La Pasionaria

The recent events in Barcelona have provoked a lot of activity from the government at the highest level. The unrest is less than it was in the earlier days, with the CNT practically begging its members to stop fighting and go along with the Republican government. Being anarchists, of course, what the CNT says isn't necessarily listened to by its members, however, and so street fighting is continuing.

In the midst of this uncertainty comes a commotion from one side of the park, as Brigaders gather around one of the park gates, talking excitedly.

Marchand blinks his eyes open, trying to sit up straight to look over towards the gate where members of the Brigade are speaking excitedly.

Rothschild eyes the Brigaders gathering. He just eyes them. But, a few days ago, he might not even have bothered to look in their direction. Perhaps the Russian leash-holder fears he's losing control of his dogs. He stands up a notch straighter. The posture shows the pistol at his hip more prominently.

Konstantinov eyes the Brigaders gathering. He just eyes them. But, a few days ago, he might not even have bothered to look in their direction. Perhaps the Russian leash-holder fears he's losing control of his dogs. He stands up a notch straighter. The posture shows the pistol at his hip more prominently. *re*

Yuri leaves the tent in hopes to find someone to heal his burn wounds, he looks around and finds Marchand close, "Greetings Comrade." he says and gives a nod

With Rothschild, Elizabeth remains distant, impartial from the look of things though she has gotten quite good at hiding her own thoughts and feelings when in 'reporter' mode. And it looks like she's here for the 'truth', camera in tow.

Marchand looks for a moment over to Yuri, "How are your burns doing, comrade?" quietly. He again tries to sneak a look over towards the gate, curiosity driving him.

Rothschild sticks near Elizabeth. At first he's just observing along with her. But when he sees that it's Marchand on the grass, he steps forward. He can't help himself. He does put a hand on

Elizabeth's arm as he does so. Maybe she can get the truth dispassionately with her camera. He can't stay uninvolved in this. "What the hell?" he blurts out, striding toward the grass to meet Marchand. He can probably be stopped quite easily by any Brigader that wants.

"What in Hell?" Similar words, different location, different cause. Vaclav stalks up to the gathering and wonders curtly, on the nearest man, "What going on, comrade?"

The reason why the brigaders are gathering soon becomes clear, as an immediately recognisable figure makes her way through the park towards the tents. Though not physically imposing, she has a certain presence about her, and La Pasionaria, one of the two PCE deputies and member of the Cortes, is an instantly recognisable figure thanks to diligent efforts of communist propagandists. She glances around the park, and the German brigader at her side points to Konstantinov, before she heads over to him, with a tight, controlled smile.

Yuri sighs "They hurt. Baldy. I cant really breathe. If this wounds wont be healed soon I fear I may not see daylight again…" he sighs sadly

Marchand takes in a deep breath, nodding to Yuri's words. "Burns sure hurt, but if the medics give you powder to put on them, medicine powder, do it. It helps." He swallows seeming Rothschild's expression, and pushes himself off the ground to try to stand upright. Not excited or energized, but with a quiet isolated proudness.

"Ben…" Elizabeth is anything but dispassionate and uninvolved, but she also knows she is of little use in this entire situation. Stepping after Rothschild, she looks towards Marchand, her facade cracking slightly.

Konstantinov recognizes La Pasionaria. Of course he does. All conversation stops when he sees her coming toward him, his eyes going wide. He tries to keep his expression composed, but there's a definite appearance of 'Oh, shit' about his manner. "Comrade Ibarruri," he says, straightening even more and giving her a close-fisted salute with all proper communist respect. "It is an honor. I am most sorry we had to meet under these circumstances, Comrade. You are most admired. You have been instrumental to our cause, your voice a true light of freedom to the world." His tone is somewhere between pleading for mercy and fawning.

As is proper for any communist upon meeting his superior!

Yuri nods his head to marchand, "I understand." he says baring his teeth, "Anything new going on?"

"Delaware!" Rothschild is both agitated and excited as he approaches Marchand. "What are doing here? What is all this?" He gestures a hand around the park. And it's only that he really takes notice of the sudden influx of communist high-ups. His eyes widen in horror behind his glasses. "Oh, hell no," he says, in an undertone, but firmly.

