Pilots Down In Arras

"Pilots Down in Arras"

Who: Henrik, Alice & Etoile, with Poor Bastard NPCs Trip and Roberts, NPC Nazi Eisen and Vicious NPC Dogs
IC Date: August 1940
OOC Date: March 12, 2008

What: A leaflet bombing raid goes very, very wrong for a couple of RAF men who're forced to bail out over Arras. The town's citizens come to their aid … with mixed results. Fear the German Shepherd.

«Announcement from War!» Arras: The ever so faint sound of machinegun fire erupts in the early morning sky north of Arras. With the sky still at a dark blue, it is difficult to determine what exactly is happening in the sky outside some sort of aerial conflict. From time to time tracer fire emits from the aircraft as they engage one another.

«Announcement from War!» With time, the aerial combat makes its way over Arras. A small bomber formation changes course and begins its target run in towards the city. Of the five bombers, two of them are smoking rather poorly after having taken several hard hits from the swarm of BF109's circling over heading. As the bombers approach their target, the bomb doors open and clouds of leaflets poor out from under the bomb bay doors. The leaflets float down to earth towards the city below.

From Arras, Henrik's eye follows the distant dueling aircraft with a keen interest to go with his sharp frown. Smoke and machinegun fire in the air aid in tracking the aerial battle, yet as the leaflets are dropped, the swede merely lets out a slow breath. "A goddamn stupid thing to get killed doing," he mutters. Still, with his attention alrgely on the aircraft, he steps to pick up one of the falling messages as they drift to the ground.

From Arras, "… But selfless in a way, they could just leave us," Alice points out, reaching for one of the pamphlets too. The cats are gonna have a field day, batting at paper. WOohoo! Free toys! Swat swat swat. More swat action than a cult in Texas. Alice looks over the paper, then back at the sky. "I hope they all make it okay."

From Arras, Henrik shakes his head without looking down from the aircraft duel. "Already trailing smoke. Don't see any fighter cover. This far from friendly air? No. Doesn't look good."

From Arras, Alice frowns at that, "Still. There's always a chance." She's an optomist. "I bet they will." She does keep her pamphlet close to her. The kitties are pouncing, patting, swatting the papers, even nibbling some of them. Hmmm. She resumes watching the planes though.

«Announcement from War!» Arras: One of the already beaten up bombers has its luck take a turn for the worse. One of the the BF109's pounces down onto the bomber with guns blazing. The tracer fire in the sky rains down on the bomber causing its tail to seperate from the fuselage and now plummet to the earth. The bomber begins to spiral out of control at the ground and lucky for the citizens of Arras the aircraft does not appear to be crashing over the city.

From Arras, Etoile has arrived.

From Arras, "They move so much faster," Henrik mutters half to himself, struck with a bit of grudging wonder at the sight of the planes roaring about in the sky. Then one of the bombers is dismembered, and begins to fall. "Your timing is truly remarkable, mademoiselle.." he rumbles dryly to Alice.

From Arras, Etoile has been peering out of one of the cafe windows, so she now hurries outside to get a better look at the bomber as it plummets to the ground.

From Arras, "…" Sigh, "Well, I'm no expert on planes," Alice admits. "But the other one is bound to be okay," She watches, worried. Poor bastards. Hopefully they will be okay? She looks troubled by the idea of the crew getting cooked. She smiles at her cats though. Alice waves to Etoile.

From Arras, Henrik turns slowly in place to follow the descent of the stricken bomber. Briefly, he glances back to see the progress of the other Allied aircraft and thier Messerschmidt pursuers, before flicking back to the falling plane. "Looks clear of Arras," he murmers.

From Arras, Etoile nods back once to Alice, rather distracted by the sight of the planes overhead. "Where do you think it's going to land?" she mutters. "Did you see anyone bail out?" She's likely more concerned with the prospect of stealing someone's parachute silk.

From Arras, "Not yet," Alice murmurs. "I hope they do get out safely," She curls her fingers a bit. She seems more worried about the fate of the men, although a parachute would be kinda cool. Alice squints, "That I have no idea on," She is following this attentively, despite the kitties having a field day with the paper.

