How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the SS

Niklaus nods over to Shwenkfeld. "YEah. Munich is a good place. I used to go there during octoberfest. BEst time to go, really." he says with a little nod. "I tell you, I met this one girl.. " he grins and winks at Bastian and Schwenk. "So. You'll be my comrades in arms, eh?" he wonders as he grunts and pulls something out from under the vehicle. "See this. This is what's left of the drive-train, after ya'll got hit by that shell."

Doktor Schmidt continues operating inside, stretching his codewide medic uses like a benevolent fog over the field hospital.

«Medic Code» Doktor Schmidt heals 2 wound damage on Johan's left hand.

«Medic Code» Doktor Schmidt heals 2 wound damage on Hirsch's left hand.

«Medic Code» Doktor Schmidt heals 3 wound damage on Ewald's right hand.

«Medic Code» Doktor Schmidt heals 2 wound damage on Ewald's left leg.

«Medic Code» Doktor Schmidt heals 1 wound damage on Johan's right arm.

Schwenkfeld looks up curiously to the nurse, then leans to peer around as if searching for one individual in particular, who he apparentlty doesn't spot. A simple shrug of his shoulders and a smile back to her. "Sorry" is his only spoken response, and he leans forward once more to return to assisting the mechanic in the noisy repairs.
Schwenkfeld adds in a mutter to Niklaus, "Nurse says doctor's angry."

Bastian is notably smaller than Schwenkfeld, and would fit under the car handily. Ah, but there's a nurse about, so he doesn't quite drop under there just yet. "Fraulein Weir, was it?" he asks, sauntering up to the nurse with his most disarming smile. "I'm afraid we're in our own surgery ourselves, and as Herr Doktor hadn't deigned to inform us of his schedule, the vehicle isn't quite, ah, 'motive,' shall we say." He reaches out to take Sofia by the shoulder, trying to steer her back inside. "Rest assured, so soon as we get the rear axle back on one piece and the fore brakes unfused, we'll push the vehicle to a more secluded position. It is," he adds with his own apologetic look, "our heaviest weapon, and if we can't get the thing operable immediately I'm afraid we'll all be needing surgery - Herr Doktor included, yeah?"

Wagner enters the redoubt, a bundle of wire slung over his shoulder. The Scharfuhrer regards the Doktor silently for a moment. Then he sets down next to the recently-installed field radio, which he begins disassembling.

Niklaus nods quietly. "Unless the Doktor would like to lend me a few of his supermen, so I can get it dragged over to another place." he says, looking over to the Nurse- giving a bit of a wink. "Sorry, of course." he says. "But It'll be done soon enought. A week maybe."

Sofia smiles, and nods. "Yes, Herr Hertz," She replies to Bastian. She gives them a quick, apologetic glance. And a wince at Bastian's response. Then, a few blinks as she's turned and steered into the station. H-HEY! "As you like," Is her only reply before she smiles at Niklaus. Aw. As she finally steps in of her own volition. Once the door shuts behind her, she sighs. God, that's not going to end well. She strides along between the beds into the operating theatre. She has to pause to catch her breath. A whole week. That's not— Oh well. Time to step in. "Herr Doktor?"

"Fraulein Weir." Doktor Schmidt doesn't look up - he has his hands in Ewald's stomach. Without looking around, he murmurs evenly, "I notice that the infernal racket is not abating. Seeing as I am currently trying to sew shut a few major blood vessels in the good Oberscharfuhrer's stomach, it would be very unfortunate if my hand slipped." He adds, his voice dripping sarcasm, "You did ask very politely, I'm sure? Let them know that there's not hard feeling on my part? Tea and cupcakes all around?"

Yes, just as bad as she suspected. Sofia is beginning to hate it when she's right. Why can't she be a vapid, cute, stupid woman? Such is life. "Yes, I told them you were hard at work and needed the quiet to concentrate. But they said they couldn't move it unless you ah, loaned them some men and it might be a week—" Ooooooh god. Sofia's ready to duck just in case something happens. Maybe the Doktor'll start breathing fire or something. "And that there were no hard feelings on your part, of course."

Schwenkfeld is trying to avoid the most egregious of banging on the metal, working to free the wiring the impact had twisted when the tubes of the radio set on the vehicle had been smashed against the interior wall. "Ow!" as his ungloved hand manages to be scratched by a broken vacuum tube, bringing it up to his lips to suck on the wound for a moment.