La Pasionaria gives Konstantinov a brief revolutionary salute. "Comrade Commissar. As soon as I heard of the unfortunate events here, I decided to visit in person. The Republic cannot be allowed to fight against itself, when we are already in a deadly fight with the fascist foe - the enemies of humanity and progress.". A brief pause, and she smiles an icy smile. "On the trip up, I took the chance to read the many reports my Party secretaries prepared for me, so I might better understand the situation here. One of those reports concerned yourself and your comrades.".
Uh oh?

"Hrm," Vaclav rasps, habitual faint frown on his face upon eyeing the communist matron. A pass of blue eyes about the park, searching.. before crossing his arms and listening to the exchange.

Marchand lowers his voice, trying to limit those who hear these next words to Rothschild, though it's very likely Elizabeth and Yuri would overhear them as well, due to their nearness. "I stood for my conscience, Ben. I had to, no matter what happens to me." There's a swallow then, the facade unable to totally conceal a degree of worry with the higher-ups appearing. For the moment he lets Yuri discover the answer of the situation rather than speaking a response.

Yuri scratches his back, "I am here becouse of bad luck actually." he sighs. He nods to marchand.

Konstantinov swallows. Uh oh, indeed. There's an air of scrambling about the commissar's response he'd never, under normal circumstances, allow himself to show in front of his men. "One of our Brigaders did panic when we first entered the city, I must admit," he says. "A lapse in discipline he must have learned before joining our Brigade. Most grave. I fear some of the newer recruits have not been taught to be proper communist soldiers before they did joint us. I am working to rectify that, Comrade Ibarruri, I assure you."

La Pasionaria nods at Konstantinov. "It is a very difficult task you have, Comrade, to educate the many volunteers who answered the call of the Spanish proletariat. While their motivations are noble, it is unfortunate that many of them lack the education to be proper communist soldiers. But this war against the enemies of the working class is one fought by many decent people, Comrade, not all of them communists, and that is the miracle of this Brigade - men and women from all walks of life, united in their opposition to international fascism. Spain, and myself, salute you all!". She is, after all, standing in a park filled full of men of decidedly mixed background, and her words are addressed at the soldiers as much as they are to Konstantinov. Her voice then drops a little. "The park is not a suitable place to discuss matters of importance, however, Comrade Commissar. I need a word… in private.".

Konstantinov nods to the woman, his throat so dry that he rather croaks, "Of course, Comrade." He motions her toward the outskirts of the park, beyond the gathered Brigaders, where they can have a word in private. And any Brigaders remotely close to that spot damn well better move out of the way.

Konstantinov manages to both lead La Pasionaria to a more secluded corner and make like he's following at her beck. Which he is, really.

From Park, Vaclav relocates.. ostensably because he was nearest of the cluster to where the Commissar and company retire toward. Steps carry the big corporal toward the tree where
Marchand sits, and where Liz and Rothschild worry.

From Park, Marchand waits for the man who approached him with apparent agitation and excitement to respond, after his quiet words to answer.

From Park, Yuri is just hanging around with others

"Comrade Commissar, let me speak plainly. The Republican government has finally seen the light, and is now aware of the anarcho-Trotskyist traitors in its midst. The POUM is, even now, spreading pamphlets urging insurrection in Barcelona against the democratic Republic, and it cannot be allowed to go on. The traitors intend to deliver us all to Franco and Hitler! Your unit has come to my attention because of the actions of certain individuals within it. Comrade… Marchand. He is a man who seems to appreciate that the Republic should not fight against itself. In a moment I wish you to bring him to me, so we might all speak frankly about the Republic's difficulties and see what might be done to resolve the situation. I hope that despite understandable moments of indecision in a difficult time, his support of the People will win through in his mind. Also… I have read a report of a Comrade Yuri provoking the anarchist crowd. The anarchists cry out for vengeance… and I think it serves the goals of the proletariat to give it to them." she explains.

From Park, "Your conscience is probably going to get you killed, Delaware," Rothschild says, in a desperate whisper. He runs a shaky hand over his scalp. "Goddammit. You deserve better than to die by the hands of these people. This is insane. This whole mess is insane. You're one of their own soldiers, and they're going to put you on trial for refusing to turn against your own allies?"

