From Brzeziny, a male voice shouts, "Schutzstaffel report to the center of town!".

Wagner arrives from the North.

Johan has arrived.
Johan arrives from the North.

"No, you get back to work, Mann," Ewald tells Heinrich as he climbs out of the trench. The Oberscharfuhrer, is standing near said trench, a stern look on his face. Aside from that, he waits patiently for the rest of the squad to assemble.

Heinrich nods to Ewald. "Yes, Oberscharfuhrer!" he goes back to work, jumping back into the trench and getting back to work.

Wagner walks towards the town center, moving slowly. His uniform bulges in the front, probably bandages from his wound received yesterday. Despite this, his appearance is impeccable, posture rigid. If he's in pain, he does his best to hide it. "Reporting, Oberscharfuhrer!"

Heinrich's working away at the trench, digging and reinforcing just like he was told. One can tell its the first trench the athletic looking boy has made, but can also see he's got someone with skill showing him exactly what to do.

Herrmann has arrived.
Herrmann arrives from the North.
Herrmann meanders along the trench from the North.

Once Ewald sees the majority of the squad assemebled, he begins. "Good work, on taking this.. villiage," he says, to get things started on a light note, "There is a reason each of you were chosen to be one of the Fuhrer's elite. You've done him and the Fatherland proud."

Herrmann listens quietly.

Ewald continues, "We will be occupying this town for the time being, so we will be digging in. I have already layed out the outline of our defensive line, and I want all of you to fortify it further. It stretchs from just north of town, to here then ends at the church on the east side of town where our machinegun is stationed."

Wagner nods, listening. "Are we expecting a counterattack soon?" he asks. The middle-aged corporal gazes eastward, to where the machine gun is deployed, pursing his lips in thought.

Ewald shakes his head a little bit as he looks towards the east, "No, I have heard nothing about a pending counterattack.. but that doesn't mean the Poles arn't planning one," he says, "The Heer have posted their scout unit up the road from us, so if they -do- come from the east, we will know about it. However, I went sentries posted in the church to the east, and the trench outpost north of town at all times. If you are not on guard duty or sleeping you are working on the fortifications."

Herrmann says "Excuse me Herr Oberscharfuhrer, but I will be glad to take a watch."

«Game» Johan moves into Cottage.

Fuchs has arrived.
Fuchs arrives from the West.

Heinrich's still working as hard as he can, doing his best to make the trenches better. He's digging, reinforcing, doing lots of hard, clean work.

Herrmann has been standing and listening to Ewald, but has of yet lifted a finger to help otherwise.

Ewald nods his head a little bit at Hermmann, "You may take first watch then, on the north guard point." He smirks a little bit, "And while you're there you can work on re-enforcing the defenses."

Johan is in the cottage, resting and recuperating from his wounds. While it is only his hand that is mauled, he cannot do much infantry-work with only one hand.

Heinrich leans back half a moment, to look at the Trench- as things really start to come together. He takes a few moments to light up a cigarette and rest. After a few hours, surely he deserves it. But, the break is short, all the same- he gets back to reinforcing, digging and all that other Trench work.

Herrmann bends down and picks up a shovel then offers a Ewald a cross between a sneer and smile, "The north guard point it is. Thank you Herr Oberscharfuhrer."

"I've set up communications," Wagner tells the sergeant, "so we can easily contact the scouts posted down the road." He rubs at the bandages on his chest and winces a little. "Any idea whether we'll be getting a field doctor soon?"

Herrmann picks up his pack and shoulders his rifle as he heads to the north point.
Herrmann has left.
Herrmann heads off North.

Heinrich nods quietly. "The others are to the west of town, in a forward position- our chauffeurs seem to think they are much better than us, yeah?" he asks with a little shake of his head.

"They are to the east, actually," Ewald says with a little grin, before nodding, "They are scouts. It is their job to be forward of our position. As soon as they find trouble they will come running back to us like scared fraulines and we will go forward to deal with it." He laughs at that, "There is no reason for us to waste our strength going in the wrong direction, ja?" He then looks at Wagner, "A doktor? I haven't heard anything about one coming anytime soon. You are the Fuhrer's chosen though. A little scratch won't hold you back."

Heinrich continues to work on the trench, grinning as he begins to really come together. "Looking good, Sir. What do we do next?" he wonders, looking up and over at his superior who seems to know more about this then he. "More of the same, or something specific now?"

Wagner nods and holds his chin up. "I won't let the Fuhrer down!" Ewald's words only fuel his fanaticism, and he sucks his pain up like a good supersoldier. "I will install a field telephone near our machine gun so we won't have to rely so much on runners. Just in case, eh?"

"This trench is not done yet," Ewald says with a shake of his head, "Its time to start adding more timber and really deepen the walls. This will be the command bunker while we are in town." Ewald would love to have a rebout built.. but he knows he doesn't have time for that. He then nods towards Wagner, "Ja. If possible, I would like communications from both guard posts. But the church is more important."

Wagner nods. "I will connect both guard posts. I've been informed that Recon's radio callsign is 'Maus.' What callsign has Obersturmfuhrer Hirsch issued us?"

Ewald shakes his head, "We've not been assigned a callsign," he says, before grinning, "Come up with one."

Fuchs makes his way out of the house, having finally recovered from, of all embarassing things, falling off of the jeep that brought them here and breaking his leg. It had kept him out of the earlier fighting, but now he's quite ready to pitch in. He slides down into the trench, and snaps to a rigid stance that could be called attention… except there is no salute. "Oberscharfuhrer, I am in active duty again. Have you any orders?"

Ewald nods a little bit at Fuchs, "Get to work on the trenches north of here, Sturmmann," he tells him, before smirking, "Surely you remember Mons. While I dont think we have time to recreate our wonderful fortress here.. the Poles are certainly not Canadians." Ah, old times.

Fuchs nods curtly. "Yes sir." He turns to move, then stops for a moment at the mention of Mons and the Canadians and nods somewhat more respectfully this time. "I do remember. That work kept many of us alive. I will endeavor to reach the same skill." With that, he turns and begins to head north to work on the trench up that way.

Heinrich's putting up the timber, like he was told- digging deeper, in other times.

Wagner returns after a short while, carrying wire. "I've confirmed our callsign with Recon," he tells the sergeant. "It's 'Weizenernte.' We'll be transmitting on the agreed upon frequency. I'll get to setting up those telephones now." With that, he trundles off.

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