Wagner looks up from his radio maintenance duties to consider Sofiahis blue eyes narrow for a momentthen back at the Doktor, to gauge the man's reaction. Shrugging, he continues working, fingers nimbly unscrewing a cover.

Niklaus's just chuckling quietly over to Schwenkfeld. "I have some extra gloves, if you want some." he says, as he nods over to his own tool-kit near by. A real Mechanic's kit, with everything inside. He does, however, try to be quieter. He just likes to give people hard times.

"Hey! Obergefreiter!" Bastian calls out as he returns to the vehicle. "A little professional courtesy goes a long way. Maybe we could get some wheels on her and push this pig round the corner there, sir?" He kneels, eyeing the pioneering tools around. "Or maybe widen the supply ramp in the fieldworks there a bit and get her under cover?" That disarming smile is passed to Schwenkfeld and Niklaus, now. "Shame if we had to work on the ol' girl in the rain and all that, eh?"

"I see." Doktor Schmidt's words are cold, and measured. He carefully puts down his scalpel, and after he has tied off the vein he was handling, he looks up at Sofia. "Let me make myself rightly understood, Fraulein Weir. It will not be a week, and there are plenty of hard feelings." He smiles, or rather bares his teeth at her, dark eyes glittering dangerously. "Now run along, and tell them in no uncertain terms to take a break from their manly chores, and if this racket does not cease presently, I will be particularly displeased." He turns back to the wounded NCO, 'harumphing', "If that piece of junk does not disappear within twenty-four hours from before my field hospital, it will be made to disappear. I will phone Herr Goebbels. I will send letters to the Reichsmarshal. I will have demolitions put under it at night. And most importantly of all, I will hold /you/ personally responsible for the failure to make my wishes understood."

Doktor Schmidt adds, as an afterthought, "You may borrow my pistol." Without looking up, he slaps leather, and hands Sofia the Luger, handle-first. He doesn't explain why she might need it.

Schwenkfeld mutters quietly, "Gloves would be good. I think I got a little scratch. The radio's busted." down to Niklaus from where he's leaning into the vehicle through an open hatch. Sliding back, he looks over to Bastian then. "This is the motor pool lot, here. That's where Feldwebel said it should be." is his response to that man.

Wagner works quickly now, seeing the pistol being offered. He pulls the radio cover off and examsthe guts of the contraption. Satisfied, he drops his bundle of wire and replaces the cover, quickly screwing it back into place. The Scharfuhrer stands and walks over to exit, then pauses, looking back to consider Sofia. Perhaps he is waiting for her.

It's kind of terrifying, even to Sofia. "Yes, Herr Doktor. I'm very sorry," She steps back. She is listening just to make sure she's gotten that all down properly. Sigh. Does she even know HOW to use a pistol? As if she's going to say no. Nodding, obediently she carefully takes the Luger. Keep bullet end down and away. Right? Right. Why would she need such a thing? No time for questions. Her green eyes are a bit wide at this point. It's those bared teeth and those eyes. Backing up and away, Sofia vanishes out of the theatre again and emerges outside after a moment. Thud, the door closes behind her and she looks for the men working on the car. Oh, the Luger. Oops, don't point that at yourself. She almost hesitates, seeing Wagner there. But she steps forward, "Excuse me, Herr," A polite smile to Wagner.

Wagner follows behind Sofia, lock-step. His MP38 is slung behind a shoulder and his hand holds the sling, ready to swing it into place. He doesn't respond to Sofia's word, nor is her smile returned.

Niklaus's offering gloves over to Shwenk, already, as he gets into the machine. "The guns are still in good condition, at least." he says, with a little nod as he puts a key into the machine. He begins to try and start it- Thuub…. Thuuubba… Thubathubathubathuba. "Ah. That's a good sound." he states, with a little grin "So. Once we fix the drive train, we'll be able to move it.

"Well, be that as it may…" Bastian starts, pausing for the engine. "Hmm, that /is/ sounding better. Sure we've got enough spare parts? Hoses, pipes?" He smiles, changing tac, and pats the side of the car. "I know I've had to patch up a busted exhaust line with an empty bean tin and ladies' nylons myself."

Hirsch strolls into the village, having been at a rear area (ooer) up to no good with Herr Oberst. HIs hand is neatly bandaged, and aches quite badly, but is on the mend. An MP38 is slung over his body on its strap, though he's foregone the helmet for a feldgrau cap, today.

