The Rules of Engagement

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld looks over to Fuchs, "Best if you get in that seat." and gestures over his shoulder towards the commander's seat with a better view, "Can see an ambush ahead easier."

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Niklaus sleeps quietly over in the radio chair, near the ammo. He's deep asleep, even now with all the noise.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld has both hands on the wheel, though it's a fairly straight stretch of road through the Polish fields here. He doesn't seem very tense, humming an old folk song to himself.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Fuchs sits up in the commander's seat up top, and peers out into the surrounding forest and marshes. While the others might not need to be particularly alert, Fuchs is straining himself to spot some Pole patrol so they may be properly demolished.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Niklaus continues to just sleep the whole thing away as they bounce and go…. After so much work, the mechanic earned a nap, it seems. Well- this machine's running now. Something to be proud about, about a week's worth of work done in about two days.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Hirsch bounces along in the back of the truck, which is packed full of SS men mostly getting some much needed sleep. Seated next to Wagner the driver, he's watching the Polish countryside go past with a thoughtful look.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld isn't saying much, beyond the simple cheerful humming. He keeps his eyes on the road ahead, occaisionally leaning when a dive bomber's spotted soaring overhead to strike in the east.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Fuchs does the same thing he did last pose.

Swift progress looks set to come to an end - at a junction in the road up ahead hoves into view a mass of Polish civilians, evidently leaving a village which is just off the main road. While the village itself isn't visible, mostly obscured by some trees aside from the odd outlying cottage, the pall of smoke hanging low over the trees and road gives an idea of what state it must be in. The Poles are headed east along the road, the same way as you, mostly on foot and heavily burdened, though a few horses and carts are about as well.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739)
Snort. Snore. Niklaus wakes up with a little start- as he looks outside the vehicle to see the civilians escaping.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Wagner taps the driver on the shoulder and says, "Get ready to stop." He looks at the men mustered and says, "Squad! Get ready to dismount! Check your weapons and ammo!"

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld pulls the car over to a stop.

(From Opel Truck #14077) It looks like the Wolff has awakened. At least Andreas, and he looks around for a few moments as he hears Wagner's words.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Wagner glances at his CO and says, "Sir, with your permission, I'd like to check those civilians. Perhaps some are partisans."

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Fuchs glances down toward Schwenkfeld and relays the message. "Looks like we're near to a stop." But it seems that the large man has gotten the message.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld looks up to Fuchs, "Polish people along the road. I don't want to risk an ambush." and squints to peer out towards the Opel truck.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Hirsch stirs. "Be ready for partisans." he says when he sees the situation. "We're sitting ducks stuck here on the road.". he glances out the back, where NPCs are presumably already disembarking. "Wagner, do what you can to get us moving again.".

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld turns to reach back and shake Niklaus awake, "Hey. Niko. Wake up."

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Fuchs spots the goingson at the Opel truck and quickly calls out 'Sir?!'… apparently he's been separated from his unit, but in need of orders.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739)
"I'm awake. I'm awake." he says, as he gets ready to load things if he needs to. Blinking slowly, getting rid of the sleep in his eyes with a little yawn. "Alright. Better get ready for an attack. I suppose." he says, with a little frown.

(From Opel Truck #14077) "Yes sir!" Wagner says. He stops for a moment to speak into the radio, then jumps out of the back of the truck, submachine gun in hand.

«Ground Vehicles» Wagner gets out of Opel Truck.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld nods and motions over to the radio operator's seat. "Get by the radio. We might need to get orders." He frowns a little looking up at the armoured car's empty gunner's turret.

«Radio» \Weizenernte radios
There may be partisans among the untermensch. Vehicles, provide cover.

The civilians are mostly blocking one side of the road, as they stream onto it from the left. Unfortunately on the right the ground off the road is the typical scrubby sort of forest. A panzer could get over it without too much problem, but the trucks definitely would be barely moving if they can even move at all. It looks like the stream of people goes forward into the distance for some way, too.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Hirsch winds the window of his truck down, leans out of the window as men start debarking and confusion seems to temporarily reign. "Look out for partisans! either in the crowd or off the road! We need to press on, quickly.".

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld squeezes off a toot of the air horn.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Niklaus shakes his head a bit. "Drive forward, I think. If they don't get out of the way- well. They'll get hit by a car, won't they?" he says quietly, with a little laugh.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Moving a bit to the side of the truck so that he can look out, Andreas keeps his attention on what's out there for the moment, frowning a little.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld shakes his head a little. "Don't want to drive right next to them. Might be a sneak in there with a grenade."

