All Your Nurse Are Belong to Us

From Major road, a male voice shouts, "NURSE!".

Nurse? Did someone call? The shout is enough to draw Sofia from her thoughts and send her sprinting nimbly down the road. She moves pretty fast, fortunately. She sticks to buildings and cover, pausing here and again to look around for whomever was calling her. "This had better not be another prank…"

It certainly doesnt look like a prank. While most of the SS are hard at work on new fortifactions, Ewald and perhaps Wagner, are near some of the wounded, a somewhat concerned look on his face. "Oh where is that blasted woman," Ewald hisses under his breath before he finally notices Sofia and waves her over.

Fuchs is, of course, one of the SS hard at work on a trench. Out of the corner of his eye he spots his CO kneeling over another soldier, and stops long enough to stand up fully and watch the goings-on, in case he's needed.

Wagner works on digging the trench. His submachine gun is propped against the trench walls nearby, in easy reach. He glances at Sofia for a moment, his face expressionless, then gets back to digging.

That blasted woman is indeed here. She runs pretty well, given she's a nurse, wearing a dress and lugging along one of those brown bags. Eesh. Wagner gets a glance in turn, as neutral as is given. She shrugs it off before heading over towards Ewald, "Herr?" Even as she speaks to him, Sofia is looking over the wounded.

Shall Ewald pull a Doktor Schmidt and tell her that Herr is too familer and he is to refer to her as Oberscharfuher Baumann? Nah, Ewald isn't that kind of prick. "Nurse… Weir, is it?" he asks. He doesnt wait for her to answer, however, before he continues, "My medic tells me we are having some problems with.. ah.. I believe the word is triage? Heer soldiers whose wounds are not as greivous as some of my men are getting care before those who truely need it."

Wagner gestures in Einar's direction with his shovel. "The vehicle crews will survive with their wounds. The Fuhrer requires working for his soldiers. That schutze in particular, as he is a machine gunner. We are, after all, leading Germany to victory and purging these lands of untermensch," he says.

As if she expected to be allowed to answer. Sofia lifts an eyebrow. "Wait, what? Truly, Oberscharfuher? I haven't" She looks duly concerned, frowning. "All of the men I tend to they are ordered by —" She really does seem surprised. And somewhat bewildered. She's not the only nurse. "Frauline Kohl was supposed to be helping me," Sofia taps her chin. Sigh, no excuses. "I will look into it, but I can assure you that I have been working hard at keeping triage straight." Maybe she's catching the hint now. She does seem apologetic, despite the bewilderment. Oh well, HER triage is just fine. So she thinks.

"They are ordered by who? That rude Feldwebel from the 17th?" Ewald asks, arching an eyebrow, "Let the other nurses handle those the inferior soldiers in the Heer. You are atteched to the SS Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler, the finest examples of Aryan purety in the Fatherland. They deserve your care first- even if sometimes we dont want to listen."

Wagner sets his shovel down and picks up his submachine gun, slinging it behind a shoulder. "We are the spearhead of the German advance, nurse. Do you wish to serve the Fuhrer? Then you will ensure that his fighting men are in the best condition at all times." His voice is almost a growl, "It wouldn't do to have a blunt spear, would it? Are we untermensch?"

Sofia shakes her head, "No. And I've not seen many other nurses about." That might explain why Sofia's been running all over the place. "Of course they do. I will make sure this won't happen again." She simply lowers her head to Wagner, "Yes, I do. And not at all. You are the furthest thing imagineable from untermensch. Banish that thought." The not wanting to listen provokes a smile that Sofia hides behind a hand over her mouth. "Thank you," She lowers the hand as the smile fades, "For bringing this to my attention however."

Fuchs comes back to the trench, carrying a stack of lumber along with a few others from his SS unit. Walking the boards into the trench with him, he moves toward his shovel until he hears Wagner's words… that's enough to get him to turn and look over the subject of the sharp words, wondering just what it was he had walked into.

Wagner is such a good pit bull. "I just want the best care for my men, Fraulien," Ewald says simply, light blue eyes studying the nurse for a momment before he looks back at the SS wounded, "And you must be the best, if you are attached to our unit, are you not?"

