Ehre Und Familie

Einar Kassel crouches in the trench, inventorying his spare parts. "Third firing pin I've lost this week," he curses."
Heinrich is quiet, as he sits in the Trench- smoking away. "I smoke too much. Luckily, Father sent me more cigarettes." he says with a laugh.

Well, Elsa's been in the field hospital the whole damned day. Of course, that is why she's here, to work and help and there DOES seem to be an odd lack of nurses, so she's happy to help, but now she needs a cigarette. She remembers her way back out towards where she drank and smoked with the boys last night, and now eagerly makes her way through the trenches towards the somewhat relaxed male voices. She can practically taste the tobacco already. She is also, finally, in a white nurses uniform.

Heinrich looks up at Elsa as he sees her, nodding. "Bastian is town, under guard." he says quietly. He offers Elsa a cigarette of course. HE's a gentleman.

Elsa blinks as she hears that, doing a double take in the attractive, Aryan man's direction.."Heinrich?" Apparently after last night, she feels comfortable with his last name…"What??….God…Why?!…It wasn't me, was it? They cleared me!" Immediately there is a hint of guilty panic upon her pale face.

Heinrich looks over at Elsa, "Insubordination." he says softly, as he looks over to the girl. "He's under guard, back in BRizo.. The town." he says.

Elsa rolls her eyes to the sky and shakes her head…"Bloody idiot. He does seem to have a bit of a mouth on him, doesn't he?" Elsa seems to have calmed a bit, apparently that not nearly so bad a charge as consorting with the enemy. Not that she is the enemy, even if she was. She steps the rest of the way to Heinrich's side and gives him a pretty little smile…"I'll keep you company for a cigarette?"

Heinrich chuckles quietly. Already offering Elsa a cigarette. "My brother likes you. So, I'll keep you safe." he says as he offers a whole pack to the woman. "Out of luck for matches though." he says, with a little nod… "He does have a mouth on him. A loud, stupid mouth- to go with his brain."

Elsa allows a slightly softer smile to brush her lips, "Yes, well… I rather like him also, truthfully. Strange, how that works." She sinks down into the dirt and and leans against the edge of the trench, getting comfortable and semi-off of her feet. Yes, it'll mar her beautiful white uniform, but she's off duty. She nods thankfully for the cigarette, now frowning as she considers how to get it lit…"Do you think he'll be in trouble long? It… is not that serious, is it?"

Falk approaches the trench, moving with some stiffness. He had to spend a day or so in hospital after the last attack but, miraculously, his wound was Not As Bad As It Seemed (TM). He approaches the trench but slows when he sees Heinrich talking to Elsa. He stays a little apart from them, watching them, his scarred face furrowed in a thoughtful look.

Heinrich shrugs. "I'll do what I can." he waits, only a few ticks- before he offers his lighter over to Elsa. "There. And here." he pulls out about thirty marks, and gives them to Elsa. "DOn't tell Bastian. Okay. It is for you to get food, and something nice for you." he says, nodding. "He might not like me giving you money- but. Just take it." he says looking at her. Its not a lot of money, really. Not for a Hertz boy- rich kids, really, compared to most. "You can get your own cigarettes this way, and something to light it with. And maybe new dress."

Elsa leans over, accepting the lighter and drawing in a deep breath. It probably gives Heinrich a slightly nice view, as she's unbuttoned the top of her uniform to be comfortable in the summer heat…Whether she realizes or not, well, is questionable. She relaxes as she gets the first few breaths of the cigarette and then sinks back into the trench…"Excellent. You're spoiling me, Heinrich… you know that? That is your brother's … job…" And then he offers her the money and her eyes go just a bit wide. She's not sure what to say. She's… never been treated this good before. Her pride fights with practicality for a few moments and finally she nods, slipping the 30 marks down her shirt's front (the safest place to keep it)…"…Thank you, Heinrich… I… I really don't….have words…"

Falk continues to watch Elsa and Heinrich. Intently. There's no particular menace about his look, really, but his face makes all of his looks seem somewhat menacing. As the woman handles her cigarette he fishes out one for himself, lighting it and taking a quick puff before clearing his throat. To announce his presence. The transaction of money makes him glance at Elsa again, but he still bears no particular expression. "Mann Hertz," he says with short jerk of his head to Heinrich. "How goes the night?" He does not greet Elsa but his eyes shift back to her.

Heinrich nods over to Elsa. "Just.. Keep quiet about it. And stay safe. Bastian would not forgive me if you got hurt." he says quietly. "He's going to try and join me, as an SS man. So, it is good to keep you safe." he looks at Elsa quietly. He's silent, really- as he sits for a moment smoking. He nods to Falk. "Well enough. Have you met Elsa? She is a nurse." he states simply. There is nothing he does to specifically do more than just give her some cash. "I can help you, today?" he wonders, giving a grin up at Falk. "She's also my Brother's… very close friend." he says.

Elsa does a double take as she realizes there is someone else there! Maybe she was more tired than she initially thought. Her eyes widen, cheeks blushing just a bit as her brain can only wonder what Falk now thought of their little transaction. She bows her head to him, a slightly embarassed smile brushing her lips, "Sir… yes… I….I am his brother's wife to be, actually.." They had agreed. It was set. No looking back now. She takes another drag of her cigarette and smiles back to Heinrich…"I am a smart woman. I'll take care of myself."

"Close friend. Of course," Falk says coolly, staring at Elsa a moment longer. The word 'wife' prompts a blink, and a shrug. "Of course," he repeats. That said, he turns his attention to Heinrich. "I was sorry to hear of your brother. I do hope he comes through the whole affair well. It is most unfortunate." As sympathetic as a glacier, he is.

