Racial Purity Part 2

Heinrich hurries over towards the building he was pointed to- holding his rifle at ready, not sure what to expect really. Up into the area. Soon, after seeing Ewald, he's at attention. "Oberscharfuhrer! You called?"

Ewald is in whats passing for an office at the make-shift HQ, standing by 'his' desk. "Yes, Schutz," he says, his expression rather stern and icy, "Please.. have a seat." He gestures towards a rather beat up looking chair.

Heinrich blinks quietly, and does as he's told- sitting quietly. He is.. guarded, to say the least.

"Do you love the Fuhrer, Hertz?" Ewald asks, as he leans casually up against his desk, his expression still hard to read.

Heinrich doesn't even pause a moment. "Yes, Sir." he states. "Oberscharfuhrer, is there something the Fuhrer requires of me?

Ewald doesn't answer Heinrich's question. Instead, he continues, "Do you put the Fuhrer above all else?" he asks, "Your life. Your Dreams. Your Family?"

"They are one in the same, Oberscharfuhrer." Heinrich answers. "I can no more separate my loyalty to the Fuhrer from my life and dreams or family than I can my breath from my chest." he answers. "Nor more than I can remove the scar on my heart, taken in battle for a better Germany."

"And what of your brother?" Ewald asks quietly now, his expression deadly serious, "If you were asked to chose between the Fuhrer or your brother.. what would you say?"

Fuchs makes his way in from the east, having been working on trenches most of the day. His appearance is slightly more dishevelled than usual, but even as he walks, he's tucking and smoothing, generally setting the bits and pieces of his uniform into place. By the time he makes it toward the forward buildings, he's looking quite a bit more like his usual self, all crisp lines and steps, as if he was pulled right out of some recruiting demonstration.

Blinking quietly, Heinrich says nothing for a long time. He's forced to think of something horrible. "What would you have me do, Oberscharfuhrer?" The color has drained out of the boy's face, and he's not making any assumptions yet- trying to draw it out of his leader.
"I would have you tell me where your loyalties truely lie," Ewald says quietly, "To the Schutzstaffel and our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. To Germany. Or do a brother who is busy dragging your family name through the mud."

Sofia is outside the building, looking a bit dazed. She doesn't seem too eager to go down the road, but she is watching it with those piercing green eyes. Oh, is someone coming? Sofia lowers herself a bit, watching Fuchs come up the road. Hey wait… friendly. She stops, to watch a moment.

Looking relatively tired, Andreas makes his way up from the south, his weapon carried with him. Looking around for a few moments, as he shrugs a bit to himself.

Closing his eyes, Heinrich whispers quietly. "I want, more than anything else… A better Germany. My love for my brother is such, that if it would be a better Germany…" he goes quiet. "I am loyal to the Fuhrer." he says again.

Fuchs moves up closer to the buildings, to report his findings to his NCO… seems the trench work up north is coming in good order. As he moves closer to the buildings, he sees Sofia standing near one of them, as if waiting for something. A moment passed where she seemed to be watching him, and so he did the only thing one could do at this distance…. nod. As he nears, however, he seems more businesslike. "Are there wounded?"

Ewald seems satisfied by Heinrich's answer, though there is a little bit of doubt in his eyes. "This is difficult, Schutz," he says quietly, almost paternally, "I know. Your brother is a race traitor, and it has fallen to us to deal with it."

Heinrich nods quietly. "I know my brother very well. He..would want Germany to be pure." he whisper softly. "Tell me what I must do." he takes a deep breath, as he looks up at Ewald. There's a look in Heinrich's eyes- a certain kind of love. Twisted, through it maybe.
"Thankfully, his transgressions are not so bad that he can not be saved," Ewald says quietly, "But a lesson must be taught. He is to beaten. Not so badly that he will useless in his little armored car, but so much that he will think twice before acts in a such a shameful way."

"I think so, I am mostly keeping an eye out in case I am called for," Sofia seems a bit uneasy about something. She does wave as he nods and closes in. Sofia sighs faintly. "Failing that, I will likely wander back to the field station and do what is needed there. Are you well yourself, herr?" She asks Fuchs.

"Are you unhappy here?" Perhaps an odd question from Fuchs, considering their location, but he asks it nontheless. "Every time I see you, you seem out of sorts about something." If he noticed her question, he is giving no indication.
Heinrich nods quietly. "And you want me to do it?" he asks, looking up. "I will do it. Myself." he says simply. "Without the help of anyone else. I trust no other to do it, Oberscharfuhrer." he says simply…. "I hope that will be acceptible."

Andreas continues making his way along the road, humming a bit on a melody to himself.

Ewald nods quietly, "That will be fine," he says softly, "Please take no offense though, this beating will be observed and if it is not sufficent someone else will finish. I trust you, Schutz, but this is very important." He looks grave again, "This is also an 'unoffical' operation. You will not be held accountable to the Heer for this, but you are questioned, you were not ordered to do this. Do you understand?"