Konstantinov nods hurridly along, on all counts. Like he's going to do anything else but agree with La Pasionaria? Konstantinov doesn't want to be shot anymore than his men do. "Of course, Comrade. You are most wise and gracious. It shall be done. You would speak to Marchand here, in private, then?"

From Park, Yuri sighs and nods his head, "I agree. This is as americans say, Bull shit." he says jokingly.

La Pasionaria nods. "In your presence, of course, Comrade." she says graciously.

Konstantinov nods shakily, and practically scrambles away to retrieve Marchand. "Of course, Comrade. He shall be brought presently."

From Park, Marchand lowers his eyes, not having the words to answer that question with. At least not here. His breath comes quietly, almost allowing the sound of his heart pounding to be heard, the pulse throbbing a vein on his neck. "I can't deny what I did. I surrendered myself to the captain before any shooting started from the brigade." He stops then, looking over to Yuri. "It's not bullshit, comrade. You made a mistake and jumped the trigger. Understandable, but it had bad results." The American sighs, turning back to Rothschild. "Maybe you can understand. You know the passion in my heart to defend the working people of Spain." The conversation is abruptly ended as Vaclav's spotted approaching, the American volunteer turning to him to salute with a lifted fist and silence.

From Park, Konstantinov makes his way back into the park at what can almost be called a jog. Certainly quicker than the commissar ever chooses to move. He approaches Marchand directly. It is still clear the commissar is clinging to any shred of composure by a thread. "Comrade Marchand. Comrade Ibarruri would have words with you, in a more private setting. You must come. Now."

From Park, Elizabeth move sup beside Rothschild, reaching to take hold of his arm, trying to wrap her hand around his arm to hold him where he stands. "It wasn't Delaware that started it," she murmurs quietly to Ben, sending a disgusted look in Yuri's direction. "But he made his choice…and despite the consequences, I understand why."

From Park, Vaclav raises his right hand to answer the salute, turning toward Konstantinov as the Commissar hurries up. Any words the corporal might have had are swallowed as the russian;s hurried instructions are given breath.

From Park, Yuri nods his head, "You are a brave one Comrade." he says gives a hug to him, than bares his teeth as he forgets his wound at chest, "Go Comrade. You have done a honorable thing. I respect you." he says and gives a salute without hitting his left chest…

From Park, "Well, I don't understand," Rothschild snaps. "This entire mess is nonsense. All of it. Not you, Frank. I know you believe in what you're doing here. You're a good man. But these people you're serving…" He stops abruptly at the commissar returns, swallowing. He looks ready to spring into, some kind of action. But, instead, he just extends his hand to Marchand. "If we don't see each other again for…whatever reason. It was a pleasure to know you, Frank Marchand. Your brother would be proud of the man you've become."

From Park, Marchand doesn't resist the hug, but doesn't look quite comfortable either, with the eyes upon him. He offers Yuri a nod, and after taking a deep breath. "I don't believe you are a traitor or a fascist. Instinct and passion rule the young more than an old veteran like me." He tries to keep his posture straight, stepping to walk in a firm and steady pace with no lagging to where Konstantinov indicated the Spanish Communist orator to be. "Yes, comrade commissar." offering a very quick salute of the lifted fist. The man continues towards the edge of the park.

From Park, Elizabeth smiles softly as Rothschild extends his hand to Marchand, and then she takes a step forward to offer a quick kiss to Marchand's cheek before he hurries off.

From Park, Marchand does pause to grip Rothschild's hand tightly, but says no words. Just a nod, given once, with no goodbyes.

From Park, Vaclav rumbles, "Comrade," in passing as Marchand strides past, expression set into the stone faced frown that rules the czech's composure when duty is at hand.

From Park, William stands around in the park, watching intently on the ongoing happenings.

From Park, Konstantinov just glares at all those speaking to Marchand, issuing a short "Go" before striding out of the park himself. To the south. And La Pasionaria that awaits them there.

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Konstantinov arrives from the South.

From Park, Marchand leans to accept Elizabeth's kiss to his cheek, his heart racing with nerves before he draws away to quickly head off at Konstantinov's direction.
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Marchand arrives from the South.

Marchand steps with more speed now, as if fighting the urge to look back to the group behind. He's keeping his head lifted, chest up, almost a march with a pace, approaching where the Passion Flower awaits wtih others.

