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Herrmann arrives from the south on a pair of crutches.

Herrmann finds himself a cot and makes himself at home.

Herrmann props up his injured leg which has begun to smell.

Wagner enters the aid station and walks through, checking on the wounded and injured that might be there. As he passes Herrmann, he stops to look the soldier. "At least you're still able to shoot, schutze," the NCO comments.

Doktor Schmidt has arrived.
Doktor Schmidt arrives from the South.

Herrmann looks up and offers a slight smile, "Aye, just prop me up and I'll shoot all day."

Wagner nods. "I'm certain things will be sorted out," he replies. "What the Feldwebel has done is an injustice to the SS. We have spilled blood for our Fuhrer, while that Feldwebel has done little more than waste gasoline and munitions," the Scharfuhrer says. "Have you at least managed to rest?"

Herrmann is on a cot in building 3, the make shift SS field aid station. His left leg was injured by shrapnel from a mortar round. Sofia cleaned and dressed the wound, but it has been several days since then. He has received no further treatment since being forced from the hospital and the leg is starting to smell.

Doktor Schmidt walks along the street from the Field Hospital. No, he doesn't walk - he /stalks/, looking even more pissed off than usual. Bypassing soldiers and civilians alike earn murderous glares from the tall surgeon, as he passes by.

Ewald is posted outside the makeshift aid-station currently, overseeing some sort of fortifaction consturction. Looks like communication trenches to neighboring buildings.

Doktor Schmidt storms right up to the aid station, examining it with a look of barely disguised disgust; oh yes, this is Dr Schmidt. Not disguised at all, actually: Clearly, he doesn't approve of the medical standards of the facility. He nod stiffly to Ewald, calling out, "Oberscharfuhrer. Please instruct your men to dismantle this disgrace of a medical facility. There has been a misunderstanding." A muscle in his cheek twitches slowly, giving him a rather demented look.

Herrmann upon hearing a stern voice outside the aid station saying something about dismantling, takes up his makeshift crutches and makes his way to the door to see what's going on.

"I figured us much, Herr Doktor," Ewald says quietly, before he turns to bark out the Doktor's orders, "You, you!" He points towards two schutez, "Assist the wounded back towards the field hospital." He then turns back towards the Doktor, "I was quite suprised when the Feldwebel acted the way he did. He has always been quite rude."

"Those who can walk under their own power, move out!" Wagner barks. "You heard the Oberscharfuhrer! Relocate to the field hospital and clear this space out!"

Herrmann is now being assisted by a couple of the soilders Ewald instructed to help the wounded. He is placed on a stretcher and carried off down the street to the hospital.

Schwenkfeld peeks over from the clutter of buildings in the urban sprawl.

Doktor Schmidt smiles coldly, or at least moves his lips. The effort is not reassuring. "Feldwebel Meir seems to believe that military exploits are more important than political reliability. Well, that might be only a /weak/ rather than an absurd argument, if he actually had any." Dr Schmidt shakes his head, "He seems to be afflicted with a specific kind of insanity, clearing SS men out of my field hospital when his little gang of Heer scum is operating under an /SS regiment/. I will take great pleasure in examining him psychologically."

Peer. Peeeer. Apparently drawn out by all the yelling, Sofia herself wanders out, helping anyone who needs it. She seems not too unsurprised. Still, the woman makes a beeline for Herr Doktor to see where she's needed, and unfortunately she hears the last part. Oh dear. "Herr Doktor?" She must have been busy.

Schwenkfeld takes a seat down so his view goes through an open window, lessening further his visibility as he listens to what words carry.

Ewald chuckles a little bit at that. "He does seem to have a rather high sense of self worth," he comments, before shaking his head a little bit, "More concenered with his own little fiefdom then the greater good of Germany and the Aryan race." When Sofia appear, he gives the nurse a little nod of his head a slight smile, "Fraulein."