"… Am I that bad?" Sofia taps her chin with a fingertip and laughs. "Oh, I'm sorry. If I'm not nearly getting myself stabbed, yelled at or carried off, well, I guess it's just not a day. Thankfully, things seem a bit calmer, I hope I don't come off as constantly hysterical," She comments wryly. Stress. The poor woman was stressed out. "Still, you yourself aren't hurt or anything are you?" Sofia peers over the man.

Fuchs reaches up to tap at his right temple. "I have my moments of insight." He pauses for a moment and shakes his head, doing what he can to assure her that everything is nearly in place. "You do not let it get in the way of your duty that I have seen, and that is what matters, nurse." To her question, he actually lets a half-smirk tug at his lips. "No… were I, I'd have sought you out to let you know, instead of asking questions."

Heinrich nods quietly, as he stands up. "They had better keep up. A spat between brothers is not that unusual." he says, as he stands quietly, a deep frown on his lips, as he begins to walk out. But pauses. "What brought this… unofficial… order on?"

"Your brother was seen.. ah.. fornicating with a woman of questionable racial purity," Ewald says quietly, a little embarressed by this statement, "I'm sure you know of who I speak. The Pole who claims to be German."

"They're pretty good," Sofia replies with a smile. "And I imagine you're right." She shrugs, "You'd be surprised. I had one fellow hit with a grenade sitting in a chair trying to converse with his buddies. So I never assume these days." That last bit is spoken a bit dryly. "I'm not keeping you, am I?" She looks over her shoulder and steps aside.

Heinrich nods quietly. "I see. I was under the impression she was heading to Berlin to be.. tested." he says, looking over to Ewald quietly. "By the Hertz' family personal physician." he says simply, as he looks over at Ewald quietly.

"Her racial purity is not for your family doctor to decide. She very well may be German, but she was specificly told not to engage in the activites she and your brother engaged in untill it was verfied properlly," Ewald says quietly, "It is unfortunate that neither she nor your brother had the patience to keep it in their pants untill then. None of this might be neccessary."

Heinrich nods quietly, shaking his head. "OF course. If anyone other than myself touches him. I'll kill them." he says, as he walks out. "Unofficially, of course." and down the street he goes, to undoubtedly pull his brother out into the streets and beat him silly.

"He'll have to be watched now," Ewald says quietly to himself after Heinrich leaves, to go make a notation in a book, shaking his head sadly.

Heinrich has left.
Heinrich heads off South.

"Actually…" Fuchs straightens slightly as he speaks, apparently having relaxed too much, and nearly forgotten he was still on business, "… have you seen Oberscharfuhrer Baumann?" To the mention of a grenade, he actually shakes his head. "If he was sitting about close enough to catch a grenade, then he was definitely in the wrong place."

A few momments after Heinrich leaves the building, Ewald follows out, a stern look on his face as he starts towards the south.

"Right there, herr," Sofia points helpfully to the departin Ewald. She seems to understand and grins. "That's not quite right. The man was trying to be selfless— I respect that, but," She shakes her head. "Regardless, there he goes." She keeps her hand pointed.

Fuchs gives Sofia a nod and a quickly murmured 'Thank you' before turning and trotting to make it up to Ewald. "Oberscharfuhrer, do you need my report?"

"Concerning?" Ewald asks as he hurries along to the south, "Come with me, we have something to observe."

Ewald arrives from the North.

Bastian lifts his head and sets the book aside. "What?" he asks quietly, "is there bad news?" He swings himself around, legs hanging off the bed, but doesn't immediately rise. "I'm really not supposed to be on my leg for more than it takes to wash and relieve myself," he says, tilting his head.

Heinrich's fists are curled into tight fists, and he's holding himself there tightly with a frown. "I'm sorry." he says quietly, as he walks forward. "This is for your own good…." he whispers softly to his brother, as he approaches closer- not making him stand.
«Game» Heinrich unwields his Kar98k!
«Game» Heinrich changes his style to Sprint!
«Game» Heinrich moves into Building + Red Cross symbol.
«Ground Combat» Heinrich moves to engage Bastian in close quarters combat, and succeeds!
Erwin lounges in his quarters (Building 1). The Feldwebel has his feet propped up on a makeshift desk, leaning back in a folding chair, yawning a little as he relaxes, enjoying the feeling of being indoors for a change.
«Game» Erwin moves into Building.
Herrmann has connected.
«Ground Combat» Heinrich attacks Bastian with his bare hands! Heinrich misses!
Ewald comes down from the north, heading towards the Field Hospital, his rifle slung, a hand near his holstered luger.

"Look," Bastian sighs, dropping back into bed. "I'm in no mood to play, Heinri, so just—" The injured soldier opens an eye, just in time to roll out of bed. "Dammit Heinrich! Are you drunk?!" he snaps, holding his leg painfully.

Heinrich's left hook comes out- deadly, according to the doctor, as he swings it at his brother. "Not Drunk, Brother. It is for your own good. Know that, despite the fact it doesn't seem it- I am protecting you."
«Ground Combat» Heinrich attacks Bastian with his bare hands! Heinrich misses!

«Ground Combat» Heinrich attacks Bastian with his bare hands! Bastian suffers 5 bruise damage to his head.
«Ground Combat» Bastian has been knocked unconscious!