Wagner stares at Sofia for a moment, then climbs out of the trench. "Perhaps you can assist me sometime," Wagner says casually. "We can do Herr Doktor a favor, eh?" Those who have fought with Wagner since the Great War, or have known him since that fateful night in Munich might recognize that certain glint in his eyes.

Wagner of course didn't elaborate on what he has in mind.

"Of course, herr," Sofia smiles understandingly. "And they will have it then." She looks past Ewald's shoulder to peer at the wounded as well. Ah, that pit bull. Sofia's eyebrows lift a little. No, she has not known Wagner that long. Though that glint is mildly unnerving. "Mmm," She doesn't seem to know how to respond to that properly, so she simply nods. "And ah, if I witness… some bad behavior, who should I report to?"

Fuchs turns toward Wagner at this point, and nods once in response. Apparently whatever it was that was left out it something that Fuchs is in for… strangely enough, the Sturmann doesn't bother to reveal anything beyond that. He bends down then, picking up a shovel before speaking up slightly, "I am certain Herr Ewald can easily handle it.", and going back to his game of 'dig the hole'.

Ewald gives Wagner the -look-. Its the 'Stop Creeping Out Our Support Staff' look. He then turns back towards Sofia, a somewhat gentle smile on his face, perhaps to counteract Wagner. "You may report it to me, Fraulien," he says. However, Fuchs HAD to intercede, and the Obersharfuhrer's eyes bug out. "Ah.. What did you just call me, Strumman?" he asks, "Just because we've known each other for many years does not mean you can call me 'Herr Ewald'."

"Sometimes the words you say and the questions you ask, nurse," Wagner says quietly, considering Sofia for a moment, "could make someone question your loyalty." The Scharfuhrer smirks, "Those overhearing such questions could easily minsunderstand." To Fuchs, he asks, "Have you dug any other foxholes that need to be reinforced?"

"Hmm?" Fuchs looks at Ewald somewhat confused for a moment, as he mentally replays the conversation in his mind. Ugh, he was getting sloppy. Clearing his throat, he stands up straight and answers in the most honest, yet vague, way possible. "Something I should not have, Oberscharfuhrer. I apologize. The late-" He chokes off the excuse that attempted to flow from his lips, and instead, silently waits for the upcoming reprimand. His eyes do find Wagner though, and he gives a quick nod of affirmation before looking back to Ewald, waiting.

An eyebrow REALLY lifts at Wagner's comment. "Hmmpf. If something is going on that shouldn't, it needs to be reported," She replies stiffly. Sofia seems unnerved still by the man. Even if she is confident in her loyalty. Creepy fellow. She just lets it at that. "Yes, then. I must ask to talk to you," She seems very uneasy despite Ewald's smile. Something must have gone on. "Later of course. You seem busy here and there are wounded."

"If it is important, please, tell me now, Miss Weir," Ewald says with a little nod of his head, "If you'd like to speak in private, we may do so as well. Otherwise, at your convience then." The NCO does seem to be rather curious about what she's talking about.

Doktor Schmidt walks down the road, tall legs swinging. He spies the gaggle of people near the shallow trench, as well as one of his beloved nurses. Without hesitation the tall surgeons moves closer, moving surprisingly quietly. Maybe he's trying to see if people are saying bad things about him.

Wagner nods to Fuchs, then turns to stare back at Sofia. "What behavior would you find unacceptable, nurse? Is it unacceptable because you have personal qualms, or are you concerned that the Fuhrer would not approve?" He looks at the senior NCO and shrugs, saying, "I'm going to check the other trench, Oberscharfuhrer. Might as well run a telephone line out to there so we won't need to rely on runners."

"I doubt the Fuhrer would approve of it at all," She looks back at Wagner evenly. Sofia shifts her weight. "Especially not while it happens in his hospitals," Cough. She doesn't seem to notice the Doktor approaching as silently as a shark. "Um. Probably in private then," She really seems uneasy whenever the subject comes up. Probably best no one can see her curling her toes in her boots.