Konstantinov marches in, with Marchand following, to meet La Pasionaria. "This is Comrade Frank Marchand, Comrade Ibarruri." He says, his throat still rather dry. "Comrade Marchand…you will of course know of Comrade Dolores Ibarruri." He doesn't bother with any further introduction of La Pasionaria.

La Pasionaria smiles at Marchand when he draws near enough to talk to, and nods at Konstantinov's introduction. "Comrade Marchand? I must confess I know little of you, but from what little I do know, you appear to be a man who is loyal to the Republic, and does not want to see the Republic fighting itself when it should be fighting Franco and his forces of reaction. Which means your views are not so far from my own.".

From Park, Rothschild watches Marchand go, his face pale. There's a look of grim horror in his expression, barely constrained. "What the hell is wrong with this world?" he mutters, more to himself than anyone else, reaching up to take off his glasses and rub the bridge of his nose.

From Park, William frowns as it seems that Comrade Marchand has been sent to go see someone, probably someone special. He does not go though, because it is not his business. He looks at the Comrades and the reporters, eying them carefully.

Marchand halts, going rigid straight in Marine Corps fashion to salute her, only using the revolutionary salute of a upward thrust raised fist instead of a sidehand to the visor. "Comrade Ibarrari." and goes silent, listening with full attention to her. More quietly, "If there is any information I can offer, please ask."

From Park, Elizabeth moves closer to Rothschild, leaning her head against his shoiulder. She doesn't answer, having nothing to say in response to the question. Because if she knew, she could fix it.

From Park, Vaclav rumbles in indirect reply to Rothschild, "Too much has been tolerated in the past. The fascists have grown strong by feeding off indecision, and fear. The governments have compromised, and compromised, until the fascist menace has risen to swallow spain. There is no compromise left in the world. To weaken now is fatal. Indulgance of division will doom us all. There must be unity, or only tyranny shall survive." The corporal's words are low and evenly spoken, even as he turns his blue eyes to the south.

From Park, William talks to Vaclav. "Comrade Corporal, what becomes of him?" He motions towards Yuri.

La Pasionaria reaches into a pocket, and draws out a pamphlet, which she passes to Marchand. A POUM pamphlet, as it happens, one of many being distributed around the city at the moment. "Not so much information as action, Comrade. We in the government are very worried by what is going on in Barcelona, and we want it to end, as soon as possible, or we will be lost. As you can see, the POUM is preaching armed insurrection against the Republic.". She narrows her eyes slightly. "The POUM may have its differences with the other parties in the democratic Republic but any ally of progress, be he liberal, socialist, communist or even an anarchist with any sense, can see that fighting the Republic will only aid Franco. I have read a report on your stand at the telephone exchange. You are a moral man, Comrade, a man who loves the Republic and rightly hates the fascists, who was placed in a very difficult, confusing situation. You are just the sort of man, Comrade, who I think can help bring a speedy end to the unpleasantness in this city.".

The pamphlet does, indeed, call for insurrection against government, and is the same as one you might pick up in Barcelona if you happened to wander around the city for any length of time.

From Park, Yuri nods his head to william politely, "He done what he thinks is right. I support him at this. If he will be found guilty. I will ask them to shoot me as well." he says, "Lenin wouldnt approve brothers and sisters fight with each other." he says.

From Park, "Is that how you justify butchering good men?" Rothschild asks Vaclav tersely. "Your own men? Hell of a corporal you are. You think Frank Marchand is the one dividing your precious Republic? You better look higher up, /Corporal/. When they get through with it, there's not going to be anything left of what you're fighting for."

From Park, Elizabeth tightens her grip on Rothschild's arm as she lifts her head. "Ben…come on." She sends a look at Vaclav as she tugs at Rothschild's arm to try and pull him a short distance away. She quite clearly agrees with her husband, but now isn't the time or place to be proclaiming that.

Konstantinov stays nothing, just watching La Pasionaria speak to Marchand, his hands laced behind his back. He can't help but regard the woman with a trace of admiration. She's good, she is.

Marchand fixes his eyes to attempt to read the pamphlet, at least its front page and the caption, to understand the reference the Communist leader is drawing. He slowly nods to her words, seeming earnest in accepting the feelings in her words. "Yes, comrade." as if his first consideration is to end it with that. But his lips twitch very slightly, "A united Republic, all those with hearts reaching for democratic republic in Spain, working together against the Fascists who'd otherthrow what they cannot control." and quickly nods. "I believe you know what is best, and may your song carry far." Chin lifts again, formal demonstration of military discipline in his stance.

