Private Arthur Ox Vaughn

Artie Vaughn was born in a small farm house near Sydney. His father was shot dead by another local farmer under a false accusation of stealing livestock. Arthur was raised by his mother who had no help. He took on all the responsibilities of the harm and the house at the age of seven. He received no formal education.

When Vaughn turned nineteen he found the man that murdered his father. He followed this man for several days, like a predator stalking prey. When the time came, Vaughn struck brutally and efficient: strangling the man with a length of chain. Vaughn turned himself in two days later.

As a part of a deal the government made with convicts, Vaughn was given the option to join the ANZAC as they attacked Gallipoli. He was quite open to this offer.

After serving on ANZAC Cove for nearly three months Vaughn was sought by the military to be transfered to the French front. He made quite a name for himself fighting the Germans. They'd never seen anyone as vicious as Vaughn on the battle field. Survivors of his attacks reported that he killed them without remorse and that he even slaughtered with a smile. He eventually attained the rank of Sargeant and went on to serve with the ANZAC forces in World War 2.

Vaughn died during the Battle of Greece: he sustained several wounds to the torso from German snipers while he was dragging an injured private out of the field. He finally succumbed to his wounds thirty days later. He left behind a wife and two sons.

Medals: Military Medal (for recovering the body of his fallen commander)

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