Raatevaara Connections

This page is an attempt to show the connections between the various characters in the Winter War theatre. It will not go into great detail on each character. It can be used by new players who wants to get an idea of where they can fit in and who to contact about ideas, but also for old players to keep track which can be tricky enough.


Tapper-Rautakorpi family: Arto, Erkki and Pentti - loggers, farmers, civic guard. White.
Mannikainen family: Antti, Matti, Isak, Aila - farmers and hunters. Red.
Korhonen family: Korhonen, Sonja, Emma, Anna (deceased), Marja, Kati (npc, age 14), Henrik (npc, age 2) - doctor and nurses
Jakobson Family: Markus, Ansa - Carpenter

Other characters

Gustaf Sigvardsson - Reservist and Bookstore Operator. White.
Jari Viinikainen - Nimismies (local police officer), civic guard. Very white.
Luukas Svenonius - Reservist and forester. White.
Olli Jarvela - Hunter
Jaakko Korpinen - Rifleman
Aamos Autio (KIA)
Topi Lindström - Hunter and woodsman
Antero Viljanen - Forester
Oskari - Border Guard
Magnus Jalo
Niko Fisk
Vesa Jokinen
Mika Lametti - Drifter

Arto and Erkki are cousins with Antti and Matti from the fact that the Tapper-Rautakorpi grandfather had a relationship with Antti and Matti's grandmother, the result being their father. This is a source of strain on the Tapper-Rautakorpi family and they really don't recognize that part of the family as their relatives and the Mannikainen line don't hold the Tapper-Rautakorpi family in high esteem either. It's a quiet dislike, for the most part.

Arto Tapper-Rautakorpi is the well-liked oldest son that will inherit the entire business at some point. Erkki Tapper Rautakorpi has a son together with Sonja but does not recognize the boy as his from their short love affair. Due to this, there is strain between the Korhonen and Tapper-Rautakorpi family as well. Erkki was once married but his wife died in childbirth, together with the child. His wife was called Eeva, a girl from the area.

Matti Mannikainen was to be married to one of the Korhonen daughers, Anna, but she died before the marriage took place. Matti is on the border of being an alcoholist, and he fought in the Spanish Civil War on the Republican side. Antti Mannikainen owns a farm, he is married to Aila and the two have children.

Isak Johansson Autio is married to Antti's and Matti's sister, and Isak is a cousin to Aamos Autio.

Jari Viinikainen is the nimismies of Raatevaara. He comes from a well-to-do family from up north a bit, that owns quite a bit of land. A friend to Erkki, both members of the Civic Guard. His sister is Aila who is married to Antti Mannikainen. Since the Mannikainen family is Red and the Viinikainen family is Very White, there's tension between them due to this marriage.

The Korhonen clan consists of Doctor Johannes Korhonen himself and his five daughters. Sonja and Emma are the oldest, the former a secretary/nurse and the latter a member of the Lotta Svärd, also a nurse. Sonja's son with Erkki is called Henrik and is only a year old.

Markus and Ansa Jakobson are brother and sister. Markus is a woodworker and carpenter. Their parents have both passed away, once having lived in Russia before returning back after the revolution in 1917.

Olli Jarvela is a local lad, with a bad attitude. Spent most of his time alone in the forest prior to the war, shooting game, whether he had permission or not.

Topi Lindström is from the north, from Lapland. He's a rather private person that has spent most of his time as a travelling hunter and woodsman. He's spent enough time in Raatevaara that locals would recognize him.

Luukas Svenonius comes from Ostrobothnia, a young forester/lumberjack of Toravaara camp. Has taken up a leadership role in the war. He is cousin to Antero Viljanen, who is also a forester, and one of his younger cousins, Oskari (known as "Ozzy"), was a border guard recovering from illness when the Russian invasion first arrived in Raatevaara.

Gustaf Sigvardsson comes from Paltamo, a long ways off indeed. He arrived in Raatevaara to retrieve a special medicine which was mailed to Raatevaara. He is a loner and outsider to the locality.

Magnus Jalo is another forester who was working with Luukas Svenonius in Toravaara prior to the outbreak of the war.

Vesa Jokinen is Markus Jacobson's carpentry apprentice. Vesa's father was a Finn bringing up his family in the Karelia region of Russia, who brought Vesa and his brother Kalle to Raatevaara after a Soviet purge in 1934.

Mika Lametti is Erkki's and Arto's cousin on their mother's side. He comes from the town of Kohny, recently having arrived to find his cousins after having drifted around the country.

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