Beer Hall Putsch

So. Its November 1923, about a year after the Fascists took power in Italy. The Freikorps has long since been disbanded, the Spartacists crushed, but any further progress from the far right after that pretty much came to a halt. The democrats of the Weimar Republic are in power now, a Republic seen by many as a product of the 'slave treaty' of Versailles, and it is fair to say that not every German is exactly supportive of it…

A few of such Germans are brown shirted members of the more or less brand new NSDAP, better known as the Nazi Party. Germans like you! And today is the day that the foreign imposed Weimar Republic will be cast down and broken. So says your Fuhrer, anyway, which is why you are currently headed for a beer hall in a chilly November Munich, reinforcements brought in from Berlin to help the fledgling party in its bid for power.

Looking sharp in his crisply pressed brown shirt, Ewald was first off the train, a serious expression on his weathered face. "Alright boys," he calls out as the rest of his Berlin NSDAP contigent fall into the station, "This beer hall we are going to is just down the street from here. Stand tall and straight as we make our way there."

A figurine in brown shirt and brown trousers takes off from the train, he tidies his shirt and scratches his back, "This was refreshing." he says and nods his head to Ewald, "Yes Sergant." he says and gets to the line. (Adolf)

Schwenkfeld steps off the train carriage as well, looking around a bit upbeat with the excitement of a political rally in the air. He's no longer a teenager, now. A young man in his twenties, still rather large and with more of a belly to match, he steps off with the stride of a fellow still fit as an ox with his blond hair cut short. His brown shirt soon blends with others as he makes his way to join the others from the Berlin contigent.

Wagner nods to Ewald. "It's good to be back in Munich. I grew up in the Alps, not far from here," he murmurs to those around him, trailing off. The young man falls silent and follows the crowd.

Fuchs moves out of the train station, following in line behind the others. Idly he reaches up and scratches at his now neatly trimmed fuzz of hair. It'd cost him enough to pay for decent food for a week, but he had to have -some- form of normalcy. Of course, what they were about to do wasn't exactly 'normal'. Silencing fellow Germans? But they aren't Germans, not really…. not if they followed the Weimar. And so, with his spine straightening out and his step a bit sharper, he moves off of the platform and in line behind the Feldwebel.

It's fairly late, the light already well failing, and while theres no snow its very cold and fresh, your breath leaving mist in the air as you walk through the town, a somewhat pregnant foreboding in the air. There are a few police about, more than there might usually be you think - but not knowing Munich you can't really be sure. In any case, you are avoided as you make your way to your destination, nobody wants to mess with the SA. yet.

Schwenkfeld comments as he spots some familiar faces. "I do not like Munich. We had to fight red commies here before." and shakes his head, then starts to frown. "But bad puppet government men who made the Kaiser resign, we can't let them stay."

Ewald starts off down the street towards this beer hall. He notes the police presence, but he pays them no mind as he keeps his head up tall, proud to be where he is. Hopefully, he and his boys will set an example for all the Germans who havn't come around to their way of thinking.. yet.

Time to move things along a bit…

The beer hall comes into sight - its pretty immense, you could squeeze a thousand in there without too much difficulty at all, more if it was packed. And it must be packed, because in the street outside it are milling around a lot of men, most of them brown shirted just like you. It seems to be chaos, without much organisation at all - a fair bit of shouting and confusion, and not much else. A couple of polizei are off to one side, apparently quietly observing, and without any interference from the SA men.

Ewald scans the men hanging around outside, before heading up towards one who seems to him to be more in charge then another. "Good evening," he greets, his tone all business, "Has Herr Hess arrived yet? We were told to report to him."

Hmms and listens the silence, but the silence disappears as Adolf speaks, "We should sing a victory song to cheer up." he says to Ewald.

The solid looking SA-mann who Ewald accosts nods and replies with a strong Bavarian accent. "They are all here. Even the Fuhrer is here!" he says excitedly. He points over by the doors of the beer hall, at the core of the mob. "That way, I think. Something big is planned, no doubt about it. The revolution must finally be here!".

