Too Many Broken Rules

Doktor Schmidt is sitting in his office, carefully sorting paper clips into straight rows - he appears to be counting them. The good Doktor has ventured so far into the cold realm of sanity that his behaviour is almost indistinguishable from sufficiently advanced lunacy. Only, he froths a bit less.

Elsa has, with assistance of one of the men, gotten her oddly heavy suit cases back to her bunk. On the way there rumors of her somewhat early return no doubt would have been whispered by a few at least. And murmurs that she brought supplies from Berlin. Important things. Cigarettes, booze and magazines. A few men carry fresh packs of good smokes or a cigar as evidence of why those suit cases were so heavy. Still, enough talk is being had that it's probably gotten back to the Doktor that she's returned after her quiet departure. When she was told within an hour of arriving that he wanted to see her in his office, well… needless to say, that is rather stomach turning. She quickly put on her uniform once more, pressed but a bit wrinkled from the suitcase, and now crosses the field hospital to his office door. If she's not stopped, she knocks quickly.

Doktor Schmidt calls out, "Enter!" He sounds a little irritated, having been distracted in the middle of his Important Work. He stands up, staring expectantly at the door.

Elsa steps into the room, hands behind her back and shoulders squared… She had had permission to leave. Of course… not from him. From a few sources technically over him… but not him. Probably not the smartest thing to have done, but she doubted he would have let her leave. Still… now she needs to own up to that. So the slender blonde woman, looking a bit refreshed for her two days in Berlin, steps quietly into the room… "…Herr Doktor.."

Sofia is somewhere in the area, near enough to hear Doktor call. She's working, but hearing the yell causes her to slow and peeer a bit. Hmmn, at least it's quiet outside. Sneaky Sofia, that's her.

Doktor Schmidt offers Elsa a measure smile, or at least a grimace. He's not very good at smiles, so it's hard to tell. The tall surgeon motions with a gloved hand at a chair before the desk, saying in an almost kindly manner, "Sit down, Fraulein. I think that there are a few things we should discuss."

Elsa steps to the side as she's requested, doing her very best to handle her nerves. This was her boss, curse it… the man she was supposed to trust and respect. Well, she did respect him. She folds herself down into sitting and bows her head to him, "Of course, Herr Doktor. You know I am always at your service."

"Are you indeed, fraulein?" Doktor Schmidt walks to stand a few feet from her, staring down at her thoughtfully. At long length, he speaks, "This hospital is run by me, Fraulein, but I am merely the head, ah hah, the hands of an elaborate machine. Every nurse, every orderly, every doctor is part of that beast, and it is in my prime interest to see that it continues working. For this hospital to work, I expect my employees to do what I say. Follow my instructions." He stares meaningfully at Elsa. There is something, an edge under the superficial friendliness, like a scalpel wrapped in velvet.

Elsa watches him in silence, her lips tightly pressed together, not shifting one inch from her seat as she considers what he might be speaking about…"Yes… Herr Doktor…" She murmurs quietly, waiting for him to continue, for that ball to drop. She can hear it in his voice… the line of darkness beneath professional pleasantries. Her own tone is simply quiet, restrained and respectful. She's not foolish enough to be headstrong in this situation.

Sofia is a creature of the background, a gargoyle on the roof, if one will. She's hard at work, or so she would say with fingers crossed behind her back. Sofia's green eyes are unusually narrowed, for mere work though. Hmmn.

"I will only ask you once, Fraulein Kohl. Have you followed my directions concerning racial purity?" Doktor Schmidt's tone is light and airy, and the slightly unnatural smiles stays on his thin lips. There is a hint of sharpness about his steel-grey eyes, however.

Elsa looks straight up to him, without hesitation in her eyes or voice. "Yes, Herr Doktor.. I absolutely have. I know…. people have spoken nasty rumors… but they are just rumors! I haven't… compromised anyone. I swear on my very life." Her tone trembles, just slightly, but not in seeming dishonesty.. in sheer fear that she won't be believed.

