von Schlesinger prowls into the area. His monocle isnt in his eye, but its in his pocket, dangling from a clip by its thread,

and a stahlhelm is upon his head, even though the enemy are nowhere near - yet.

Andreas continues working on the trench, looking between the others present there for a few moments.
Ewald is supervising a small crew of laborers, who were putting the finishing touchs on the trench line. Nodding a little

bit, the older man taps one of the timber supports with his shovel. "This looks good, boys," he says, "I think we're done.

The lines are dug in as ordered."

Dachser has been peeking around every few minutes for a reason—a very good reason! "Detail!" he barks, snapping to attention

and pivotting smartly towards the Hauptmann. "At ease." The command of 'at ease,' of course, doesn't mean 'do whatever.' It

means you don't have to stand like a board, yes, but there's something to pay attention to. In this case… the commander.

von Schlesinger nods a few times, pleased. "I'm impressed, men. You've been doing a good job. Ready to throw the Kaisers

enemy all the way back to Paris?" he asks, a rather rhetorical question.

Doktor Schmidt is making his own rounds, instructing soldiers on the proper way to get rid of crabs and why sleeping with

Belgian hookers is, in fact, a bad idea… This, and the fact that he's here in the first place so close to the line,

indicates that he doesn't have enough to do at the field hospital with no wounded, and is entertaining himself by speaking

with the soldiers. From the disapproving frown on his face, this arrangement probably isn't enjoyable for either him or his

victims. As Von Schlesinger speaks, he stops, turning around to peer at the Hauptmann with mid curiosity on his angular face.

Andreas looks over at the Hauptmann for a few moments, nodding a little, at least partially. "We're to charge, Hauptmann?" he

asks, after a few moments of consideration.

"Thank you, sir," the enigeer says quietly, nodding his head a little bit, "The crews were working round the clock to get our

defenes in shape. I'd still like to shore up the front lines more if we have time, but I'm happy with with what we've got."

He doesn't, however, seem so happy at Andreas' suggestion. Afterall, he spent all that time digging these nice safe trenches

just to leave them and charge?!

von Schlesinger eyes Andreas, and smiles. "Not yet, Schutz." he beams. "But I'm sure the time to honour your fatherland will

soon be here.". And then the engineer too, he nods at him, too. "Be aware of the principle of defence in depth, leave the

front line trenches as they are. Work on a third line immediately.".
Just about then a platoon or so of weary, mud covered German soldiers hoves into view from the west, making their slow way

towards the town.

Doktor Schmidt murmurs drily, "Fix bayonets." A cold, sardonic smile lingers on the surgeon's thin lips as he stares out into

no-man's-land, as if waiting, vulturlike, for patients to be ejected out of that deadly wilderness.
Edwin is one of those German soldiers coming in from the front, after being relieved for a short rest before being tossed

back out again. His rifle is slung over his right shoulder as he marches towards the town. The arctic grey eyes on this man

follows the group of Germans here as he passes by.

"Third line, right," Ewald says, before nodding, "With your leave then, sir, I'll get my crews on it right now."
The soldiers coming in from the west do not look particularly soldierly. When they get near enough it becomes clear that not

only are they covered in mud, they are scruffy, unshaven, and look more like a mob of civilians than the usual disciplined

German Machine. They gaze at the work party in the trenches, and the captain, with ill disguised hate. One of them calls out.

"What are you doing here? Go home!".

von Schlesinger looks faintly bemused, and turns to face the newcomers. So surprised is he at the disrespectful language,

that he is momentarily silenced.

"Oh, great. Mutinous louts… Probably commies, at that. How novel." Doktor Schmidt sneers at the scruffy band, secure in the

knowledge that great Hauptmann will protect him. The biting scorn is almost a physical force emanating from the tall man.