Schwenkfeld smiles over to Adolf, the farmer still enjoying simple lifts of morale. "We can have a beer too." He stops, then, as he looks over and watches the Bavarian SA man respond to to Ewald. "Oh! The Fuhrer is here!" and lifts his head to take advantage of his full height, peering into the direction indicated towards the doors of the beer hall.

"Excellent," Ewald says with a little bit of a smile.. just a hint, really, "Thank you." He points towards beer hall doors as he turns back towards his Berlin contigent, "Lets get inside."

Fuchs keeps his eyes alert and his senses alive. The presence of the Fuhrer is a welcome addition, but that doesn't mean that this whole thing couldn't turn into disorganized chaos within seconds. Keeping his thoughts to himself, he follows Ewald's orders and begins to follow the throng inside.

Adolf hmms, "Fuhrer is Here? Are you sure?" he asks, he doesnt seem to belive his ears, "Then it must be something big." he says and looks to the inside, "Perhelps it is the day to write a new history to the books of the Fatherland!"

Schwenkfeld tries pushing forward, the big young man making progress but finding the mass that forms when others do likewise still prevents much movement. He bumps into a jazz musician who'd be struggling to escape around the crowd, nearly knocking the thin young man and his musical instrument over. "Oh", perhaps a bit confused. "I do not think we can get in."

Ewald frowns a little bit as he tries to push his way through towards the doors. Once he gets just as far as he thinks he's able to, he shrugs a little bit and waits, perhaps still trying to inch his way closer. Whats happening today is big, so big it wonder matter if he's inside or outside.

The crowd is pretty intense by the doors, but word has apparently got out that you are coming, as the lean figure of a rather young Rudolf Hess emerges from the mob. So the NSDAP only has a membership of a few thousands at the moment, but still, it's #2 Himself. He homes in on Ewald. "SA-Fuhrer Ewald?" he asks, after one of the brownshirts near him pointing at Ewald. "It is good to see at least a few Berliners are here ready to fight for the Fatherland despite Red Berlins reputation! Sieg heil!". The salute is omitted, not invented yet… "The revolution is here! the Bavarian state commissioner is in the beer hall, and on our side. Your men just have to prevent any from leaving the beer hall for now, and wait until we march with his support.".

Schwenkfeld watches Ewald from where he stands, nearly immobile in the crowd pushing for the door. He squints a bit as he tries to make out the words spoken by Hess over the din of the crowd, still uncertain how to proceed. But with his large frame, he seems to stand with confidence that no one will be knocking his own self over.

"There are many in Berlin who feel the way we do, Deputy Fuhrer," Ewald says with a little nod of his head and a slight bow, "I hope they will follow our example soon." He nods again, as he's given his orders, "Ja. You can count on us." He turns to pick out the members of his contigent, bellowing at them. "We need to make sure no one leaves the hall untill we're all ready, boys. The Furher has entrusted us with this task."

One notes, with the chaos all around you, thats probably easier said than done.

Adolf nods his head to Ewald, "If it is the wish of Fuhrer, then we will obey." he says proudly. He gets to attention and waits for commands from Ewald.

Schwenkfeld squints with his jaw dropping slightly, confused at the orders as he turns his head to look around. "No one leave." and nods to the crowd, trying to speak with authority that's severely lacking in his personality.

Then, as you try and shout/manhandle the crowd (completely pointlessly), come rumours from the men closer to the front than you. "Why are we still waiting, we been here hours!" one grumbles. "Maybe the state commissioner is getting cold feet… I know I am!" jokes another, though with a rather cautious look to his SA-Fuhrer nearby.

Fuchs hears the orders and nods, stepping away from the others to head toward the outer edge of the crowd. He was not the largest of men, but he certainly could handle making trouble for the occasional slippery one that made it through the cracks in the soon-to-be human wall.

Schwenkfeld leans over to speak with a louder voice to one of the SA men who'd been here before he himself had arrived. "Is that Bavarian Commissioner man inside? He is still inside?" and gestures to inside the beer hall.