Herrmann sits up a bit straighter in his bed.

«Game» Herrmann unwields his Kar98k!
Ewald watches this from the doorway of the hospital, a satisfied expression on his face. He gives Heinrich a little nod of his head and then turns to walk some distance away. Almost as if he's waiting for the younger man to follow.

The left-right comes with a speed and confidence that only a prize-fighter could carry out, leaving Bastian crumpled on the floor with, in pugilism terms, a split eye. It's not the ball, of course, but the cheek and brow; none too pleasant, regardless.
«AngelOfDeath» Bastian regains consciousness!

Another fist flies out, crack. Crack. Twice to Bastian's head- and closing his eyes, Heinrich tries very hard to not cry. That his Furhur has asked him to do such a thing. He leans down- to kiss the man's cheek quietly, lifting his brother in his arms to return him to the bed. "Know that it would have been much worse if I'd let the others touch you. Sleep, Bastian." he says. "And do not again sleep with Elsa, until she is known as pure." he whispers. Not before putting some antiseptic on the wounds, however. Just to make sure his brother will be okay. Comfortable now- and off he goes, to follow Ewald. "He'll likely never forgive me." he says, as he begins out. "None can say I have not given for my Germany…" he whispers as he closes his eyes. IT was a difficult thing for him to do.
Erwin yawns a little, figuring he should probably head over to the hospital to see if Bastian is up to getting his ass chewed out… again. The Feldwebel rises, picking up his cap and meandering towards the door. He steps outside, glancing around at the hustle and bustle of the mechanics and panzermen, heading towards the hospital at a leisurely pace.
«Game» Erwin moves out of Building.
Bastian just cringes his eyes shut, trusting his patience more than his voice. Only a more rapid breathing and the tense twitching response to any touch.
"You did well, Strummann," Ewald says, once Heinrich is on the outside, an almost fatherly smile on his face, "Hopefully, this will be the end of this particular matter." The Obersharfuhrer reaches into his pack and removes a small collar patch which he holds out to the young man.

Fuchs comes trotting up behind Ewald, apparently having been forced to deal with some sort of issue before he could catch up to the Oberscharfuhrer. Falling in step with the man, his hands fall to rest behind his back, waiting silently to observe the end of the little tussle between Heinrich and Bastian. A questioning glance is thrown the NCO's way, but when he hands him the collar patch, Fuchs actually grins, giving Heinrich a quick nod.
Erwin eyes the two SS cronies as he steps into the hospital. The Feldwebel glances around, easily spotting Bastian lying on the floor with a bloody face, "What the…." he begins, looking down at the bloody pulp as he steps forward, "What happened here?"

Herrmann sits quietly in his bed watching the scene outside the window. His eyes narrow a bit as he glances at the beaten Bastian, then back out the window. Comprehension of what just took place washes over him.

Heinrich looks quietly over as he's called a different rank than a few moments. He nods quietly, takes the patch and puts it on his collar- after removing his other and putting it into his pocket. He throws off a salute.

Bastian winces, throwing a hand over his face. "I fell, Herr Feldwebel," he whispers, voice shakey. "And hit my head on the iron bedframe. Only lucky that Heinrich was here," he hisses, jaw clenching shut.

Erwin looks down, "You fell.. onto both sides of your face? Come now, who hit you…" he says, glancing around at the other patients and medics, "Speak up then."

Herrmann simply stares over at Erwin saying nothing.

"It was an impressive fall, Sir," Bastian offers in explanation, turning his head away. "I'm supposed to be resting, if you don't mind."

"If you would like some time off, Strumman," Ewald says with that same fatherly smile, "You are welcome to it. Take the time you need." He then turns back towards Fuchs, "You had something to report?"

Herrmann shifts a bit in bed but keeps a keen eye on Erwin.

Erwin glances at the SS lying on the bed, he knows what this is all about. "Hertz, I am transferring Elsa away from here, it is obvious she is causing far too much trouble than it is worth. If I catch her around you, I will shoot her myself…. And…" he says, turning to look at the SS man, "Payback, is a medevac." he grunts, turning to depart the hospital.

Fuchs nods quickly, straightening slightly at the direct address by his NCO. "The bridge has a few places that would be suitable for demolition, should the need arise, sir." He reaches into a pocket and withdraws a single piece of folded paper, holding it out to the Oberscharfuhrer. "These are the best places for collapse, with notes on possible ambush sites that will withstand a decent blast."

"I… I understand, Feldwebel Meier," Bastian sighs. His injuries, past and recent, make it an easy thing to make himself sound disappointed. "Please come back later, Sir. It was good to see you." He leaves off the 'For once' part.

Erwin heads for the door, nodding towards the Army doctor, "Herr Doktor, I want these SS men removed from the hospital at once, it is obvious that they are causing problems with the proper soldiers. Have them returned to their respective commands, surely they have their own doctors to care for them."

Ewald nods his head a little bit as he looks over Fuchs' chart, "I will request some charges from the Oberstrumfuhrer and we'll get this set up," he says, as he starts to walk back towards the north, "Good work, Sturmmann."

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