN soldiers exit, as if the energy was drained out of them. "It doesn't matter, Liz. They just wanted to flex some muscle. They can't take anything more from us." Not a cheery statement.

Elizabeth holds tightly to Ben for a long moment before she pulls back. "Yes, Ben, they can," She answers softly, tilting her head back to look up at him. "They can take the rest of our lives with our daughter away from us. I don't want her growing up without us." A pause, and she whispers. "We have to leave…soon."

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