Wagner allows a hand to slip into a pocket. When it emerges, his fingers are closed around a pair of brass knuckles… an artifact from his days fighting in the trenches, perhaps. He takes a few steps closer to the door and gazes at the crowd warily.

Then through the ranks of brown in front of you comes a non-brown person, an apparently rather middle class man, who looks exhausted from pushing through the serried ranks of brownshirts around the beer hall. He's pushing his way out. "Excuse me…" he mutters in the ear of the nearest trooper.

Schwenkfeld shakes his head to the middleclass man. "You can not go out. We must wait here so all march at once." and smiles to him. "You dressed wrong. Need to wear your brown shirt and trousers so we have our uniform on."

"Excuse me, mein herr," Ewald says, stepping in the man's way, a dissapproving look on his face, "The Furher requests that you remain inside for now, untill we're all ready."

Wagner frowns and pushes his way over to stand directly in front of the man trying to leave. He stares at the man, saying nothing.

The guy in question looks a bit suspiciously at Ewald. "Sorry, its getting late, and I got to go home to my wife…" he says, a bit vaguely, and not meeting Ewalds eye. "And its a bit… crowded in there…". He adjusts his collar meaningfully, shrinking a bit as a whole posse seems ready to say No.

"Once again," Ewald says, sterness creeping his voice, "I must insist that you stay. I am sorry mien herr. Your wife can wait.. this is much more important." He points back towards the doors, "Please, go back inside."

Fuchs seems to notice some sort of commotion among his fellow Berliners and moves in their general direction, but for now, he's content to keep an eye on the edges of the crowd.

Schwenkfeld scratches a bit at his own cheek, "Who are they waiting for? Der Fuhrer is here, and lots and lots of us are here. Didn't they say the Bavarian Commissioner man is inside too? That he will march with us?" Over to Ewald, "Who are we waiting for now? It won't be good for marching if people marching aren't happy." and nods. "Germans must be strong and show they are glad to be with us. That will make people know we are best."

The man eyes the meatheads in his way, and backs away, as best he can. "Alright, sir, I guess you are right…" he says, while thinking about the windows in the place. He backs away, but really manages only to get a little way before he ends up stuck, immobilised in the crush.

Then a loud voice can be heard over the general hubbub. Nobody you recognise, but there is some authority there. "SA, prepare to advance into the beer hall!".

"Don't apologize for this man," Wagner sneers at the man's back. "He had a lapse in judgment. A moment of weakness. Look, he's already rejoined the others."

Adolf keeps calm and still, he doesnt speak, he notices the SA's call and looks for who it might be, looking for a sign or sometihng..

Schwenkfeld nods a bit. "We go inside now. I guess he can go now if he wants." The large Saxon tries to push towards the door now, no longer seeming concerned with stopping others from leaving.

"Good," Ewald says as the man turns to head back in. Then the order comes and he once more points towards the hall, "Get ready to push our way in boys!"

Fuchs hears the command and begins to move his way toward his unit, knowing that he'll never be able to push his way through, but that tank Schwenkfeld ought to leave a decent wake for him to follow in.

There are lots of tanks like Schwenkfeld about as well as the man himself. Progress is definitely made, as the beer hall doors swing open, and the SA funnel into the beer hall, clown car style.

When you're inside you can't really see a thing aside from the back of the head of the guy in front of you, with the exception of the podium at the end, apparently a rather makeshift one of tables all stuck together. Three middle aged men are standing on it, looking rather open mouthed. One of whom at least might be recognisable to any who live ICly in Bavaria, as he is the state commissioner, a rather important man.

But events happen quickly when in here. A man climbs on top of another table in the beer hall armed with a pistol, and fires a shot into the ceiling as he climbs aboard. And then he turns to face the crowd, and it's the Fuhrer himself!

""The national revolution has broken out! The hall is filled with six hundred men. Nobody is allowed to leave. The Bavarian government and the government at Berlin are deposed. A new government will be formed at once. The barracks of the Reichswehr and those of the police are occupied. Both have rallied to the swastika."