«Announcement from War!» Arras: As the lead bomber continues to plumit to the ground, the G-Forces of the aircraft cause the airframe to take a hard beating. Objects appear to be getting sucked out from the backend of the fuselage with the aircraft current alitutde, it is difficult to tell if it is just equipment….or perhaps members of the aircrew getting sucked out into the sky. Soon after the aircraft crashes into the fields north of Arras. The explosion is faintly heard in the city. for those still watching the battle in the sky, they will notice that two of the unknown objects are actually RAF aircrew. Their parachutes deploy several hundred yards appart and the wind carries them towards the city…

From Arras, "Land?" Henrik echoes colorlessly. "They won't. As to where the aircraft will crash? Looks close. Might be wrong, but.. maybe a mile out of Arras?" Thick shoulders shrug, although the words cut off abruptly at the sight of opening parachutes. His steps start moving down the street to the edge of town, with increasing speed.

From Arras, "Land, crash, you know what I mean…" Etoile murmurs to Henrik. The explosion manages to take her mind right off parachute silk. She stands still, then glances away to Henrik, then to the sky again, then… Oh hell. She starts to run in the direction of one of the descending chutes.

From Arras, Henrik has left.
From Arras, Alice has left.
From Arras, Etoile has left.

From Arras, War has left.

From Arras, Henrik rumbles under his breath in answer to Alice, as he breaks into a full run, "Might still be time.." The parachute makes for a fine beacon, which is both a good thing, and a very, very bad thing.

From Arras, Trip drifts closer and closer to Arras. His parachute was never designed for much stirring and the crewman sails down to towards the town. Still at three thousand feet, he has some time before hitting the ground. The man pulls on his breaks trying to slow down his desent, but he is still falling at a traffic speed towards the ground that probably will hurt if he botches his landing.

From Arras, "I haven't seen any yet," Etoile replies to Alice, mid-jog. "They're going to be over it like flies on dog shit soon, though." Hopefully, they're in too much of a hurry to give a crap about how unladylike she is.

From Arras, A pause. "I - hey wait. Do any of us speak English?" Alice considers. "I only know a little…" She admits. The woman winces as Henrik breaks into a run. She runs too, hitching up her skirt a bit so she doesn't trip all over it. A sprinter Alice ain't. But she's doing her best.

From Arras, Henrik is ahead of Alice and thus, does not answer. In true, over-hasty fashion however, in his rush to cover ground, Henrik finds himself looking up and waiting, before realizing that he'd overshot where the englishman looks to be coming down. A curse under his breath.

The other parachute which is still several thousand feet higher continues to sail to the southwest. Sergeant Trip, the tail gunner of the aircraft, hits the ground hard. He performs the techniques tought to him back in training….feet and knee togeather, eyes straight ahead. So much easier to remember when in training as apposed to falling from the sky after being shot down. The man lands hard on the ground and lets out a cry of pain from the blow. He doesn't appear to be any further then 100meters north of your location.

From Arras, Etoile has to kick off her shoes again to run faster, although at least she does pause to pick them up and carry them under her arm this time. There's the occasional yelp from her as she steps on a stone.

From Arras, Alice has sensible shoes, as a seamstress is often at the whims of some woman being fitted for something, or a man needing a suit. The woman peers as the poor fellow lands and yelps. "I hope he's okay," She murmurs, picking up the pace a tiny bit. But it's obvious Alice isn't made for running. Poor outta shape Frenchie.

From Arras, As Trip hits the ground, Henrik draws a breath and runs to the spot, sparing glances to either side, and backward before coming up to the downed man's spot. The big man's french may be strongly accented and rough, but his english is downright brutal. "English, how bad the leg?" he asks curtly, as steps slow as he nears the man.

From Arras,
The Englishman's leg appears to be in bad shape. The biggest indication is him grabbing his leg just above the knee as his eye squint and he deeps breathly. He manages to grunt, "I think I broke my ankle."