Doktor Schmidt's piercing, steel-grey eyes move to Sofia, "Good evening, Fraulein. Tell me, did you have anything to do with the business of clearing the SS men out of the field hospital?" There is a certain sharp edge to his voice, that suggests that giving the wrong answer is going to hurt. He offers to Ewald, "He is a remnant of the past, Oberscharfuhrer. One of those ignorant, self-serving fools, an obstacle on the Path of progress. Only by surrendering ourselves completely to the will of the Party and to Fuhrer can we truly make a better world."

Sofia nods and smiles politely in turn to Ewald. She doesn't wince outwardly at the Doktor's voice, but that edge is noticed. "Me, Herr Doktor? No. I was only told of such after it had happened apparently," She shakes her head. "I was surprised, it seemed very unecessary," She admits. Oh well, who is Sofia to meddle in such affairs? She falls silent after.

"She was not involved, Herr Doktor," Ewald confirms with a little nod of his head, as he places his hands behind his back, "The Feldwebel spoke to some doktor who was associated with the Heer unit. I am not exactly sure which one."

Wagner moves over to the door to supervise the dismantling of the makeshift aid station. "Do you anticipate the Feldwebel will be a problem, Herr Doktor?" he asks the Doktor. "Will the presence of the Heer interfere with your operation?"

Schwenkfeld doesn't call out or say anything, or even make himself known. He just watches from afar, behind the open window, with his jaw dropped and partially breathing through his mouth.

"I see. Well, Fraulein Weir, for future reference, this kind of order is to be considered null and void, unless it comes from me or directly from Regimental Command. An attempt to move wounded men without authorization is tantamount to an attack on them, and is to be considered as such." Doktor Schmidt is practically steaming with barely controlled rage, but this being the self-controlled surgeon, this mainly manifests in painstakingly precise articulation, and cold glares. He glances at Wagner, baring his teeth in something that could be a smile, "If he is, then I am certain that he will be removed from command promptly. He does not have authority over the Field Hospital or any of its staff. If he believes that the regiment values his Heer scum more than our own troops, then he is sorely, sorely mistaken."

Sofia opens her mouth to protest, but probably thinks better of it. She simply nods. "Yes, Herr Doktor." Still, she stands quietly there, looking somewhat bemused. She's probably all too aware of the Doktor's ire at such things and wishes to be as far away from it as possible.

Ewald, on the other hand, would probably like to be there when the Doktor explodes all over Erwin. "Oh yes, Herr Doktor," he says, as if suddenly remebering something, "The little matter we discussed has been taken care of. At least for now. I will keep a close eye on it to see if there is any… ah, backsliding."

Schwenkfeld remains quiet, though slightly distracted now as he picks at the Polish apartment's sofa to see if any coins are hidden under the cushion.

Wagner nods to the Doktor. "I agree completely, Herr Doktor," he says. "Some of the Heer have… questionable attitudes. For example, those that chose to disobey your order to cease work on their tin can vehicles in the last town." The Scharfuhrer snorts.

"Good work; I am pleased to hear that Fraulein Kohl has been moved elsewhere, as well. Oh, and Herr Oberscharfuhrer… If the feldwebel tries throwing his weight around, I wouldn't be too timid about correcting his misapprehensions. His lack of accomplishments and seditious actions have not made him any friends in regiment. Also, if he attempts to forcefully remove your wounded from the Field Hospital again, you are free to use force to defend them - as I said, this can be considered an attack." Dr Schmidt glances from Wagner to Ewald, adding, "I am quite aware that there seems to be a great amount of confusion among the Heer soldiers about the way this war is being carried out, and about its purpose. I intend to hold a compulsory lecture to raise the morals of the men, which I hope SS soldiers will attend as well." He says 'morals', not 'morale'. The only way Dr Schmidt could increase 'morale' would be to stand behind soldiers in battle; give them a reason to run forwards very fast.