"What is happening in hospitals that the Fuhrer does not approve of?" Doktor Schmidt's cold, precise voice comes from a little behind Sofia. His dark eyes move from her to the assembled soldier. He adopts a pompous smile, "I am quite certain that my field hospital not only conforms to, but exceeds every standard of hygiene and efficiency."

Ethical standards are not mentioned.

"Good Day, Herr Doctor," Ewald says, giving the SS madman a polite nod, his own expression rather neutral, "I am sure whatever it is that Miss Wier has to report does not concern the way you run your hospital. You've always had a good operation, ever since Beligum." He gesutures northward, "We can speak up in the command post, if you'd like, Fraulien." Wagner gets a nod, "If you think its feasible. I dont think we will be holding this position for too long."

Wagner nods to Ewald. "Communications will be set up," he says. Wagner nods a greeting to Doktor Schmidt, then turns to Fuchs. "We should locate some bags and fill them with earth to further fortify these positions… maybe a nice pile in front of where the machine gun would be deployed. It wouldn't take much labor, and it'd provide a little more concealment and protection from shrapnel and grenade fragments."

Nyaaaaah! That voice! Sofia really curls up at that. Or at least, she'd like to. She settles for curling her fingers. Cold needles run down her spine and she shakes her head, "No, Herr Doktor. Nothing on that matter at all. You run it so admirably, all the other hospitals must be jealous," Smile. "It's a surprise to see you, I am glad." She seems thoroughly cowed by the Doktor, where she has no issue standing toe to toe with an armed SS man or even riding an armored car through mortar fire. Funny that. "Oh. That is fine, yes."

"Good day, Oberscharfuhrer. Scharfuhrer. Fraulein." Doktor Schmidt peers suspiciously at Sofia. No one is ever glad to see him. Sometimes, people with their guts hanging out really need treatment but… No, one is ever glad to see him. "I hope there is no problem with Fraulein Weir, oberscharfuhrer? If there is some issue of deeper relevance at hand, it might be best if I joined this private conversation." Doktor Schmidt tries to mix in irritation with having to deal with such a trifling matter with suspicion at potentially being left out of it.

Fuchs lets his gaze sweep over the swiftly deteriorating atmosphere before the rescue by Wagner. "Sir." Is his only response, before grabbing up his shovel and swinging his rifle over his shoulder. "Some sand would do better. It can take the impact of shrapnel better than hard earth."

"There is no issue with her, I believe she has seen some sort of misconduct from non-medical personel. Which is why she is reporting it to me," Ewald says simply, before giving the Doktor another nod of his head, "But if it concerns your opereations in anyway, I will pass it on up to you. I wouldn't want to waste your valuble time otherwise."

"Misconduct. Oh no… Someone wasn't breaking the rules of the Geneva convention, were they?" Doktor Schmidt's voice drips with irony. It's clear to see what exactly he thinks about the Geneva convention.

"Even better," Wagner says. "Let's not dig herethis road doesn't need any more holes." He whistles to some passing SS soldiers. "Find some sackswe will need a lot—from some of the homes, and then bring them here for us to fill." Ah, the benefits of command. Now Wagner and Fuchs are free to relax for a moment until the soldiers return. The Scharfuhrer jumps down into the trench and, with his shovel, begins leveling and widening a spot out. "I'll set a radio here," he explains.

What? Sofia was merely being polite. Even though the Doktor might terrify her in ways she's never really been scared, he doesn't deserve bad manners right? "Mmm… Well, it did happen IN the hospital, so I guess— I guess the Doktor has a right to know too," Sofia wants to shiver very much, but she does not. Doktor's comment on the convention causes a blink. She will follow Ewald, whether or not the Doktor does as well.

"In that case, please, come along as well, Herr Doktor," Ewald says with a little nod of his head before he starts towards the north, reshouldering his scoped rifle in the process.

"I see. Well, better get going then." Dr Schmidt doesn't seem thoroughly displeased, as this gives him a reason to leave the dirty and muddy construction site.

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