Places code represents, typically, places of concealment or cover in a given room, so trenches, foxholes, and other forms of fortification. Places may be entered and left with the +join <number> and +leave commands. If there is a battle going on this will cost a certain number of ticks of the clock, at other times you can join and leave at will.

While in a place you gain a certain amount of protection dependent on what the place is. Trenches generally offer a high degree of protection, shell holes would offer less. Some may offer none at all, but if its a military construction chances are its a good thing to be in it. This is especially true against artillery.

Places may also connect to one another. A communication trench may, for example, connect to other trenches, both in the same room and in adjacent rooms. To move from a connecting place to another you don't need to +leave first.

You can bring up a display of what connects to what and a description of the places in the room you are in with the following command.


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