From Arras, Etoile's English isn't as terrible as her German, but that doesn't say much. She eventually comes to a halt behind Henrik and tries to get her breath back. "Good job we have a nurse," she mutters in French, and makes a little shooing motion at Alice as she peers at Trip.

From Arras, Henrik asks low and curt, "Have knife? Cut that-" He has no idea what the word of 'parachute' is, in any language. "Thing off, quick." Injury? Isn't there an Alice around somewhere, who could verify this? Henrik looks about shortly to find one. Of Etoile, he asks, in blunt french, "There a good house for him near here?"

From Arras, Trip continues to clutch his leg as he hears ramblings in French…well lucky for him it wasn't German. That would have him scared. No doubt the Germans would be here soon. The tail gunner reaches onto his harness and begins to unfasten various straps and buckles inorder to free himself from the parachute. Not a fast or easy process.

From Arras, Alice blinks, "Kind of." She's a nurse that got pressed into it. She leans over and looks at the man and his poor leg. She carefully crouches down, being mindful not to give anyone *ahem* a show. She will check for anything busted or broken or sprained. At least she knows /that/ much. "Where … is it hurting the most?" Alice seems to have picked up SOME english, just enough to ask the guy if he's about to implode from pain.

From Arras, Eisen has arrived.

From Arras, Etoile quickly shakes her head at Henrik. "I can't just knock on someone's door and say, 'excuse me, could you hide a some strange English man, please?' The only place I could hide him is the cafe." She hurriedly considers that. "Father might throw a fit, mind you, but… Oh for god's sake." She crouches to help Trip by undoing the more straightforward buckles on his harness.

From Arras,
Trip turns towards Alice finishing unbuckling the last strap from his chute. A bit of wind catches the parachute and and slowly begins to drift westward in the wind. "My ankle…I think I broke it." The area is already swelling up on the outside of his low cut boot.

From Arras, Henrik crouches beside the downed airman to mutter in harsh english, "Have knife? Quicker to cut. Fast, fast." Blue eyes scan the street up and down before he does what he can to help free the brit from the harness. In muttered french, to Etoile, "Need to get him out of street. Cafe is too far."

From Arras, Speaking of Germans, a squad of them arrives on the scene, moving at a swift jog. The parachutes were rather hard to miss. Eisen is among them, eager to find whatever scum landed here!

From Arras, "If they get too close, I can start crying and asking about a lost cat," Alice promises. "But, his ankle is broken," Alice will help pick him up. "How about -" A pause. She points at a small, newly built place. "Well, my shop is nearby. We could keep him among my sewing dummies?" She offers, nodding towards one of the repaired buildings.

From Arras, "There aren't any air raid shelters around here, are there?" No? Crap. Etoile glances around, then inhales sharply through her teeth. "Shop'll have to do."

From Arras,
Trip frees himself of his harness completly now and begins to look around nerviousley…especially with all the french talking. Not knowing the language made the sitaution difficult, though he does catch a few words in English from time to time. He shakes his head at Henrik, "No knife." he says keeping what he says simple and easy to understand.

From Arras, Henrik curses under his breath as the big man rumbles, "Up, on the good foot, now." Putting a brawny arm under Trip's and around the airman's back, Henrik provides the muscle. "Can carry once on your feet.." he mutters, before looking up.. His expression goes stonefaced upon catching sight of the newly arrived squad of oncoming nazis.

From Arras, "I guess, do you want my key? I can stay a moment and ask about a lost cat…" Alice squints, "Or something." She smiles reassuringly at Trip, "You will be okay. Just hurry please…" The Nazis are drawing perilously near. She offers a hand to help the man up.

From Arras, "HALT!" Eisen bellows when the Germans are near enough to have spotted the cluster of Frenchies. And the poor tail gunner. In English, for the RAF man's benefit. They descend toward him, guns out.

From Arras, Etoile opens her mouth to speak. Too late. She abruptly freezes where she is.