The Poles mostly want nothing to do with you, oh no. When they start getting horns blown at them and lots of ominous looking guys climbing out of the truck they mostly start running in all directions. Unfortunately a lot of them are old, or carrying children, so not all of them can really quickly get out of the way. And needless to say the horses and carts aren't going anywhere. In a few cases, their drivers aren't going anywhere either. Thats their stuff, dammit, and some of these rural Poles are stubborn. They keep on trudging east as if you're not there.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld flicks the combat-taped forward lighs on and off. Two times, frowning as he peers through the driver's slit.

Wagner whistles sharply at the SS men, to get their attention. Then he shoulders his submachine gun and shouts, "Prepare to fire! Get the untermensch off this road, now! Those who don't run immediately are partisans! Show no mercy!"

The Poles unfortunately do not speak German, so Wagner doesn't get much of a response beyond whats already going on.

Ewald has arrived.

«Ground Vehicles» Andreas nods a little as he hears Wagner's words, and readies his rifle to fire.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) :shakes his head, and pokes his head out the Vehicle, he starts to yell out in Czech- "Get out of the way, or we'll shoot you! Anyone who doesn't get off the road is considered Partisans, and will be shot! Show support for Germany, or die!"

Wagner begins spraying 9mm into the crowd, a short burst into some slow old folks.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Fuchs shifts his eyes left and right, not really sure what to do with himself, and finally actually lets out a slight snarl before he goes climbing out of the seat of the truck and hauling ass to get out. "Schwenkfeld, you keep an ear out for the others." And with that, is out and moving to support the rest of his SS-Unit.

«Ground Vehicles» Fuchs gets out of Sd.Kfz 231.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld starts slowly advancing the armoured car, menacingly towards whichever cart or wagon seems to be blocking the road the most. He flashes the light again, and gives a toot of the horn in an attempt to spook the draft animals leading it.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld speaks low in German, "Nik, switch to the commander's seat. You can make like you're manning the machine gun there."

«Ground Vehicles» Niklaus nods quietly, as he gets over into the commander seat.

«Ground Vehicles» Andreas fires off a shot into the crowd as well, readying the weapon to fire once more. "Get off this road now!" he calls out in the direction of the crowd, not thinking they'd understand the language, but possibly the tone of voice.

«Game» Ewald unwields his Scoped Kar98k!

«Game» Ewald wields his Luger P-08!

Old Pole has arrived.

«Game» The enemy is near… Road to Lodz is now a war zone!

Ewald doesn't shoot anyone. He just walks along side the truck, his rifle slung but his hand near his holstered luger.

Fuchs trots over to the rest of the unit on foot, rifle at the ready. Sidling over toward Wagner he mutters a quick question of "Any particular troublemakers?"

(From Sd.Kfz 231) Niklaus again, yells out, in Czech and Slovakian both, once after another 'Get out of here.' he yells, as he begins to turn the machine gun towards the crowd.

Some slow Pole ends up in the grass, unmoving. They get the message, and /really/ stampede, running as fast as they can. Even the stubborn ones.

«Ground Combat» Old Pole fires his DB Shotgun at Wagner but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Shotguns from Road to Lodz (0 0)!

«Ground Combat» Ewald fires his Luger P-08 at Old Pole but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Pistols from Road to Lodz (0 0)!

«Ground Combat» Wagner fires his MP40 at Old Pole but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Submachine Guns from Road to Lodz (0 0)!

Old Pole isnt, though. He fought the Germans, he fought the Russians, and he's not fucking having it.

«Game» Ewald unwields his Luger P-08!

«Ground Vehicles» Andreas gets out of Opel Truck.

«Game» Ewald wields his Scoped Kar98k!

Wagner points at the Old Pole and mutters, "That one." The NCO flinches as the shotgun blast heads his way, then he shoots a burst back.

«Ground Combat» Wagner fires his MP40 at Old Pole and hits!
Old Pole suffers 2 wound damage to his right arm.
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Submachine Guns from Road to Lodz (0 0)!

«Ground Combat» Old Pole fires his DB Shotgun at Wagner but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Shotguns from Road to Lodz (0 0)!

«Game» Ewald changes his style to Banzai!

Old Pole is HIT by the MG 34 (Niklaus) mounted on (#3739) Sd.Kfz 231!
Old Pole suffers 3 wound damage to his left hand.
«Ground Vehicles» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Road to Lodz! (0 0)

«Ground Combat» Ewald fires his Scoped Kar98k at Old Pole and hits!
Old Pole suffers 4 wound damage to his left leg.
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Road to Lodz (0 0)!

Old Pole gives Wagner both barrels, but then runs down the road.