From Park, William listens carefully to Rothschild's words. "There might not be any of us left to fight the Fascists." This statement of course, doesn't leave his lips. They are in his mind. He did not come here to kill fellow Republicans, but there was no excuse for his own actions. Moral weakness… it was what they had warned him against at Sandhurst. No wonder he was a drop out.

From Park, "I know Marchand is a good man, reporter. He is one of the reasons I am still alive.. And even he knows- as well as I, that soliders must follow orders, or they are not soliders at all." Looking away, the corporal frowns and answers William, "This one will be called before the Commissary as well. His fate is not mine to say.." Voice raised slightly, as he glares at Yuri a long moment.

From Park, William nods quietly to the Corporal. Mistakes can cause great damage, it would seem. Just another life lesson. He views Yuri with pity in his eyes, but still doesn't say anything.
From Park, Yuri nods his head to will, "Marchand has risked his life tens of times for the people of Spain. It will be unfair if he will be executed for refusing to open fire on the civilans." he says.

La Pasionaria nods, and practically beams at Marchand. "Excellent, Comrade. As soon as I read of your behaviour I knew you were a man of impeccable integrity, doing what you think right for the proletariat of Spain. You have travelled halfway across the world to be here, which shows your great devotion, even aside from your courage and steadfastness in battle. A united Republic is what we all want, Comrade, to be better able to defeat Franco.". A pause. "I mentioned how you could be of great help to us, Comrade. The POUM newspaper, La Batalla, is printing these dangerous pamphlets. Even the CNT has seen sense, Comrade, and is trying to end the fighting in the streets. The POUM may… perhaps… mean well, but it is dangerously misguided. The printing of these pamphlets must be ended Comrade, at least temporarily, until the situation in Barcelona is defused. I have the backing of the government in this matter, Comrade - La Batalla must be shut down, for the good of the Republic, until the crisis is over." she repeats. "But there is no need for further violence and bloodshed. We are all in agreement on that.".
La Pasionaria pauses again. "You have some sympathy for our delicate situation, and have proven that you wish to end this all with a minimum of bloodshed. Comrade, I wish you to go to the headquarters of La Batalla, and end their distribution of dangerous literature, with a minimum of bloodshed.".

From Park, William nods. "Yes, it would be. And a waste of precious manpower as well. But you… you do not seem worried at all about your own fate." He raises an eyebrow. The guy freaked when he was attacked by the protesters, but he doesn't not look at all cowed at this moment, when his life is in question.

From Park, "Don't talk to me about what it means to be a soldier," Rothschild snaps at Vaclav, pulling away from Elizabeth when she tries to lead him away. "I was in the trenches with Frank Marchand in Belleau. I know what it is. And I can tell you, none of the Marines I served with would have ever stood for this madness. What you're doing here is wrong, Corporal. This whole mess…it's all bull shit." With that, he does turn to follow Elizabeth.

Marchand swallows, but nods all the same in acceptance. "The papers calling for revolt are misguided. The People need to understand that their strength is in Unity." He draws in a deep breath, "Yes, comrade."

Konstantinov lets out an audible sigh of what can only be relief. Phew.
From Park, Perhaps he doesn't care about his life…?

From Park, Yuri Shakes his head, "I didnt freak when they attacked me. They caught me by suprise and my finger pulled the trigger without my will. It was a reflex movement caused by sudden strike on me. It wasnt my fault. It could happen to anyone." he says as response.

La Pasionaria nods, and smiles a warm smile at Marchand. "Excellent, Comrade. Commissar Konstantinov will aid you in your task, as will the men and women of your Brigade. I wish there to be no bloodshed." she reminds. "But a show of force may be necessary. They will see sense, when they realise that the working class are aware that the POUM will only aid Franco.". She gives Marchand a clenched fist salute, now she's done.