Andreas nods a little as he hears that, getting ready to follow Ewald and help with the next line. The newcomers gets his

attention, though, and he watches them, and the Hauptmann, with the interest a jounralist would watch things with.
Edwin nudges his comrade who called out at the work party as he notices the officers. "What do you want, a court martial now,

Kaufmann?" He salutes the officer as he passes by. His comrade pushes Edwin away as he mutters, "Brown noser. Fucking new

guy." Edwin loses his balance and falls face first into the dirt. As if he weren't dirty enough. The platoon moves on without


Gunter peels off from the platoon and heads for the good doctor, hopping down into the trench, annoyed in the extreme.

"Communists? You idiot. I've served for the last two years, how many trench lines have /you/ held?" he spits.
von Schlesinger subconsciously reaches down to his jacket for his monocle, and screws it into his eye. His views are

apparently rather similar to the doctors. "Ill disciplined…" he mutters. "You. Schutz!" he says, pointing to Gunter. "What

is your name, and who is your commanding officer?".

Doktor Schmidt stares at Gunter in faint surprise, aghast at being actually spoken to by the other man. The sneer, however,

stays on his sharp, aquiline face, "How positively virile of you, you dirty bumpkin. Both the scope and relevance of my work

are too great for your simian mind to comprehend." He crosses his arms before his chests, radiating conceited


Shouldering his equipment, Ewald and his small crew of ditch diggers climb out of the trench and head off to the east.

Ewald has left.
Ewald heads off East.
Edwin stands up and dusts himself off, since no one has offered to help. He sighs and trudges behind his platoon, alone and

loser-ish as always.

«Ground Combat» Gunter moves to engage Doktor Schmidt in close quarters combat, and succeeds!
«Ground Combat» Doktor Schmidt attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Gunter suffers 6 bruise damage to his left arm.
«Ground Combat» Gunter attacks Doktor Schmidt with his bare hands! Gunter misses!

Andreas shakes his head as he watches this, looking up to von Schlesinger, to see if he should try stopping the fight, or


Gunter goes for the doctor then but promptly gets a dead arm, which throws off hisaim a bit.

Doktor Schmidt puts up his fists as he's approached in a classic boxer's pose, shooting out a staggeringly hard right hook

without hesitation as Gunter circles in. The sneer remains on his thin lips.

«Ground Combat» Doktor Schmidt attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Gunter suffers 6 bruise damage to his left arm.

von Schlesinger rolls his eyes. "Men, restrain him." he says, indicating Gunter.

«Ground Combat» Gunter attacks Doktor Schmidt with his bare hands! Gunter misses!

Doktor Schmidt continues with a brutal left hook on Gunter's already hurt arm, breaking bones. He calls out, "Had enough, you

foolish ape of a man? No?"

The rest of the platoon pauses when a fight breaks out. A few of them shout, "War prolongers!". A few more shout "Smash his

face in, Gunter!" and a few other encouragements. A circle forms, and the hauptmann is practically ignored.

«Ground Combat» Doktor Schmidt attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Doktor Schmidt hits but Gunter blocks it!
«Ground Combat» Andreas moves to engage Gunter in close quarters combat, and succeeds!
«Ground Combat» Gunter attacks Doktor Schmidt with his bare hands! Doktor Schmidt suffers 1 bruise damage to his head.

Gunter gives the doc the beating of his life when encouraged - well, a glancing blow to the chin at least.
Andreas nods a bit as he moves forward to try stopping Gunter. "Don't be a fool…" he offers to the man.

Doktor Schmidt blinks as he gets a punch to the face, his glasses askew - now he looks really pissed off!

«Ground Combat» Doktor Schmidt attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Doktor Schmidt misses!
«Ground Combat» Andreas attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Andreas hits but Gunter blocks it!
«Ground Combat» Doktor Schmidt attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Gunter suffers 2 bruise damage to his right hand.

von Schlesinger stands before the ill disciplined defeatists while the fight continues. "The next man of you who speaks will

be up on charges! You will stand at attention!".

«Ground Combat» Gunter attacks Doktor Schmidt with his bare hands! Gunter hits but Doktor Schmidt blocks it!