«Ground Combat» Fuchs fires his Kar98k at Old Pole and hits!
Old Pole suffers 1 wound damage to his right leg.
(From Sd.Kfz 231) Schwenkfeld ducks as he hears a gunshot, "Shooting!" and revs the engine to pull the vehicle over past any cluster of Poles.
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Road to Lodz (0 0)!

«Ground Combat» Wagner tries to fire his MP40 at Old Pole but his weapon is jammed!

«Game» Wagner unwields his MP40!

Old Pole has the luck of the gods, too.

Andreas frowns as he moves a bit to the side of the truck, before making his way forward in the direction of the old mule… err… Pole.

Ewald fires off a pistol shot at the old man, before holstering his luger and bringing his rifle around to shoot him in hte leg.

«Game» Wagner wields his Hitler Youth knife!

(#15176) Old Pole is missed by the MG 34 mounted on (#3739) Sd.Kfz 231!

Somewhere, someone should have said something about morals… but this particular SS man (Fuchs) has had them replaced with a simple mantra… follow orders. When an enemy is pointed out to him, he turns and fires… the only thing this man feels is recoil.

«Ground Vehicles» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Road to Lodz! (0 0)

«Ground Combat» Ewald fires his Scoped Kar98k at Old Pole and hits!
Old Pole suffers 1 wound damage to his right hand.
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Road to Lodz (0 0)!

«Ground Combat» Fuchs fires his Kar98k at Old Pole and hits!
Old Pole suffers 7 wound damage to his left chest.
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Road to Lodz (0 0)!
«Ground Combat» Old Pole has been taken out!

«Game» Wagner unwields his Hitler Youth knife!

«Game» Ewald loots the body of Old Pole

«Game» Wagner wields his MP40!

Old Pole ends up on the road, his shotgun falling from nerveless fingers into the mud.

"Someone take his shotgun," Ewald says simply as he points towards the corpse, "We might need it later."

«Game» Andreas loots the body of Old Pole

(From Sd.Kfz 231) Schwenkfeld is quickly looking through slits at all angles, trying to make out numbers of attackers and any sign of possible ambush ahead.
The rest of the Poles are all scattered around the treeline. At least, the ones who havn't vanished completely into the undergrowth. Some watching in terror, some watch in anger.

"Keep an eye out for snipers!" Ewald shouts, now as he starts to scan the tree line, "No saluting."

Andreas nods as he makes his way over to the fallen Pole, and removes the shotgun from the corpse, before he looks around towards the trees.

«Equipment» Andreas picks up DB Shotgun.

(From Opel Truck) Hirsch calls out, "Get those wagons and carts out of the way, immediately! Lets move!".

Fuchs watches the Pole drop and nods, pointing his eyes eastward and into the trees. His rifle at the ready, looking for signs of a threat.
Wagner slung his SMG behind a shoulder and pulled his knife when his weapon jammed. But then, seeing the Old Pole bite the dust, he relaxes. "German weapons are far superior to those rusted out pipes," he scoffs. He doesn't stop Andreas from picking it up, however, instead heading back to the truck.

«Ground Vehicles» Wagner gets into Opel Truck.

«Ground Vehicles» Andreas gets into Opel Truck.

(From Sd.Kfz 231) Schwenkfeld calls out, "Looks clear." after no further sound of shooting is heard.

The carts look kinda flimsy. Something big and heavy - like an armoured car - could probably just push them out of the way.

Probably with a scared horse still attached, but still.

«Game» Wagner unjams his MP40!

«Ground Combat» Ewald reloads his Scoped Kar98k!

(From Sd.Kfz 231) Niklaus nods. "Well. Lets test her out, Boss!" Nik says down to the driver. "Push through, she can take it!" he says, with a grin.
Fuchs moves forward on foot again, hearing orders to get wagons and carts out of the way. When it's time for him to get back into the truck, someone will tell him. Seeing Wagner head for the armored car causes a moment of confusion in the man, but he waits for the truck to catch up to him before climbing onto the thing.

(From Sd.Kfz 231) Schwenkfeld calls ahead in German, "Clear out, Polska!" as he starts the armoured car rolling towards the rear of the biggest cart. A final toot of the horn before it makes contact to push.

«Ground Combat» Wagner reloads his MP40!

«Ground Vehicles» Ewald gets into Opel Truck.

(From Opel Truck) Crawling back onto the Opel, Andreas studies the shotgun for a few moments, before stowing it off to the side, and goes back to just watching the happenings, rather carefully.