From Park, "You *knew* what it was to be a solider, reporter. 'Never again' isnt that what you swore?" Vaclav lets out a long breath, and just clenches his jaw, wearied of this mess. Until his ire is drawn by Yuri's words.. "Unfair?" Vaclav echoes. "Unfair.. Yes it is unfair. It is unfair that he was ever put in such a place, but it was your blunder that helped bring us all here, comrade. And yet, I have heard no regret from you. You sit and complain, say it 'not your fault'.. I have never shot civilian. He has never shot civilian-" William is pointed toward, "YOU WERE WRONG."

Marchand draws up his hand, and responds with a clenched fist salute in kind. "Comrade", he speaks up. "Captain O'Callaghan has heavy responsibility, and rank he's earned. I would request that temporarily, for this one mission, that I bear the heavy responsibility of seeing this through with decisions made at my discretion, my leadership. Let him not be tied to this, so that should anything go wrong, the blame is mine, and his honor suffers no shame." A bowed nod. "Commissar
Konstantinov of course would advise, as you've offered, but the final responsibility for how it's done would be mine." He stands in discipline posture can, "Can I be granted this request, for just this one mission, comrade?"

Konstantinov is not about to offer any opinion of his own in this situation, though Marchand's idea makes him bristle. Still, he looks to La Pasionaria, practically reeking of 'humble servant.'

From Park, Yuri says "Of course I was. It was an accident. Do you really think I would shoot a civilian whom I came from all the way from Russia to protect willingly?" he shakes his head, "No. It was an Accident.""

La Pasionaria ponders. "As you wish, Comrade, but with one note. Commissar Konstantinov will continue to have the ultimate authority. However, the Commissar will give you leeway to use your discretion, provided you remain true to the goals of the Party.".

Marchand stands stiff and offers a tight and quick salute of the revolutionary fist, "Yes, comrade!" and juts his chin out.

La Pasionaria nods briskly. "Then you may return to your business before I interrupted you, Comrade.".

Marchand nods briskly as well, and turns with a step back, to face O'Callaghan and Konstantinov. He remains in formal stance, attempting to demonstrate veteran discipline to those of rank and power despite whatever temporary modification of the chain of command occurs for a single mission.

La Pasionaria adds, for Konstantinov's benefit, "I have another small matter to discuss, Comrade Commissar.". Just to make sure Konst doesn't run off as well just yet.

Konstantinov salutes Marchand stiffly. As much to be done with the man as out of any show of respect. The commissar is still more concerned with his own skin in this matter. "Yes, Comrade. Of course," he says to La Pasionaria. Waiting attentively.

From Park, Rothschild's back stiffens, but he keeps walking away. "Never again. Right…" he mutters to himself. "But it never stops."

From Park, Vaclav narrows his blue eyes on Yuri. "One breath ago you said it 'not your fault'. There is difference between us, comrade.. I was first man through the door to storm that building.. But you were the first man to say we should. What I think not matter. This is good for you.. Because I think that you like killing, comrade. You were arrested for your own fault. Yours. No others. And good men bled for that mistake."

Marchand turns and exits, responding to the Commissar's salute with one of his own to quickly free the man for discussions continuing. He does not linger, but exits in a formal stance.
Marchand has left.
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Marchand heads off North.

From Park, Marchand returns back, a formal march, to where the brigade is camped. He's walking alone, the Commissar remaining behind apparently for private words with the Communist leader.

La Pasionaria waits until Marchand is out of earshot, and then turns back to Konstantinov. "The other one, Yuri.". Yuri is no longer a comrade. "I understand he antagonised the anarchists. Have him shot, and deliver his body to the CNT, with our apologies.".

From Park, Yuri shakes his head, "Lets see how you will react when someone tries to smash a molotov cocktail to your head comrade." he shakes his head, "I did not kill the person. Only wounded him at arm, stopping him from attacking me. I was misinformed and I understood we were going to fight with Facist supporters. Thats why I wanted to kill them."

Konstantinov anticipated that order when the word 'comrade' was dropped from Yuri's name. He merely nods. "It shall be done, Comrade Ibarruri. And I assure you, nothing such as this shall happen again in my Brigade. I hope this shall not reflect badly upon me, with the Party."

From Park, Vaclav barks angrily at Yuri, "You saw how I react! Bash man in head with butt of gun, and send him running! Did you HEAR what civilians shouted as they ran?? 'Communists are shooting us', that is what they shout! Again, you claim you 'misinformed'.. AGAIN it not your fault.
For your own sake, comrade- BE SILENT."