Schwenkfeld smiles as he accepts the gloves, slipping them on. Whatever minor scratch his forehand had gotten from the broken glass tube is no longer bleeding. "Now I won't get cut." and then listens to the engine's sound. "It does not rattle and shake as much now." before his eyes turn to Bastian at the motorcycle scout's words. "I guess so. Best to ask him." and sideways nods over to Niklaus.

Wagner's intensity is a bit unnerving. Sophia looks over her shoulder as he follows her. Hmmn. She turns back and steps out the door, far enough to allow Wagner out as well. Oops, gotta keep a hold of that Luger. "Excuse me, Herrs," She calls, trying to be polite to the men working on the car. But she needs to be heard. She winces as the car starts up. Ah, that's not going to make the Doktor happy.

Niklaus nods over to Bastian. "Don't worry, I'll keep them running as well as I can." he says quietly, as he grins to himself. "I've got lots of scrap left to get it welded up properly. Just ask me if you need something fixed, boys." he smiles softly, taking a deep breath- he turns the engine off. "The fuel line was intact, luckily- so I won't need to thread that needle.

"Dispense with the soft pleasantries of the rear echelon," Wagner snarls at Sofia, his voice low. "As you babble, the Fuhrer's men bleed when theywecould be marching onward. Now convey the Doktor's requests, as you were asked to."

Bastian's smile is wearing thin. "Scrap, you say?" Sofie's call-out is heard, spurring him a bit more. "Are you sure we've got everything we need here?" Wagner's steely voice, though the words can't be made out, is of unmistakable tone. "It's all too easy to forget something…

Schwenkfeld looks over to the mechanic he's working with, then smiles back to Bastian. "Yes, scrap. We are glad we have it, because if we didn't…then the truck the stormtroopers like to ride in won't be working either." An oafish smile, "I don't think they like walking long walks in Poland much."

Niklaus looks up and over to the Nurse, "Frauline?" he asks quietly, as the car is turned off. He just stands there- wiping his cleans his hands off. "I can help you?" he smiles quietly. "Need something fixed in the hospital? I'd be happy to help." he says softly, as he looks over at the scrap. "A lot of that was taken from this vehicle." he says over to Bastian. "I cleaned it up last night, when I arrived."

Hrk. It's bad enough listening to the Doktor on her case, now he has an even longer arm. Sofia straightens. Right. Ok. Fine. "Of course, Herr. I apologize." Now, to the message. "The Herr Doktor told me to tell you to take a break from your chores presently. And if that piece of junk does not disappear within 24 hours, it will be made to disappear. He will phone Herr Goebbels, send letters to the Reichsmarshal or put demolitions under it…" She states. Her voice is even, she's obviously simply carrying a message, just as Wagner and the Doktor would wish. A polite smile and headshake to Niklaus, no, it is fine. But it's probably unwise to speak more than needed at the moment, especially with Wagner behind her.

Hirsch looks around for Ewald, but sees Wagner instead. A familiar story. So he heads over to Wagner. "Scharfuhrer! We're moving out. Where's Baumann?". After all its Baumann sposed to be telling Wagner, not Hirsch.
Bastian just looks carefully between the concerned parties, gauging their reactions. "You've… been at it a while, yeah?"

Wagner spins on his heel and turns to face Hirsch. He doesn't salute, though—that's a bad habit to get into on the battlefield. "I don't know where the Oberscharfuhrer is, sir," he says. He then returns his cold gaze at the vehicle, and those working on it. "I'm presently seeing to it that Herr Doktor's orders are carried out, sir."

Hirsch quirks a brow at that. "And what are those?" he asks, looking over at the vehicle in question. "That that piece of junk needs to be made to disappear?" he asks. "Of little consequence now, we need to be gone from here as soon as possible. The heap of junk as well. It'll be a night time move, most likely.".

Von Meiszen's car, the 221, is back in prime condition after a little work on the part of the hardworking sturmpioniers, but (as usual) he can't seem to find either of his drivers. He stands by the car, talking irritably on the radio and smoking.

Schwenkfeld draws up an arm as if to salute the officer, but cuts it off at the last moment and just adjusts the mechanic's gloves they're wearing instead. He steps over closer to Niklaus, as if showing a simple form of crew unity with his fellow member of the Wehrmacht.