Doktor Schmidt's gaunt features twist in cold anger, and his leather gloved hand suddenly comes around in a backhanded slap across Elsa's face. "You were seen, you fool! Canoodling with that fool of a soldier in /my field hospital/. How dare you disobey my orders? And then lie about it to boot!" It is not a stunningly hard blow, but it is a painful one. There is no pleasure, or for that matter regret on the tall surgeon's face. Just something that needed to be done.

Wagner is in the hospital, at the dispensary. He's filling out a form, double checking it, then rechecking it, then initialing in multiple places. It's in duplicate… wait, no, triplicate. It's tedious, pointless paperwork. Finally, he signs it, looks up at the pharmacist and sighs.

"Take it to Doktor Schmidt," he is told. Wagner nods, and makes his way towards the Doktor's office.

Herrmann looks about the sick bay area, then questions one of the wounded asking if they have seen Scharfuhrer Wagner about. He is pointed in the direction of the dispensary. However, by the time he weaves his way through the cots and tables he does not find him there. After waiting in line to get the dispensary clerks attention he is directed towards the Doktors office.

Elsa jerks to the side as she's thrown by the slap. Not hard enough to knock her from the chair or anything, but she's suddenly looking at the far wall and not into the Doktor's features. She doesn't breathe for a few moments in sheer shock of the sting, her slightly shivering fingertips reaching up to the hot, reddened skin of her cheek. She is lost as to what to say…Finally, she manages to speak. "K-kissing…. nothing more… just kissing… we didn't… compromise anything…!" She gasps out, now not able to bring herself to look up to him.

Wagner's boots plod up to the Doktor's office and he stops. He checks that his papers are in order, smoothes his uniform slightly, adjusts the MP38 slung from his shoulder (he's never without it) then knocks. Two sharp raps. Then he waits.

"I do not tolerate liars. Before I ask you again, let me help you understand your situation." Dr Schmidt leans closer to Elsa, his predatory, sharp grey eyes glaring at her from less than a foot away. There is no malice, but there is a cold mercilessness there, the wanton disregard for pain or suffering of an efficient machine, "You are a cog, Fraulein. You are useful, as long as you work. But sometimes, the machine must be trimmed, imperfections must be weeded out." Without looking up, he picks up one of the paperclips on the desk. Slowly he squeezes, the clip bending out of shape in his gloved hand, "If a cog jams up the machinery, it must be removed. Just as the Party has come to make perfect the human race, I intend to keep this Field Hospital perfect. Now, have you, or have you not, disobeyed my orders?"

Dr Schmidt shouts out, "A moment!"

Elsa forces her head to turn, blue gaze momentarily catching sight of that paper clip but she tells herself it is simply a tool of instruction, demonstration, nothing more. She shakes her head violently quick, sending a few sloppily pinned locks of blonde out of place and across her cheeks, one still white pale while the other is hotly red with the mark of his hand. "I have not, Herr Doktor! We will not until we are wed… if we are wed! I have not. I swear it on my life!" Despite the pain and, even more so, the sheer fear of it all, Elsa's story does not change. She blinks back a bit of moisture from her eyes. He will not let him see her completely fall apart. SHe's stronger than that, dammit.

Wagner takes a seat in one of the wooden chairs in the hallway. The Scharfuhrer looks a little bored as he leafs through his requisition forms, double-checking the triplicate. He likely isn't hearing what's going on in the Doktor's office.

Herrmann again makes his amoung the maze of cots, tables, dividers and such that make up the main room of the hospital. He spots the Scharfuhrer just as the former knocks on a door. He pauses undecided, should he bother the Scharfuhrer now or wait until he finishes his business with the Doktor? He does have some important information, although it is not so important as to interupt. He decides to push on ahead, perhaps he can talk to him while he waits…

"Very well. See that it remains that way, Fraulein." Dr Schmidt straightens, staring thoughtfully at Elsa. "Help yourself to some ice chips. If you apply them now, they will prevent any unsightly swelling." He moves to sit behind the desk, looking sternly at Elsa, "I dislike this sort of thing, Fraulein Kohl, but sometimes find it necessary. This Field Hospital is a family, and I am the head of that family. As long as you keep nothing from me and do your best, you will find that I will do everything in my power to see that you are quite comfortable. You may stay to operate the typewriter." Dr Schmidt points at the machine on the side of the desk. He doesn't have his own secretary, more's the shame. "ENTER!"