Gunter fights on rather more desperately when outnumbered.

Doktor Schmidt shoots out another punch at Gunter, holding up his guard to block off retaliating punches. The big man is

surprisingly strong, and clearly knows something about boxing.

«Ground Combat» Doktor Schmidt attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Doktor Schmidt misses!



«Ground Combat» Andreas attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Andreas misses!
«Ground Combat» Gunter attacks Doktor Schmidt with his bare hands! Doktor Schmidt suffers 2 bruise damage to his head.

Gunter gives the doc another bash to the head. Woo.

«Ground Combat» Gunter attacks Doktor Schmidt with his bare hands! Gunter misses!
«Ground Combat» Doktor Schmidt attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Gunter suffers 5 bruise damage to his head.

Edwin sighs and shakes his head. But he is left as the only person in the platoon to stand at attention, as per von

Schlesinger's orders. Hell, even his platoon CO is cheering Gunter on!

Andreas grimaces as he hears Gunter. "Just stop, will you?" he growls a bit.

«Ground Combat» Andreas attacks Gunter with his bare hands! Andreas misses!

Doktor Schmidt growls as he takes another punch to the head, shaking his head and throwing out a jarring punch at the other

man's jaw.

The rest of the soldiers look on rather more sullenly when Von S threatens them. A few of them shake their heads. "Its not

worth it, come on." one of the smaller ones mutters, and makes his way off east.
Gunter goes down to the ground at a huge hit, and holds his hands up to cover his head. "Alright, alright! No more!".

«Game» Gunter changes his style to Standard!

Andreas nods a bit as Gunter seems to give up, and looks to the doctor, rather carefully. "You're a quite impressive fighter,

Herr Doktor." Then looking over to the Hauptmann again.

«Ground Combat» Gunter attempts to disengage from close quarters combat with Doktor Schmidt and does not succeed..
«Ground Combat» Andreas attempts to disengage from close quarters combat with Gunter and succeeds!.

Doktor Schmidt stares bloody murder down at Gunter, raising a hand to his darkening left eye. He looks for a moment like he'd

like to continue the beating, flexing his gloved hands, but steps away, shaking his head in disgust. The sneer is,

unsurprisingly, still on his angular face. He glances at Andreas, a flicker of vain pride crossing his slightly bruised face

- he feels like a real man now. "I was an amateur boxer, as a young man."

von Schlesinger puts his hands on his hips, and turns a venemous glare at Gunter. "You're looking at a charge of

insubordination, soldier. It's hardly surprising the enemy have pushed us back with traitors like you spreading sedition

against your Kaiser.". He shakes his head. "I knew it was a poor idea to draft the strikers! Better to just shoot them and

have done with it.". His gaze falls upon Edwin, who seems to be one of those scruffs. "You. Whats your name?".

Edwin straightens up when von Schlesinger turns his attention towards him. "Edwin Schutlz, sir!"
Andreas nods a little bit at the Doktor's words, and keeps silent for the moment.
Ewald has arrived.
Ewald arrives from the East.

«Game» Ewald moves into Reserve Trench.

Maximilian has disconnected.

von Schlesinger nods at Edwin. "And you agree with the actions of your fellow soldier?" he asks, indicating Gunter with one

gloved hand. "As mutinous as the rest of that rabble?".

«Ground Combat» Gunter attempts to disengage from close quarters combat with Doktor Schmidt and does not succeed..
«Ground Combat» Doktor Schmidt attempts to disengage from close quarters combat with Gunter and succeeds!.

Edwin eyes the rest of his platoon. "No sir!" They shoot stares at him back, and curse him under their breaths.

Doktor Schmidt suddenly seems taken aback, and digs around in the pockets of his trenchcoats. He finds a pocket mirror, and

producing it, stares aghast at his face. A dark scowl distorts his face as he looks around for his assailant, pressing the

face into memory. Gunter is really not gonna have a good time if he ever ends up in Dr. Schmidt's field hospital. Can you say

"surgical complications"? He carefully adjusts his glasses so that they are perfectly straight, and goes about arranging his

hair just so. Can't look messy.