Schwenkfeld pushes on, coming to a stop just inside the door. He can't make out much, but is lifting his chin and trying to catch what's going on at the front where the podium is. He's large, but the room's so crowded that doesn't offer too much of an advantage now. "There's a little man with a pistol." and turns with a push of his shoulders to look towards Ewald. "Is he good man or bad man? He has pistol!"

"Thats the Furher," Ewald shouts, turning to give Schwenkfeld a sharp look, his eyes narrowed, "What do you think?" He then turns his attention towards the podium, so he can absorb everyone of Hitler's words.

Adolf turns his attention to Fuhrer but gets distracted by Schwenkfeld, "Shut up Schwenkfeld, That is Fuhrer!" he says in whisper then turns to listen Hitler.

Schwenkfeld blinks once, jaw dropping slightly. "Oh", spoken quietly, "I thought'd he'd be…bigger." and swallows, turning to look forward towards the podium again somewhat embarrassed.

Hitler doesn't have much to say yet. He points the pistol at von Kahr, the state commissioner. "Get him out of here, he's spoken enough…". Hess and a few others move forward, grab all three of the Bavarian government guys, and drag them off. One of the top Nazis, nobody you recognise, pauses with Ewald nearby. "SA-Fuhrer, get your men, we need some guards!".

Ewald nods briskly, before once more looking back at his men, "You heard him, boys! Stick with them!" He thumps a fist into his palm, and moves to follow along.

Damn escort missions.

Schwenkfeld pushes to move through the crowd, to the side where the SA men are taking the Bavarian leaders through to.

Fuchs catches sight of Ewald (a rare thing in this throng, it seems) before he moves along with the group, nudging his way through, occasionally tossing off an elbow as necessary.

It isn't easy, but Wagner manages to follow along. The young man is leaned forward, using his hands to shove aside those too slow to get out of the way on their own.

There is a small room off to one side, which is where you end up, surrounded by pretty much all the top Nazi brass, such as they are in 1923. Von Kahr is manhandled into a chair. There is some quick and hurried conversation between von Kahr the state commissioner and all the Nazis, very confused, while out in the main beer hall comes plenty of chanting and shouting. But one thing is very clear, von Kahr is not cooperating, indeed, he remains somewhat dignified on his chair amidst the chaos around him. The Fuhrer storms back out into the beer hall, and the other top brass follow on his heels. Hess pauses on the way out, to tell Ewald, "Let none of them out.".

Adolf nods his head to Ewald, "Got it." he says and starts walking behind Ewald, he gets his suit kept tight.

"Ja!" Ewald sounds off, before he turns towards his boys, "Schwenkfeld, you stand by the door. No one leaves this room! The rest of you, make sure our guests remain seated."

Schwenkfeld still seems a bit confused, but doing his best to follow instructions. He's not armed, and nods to Ewald's words. "I will stand and block the door." He starts backing up to wedge himself there.

Time passes. It sounds like theres a near riot going on outside in the beer hall, the walls are shaking with the sound of the cheering. Von Kahr and the others look so tense they are going to explode. Time passes, and then eventually, the door opens again, and in come a whole gang of people. Amazingly, led by an ancient figure in full military uniform - Ludendorff Himself. Who doesn't exactly look very happy to be here in truth, there is definitely a sneer on his face. But Hess comes over to Ewald first, "Rohm is organising the men outside, you should get out there. Von Kahr will see sense, the people are with us!".

Schwenkfeld almost didn't let Ludendorff and Hess in, wedged against the door blocking passage. But after a few angry words commands from out there and Ewald's expression, the dim Saxon bulb gets the sense to open and listens to what Hess says. He doesn't speak, but waits for Ewald to lead them all out.

Adolf nods his head and gives a military salute to Ludendorff as he sees him in his uniform, "Yes sir." he says and stays at military salute.

Fuchs begins to move along with the others out toward where Rohm should be. "We have to get outside, so that we can be placed."

Schwenkfeld nods to Fuchs's words, keeping rather quiet now. His expression might betray to some uncertainty, questions, but he pulls open the door of the antechamber to push through, creating a path behind him towards the exit opening to the street.

Wagner nods. "Lead the way," he mutters, following behind Schwenkfeld.