Sofia is the proverbial fly on the wall, until she's told to move. Though, it's apparent as she looks over her shoulder that she might just consider a reason to go. She has nothing really to say, at least for the moment. Hearing that Elsa has been moved elsewhere, Sofia just curls her fingers a little.

Schwenkfeld isn't immediately visible, unless Dolf happens to be walking through the buildings at the southern edge of the block on his way to join the SS soldiers and medical staff currently speaking near some tents. If Dolf did happen to be crossing through the building, he'd notice the uniformed Heer corporal watching through a window as his hand feels around a broken old Polish sofa.

"Every man that is not on sentry duty will attend your lecture, Herr Doktor," Ewald says with a little bit of a nod, "If only to set an example for our friends in the Heer. They need to see what real soldiers are like."

"Lest I forget, Herr Doktor," Wagner says, "I noticed that one of the Heer—the mechanic who disobeyed your orders—was babbling in some sort of Slav language… and it sounded like he spoke it well. I heard this when we stopped to clear the road of partisans hiding among the untermensch so the vehicles could pass through from Brzeziny." He shrugs. "Just thought I should bring this to your attention, in case it's relevant."

Schwenkfeld finds an envelope, lowering his eyes to check it out. It takes him a moment struggling to comprehend it, and in the end he simply turns the sheet of paper that was within and folds it the other way. A slip of the whole thing into his tunic.

"Even the Heer, lax as they are, do pay some attention to matters of racial hygiene. As they are not members of the SS - and thus subservient - their lesser racial purity is acceptable. After all, one must always remember that we certainly do not wish to eliminate most of the lesser races, but rather to return them to their proper place. However, his genealogical background may become relevant, if other signs of moral decay are spotted. After all, it is a scientific fact that moral qualities emerge from genetic and racial ones." Doktor Schmidt smiles coldly. He remembers the tin car incident, even if he was luckily for Niklaus too immersed with the surgery to notice people shouting at his window.

Silent Sofia, that's her. She keeps glancing around and listening, wincing at the mention of the incident with the mechanics. She melds into the background, a mere figure now.

"I don't care much for the Heer, Herr Doktor," Wagner says, nodding. "But I'm willing to cooperate with most of them if it means accelerating the German victory." He adjusts the submachine gun slung behind his shoulder and shouts at the remaining soldiers in the aid station, "Hurry up and clear out!"

Schwenkfeld steps back away from the window, examining the envelope again with little success as he makes his way south to where the Heer vehicle crews are stationed.


Erwin looks up from his papers and maps, hearing the knock, "Come in.." he says, loud enough for the person to hear no doubt, reaching over to turn down the volume of his radio, so that the room is not inundated with background noise about situation reports and other communications.

Doktor Schmidt walks into the square with Wagner in tow, looking really pissed off. A normal person would be frothing at the mouth and shouting obscenities, but with Doktor Schmidt this manifests as an increased precision of motion, and as an intensification of his generally unpleasant, sharp glare.

Schwenkfeld opens the door he'd knocked on, and steps in, closing it behind him. "Feldwebel Meier. It's me, Obergefreiter Schwenkfeld, Herr." He seems a bit hesitant, looking around the room before saying more.

Ewald is not too far behind, his rifle slung over his shoulder, a rather stony, neutral expression on his face. But his eyes are smirking.

Erwin speaks up, "I said you can come in, Obergefreiter." he says, speaking a scosh louder, clearing a spot on his desk so that it is free of maps and papers, incase he has to sign something.

Wagner follows closely behind Doktor Schmidt, in lock step. His eyes scan the rooftops and windows on the buildings to the east. Just a precaution against snipers and such.

Doktor Schmidt waits for Wagner to open the door for him, before entering the headquarters building. He walks along the hall, making no effort to mute the militant sound of his leather shoes striking the floor. He pauses before Erwin's office, glancing from Ewald to Wagner, and motioning that this door is also ready to be opened.