Herrmann just arrives in time to hear the Doktor yell "Enter" from inside the office.

Elsa nods silently, not truly daring to speak again. She stands when he mentions the ice chips, but at his offer of work, well, that seems slightly more helpful to the whole situation. Without words, she steps around the side of the desk and to the small chair in front of the type writer. She shifts the paper inside, insuring it's all ready to work and lined up against the margin. Apparently, she's at least been trained with one of the things. "Thank you, Herr Doktor…" She responds simply to the offer of a job to do, but then keeps her blues focused on the keys infront of her.

Upon hearing the call, Wagner stands up. Then he notices Herrmann. "What is it, schutze?" the NCO asks. He slaps the requisition papers against his thigh (gently, though, so they stay crisp) and says, "Be quick; I don't want to keep Doktor Schmidt waiting."

Doktor Schmidt glances at the documents on his desk, before sighing and standing up. It takes the tall surgeon only a few strides to walk to the door, which he opens, and yells imperiously to Hermann (apparently mistaking him for an orderly), "You there, get me some ice chips, chop chop." He glances at Wagner, before walking back into the office, leaving the door open.

Herrmann response by first glancing at the door then back at the Scharfuhrer, "I have some thing to tell you about Fralien Kohl." he says. Did his voice carry into the office, he does not know.

Wagner pauses, glancing at Herrmann, then at the Doktor. "Fraulein Kohl isn't under Obersturmfuhrer Hirsch's command, schutze," he admonishes Herrmann. "Which means, as the Obersturmfuhrer's NCO, she isn't my responsibility." Wagner enters the office and nods to Doktor Schmidt.

"I've come to turn in my requisition form for antibiotics for my platoon. I trust my papers are in order." Then, back to Herrmann in the hallway, "Enter, schutze. And say what you have to tell me to Herr Doktor." There's a hint of menace in his voice, something that says, "Choose your next words carefully."

"Fraulein Kohl? Indeed. It so happens that the good woman is present." Dr Schmidt sits down behind his desk, "And as Fraulein Kohl has told me that I can rely on her honesty, I am sure that she can remain present." He shoots Elsa a smile. It glitters, in the way that sharp metal things tend to do a moment before they are plunged into soft and squishy people. He nods to Hermann and Wagner, "Hand over the forms then, and I'll look them over, Scharfuhrer. Say your piece, Schutze."

Herrmann hesitantly enters the office, his eyes dart to where Fraulein Kohl is sitting, then towards the two men. He swollows hard, second guessing himself. "I—I (he stamers, then clears his throat and stands up straighter as if suddenly filled with courage.) was just finishing my watch down at the train station when I saw Fraulein Kohl talking to a Heer Soldier. I happen to believe Fraulein Kohl is in posession of contraband with the intent to distribute same." His eyes glance at the woman then back to the men.

Elsa looks up from where she is/was typing, her hands hesitating in taking down the words as she hears her own name and realizes what is being said. She furrows her brow…"Cigarettes and beer… I brought back a few packs of cigarettes for those I have stolen from Soldiers and some beer for the off duty hours… That is so frowned upon? After all you men work so hard?" She isn't lieing, again.. but she genuinely seems shocked that bringing these men such things is going to be unallowed… And she'd been so excited to be able to bring them back. Her eyes flicker between the men and the doctor now, managing a strong hardness despite that reddening of that slightly swelling cheek.

"Oh, I see. Most naughty of her, I am sure." Dr Schmidt stares a little hopefully at Hermann for a few moments as if expecting something more before sighing. He doesn't seem particularly interested in said contraband, probably because it doesn't interfere with the work of the hospital, "Fraulein Kohl, you will surrender all contraband items into my possession. You will also forfeit pay for two weeks. While I realize that the rules do not mean much to you, they mean a great deal to me. Your understanding, or even agreement with them is not required - your obedience thereof, however, is. Do not do it again." But there is no heat in the Doktor's voice - it's quite clear to see that he doesn't care much about cigarettes and beer.