So you all pile on out. Outside are even more SA than there were when you showed up. This time, its a bit more organised, as Rohm, SA-chief, is barking orders, and the SA are lining up in something approaching military discipline. Orders are still abit lacking, but you can get the impression of whats going on - the Reichswehr, the army of the Republic, are out there somewhere, and apparently coming this way.

Schwenkfeld speaks up. "Made it out." turning to look to those following through the path he'd made, behind him. "I think the army is coming."

Adolf Gets himself out after Schwenkfeld, "The Army?" he asks, "Do they support us or the others?" he asks around.

Fuchs moves to form up in line, and manages to get out in a stage whisper, "Line up! As the chief orders!" and quickly stands at attention himself.

Schwenkfeld shakes his head over to Adolf. "I don't know. I am not sure what we are doing." He quiets for a moment, showing a slight worried frown as Rohm passed with a speaking horn.

Wagner finds a spot in line and stands at attention.

Rohm indicates the mob to move out. And off you go, down the road. The mob you are in seems to grow in size as you go, the occupants of the beer hall spilling out behind you. Eventually… you end up in a big plaza, right at the heart of Munich, in front of the town hall, in fact. And there you stop.

Because on the far side, are a line of Reichswehr troops, all armed and ready, though looking nervous. As some of the SA are, as well.

Schwenkfeld walks in a sort of march with the others, but leans to Adolf when they stop, "I don't think the army is with us. They are on the other side, lined up, with rifles."

Adolf nods his head to Schwenkfeld, "Indeed." he says, "They are going to shoot at the people who fought for them? this is madness and treason."

"What's madness is I'm standing here, facing the army, with only a pair of brass knuckles," Wagner mutters.

Schwenkfeld nods quietly, and takes a moment to look around. "I thought they would be with us. I thought the big politician back in the Beer Hall would be, too." Another slight frown, some worry as his hands seem to reflexively reach for the strap of a long rifle no longer there.

Theres some hesitation in the ranks. But then the voice of the Fuhrer cuts through the cold winter air. "Link arms! The Reichswehr would not shoot German patriots like us! On to Berlin!". And after some talk, the SA men begin to link arms, some nervous, some resigned, some happy patriots, ready to bring on the glorious Revolution!

Fuchs looks left and right… now is the one time for trepidation, nonbelief to spread across his features. However, he shakes his head, as if snapping away the horrible, traitorous thoughts, and reaches for Wagner on the left, and Schwenkfeld on the right. "As he says, so we go."

Schwenkfeld holds out his left arm to Fuchs, "Here. Hold my arm. If they try to beat you up, they'll have to get through me first."
Fuchs shakes his head quickly. "They will not beat me up, they will shoot me."

Schwenkfeld nods back, "Then I will pull you to safety." and lifts his chin. "I was big ox in the war. They gassed me, but I kept moving."

Any patriotism Wagner feels has been overshadowed by his nervousness and resignation. "Let's hurry up," he says, "If we give the Army too much time to think, they will probably decide to shoot us."

There is no sign of fear in eyes of Adolf, "We are Veterans of the Great War. Their Bullets may kill us, but our will cannot be killed. We will be victorious!" he says trying to cheer people up and gets into the frontal lines and links his arms with others.

Schwenkfeld lets his right arm get linked in with Adolf's, his left still offered for Fuchs to slide his arm through. He nods, "We will not fight them. They are brothers. Let's call them and sing the old National Anthem when we reach them."

Fuchs takes Schwenkfeld's arm and does as he is told… moves forward. To Schwenkfeld he nods, "Yes, they are brothers. We hope they remember and learn."

Well, the line of SA slowly advance towards the Reichswehr… who are not quite sure what to do. It is clear that the soldiers don't really want to shoot their oncoming fellow Germans. But, their commander thinks otherwise. A veteran of the Kaisers army himself, no doubt a von Something, he sees the brown clad scum headed his way, singing, led by an Austrian corporal with a somewhat manic look in his eyes, and he knows what to do. Never will the Kaiser be brought back by such as those.

"Open fire!"

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