Niklaus nods quietly. "Well, unless you want me to strip it bare- then break it, I'll need to keep it here so I can fix it." he says to Hirsch and Wagner both. "The Doktor knows a lot about healing, I'm sure. But little about machinery or mechanical repair. We've got orders to move out, from above- and well.. It seems to me his are against the wishes of that directive." he gives a little shrug. "But, who am I but a simple Shutze, covered in the innards of a vehicle."

"The Oberscharfuhrer is being operated on at the moment, that is why the Herr Doktor has requested quiet in the area," Sofia answers, her voice even. She seems to be masking any feelings she might have, but they can't be pleasant. At the making sure the orders are carried out comment, Sofia's teeth simply grit. Fortunately, she keeps her mouth closed, so it's hardly visible. Be respectful, it IS his job, Sofia reminds herself. So she stays quiet and has delivered the message nearly word for word. There's a subtle look of apology on her face, though it's hard to tell it's there and who it's directed to. "I should get back, I have delivered the message," No time for dilly dally, especially not with Wagner behind her.

Wagner turns away from the vehicle to face Hirsch. How quick he ceases one task for another! The Scharfuhrer nods to Hirsch. "I'll inform the men that we will be moving out, sir. Do you have any further orders?" Hearing Niklaus' words, he frowns and takes a step towards the mechanic, clenching his fists. "I don't like the your tone, Schutze," he growls.

Hirsch ahs at Sofia. "Well, see to it that he can be moved before nightfall. Or the Doktor will be working in the back of a truck, which I'm sure he will not find to his satisfaction.". Hirsch then nods at Wagner. "We are done with this village, and it will not be needed any longer. Burn it before we move out. If you find any partisans in the process, so much the better.". He sniffs. "There will be no need for a Polish village this close to the border, it will be resettled by Germans in short order, I have no doubt.".

Hirsch narrows his eyes at the one Wagner is growling at. But says nothing more. He does hang around though, in case his scharfuhrer has been distracted and didn't quite hear. Or… maybe for some other reason. Who knows.
Schwenkfeld turns to look between Niklaus and Wagner, frowning a little to himself and puzzling out a response before actually speaking it. "Schutze Lanik is merely following orders, as we have orders to repair it. If new orders are to move out, we will fix it enough to move as fast as possible, not dallying and arguing whether a medical doctor is in the chain of command."

Von Meiszen eyes the disagreement from under his cap warily, but doesn't get involved as it's not his business.

Nodding quietly, Niklaus gives a rather stupid grin over to WAgner. "I get that a lot, you'd be surprised. Its the grease I think. Still, I can't move the vehicle right now. Unless you get me a team of mules- its not moving from that spot until I can fix the axles and Planetary gear. I'm working as fast- and quietly as is possible for me- but I'm afraid until I've been ordered to destroy the machine, I've got to fix it." he wipes off his hands on a rag hanging from his belt, as he looks up at Wagner for the first time really. Dark brown eyes glimmer, almost playful. As if he enjoys the argument itself. The hostility. "Anyways, I'll do the best I can. Which is of course, never enough." He sounds oddly happy with that, as he gets down on his back again and slides under the vehicle again.

Sofia gives Hirsch a LOOK. "Herr, he was hit with a grenade. He could hardly keep his guts together." She furrows her eyebrows, looking a bit alarmed at such an idea. "Not to mention his limbs and— Well, maybe we can transport him carefully." Sigh. But it seems like Sofia will have to ride along with him. "I am not about to rush the Herr Doktor. You tell him to hurry it up yourself," Sofia shakes her head. "I am just telling you what he told me," The woman holds up her hands. Oh, that Luger. Oops, better keep that down. "And I should get back inside to help." Where has that other nurse gotten off to? Poor Sofia.

«Game» Wagner changes his style to Banzai!

«Ground Combat»You move to engage Niklaus in close quarters combat.

«Ground Combat» Wagner moves to engage Niklaus in close quarters combat, but fails.

«Game» Schwenkfeld changes his style to Banzai!

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld moves to engage Wagner in close quarters combat, but fails.

Wagner snorts. "Let the Schutze answer for himself, Obergefreiter," he says to Schwenkfeld. "Have you just now discovered a sense of nobility and duty within yourself? If so, it is misplaced. I remember you once didn't possess the conviction to swear to serve the Fuhrer fully," he scoffs. Then, the old NCO walks over to Niklaus and tries to pull the man out from under the vehicle.
Schwenkfeld grabs for Wagner as the man strikes towards his mechanic.