(From Opel Truck) Wagner sits in the truck next to Hirsch, submachine gun across his lap. He gives the receiver cover a few whacks and pulls the handle back, ejecting a mangled piece of brass. He reloads his weapon and comments to Hirsch, "If I may be blunt, I can't stand those partisans, sir. Our German settlers can't come here soon enough to get the stink of these Poles out of the air."

(From Opel Truck) Hirsch nods. "Did you see their homes back in the last village? Disgusting, how they live. They must be centuries behind us.". He perks a bit at progress apparently being made on the road up ahead.

«Ground Vehicles» Niklaus works on reloading MG 34 with 7.92-54!
Ready to fire!

(From Sd.Kfz 231) Schwenkfeld slowly advances the armoured car, through the abandoned mess the Polish panic left. He's not ramming through in a hurry, but slowly pushing them out of the way to make a passage for the truck,
Fuchs hears his orders and backs up toward the truck, his eyes scanning the treeline one last time before he turns and hustles over to the Opel Truck and reaches for one of the loading bars on the side. "Sir." It is a greeting given to Hirsch in particular, as the Sturmann immediately seeks out the ranking officer… no salutes as ordered, of course.

«Ground Vehicles» Fuchs gets into Opel Truck.

The carts are one by one nosed off the road. Going is slow, but at least your still moving.

(From Sd.Kfz 231) Schwenkfeld speaks quietly back to Niklaus, "Did you see any of the troopers get hit? Looked like it was just one guy shooting."

(From Opel Truck) Hirsch glances over at Fuchs as he climbs in. "Sturmmann." he replies in greeting. "Theres still some room.". Though the truck is pretty packed.

(From Sd.Kfz 231) Niklaus shakes his head. "I don't think we had an causalities. Looks like some stubborn old Farmer. Those are the same everywhere, I think." he says quietly, with a little smile. "Yeah. Just ease through." he turns in the machine gun, looking around slowly- scanning for any more stubborn poles.

Andreas has gone back to his almost asleep state.

(From Sd.Kfz 231) Schwenkfeld frowns a little for some reason at what Niklaus says, turning his head forward again to watch the road ahead as the Sonderkraftzeug advances. Once the roadway is clear of debris, he accelerates a bit.

«Game» Road to Lodz is no longer a war zone!

(From Opel Truck #14077) Fuchs nods his response and realizes that there's really nowhere to sit, so he grabs a hold of the frame and stands for now.

(From Red Cross Truck #15177) Heinrich sits quietly, next to one of the nurses as he holds his rifle. He's not as injured as the others, but should they come under attack.. Someone's got to defend the wiminfolk.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Hirsch reclines back in the seat happily, as he watches untermenschen out the window being passed by, both literally and figuratively. He grapples with a map. "Pabianice is our destination, a large town just outside Lodz." he says in conversational tones. "If everything is going to plan by the time we arrive there there should be other Wehrmacht units stationed all around Lodz, trapping the bulk of their Army Lodz there. Only a week and the campaign seems almost over already." he says, a little regretfully.

(From Red Cross Truck #15177) Sofia is in the truck with the nurses and the others. She looks over people in the red cross truck, to tend to any immediate injuries. Sofia looks a little green though, apparently automobile is not her favored mode of transport. Ugh. Lunch before this was a bad idea.

(From Red Cross Truck #15177) Heinrich leans over quietly, and whispers into Sofia's ear- as she looks so ill.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld keeps the heavy armoured car moving along steadily. Most of his focus is on the road ahead, but he does seem to watch more carefully when any collection of refugees is spotted ahead, or any still-functioning bridges or congested pathways of a Polish village.

(From Opel Truck #14077) "Still a lot of untermensch milling about, sir," Wagner says to Hirsch. "As long as they keep heading east, I have no quarrel with them. I imagine someday, we'll they'll march east… straight into the Pacific Ocean!" The Scharfuhrer grins, a rare change from his normally frowning face.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Hirsch shrugs. "I don't know whats planned for them, Scharfuhrer. Deportation, I presume. The German people needs this land after all. Maybe the Bolsheviks will take them in? The Poles can only weaken their strength after all. I don't know. I don't think anybody has really thought about the next step yet. There are still the French and British to deal with after this first after all.".
(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Niklaus looks over at Schwenk. "My grandfather was like the man we shot. Stubborn, won't let anyone tell him anything. Sometimes too stupid to see he'd just have to get off the road to survive." he says quietly. "Shame, really."

(From Opel Truck #14077) Fuchs actually perks up at the mention of the French and British. "We are moving forward then, Obersturmfuhrer?" Somewhere in the back of Fuchs' mind, there was a line and page number of a military etiquette book stating that when barging into a conversation with a superior officer, one always used the more formal rank.

