Theatre: France WW1
Nationality: Indian(Sikh)


Arjan Ragi Singh was born in the Punjab region of British India, on December 2, 1892. He was raised, and has spent much of his life as a relatively devout Sikh, and was named for the fifth Guru, Arjan Dev. He is follows the rule of panj kakaar, with special meaning placed on his Kara, as the bracelet once belonged to his paternal grandfather, a warrior of some repute during the Rebellion of 1857. It was passed from his father, just before leaving Punjab for service abroad. He is also never without his Kirpan, a short curved sword that he is quite adept with.

Arjan, as many Sikh, has spent many hours training, beyond that of your average conscript, or volunteer soldier. He has spent a fair bit of that time working with his blade, for he relishes the idea of fighting in close combat, rather than plinking away from behind earthworks. It speaks to the warrior tradition with which he was raised.

His British comrades often consider him to be something of a dour killjoy, when off-duty. He does not imbibe alcohol, smoke tobacco, chase women, or eat much in the way of meat, unless he can be assured it was killed with the one stroke. He is not, as one can imagine, the life of th party. Time will only tell if combat will loosen, or further tighten his strings.

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