Schwenkfeld is in now, after closing the door. He just idly waves the envelope for a moment. "Found it in a Polish place. It's probably just junk." then clears his throat. "Feldwebel, I think Herr Doktor Schmidt is trying to have you punished or kicked out." As the stern sound of boots is heard, the large farmer from Saxony adds quickly, in a quicker whisper, "that might be him. He was with the SS and they were agreeing!"

Ewald doesn't open the door to Erwin's office. He'll let the junior squad leader do that, but he does drop his hand to his holstered luger. Just in case. Right.

Erwin smiles as he takes the envelope. "That is fine, I can have Doktor Schmidt's license revoked, and him shot for practicing on military personnel.. afterall.. he is not a member of the military." he says idly, tearing open the envelope and peering inside, "What's this?" he asks the Corporal.

Wagner stops before the door. Rather than knockingthe Scharfuhrer usually dismisses such off-battlefield formalities as trivialhe turns the doorknob and opens the door. Then he clicks his heel together and stands at attention, waiting for the Doktor to enter.

The envelope appears to be a civilian correspondance. Nothing military about it. The letter within, also civilian, in the Polish language. Personal correspondance from one Pole to another, perhaps even from before the war. Obergefreiter Otto Schwenkfeld swallows as he turns to look towards the door. The sound of boots has stopped just outside. "I found it in a building. I can't read the words, though." He's even more nervous. Those boots!

Doktor Schmidt storms in, the tight, gaunt lines of his face rigid with control. A little vein twitches in his cheek, making it quite clear that the good Doktor is not in a good mood. He offers a perfunctory nod to Erwin, "Good evening, Herr Feldwebel." He glances at Schwenkfeld, and then back to the Heer NCO, "I strongly suggest that you dismiss this disgrace to the German uniform for the interview that we are about to have. I have heard that having one's commanding officer shouted at can subvert morale, and we wouldn't want that, now would we?"

Erwin glances up, handing the letter back to Schwenkfeld, "Neither can I, see if you can get a polish translator to take a look at it." he says, before returning his eyes to Scmidt. "An interview? Are you with military intelligence? By what authority do you have to conduct any such interview of a Feldwebel within the Wehrmacht? We are not the SS, your politics stay in Berlin."

Ewald gives Schwenkfeld a little nod of his head, but thats about the only acknowledgment he gives either man inside the office. He just stands by, his hand close to his holstered luger.

Schwenkfeld salutes stiffly, "Yes, Feldwebel!" as he pockets the envelope. It's not likely he even knows where the intelligence unit is quarted, but he takes a big step back to wait for his salute to the Heer NCO to be returned, and whether he's dismissed or not. No salute to the doctor at all, though Ewald's nod is returned solemnly.

Doktor Schmidt sneers at Erwin, "Certainly not, Feldwebel. However, I am a member of the Party, and enjoy more respect therein than you or your entire company will ever achieve. You /are/ aware that you are attached to an /SS/ regiment, are you not?" He smiles, although the expression comes out more as a snarl. "Now is a good time for you to explain your senseless and seditious actions in the Field Hospital. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Erwin returns Schwenkfeld's salute, somewhat casually albeit. "I am sure you are aware that no member of the army is allowed to be a member of the party. You can say what you want, but my commanding officer will agree with me, and so will the batallion commander, the brigade and division commanders, even up to Guderian. Your SS regiment is attached to my Infantry division, we are merely here to make sure you don't shoot each other by mistake. As for the field hospital, you are more than welcome to move it, as I have told Obersturmfuhrer Hirsch, this is my headquarters, you can move the SS hospital north to his headquarters, it is up to you."

Wagner enters the office and closes the door behind him. He takes a position by the door and stands at ease.

Schwenkfeld lowers his arm after the salute's casually returned. He takes another step back, finding himself at a closed door with Wagner there. A frown's shot towards Wagner, but nothing said. The large man doesn't even reach or gesture towards any weapon, just seeming to wait instead.