"This is war, Nurse Sofia…" Hirsch points out. "In peacetime I am sure that Baumann would be given the best treatment possible in a hospital and all the time needed to recover. Unfortunately this isn't peacetime, and in a few hours we have to be on the road, one way or another.". And then a fight breaks out. Hirsch watches quietly for a moment. If Wagner gets his ass kicked Hirsch won't be happy.

«Ground Combat»You move to engage Niklaus in close quarters combat.

«Ground Combat» Wagner moves to engage Niklaus in close quarters combat, but fails.

«Ground Combat» Wagner moves to engage Niklaus in close quarters combat, and succeeds!

«Ground Combat» You make an unarmed attack on Niklaus!
«Ground Combat» Wagner attacks Niklaus with his bare hands! Niklaus suffers 1 bruise damage to his left hand.

Schwenkfeld misses with the first attempt to hold Wagner, his large frame rather clumsy at swift actions. But as the big lug he is, that SA brownshirt gleam momentarily in his eyes, he reaches again.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld moves to engage Wagner in close quarters combat, and succeeds!

«Ground Combat» Niklaus attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Niklaus misses!

Wagner grabs Niklaus roughly and begins pulling him out from under the vehicle.

«Ground Combat» You make an unarmed attack on Niklaus!

«Ground Combat» Wagner attacks Niklaus with his bare hands! Niklaus suffers 1 bruise damage to his right arm.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Schwenkfeld misses!

Schwenkfeld growls, "Let go!"

"I know, Herr Dieter," Sofia frowns. "I know. Believe me." In peacetime, Sofia wouldn't have to work extra shifts and staff wouldn't be short. She wipes her brow. "What the" Are the men fighting? "All this talk of being on task and on duty and they're fighting?" Men! Sofia sighs. She does keep an eye out on the battle. "Oh for the love of" Grumble. She watches a moment, probably trying to keep an eye out for any who get too badly busted up.

«Ground Combat» You make an unarmed attack on Niklaus!

«Ground Combat» Wagner attacks Niklaus with his bare hands! Wagner hits but Niklaus blocks it!

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Schwenkfeld misses!

Niklaus's pulled out from under the vehicle- yelping as he's hit, and attacked like that. "Hey! Get off me!" he says, kicking as he's suddenly attacked. His arms go up to block the hit at him.

«Ground Combat» Niklaus attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Niklaus hits but Wagner blocks it!

«Ground Combat» You make an unarmed attack on Niklaus!

«Ground Combat» Wagner attacks Niklaus with his bare hands! Wagner misses!

«Ground Combat» You make an unarmed attack on Niklaus!

«Ground Combat» Wagner attacks Niklaus with his bare hands! Niklaus suffers 2 bruise damage to his left hand.

Schwenkfeld is trying to push Wagner aside, attempting to bump him away from the mechanic of his crew.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Wagner suffers 2 bruise damage to his left chest.

«Ground Combat» Niklaus attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Niklaus misses!

Wagner is relentless, continuing to grapple with Niklaus.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Wagner suffers 5 bruise damage to his head.

Days, weeks? Siegfried can't be sure, but when his eyes finally open, his head swims with the sort of sleep-ridden stupor that could only come from a day or two of unconsciousness. One arm reaches up, tendering fingering at the bandage wrapped about his head, before peeling it back and over his head to feel where a bullet grazed him.. A realization which causes him to sit up rather suddenly.

Schwenkfeld plants a fist against the side of the SS man's head after that, frowning and growling.

Wagner gets clobbered hard in the head and reels on his feet.

«Ground Combat» You make an unarmed attack on Niklaus!

«Ground Combat» Wagner attacks Niklaus with his bare hands! Wagner misses!

Niklaus's not a fighter, by the looks of it- swearing loudly as the man keeps trying to hit him. "Son of a bitch, get your dog off me!" he yells over to Hirsch, as he jumps to his feet- and follows his fellow Heer man's fist with one of his own.

«Ground Combat» Niklaus attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Niklaus misses!

Schwenkfeld shouts out again, "Let go! Feldwebel disciplines him, not you!" and lunges again.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Schwenkfeld hits but Wagner blocks it!

Hirsch shouts, "ENOUGH!".