From Park, Rothschild has strode a little ways away from Vaclav and Yuri, his manner tense, a mixture of anger and a haunted sort of sadness. It takes him a moment to notice Marchand's return, but his head snaps up when he does so. He gives the ex-Marine a questioning look.
From Park, Elizabeth remains next to Rothschild, as tense as he is but hiding it somewhat better. Following as his look moves off in another direction, s he turns…and stills. He's still walking? And unguarded? "That's a good sign, isn't it?" she murmurs to Ben.

La Pasionaria narrows her eyes a bit, no longer having to play nice with those of questionable loyalty to get her wicked way. "See that it does not, Comrade Commissar. It seems to me that some of your men are rather ill trained, and ignorant of the noble goal which we strive to achieve. I am not sure if this is your fault, or the fault of the military commanders. In any case, it is a problem which should be resolved. Kleber may not be in command any more but his ill discipline appears to have left some lingering marks. You may now return to your unit, and your duties.".

From Park, Yuri Sighs and shuts up. He goes back to his tent.

From Park, Marchand swallows before closing the distance, trying to keep his posture straight and head lifted when he arrives. He stops as he makes out the arguing between the corporal and the private, and steps more slowly to approach near Elizabeth and Rothschild. If Vaclav turns attention to the American, Marchand gives a raised-fist salute.

Konstantinov goes a shade paler. He nods stiffly to La Pasionaria, issuing a communist salute before turning and marching back north. It would be accurate to say he flees.

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Konstantinov heads off North.

La Pasionaria arrives from the North.

La Pasionaria is apparently done with whatever it was she was talking about. She heads for the gate, without further fanfare.

Vaclav does in fact turn back about as Yuri moves back inside his tent, returning Marchand's salute, the anger of moments before slipping somewhat into a more typical ill humor. "Comrade Marchand," he aknowledges, as his fist is lowered. Looking past the american at Konstantinov as the Commissar follows.

Marchand looks over and watches the woman head for the gate in the distance. Even he can't hide the energy it seems to stir in his eyes, the American looking sharper, his chest getting sucked in. Back to Vaclav, lowering the salute once the corporal is done. He's currently standing nearer to Lizzie and Rothschild.

Konstantinov marches back up from his meeting with La Pasionaria. Pale and sweating. "Comrade Marchand is free to go!" he booms, to all and sundry. "He has an assignment of great importance to prepare for. Keep a guard on Yuri." No longer 'Comrade Yuri', it should be noted. Ominously.
"The Party has ordered his execution tomorrow. A firing squad shall be prepared at dawn."

From Park, William salutes the Kommissar as a sign of respect. He was right, Comrade Marchand would be okay but Comrade Yuri, big doo doo.

From Park, Rothschild doesn't look like he quite believes that announcement, so he looks to Marchand for confirmation. He offers the other man a simple, short nod. Well, that's something.
Yuri still earns a look of sympathy, however. Not everyone gets off, it seems.

From Park, William sighs, and then walks off, having no business being around here really. So he heads back to the Telephone Exchange to go play some blues.

From Park, Marchand has eyes that widen at the order regarding Yuri, this takes him off-guard and he coughs by reflex. But there's no calling out of protest or words to speak on the matter, rather the American swallows and tries to hide his expression for a moment, closing his eyes as he steadies nerves. "There's an important task to be done in Barcelona", quietly echoing a sense of Konstantinov's words regarding himself

From Park, Vaclav salutes the Commissar as Konstantinov nears and speaks. A curt nod, stone faced, as the 'hell of a Corporal', goes about setting a bolstered guard on Yuri tonight, and preparing the executioners for tomorrow.

From Park, Konstantinov salutes the assembled Brigaders, then marches off. To find vodka. A lot of vodka.

From Park, Elizabeth exhales slowly, and a ghost of a smile flickers across her face before she gives in and lets go of Rothschild. Stepping forward, she wraps her arms around Marchand's neck to hug him, if he doesn't step away. "That is good news, kiddo." Yes, she picks a teasing term.
From Park, "Good news. Yes," Rothschild agrees, reaching out to clap Marchand on the shoulder. But some worry still lingers in his manner. He doubts this is the end of it.