"Are you an idiot, Feldwebel? Is that it? I am sure we can consider mitigating factors to your offences, if you really are an imbecile. However, I will have to perform a full psychological assessment to decide this." Dr Schmidt leans forward, placing his gloved hands on the desk. "All members of the Schutzstaffel, and a considerable part of the Heer are members of the Party - as are all other respectable and influential pepole in the Reich, something that you would do well to remember. You are a non-commissioned officer, and have absolutely no authority over /my/ field hospital. Moving severely wounded men out of my care can be considered as an attack on Party members, an attack that will /not/ be repeated. I have already had your "orders" rescinded. If you attempt something like this again, I guarantee you that I will do my very best to have you shot. Do I make myself understood?"

"Let Otto out, Scharfuhrer," Ewald says to Wagner, before his attention turns back towards Erwin and the Doktor, a slight smirk threatening the edges of his lips.

Erwin shakes his head, "You have no authority over me, Doktor. The Army does, my Commanding Officer, does. I merely acquiesce to requests, but the SS are causing discipline problems amongst my soldiers, something I cannot tolerate. Such as Gefreiter Hertz, I have already forwarded his request for marriage to my C.O for investigation, you would be wise to leave Army affairs to the Army."

Wagner opens the door and steps aside. "You may pass, Obergefreiter," he says with a slight sneer on his lips. His eyes then fix on the Feldwebel. The sneer doesn't vanish.

Schwenkfeld looks back silently to Erwin, concern visible on his expression. A hesitation as if to see if the Feldwebel gestures or orders him to remain. His first step takes him to the now opened door, it looks like his next will take him outside the office unless directed otherwise by his immediate superior.

"You are labouring under a sad misapprehension, Feldwebel. You believe that there are party matter, and army matters." Doktor Schmidt leans closer, looming over the seated man, "In the Reich, all matters are of interest, and subjugated to the interests of the party. If you do not understand this, then you will be made to understand it. This 'marriage' can not, and will not take place, because according to party doctrine, it would be a debasement of german blood to allow a soldier to copulate with someone of dubious blood purity. Until Fraulein Kohl's genealogical records are verified by the Reichskanzlerie, they will not be married. Or are you questioning the commitment of the party to Racial Hygiene, as well?" The last words are uttered in a low, threatening tone.

Erwin sighs, "I reiterate, we are not the SS, and are not confined to any aspect of racial purity. If you want to complain, take it up with the Army chain of command and it will be investigated, if not, I believe we are finished here?" he inquires, nodding to Schwenkfeld to let him know he can leave.

Schwenkfeld heads out after that, in fact it's in a hurry after he hears the words. The big ox on the farm didn't linger in a slaughterhouse either. Perhaps Riechter sees him as he steps out into the clearing.

"YOU IDIOT! YOU SEDITIOUS FOOL! YOU ARE CHALLENGING THE VISION OF THE FUHRER AND THE FUTURE OF THE GERMAN RACE!" Doktor Schmidt, a man not given to uncontrolled outbursts, shouts viciously at Erwin from the distance of about one foot. He takes a deep breath, once again asserting control of himself; his glasses are slightly askew, "You are not only insane, but dangerously so. Fools like you are what is slowing up the war effort - people who believe that /their/ views are more important than the cause of Scientific and Racial Progress. You fight for that cause, and /you do not question it/. I would not be surprised if these seditious thoughts and lack of moral standards were not caused by impure blood in /your/ veins, as well." Fighting words.

Erwin isn't all that intimidated, it's not as though this were Corporal Himmelstoss, "Doktor, you are hindering military operations, should I report that a civilian doctor is causing our advance to slow? I do not think even your superiors would approve. This is a combat zone, not Berlin, we are fighting an enemy, and that enemy is the polish army. If you think otherwise, then I would have to choice but to inform the Feldgendarmerie and have you put under arrest under the suspcion of treason, would you prefer that?"