(From Red Cross Truck #15177) Sofia :just shakes her head. "Thank you for the advice, but I'll be fine," She murmurs. "Really." She looks around her, curiosity a greater driving force than nausea. Stubborn pride, too. Silly nurse.

«Game» Ewald unwields his Scoped Kar98k!

«Game» Ewald wields his Luger P-08!

«Ground Combat» Ewald reloads his Luger P-08!

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld nods a little bit, and for a moment longer remains quiet with his eyes on the road. Finally, in a mutter to Niklaus without looking back. "My great-grandpappa fought to keep invaders off our farmland, when the Prussians invaded a long time ago." Another moment of silence, "They killed him."

(From Opel Truck #14077) Hirsch glances over at Fuchs. "I can't claim to know the Fuhrer's mind… but assuming the decadent democracies don't come to terms before we have to use force, I am sure we will be called upon to serve the Fatherland in France when we are done with the Polish. Such has been implied to me.".

(From Opel Truck #14077) Fuchs apparently seems content with the answer, even hopeful perhaps. He gives an energetic nod, apparently the morning's exertions making last night's scouting nothing more than a distant memory. "Then we will have to make as much an example of these Poles as we can, yeah? Give the French something to think about for those who stand in the way of the Fuhrer?"

(From Opel Truck #14077) "I need some more ammo," Wagner says, looking around. "Who in the squad has some extra MP38 mags or loose 9mm, pass it up!" He manages to scrounge some from some of the others in his squad. Wagner did, after all, hose down defenseless folk—the Old Pole was just the only one to stand his ground. "We won't be clearing the road of just clusters of women and children," he tells his squad. "We could even encounter some untermensch evolving into some semblance of men on the way to Lodz!" The Scharfuhrer smirks.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Herrmann climbs up into the truck and finds a place to sit.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Hirsch smiles a thin smile. "Not really our concern. As part of the Leibstandarte we'll have better things to do than deal with partisans. Some old Weimar soldiers still lingering on can do that in the security battalions.". A pause. "Though we can do our bit to ease their work while we are here, like we did at the last village.".

(From Red Cross Truck #15177) Heinrich nods quietly. "Alright. If you start to feel sick though, head between your knees." he suggest, with a little smile.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld lurches with a bump. The armoured car just ran over a dead body. Civilian, male, of military age. Schwenkfeld doesn't bother to stop.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Niklaus is only half awake, really- in a haze at this moment as they go over a bump. Hardly even noticed- this is a heavy armored car, after all. "Need to work on paving the roads too. Some infrastructure would work well here."

(From Red Cross Truck #15177) Sofia just lifts an eyebrow, "Do I look that sick? Bleah, but thank you." She clearly needs to work on her poker face. Which does, except it really doesn't work when one's stomach is considering reaching up and beating her senseless with her own esophagus for this travesty. She simply sets a hand over her mouth. "Hrm."

(From Opel Truck #14077) "Last village?" Fuchs hates to ask, but apparently feels the need to, having missed whatever it was that was done.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld grunts and nods his head, going quiet again as he drives with attention ahead.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Hirsch glances over at Fuchs. "Burned, the locals removed. You were off duty at the time?" he asks, with a slight frown. "I clearly need to talk to Baumann about the duty schedules.". Mind you Ewald being off duty is the stuff of legend already, he thinks.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Niklaus busies himself with fixing some of the internal systems he didn't get to. Just little things now. "Tell me if the engine cuts off." he says, as he slides out of the machine gun spot to fiddle with some wires.

(From Sd.Kfz 231 #3739) Schwenkfeld nods faintly, "Engine's been running fine. I haven't had a problem with her driving." His mood isn't as hopeful now, more somber and watching the road.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Herrmann rides on the verge of sleep quietly rocking with the movement of the truck.

Ewald is not off duty. He is busy with logistical problems in the rear! Or in surgery. He looks back at the officer from his seat towards the front, "The Strumman was, I believe, guarding the bridge when you gave the order to burn the villiage. Or he should have been by the roster, sir," Ewald says quietly, "I'm not one hudred percent sure as I was ah.. ill at the time." And by ill, he means pratically dying.

(From Opel Truck #14077) Fuchs doesn't seem to register the burning village comment, instead he is busy explaining his absence. "I have been doing night scouting, Herr Obersturmfuhrer, so many of the day activities occur without me. It is where my skills best serve." Silently he considers the ramifications of the burning of the village, and gives a slight nod to the officer, indicating his willingness to carry out this village as the last, should the order be given.

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