Herrmann remains silent as the Doktor addreses the woman.

Wagner sets the papers down on the Doktor's desk. Hearing Herrmann's words, he spins to stare at the other soldier. His eyes narrow and he begins chewing on the edge of his lip. He doesn't even look at Elsa. "Tell me, schutze," he says, after the Doktor has said his piece, "Did any men in our platoon partake of Kohl's poor, poor choice of gifts? If so, I require their names so I can report them to the Obersturmfuhrer for disciplinary action." He adds, "The Heer soldiers will also be reported to the Obersturmfuhrer. Who's their NCO?" Given the social circles at this particular part of the German advance, Wagner probably already knows. But he has to hear it, just to be sure.

Herrmann looks at the Scharfuhrer, "Yes, Mein Scharfuhrer, I saw her handing out beer to Heer Soldiers who were on duty at the time. The only one I know by name is Schwenkfeld."

Elsa sighs and closes her eyes, just shaking her head silently…"Yes, Herr Doktor." He is the only one to whom she responds, but then he is her direct superior. She doesn't look so much angered as she does frusterated. She drops her eyes to the keys and continues to type swiftly, though her lips do tighten as Schwenkfeld's name is mentioned.

Doktor Schmidt peers down at Wagner's papers. He squints at them for a few moments, before muttering, "You're missing some names here but…" His words trail off as he hears Hermann speak. Elsa is forgotten. Wagner is forgotten. Even Hermann is forgotten - Dr Schmidt suddenly bounds to his feet, and punches the air, "YEssssss! Schwenkfeld!" He coughs, suddenly becoming conscious of his audience. And slowly sits back down, glaring around him as if daring anyone to call attention to his strange behaviour. "I am sure that the trooper in question will be sufficiently disciplined." The corners of his lips twitch up, as if he had twin tics there.

Herrmann looks startled at the Doktors sudden outburst, looking at Wagner as if to say, "What the hell?" but the look is fleeting, not daring to say anything of the kind.

"Feldwebel Erwin is Schwenkfeld's NCO," Wagner mutters, looking at the Doktor. "Perhaps that bit of insanity you diagnosed earlier is starting to show, Herr Doktor." He stares at Elsa, grimacing. As if he tastes something foul. "Will your nurse be willing to attest to and corroborate this Schutze's story, should she be asked by my commanding officer, Herr Doktor?"

Elsa lofts a single blonde brow as she hears the Doktor…Happy? Was that possible? Alas, it's more worrisome than heart warming. She stares openly for a few heartbeats before she forces herself to drag her eyes back towards the type writer. She doesn't answer Wagner's question as, well, it wasn't directed towards her.

Doktor Schmidt stands up, "YEs, of course, I am sure that she will. Oh, we will do ANYTHING for Herr Schwenkfeld. Now, I am afraid that I must see to something, those dratted orderlies still haven't brought the ice chips." He peers a little accusingly at Hermann, even if it must have dawned on him by now that the other man isn't an orderly. "Fraulein Kohl will help you get the paperwork settled, Scharfuhrer. Please excuse me gentlemen, fraulein." Dr Schmidt moves towards the door. It would be hard not to notice how his cheeks twitch manically, and something almost like a giggle is barely supressed. Oh, Schwenkfeld.

Herrmann offers, "She had two suit cases full of these items…" then immediately shuts up not wanting to interrupt the Doktor.

Herrmann looks to Wagner as the Doktor leaves, "Will that be all for now?"

"See to it this requisition gets handled, Fraulein Kohl," Wagner says, finally addressing her. He frowns.

Elsa reaches out for the forms, and she nods curtly, "Yes, Sir." Her voice is entirely professional as she looks them over and stands to file them properly before beginning to actually get the things. She knows her job, at least. And indeed, still no ice chips. At least she's not some snivelling woman who seems bothered by it.

Wagner nods to Elsa. He leaves the office, closing the door behind him.

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