Wagner closes the door, then stands several feet in front of it. The smirk on his face transforms into a scowl, and his hand dips to the knife on his belt. The middle-aged Scharfuhrer stares at Erwin, lips tightly pursed.

Ewald stares at Erwin, that smirk now splayed across his lips. He doesn't say anything of course. He just watches.

Its the raised voices and spooked Obergefreiter that rouse Riechter's suspcions. He moves towards the source of the noise, at least recognizing the tirade of the Doktor when he hears it. His rifle is slung over his back, and his cuffs rolled up. He might not be up to speed, but he's quick to fall into position outside the door.

"I. Am not. A Civilian." Doktor Schmidt's words are hissed from between clenched lips, as he brandishes his SS armband. He stands back, very, very carefully adjusting his spectacles. The tall surgeon turns to Ewald, "Oberscharfuhrer, while I believe that this man is in fact dangerously insane, it is best to follow the right protocol in these matters. It does rather cause unnecessary paperwork, if we take shortcuts. I believe that this interview is concluded; I suspect that the Feldwebel can expect a visit from the military police very soon."

Schwenkfeld steps quickly, as if to move past Riechter though does take a look at him when approaching. The door behind the big man is now closed, and the other Heer near what passed for the NCO's office are likely quieted either by curious interest or fear.

Wagner moves over to the radio. "I can raise the Feldgendarmerie now, if you wish it, Herr Doktor," he says to Doktor Schmidt. "Or if you wish to report this personally, I volunteer to escort you."

Doktor Schmidt waves absently at Wagner, "Yes, I believe it is best that you both accompany me. After all, you have witnessed his seditious claims."

Erwin watches as the group disappear, sighing as he turns back to his paperwork, moving a pile closer to him, taking pen in hand and beginning to sign.

Wagner nods to Doktor Schmidt. He heads over to the door and opens it. "Herr Doktor, Oberscharfuhrer, after you," he says, then stands at attention.

Doktor Schmidt marches out of the office, even more pissed off than when he entered it.

Erwin goes back to his paperwork, smirking, politicians trying to run the war, what do they know?


Erwin sighs as he hears the trucks bringing the SS wounded back. "Bloody politicians, I swear as soon as they see an enemy soldier they will shit their pants…" he says as he gets up, moving to the door, stepping outside and looking around for Schwenkfeld.

Doktor Schmidt is standing at the stairs to the Field Hospital, waiting for the arrival of the SS wounded. He seems a little less pissed off, apparently due to having been given the opportunity to vent at some point.

Schwenkfeld might be spotted, but he's not by the door. Right now, he's half-hidden amongst the armoured cars, holding a watering can with a pump hose to wash the dust off the gears.

Ewald stands near the Doktor now, still smirking somewhat. "Well," he says quietly, mostly to himself, "That went just about as I expected it to. I dont think the Feldwebel is entirly loyal to Germany and the Fuhrer, Herr Doktor. To the army, certainly.. but not to the big picture."

Erwin bellows, "OBERGEFREITER!", in typical senior NCO style, "Remove the wounded from the hospital, we will bring them to a proper army hospital. Have the armored cars packed and loaded, we are moving out."

Doktor Schmidt glances at Ewald, muttering sourly, "So it would seem. Luckily for the German army, I doubt he is going to remain in that position for long." He stands there expectantly, as if waiting for the Heer NCO to react to this new development.

Schwenkfeld drops the watering can. *clang* followed by its rolling over pavement. He straightens, stepping out, and nearly salutes but covers it at the last moment as if remembering it's wartime. "Feldwebel, sir!"

Wagner stands behind the Senior SS NCO and the Doktor. He hears the shout and says to the Doktor, "Is there anything you wish of me, Herr Doktor?" He turns to Ewald, "Oberscharfuhrer?" His eyes gleam. "It is only a short walk back to his office."

Erwin reiterates his commands to the Corporal, "I want squad leaders to report to me in 15 minutes, have our wounded loaded on trucks and sent to the nearest Army hospital, I don't trust those SS butchers…."