«Ground Combat» Niklaus attacks Wagner with his bare hands! Niklaus misses!

Hirsch gives em a few seconds, Judge Dredd style.

"I don't take orders from you!" Wagner says to Schwenkfeld, reaching down again. But, hearing his CO, he stands down. Breathing hard and glaring at the Heer.

«Ground Combat» Niklaus attempts to disengage from close quarters combat with Wagner and does not succeed..

Schwenkfeld delays an action at that time, and does not reach for Wagner again as he hears the senior officer shout out. He huffs his breath, though, trying to step over to help seperate Niklaus from the man.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld attempts to disengage from close quarters combat with Wagner and succeeds!.

«Ground Combat» You attempt to disengage from Niklaus!

«Ground Combat» Wagner attempts to disengage from close quarters combat with Niklaus and does not succeed..

The sound of shouting from outdoors bring's Siegfried's attention upward.. He swings his legs from the bed before rising, a little wobbly at first, but quickly readjusting to standing on his own two feet.

Sofia just rolls her eyes and steps into the medical station. She enters the building just in time to see Siegfriend standing. "ACK! Herr, no! Sit back down!" Flailing her hands at him and rushing towards his bed. "Damn! I have been yelled at once already for you lot!" Flail flail. Not very lady-like, is she? "Please. Lie back down," She looks over at Siegfried, very solemnly.

Von Meiszen secretly cheers on the Heer. . o O (Yes, beat some sense into that blackback thug!) But outwardly he busies himself with preparing his car for operation. Nothing happening over here, nosir.

Niklaus's pulled out of the fight by Schwenkfeld, spitting on the ground to get some of the dirt of the battle out of his mouth. He rubs his left arm, and right shoulder. "Damnit…" he shakes his head as he looks over at Sofia, and smiles. "Sorry, Frauline." he nods his head. "It was not my intent." he says quietly, grinning again. He makes a kissy face at Wagner, winking to him.

Two vacant eyes stare back at the woman flailing her arms at him. They linger only for a moment before he retrieves his helmet, situated on the stand by his bed, before beginning to fasten it. "I am unwounded, and it sounds as if the Poles are at the gates," Siegfried responds, secondly retrieving his rifle from its palce leaning on the wall, before he pushes past the nurse as though she hadn't been there in the first place.

Schwenkfeld growls low in his Saxony German, "Stand up straight and don't make a face." to Niklaus, frowning before he turns to stand straight himself and face towards Hirsch.

Hirsch has his sparkling grey eyes narrowed again, despite the fact that the brawl ended immediately. He eyes Niklaus. "That 'dog' is a scharfuhrer in the SS, an obedient servant of the Greater German Reich. I will no doubt be reporting this incident to your superiors. In any case, we are leaving tonight. That car leaves with us, if it cannot move, it will be destroyed, lest it falls into the hands of partisans.". He turns back to Wagner. "Are your orders clear, Scharfuhrer?". He glances over at the car, and notes, "Bear in mind that the 17th's reconnaissance detachment is here to support the SS, not the other way around.". He then pauses at Niklaus' actions. "Thats enough, soldier, unless you want a charge of insubordination on your record.". He's not in the mood to play games with the uneducated common soldiery.

"You were /shot in the head/, herr," And as he tries to push past, she stands in his way moving back then in front of him. "There are no Poles at the gate, only a scuffle between some Heer and SS," She remarks. Sofia is not letting Siegfried out if she can help it. "And I am NOT getting yelled at by the Herr Doktor again for letting wounded patients up and out." She's eyeing Siegfriend dangerously now. God help her. He is NOT getting out. "So please, Herr, get back into bed."

Bastian swaggers in from the loo. In the time it takes to give a shit, it's /gone/ to shit. The SS commander seems to have things in hand, but Bastian's own palm rests on his opened pistol holster regardless.

Something seems to snap and Siegfried's eyes suddenly go wild, his considerably loftier height bending slightly at the waist, with the full weight of years of physical abuse fueling the controlled anger in his voice, "Move!" he shouts, more of a barking noise than a true word as he lifts his rifle, placing it over her chest to thrust her from his immediate presence.

Wagner stops glaring at Niklaus and nods to Hirsch. "Yes, sir!" he says. "I'll gather my squad and tell them to get ready to move out and burn this place." He spins on his heel and heads off to carry out his duties.

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