From Park, Marchand returns the salute of the Commissar, promptly, keeping lips closed and a bit drawn in as if alot on his mind being considered with it. As Elizabeth offers a hug, he leans in to accept it, whispering a quiet but somewhat somber, "thank you" to her. A nod then goes to Rothschild, the veteran of two wars still not looking exceptionally excited or pleased. "What we'll have to do will be difficult. A challenge." He draws up his head. "Not in battling enemies with rifles, but how to accomplish a necessary task with the self-restraint and intelligence of men disciplined enough to not draw arms yet still be prepared to defend ourselves if necessary."

From Park, "You'll find a way to get it done, I'm sure," Rothschild says. Though he can't help but add, "If your bosses let you." He takes a deep breath, dropping his voice. What he has to say next isn't meant for anyone but Marchand and him. "My offer still stands, Delaware. There has to be a way out of the country. Nobody would think of you as a deserter, in truth. This place is tipping toward madness. You can feel it in the air in this city, but the whole country's likely to follow."

From Park, Marchand sucks in his breath, turning to the direction of the corporal. "There will be a task, led by me as an individual with authority, not by rank, to persuade a NOUM newspaper, La Batalla, to temporarily cease publication." He gives a slight nod. "The paper is printing calls for revolt against the Republic, so it is rightfully considered to be misled, but this must be done with absolutely no bloodsed." More directly to the corporal. "My rank will not change. The Captain is still your commanding officer. But for this one task, he will not be involved, not making the tactical decisions." In a slightly lower voice, "I will, and the Commissar will have ultimate authority to countermand my orders if he feels they do not keep to Party standards."

From Park, Vaclav regards Marchand, stepping closer once the american begins addressing him. "If Command has given you authority in this, then so be it. What you need, comrade. And when." The corporal asks no questions beyond those two.

From Park, Marchand offers a nod, "The details have to be worked out. The mission will not take place tonight." He looks around quietly, trying to read the expressions of others who might've heard.

From Park, Rothschild heard enough, and his expression darkens at the snippets of Marchand's mission. The bit about shutting down a newspaper doesn't sit well with him, by instinct. "Come on," he murmurs to Elizabeth, turning to stride away. "But keep your camera handy, Lizzie. There's a lot going on in this city right now. And somebody needs to be told about it. Maybe the world can make more sense of this mess than I can."

From Park, Elizabeth blinks as she, too, catches bits and pieces of what's being planned. And she simply stares at Marchand for a long minute before Rothschild is pulling her away. Shutting down a newspaper? "Only one side of the story is allowed to be told here," she murmurs softly back at Rothschild as they move away.

From Park, Marchand watches Rothschild head off, and Elizabeth moving too. "I am ordered to accomplish this task. I believe there has to be a way, an unforeseen possibility, of how the POUM can still publish, perhaps under a different name, without calling for the overthrow of the Republic." His breath gets sucked in. "I will not close down a paper by force. I can only hope they can be persuaded to see alternatives."

From Park, Vaclav inclines his head. "And if they cannot, Comrade?" Ben and Liz make thier way off, looking disappointed.. alas, it seems the typical expression for the pair in Barcelona.

From Park, Marchand draws in his chest. "Then I am sure the Commissar will step in and take over, and my situation will be all the worse." to Vaclav.
From Park, Rifle over his shoulder-blah blah blah. Jase is here.

From Park, Marchand gives a short nod. "I'm not sure what the Captain will tell you, or what he's even been told by the Commissar or the lady from Madrid." He sort of grimaces afterwards at his use of the term 'lady'. "She has power and influence, and said she wants this situation in Barcelona resolved in peace and unity, not Brigade fighting against Anarchist or anything like that."

From Park, Vaclav draws a slow breath.. "Comrade-" the czech begins. "People say many things. If resolving this now will set us on fields facing fascists again, then I say we resolve this now. The fascists are the enemy. Of that, all loyal men can agree."

From Park, Marchand nods firmly. "That's what we have to remember, and make sure the Marxist Party understands. The Generalissimo and his fascist generals are our true enemy, supported by the Church and aristocrats. Seeing us fight each other is only more cause for them to rejoice." He sighs slightly. "I do not agree with the approach the captain took at the telephone exchange. Making demands is not negotiation, but I cannot argue with him on that. I only did what I could do, personally, which was what I did."

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