Ewald shakes his head a little bit, "No, Ulrich," he says, before grinning a little bit, "I think the Feldwebel will tie his own noose for us."

Schwenkfeld speaks up, "Yes, Herr Feldwebel!" and tries to catch the bucket with a dash, setting it upright before he sucks in his gut and starts making his way towards where the vehicle crewmen are quartered.

Erwin nods to the Corporal, returning inside his office to wrap up his signings and get things packed up to move, if the SS want to play games, so can he.

Wagner nods to Ewald. "Yes, Oberscharfuhrer!" he says. He turns and looks back down the hallway at the office.

Doktor Schmidt just stands there, arms crossed over his chest and glaring darkly down at the square. He looks like anyone extracting wounded of any description out of his field hospital is in for a ride.

Schwenkfeld heads to the vehicle crewmen first, those from the armoured cars as the truck drivers are typically stationed one block over with the ambulance and transports. "Feldwebel Meier has ordered us to get loaded and ready to leave, report to him within fifteen minutes." The obergefrieter adds, "And he wants the men pulled out from the med station. I don't know how that would work, the SS are about to arrest him, think." The latter all in a quieter voice, so none of the crewmen are suprised if/when it comes to pass.

Herrmann lies on his hospital cot brooding and agonizing, not over the pain in his leg, but because he feels unable to serve his Fuhrur from a bed. He silently vows to double his efforts for a better Germany once he is healed.

Schwenkfeld makes his way over to the med station, hesitantly, after communicating that to the vehicle crews. With the doctor standing there, that's who he straightens and approaches. "Herr Doktor Schmidt."

"How are things, Otto?" Ewald says cordially enough when the big Heer stops by, giving him another little nod of his head, "Its amazing how quickly things get out of hand, isn't it?"

"What do you want?" Doktor Schmidt answers considerably less politely, glaring down at Schwenkfeld. The man has his undivided animosity, for reasons that are unclear even to himself.

Wagner stands at-ease behind the Doktor, his submachine gun slung casually by his side. He nods to Schwenkfeld, but remains silent.

Schwenkfeld lowers his eyes as Ewald addresses him, curiously not responding to the question. His cheeks are slightly sucked in, perhaps indicating a sense of shame. Finally he looks up again, to the doctor. "I have been given orders that the wounded Heer soldiers are to be removed to the vehicles, sir."

Doktor Schmidt speaks, deadbeat, "This is a regimental field hospital, Obergefreiter. These men have not been cleared for duty, or transferral. Until they are cleared for duty by the appropriate medical authority, or for transfer by an officer, I will not allow them to be moved. Feldwebel Meier might be insane, but I will not allow him to harm my patients. Is that understood?" Dr Schmidt's grey eyes twinkle, hard as steel and cold as ice.

Schwenkfeld tightens his throat with a swallow, nodding down for one moment. "Do you wish to write a written reply, Herr Doktor, that I can take back to the Feldwebel to document this, sir?"

Doktor Schmidt nods to Schwenkfeld, "I will." He takes out a folded piece of paper from a pocket, and a pencil. He scribbles a short note on it, and then hands it over to Schwenkfeld. "Run along now. I will not have these men transferred until I receive a written order from an officer."

Schwenkfeld nods to the doctor, "Thank you, Herr Doktor Schmidt." He glances at the note, as if just making sure it's not an obvious written insult, and attaches it to the clipboard he carries for all important orders and papers. A turn to Ewald, then, and gives him a firm respectful nod.

The note simply says that he will not discharge wounded patients, without a written order from an officer.

Doktor Schmidt 'hrmphs', turning around and walking back into the field hospital without any word of parting to Schwenkfeld. Apparently, he wants to get back to work.

Schwenkfeld continues on, chin lifted and trying to present as disciplined a soldier as he can manage. This time it's towards where the Feldwebel had stepped off to.

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