Released From The Aid Station

Like a weasel heading into a nest, Sofia sneaks out to her patients. She squints, surveying her domain. Seeing Wagner awake though, she peers at him, "Hello there, how are you today?"

Wagner is laying on his back. He turns his head and stares at Sofia. After a moment, he speaks. "I'm alive, aren't I?" he grunts, sitting up. He sways a little, then settles back down. Closing his eyes, he mutters, "What happened, nurse?"

"You are indeed, alive," Sofia replies, glancing back at Wagner. She looks over the man, probably to make sure he's not twitching or something. She takes a deep breath, "To you? Before or after they wheeled you in?"
"Who wheeled me in?" Wagner asks. He frowns, trying to think, then shakes his head. "I don't remember a thing… only that I'm wounded, which must be why I'm here." He reaches up and touches the right side of his head, pressing a little on the thick bandage there.

"Some soldiers, they brought you in the ambulance. Herr Fuchs was brought in too. You both seem to have caught bullets with your heads," Sofia tilts her head, watching Wagner now. "I was impressed you came back… You were hurt badly. Are you thirsty or hungry?" She asks, probably gauging his reaction and seeing if anyone's tended to Wagner already.

Wagner stares at Sofia again, his features becoming blank and vacant for a moment. "No, I'm fine," he says. He struggles to sit up. "Feel a little dizzy, but I can clear my head when I'm on patrol," he grunts. The scharfuhrer doesn't try to stand just yet, instead gazing at Sofia. "Are you sure that's what happened? Where were we?"

Sofia seems puzzled by him staring at her, and his blank expression. But he did get shot in the head, so it's excusable really. Sofia shakes her head, "If you want to sit up, I can put some pillows under you." She pauses to respond, "Yes, Herr Doktor himself had to operate on you. You were apparently in the forest dealing with some disgruntled Frenchmen. At least, that's what I was told."

Wagner shakes his head at the offer of a pillow. Wagner is, after all, a supersoldier, neither one to request nor require creature comforts such as pillows, meals, or morphine. He looks confused for a moment, then shrugs. "If that's what you were told, I suppose that's what happened," he says. "Maybe Fuchs knows what happened." He stands up and sways. He holds onto the bed to steady himself, blinking stars out from his eyes. "Did Herr Doktor say I can be released? My platoon probably needs me."

Sofia simply shrugs then. Let him be a supersoldier. She nods, "You came in shot in the head, stomach and arm. We put you back together though." Sofia blinks, moving over to support him as he stands. "Well, let me look over you," She nods. Sofia gives Wagner a brief one-over, "I cannot see why not. You've got a scratch on your arm but … You recovered so quickly," She seems in ae of the man.

"I can't remember a thing," Wagner mutters. "Do me a favor and ask Herr Doktor if he has any treatments or medication to… jog my memory." He scratches at the bandage on his head and looks around the room. "Where's my MP40?"

"I am sorry," Sofia frowns, "I am impressed you have survived intact as you are. I will ask him though." Seems his injuries were serious, from the tone of her voice. "Under your bed. I figured that would keep people from taking it while you slept. Your ammunition too," She points and kneels by the bed, pulling the gun out for him.

Wagner bends down to pick up his weapon, and again has to steady himself as blood rushes to his head. "I have a question, nurse," he says, slinging his submachine gun behind his shoulder (wincing as his wounded arm reminds him that, yes, it's still wounded). "Why can't I remember anything? Is it because of…" he gestures at the bandage on his head.

"Yes, herr?" Sofia looks to Wagner as he picks up his weapon. She frowns, seeing him need to steady himself. "I am hoping you are alright with light duty until you're not so dizzy," She comments quietly. Then, she nods. "Yes, it may pass, it may not. How far do you remember?" She asks, looking over her shoulder just in case of roving Doktor.

"I don't know," Wagner says, frowning. "There's a gap… like, maybe one or two days' that I can't recall." He shrugs, then picks up his ammo.

Sofia hms, and nods. "That's not unusual then. It was a pretty good shot. As I said, I was impressed you came back," Sofia admits, looking to Wagner. "But I understand it's not pleasant to be stuck in here… so take it lightly if I let you go alright?" A comprimise, then.

Wagner shrugs. "Orders are orders, nurse," he says. "I don't want to spend my time here when I can be fighting for my Fuhrer." The vacant look on his face regains some of its animalistic, maniacal qualities. He may have lost his memory, but his nationalism still rages in his being like an infection. "I want nothing more than to participate in this conquest and witness our glorious victory! Don't you agree, nurse?"

Sofia just chuckles. Well, at least his personality seems mostly intact. Sofia kind of just … smiles, and nods. "Of course, herr. Then I suppose we'll settle for you promising not to get shot soon huh?" She, strangely enough, seems to accept defeat this time then. "It would be cruel to hold you back then. Be careful out there," Sofia waves a hand. Looks like Wagner is free to go.

Wagner nods to Sofia. "Be sure to thank Herr Doktor for me. And don't forget to inquire about my memory loss." He doesn't thank Sofia. Misogynous prick. He turns to leave.

"I will," Sofia replies. She doesn't seem fazed by him not thanking her, holding her reaction until he turns. She frowns rather deeply. Such is life. She simply waves to the man, "And I won't forget. Be careful out there.

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