Thankfully, it is nighttime. The somewhat jovial calls of the ill-trained SS are cut short by the more curt voice of Erwin Meier. The Feldwebel scolds several positions of SS for their lack of noise discipline, idly wondering to himself where that fool Ewald has gotten to. Regardless, the Sergeant moves from position to position, making sure everything is in order.
Heinrich's eyes narrow as he looks to Falk. "Of course you were." he says, as he looks over to Elsa and gives her a quiet smile, then back to Falk. "Is there something the matter?" he wonders. He himself is quiet, as he goes about just sitting there in the trench.

Elsa has fallen a bit quiet herself, looking upon Falk with a touch of confusion. He was talking about Bastian being jailed, right… and not his impending, if very quick marriage? Elsa just savours the drag of her cigarette, enjoying being off call and the balmy summer air in a trench where she, oddly, feels extremely safe. She does stiffen a bit, though, as she catches sight of Erwin out of the corner of her eye…

"Nothing the matter, Hertz," Falk replies, his gaze returning to Elsa. He looks her up and down, not so much leering as dissecting. As if measuring her hair for the proper degree of blondeness, her eyes for the correct shade of blue. "Nothing at all. Your brother seems a good enough young man. We spoke briefly, in the trenches. I hope for nothing but the best for him. Would be a shame, if he were led astray." If he has anything more to say he cuts if off, straightening when he catches a glimpse of Erwin out of the corner of his eye. His cigarette is snuffed.

Erwin manages to snuff out a group of SS who have found a bottle of booze. After a stiff scolding and a few applications of his boot, he moves on, heading towards the trench containing the forbidden female. "What's going on here?" he asks, standing up straight, looking down into the trench. As it is pretty gloomy, he cannot quite make out their identities.
Said forbidden female is also now wearing a German nurse's uniform. Its unbuttoned slightly and she's clearly off duty, but it fits her proper, it doesn't look stolen or anything. She stands up, her slightly worried attention completely drawn away from Falk and Heinrich as she looks over Erwin… But, really, she knows her place. It isn't for her to speak right now…so she just watches, nervous enough to have paused in smoking her cigarette.

Heinrich seems, at best, uninterested in Erwin, he looks up. "Just talking to a Nurse, Sir. I've had some trouble, since my mission the other day." he states. "I twisted my ankle." he says, "But, it didn't seem serious enough to leave the trench, just yet." he explains as he gives a bit of a stretch to stand up and look at the man. "Thank you, Nurse. I'll make sure to wrap my ankle tightly, as soon as you get me that bandage." he looks at Erwin- oh, some things run in the family, it seems. Its not all punches with Heinrich, oh no.
Falk lets Heinrich answer before he speaks a word to Erwin, holding himself ramrod straight. "I had merely paused for a cigarette, Feldwebel," he says. "I am off duty, but I must return to my post shortly." He says nothing pro or con as to Heinrich's twisted ankle, or Elsa's tending of it.

Erwin glares at the bumbling SS, his attention on the white-dressed nurse, whose face is still hidden. "You, get back to the village, you're just a target up here, we have medics who can tend to the wounded in the field, your place is in the hospital." he says, returning his gaze to the infantrymen, "And you, get back to your posts, you're only off-duty when you're in the village."

Elsa stiffens, just a bit, having to bite her own tongue before she gets herself to join her husband to be in the brig. She just takes a good drag of her smoke, eyes trailing back in Heinrich's direction. "…Come by the field hospital tomorrow… if it continues to bother you…" And then she looks back to Erwin and does, slightly, clear her throat. "I… am off duty as well, sir… My shift ended an hour ago. We are not permitted to relax in the open air, then?" She would not smart mouth… she would not smart mouth.. She had to keep saying it to herself, even if her tone slightly was, well, smart.
Heinrich Gives a smile up to Erwin, as he gives a wave of his hand. "Oh yes, Of course." he says as he salutes and stands up- getting back to digging the Trench and reinforcing, as others patrol and keep the line up. "Go on. Get out of here." he says, giving Elsa a little push, "I'll come by, if it continues to bother me- thank you Nurse." he says. "Also, please see about getting me a new field medic kit. Mine has run out of bandages and gauze." he says as he continues his work.

"Yes, Feldwebel," Falk says, moving right along. Thought not too speedily. His eyes still linger on Elsa. Intently.
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Erwin narrows his eyes once more, "And no smoking, Unless you want to be a target for a sniper." he says, turning to move off to the next unknowing position, ready to chide the bumbling SS, wishing he had a proper infantry kompanie to hold this position with.

"The entire reason I was sitting, Sir." Heinrich states, as he snuffs the cigarette, and watches Falk quietly. He nods over to Elsa. "I will visit you at the hospital tomorrow, Nurse- when I am off duty." he says, again he's doing that whole entrenchment thing.

Elsa nods curtly at Erwin's words, but she does relax a bit as he doesn't throw a fit that she's among the soldiers at all, considering the last orders she heard him to give. She carefully begins to climb out f the trench, making as if to head back towards the field hospital as commanded… though Erwin looks as if he's moving on. She pauses, kneeling on the edge of the trench…"You think it's safe to come back?"

Heinrich shakes his head. "If Bastian is still in trouble, in a week, I will give you another thirty marks." he says quietly. "And visit you, when I can. Other than that- go and be a good Sister." he says quietly, thinking for a moment, "And once we have taken the bridge.. This area will be very secure." he nods quietly as he stretches a bit again. "I will see you soon." he nods.

Elsa nods quietly to Heinrich, giving one long look after, worried now.. a touch unsettled, but she then stands and turns to quickly head back off towards the hospital. There was little else for her to do but trust the men whom she, well, did trust… and listen to their words. Perhaps she could find Bastian, or sleep..

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