Andreas listens quietly at the moment, frowning for a few moments.

von Schlesinger indicates Gunter, and talks to Edwin. "Get this seditious revolutionary out of here. What is the name of your

lieutenant?" he asks.

Edwin replies, "Lieutenant Metzger, sir!" The platoon CO begins to approach Edwin with a heavy clenched fist. "Edwin, you'll

be sorry when I get my hands on you!" Now Edwin looks a bit tense as he maintains his posture.

Having gotten his crew started on the new trench line, Ewald's returned to the old one, just to double check his earlier

work.. and perhaps eavesdrop on the confrontation.

von Schlesinger eyes the lieutenant. "Get out of here, Leutnant. I will mention you in my next report. I dare say you can

forget any promotion prospects you may have had. And take your mutinous 'soldier' with you.".

"Lieutenant, your men have devolved on the evolutionary ladder. However, I am sure that being one of the lower primates is no

excuse for mutiny and assaulting medical staff." The Doktor's cold words are barely respectful enough - not quite openly

contemptuous - to stay on this side of propriety. He offers a rigid nod and a dark look at the junior officer, starting to

walk back towards the field hospital, gingerly touching his face.

Lieutenant Metzger points a finger at Edwin, "I'll get you, Edwin. You had better watch your back when you return to my

platoon!" He then stiffens up at both von Schlesinger and the Doktor. "Yes, sir," he says through clenched teeth. "I don't

give a damn about being promoted anyhow. I just want to get out of this damn war." He then turns around and takes his men

along, minus Edwin, of course.

Edwin sighs, glad that the Lieutenant didn't get his hands on him yet. But later on he'll be screwed like Private "Pyle" in

Full Metal Jacket.

Not as bad as the lieutenant may be. "Why are you still here?" Von S asks Edwin, turning his monocled glare onto him.
Andreas listens quietly as he looks towards the east. "Should probably get that digging done now," he mutters.

Edwin answers, "Well sir, I don't want to go back with them sir. Is it possible for me to get a transfer?" His eyes look

pleading like a sad puppy's.

"Probably," Ewald agrees with a little nod of his head, "No telling when the Canadians will get here, and we want to as ready

as possible. Not a lot of time to get a third line dug."

von Schlesinger ponders. "That depends, Schutz. This unit has impressed me greatly these last few days. Fine men, ready to

serve their Kaiser and their fatherland. Which is more than can be said of your own unit. I don't want to bring in a

disruptive element, a soldier contaminated with Bolshevik ideas.".

Edwin frowns. "Bolshevik? I am no bloody Bolshevik, sir, I assure you! Please give me a chance to prove myself to you!"

Great, now he's begging. How low can this guy go?

von Schlesinger glances around, and eventually points to Ewald. "That man, Schutz Cullen, is our engineer, and an excellent

one at that. We have a third trench line to dig. You can assist him. If the Schutz deems your assistance satisfactory I'll

see what I can do.". He wrinkles his nose at the departing defeatists. "I rather doubt they will be too concerned with filing

the proper paperwork regarding your temporary absence.". How un-German.

Edwin nods to the officer. "Yes sir, thank you sir!" He salutes again.
"Great," Ewald says, looking Edwin over for a momment before he starts off towards the east, "Well, come along boys. These

trenchs arn't going to dig themselves." He laughs a little bit at that, "Almost wish they would."
Andreas nods a little bit as he hears Ewald, "Sounds like a good idea," he replies.

Ewald has left.
Ewald heads off East.

von Schlesinger nods at Ewalds words, heartened once again. "It is my honour to have the best soldiers in the entire army -

the few not afflicted by defeatism, it seems. Dismissed!". And then he heads off himself.

Edwin is now dismissed and goes off to help Ewald and Co. with the trenches.
Edwin has left.
Edwin heads off East.

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