From Arras,
Trip takes the assistance offered to him by Henrik and pushes himself up onto one foot with his week legs on the inside of the pair. It appears terribly painful to even stand while not even putting weight on his foot. Just the movements of it causes pain. Well that becomes the least of his conserns once he hears the German accent with the order to 'hault'…… he does just that being out manned and gunned.

From Arras, Drawn guns are very much universal language. Henrik still holds Trip upright on his good leg, the swede's brawn bearing much of the airman's weight. He too stands in place when the command to stop is given. Expression still stoic, he simply waits for the squad to approach closer or offer further instruction.

From Arras, Oh fudge. Alice freezes, almost like a rabbit under a steamroller. Oh no. Oh no no no. The poor British bastard. She does unfreeze enough to frown. She is doing her best not to look worried and frightened. But she's smart enough to stand still, at least.

From Arras, "Away, scum!" Eisen bellows at Henrik. In very rudimentary French. But he augments his yelling with gestures from his machine gun. In case there's any doubt about how it translates. Poor Trip is quickly surrounded.

From Arras,
Trip slips his arm off from around Henrik. The man had already put his kneck on his line to help him. Continueing to hold onto the man would only get the Swedish man into more trouble. He does manage to stand alone on his one good leg…for a moment before he collapses onto the ground not being able to hold himself up.

From Arras, Etoile continues to stay where she is as if rooted to the spot. As there doesn't seem to be much point in trying to stay poker-faced, the worry in her expression is pretty obvious - without thinking, she covers her mouth with her hand.

From Arras, Henrik draws a steady breath, raising the one free hand, empty palm outward to the gun toting Eisen. As Trip steps off and takes a tumble, the swede lets the breath out tersely, and states toward Eisen, "He needs to be taken to the hospital." With 'hospital' spoken slowly, a hand raised to indicate the building, to aid in Eisen's french comprehension.

From Arras, Alice is a two handed kind of woman, putting both of them over her mouth. Her eyes widen as the poor man falls. "Ah!" Alice, your typical frilly puff. She's a more open book, obviously worried. She is staying still, as if a small vine in the breeze clinging to stand up straight rather than curl and reach the sun.

From Arras, «Ground Combat» Trip moves to engage Eisen in close quarters combat, and succeeds!

From Arras, Eisen ignores Henrik. He seems unconcerned about Trip's health. «Thought you'd find help from traitors in town, did you?» he scoffs in German. In English he just bellows, "NAME, SCUM?"

From Arras, «Ground Combat» Eisen attacks Trip with his bare hands! Trip suffers 4 bruise damage to his right chest.

From Arras, Eisen beats on Trip with his bare hands, to encourage him to answer!

From Arras, Henrik, ignored, says nothing. His emotionless, stonefaced expression remains in place as Eisen begins his 'questions'.

From Arras,
Trip is not one to fight back with his current situation of many loaded guns pointed at him. He curls up slightly and upon the delivery of the first bare knuckle beating he winces in pain as his other injuries now begin to hurt even more. "John Trip!" he yells in pain as his arms go over to protect his head from any further beatings.

From Arras, Etoile could be a white hat and yell at Eisen to stop, but right now, her survival instinct takes precedence over her morality. Her hand remains over her mouth.

From Arras, «Ground Combat» Eisen attacks Trip with his bare hands! Eisen misses!

From Arras, A gasp from Alice. Oh nooooo. She almost whimpers, watching Eisen set to work. "Ah …" She murmurs behind her hand, eyes widened. Poor poor Trip. She looks to the others, Henrik and Etoile, then back to the Englishman.

From Arras, Eisen takes another swing at Trip but misses, which seems to infuriate him. Bah! Now he looks like a fool in front of all these French ladies. So he hefts his machine gun instead.

From Arras, Henrik turns to regard Alice and Etoile, instructing in harsh french, "Look away. Now."

From Arras,
Poor Trip was still curled in a ball and has no insight on what layed a head of him. His arms continue to protect his head as if he was expecting another blow…

From Arras, Etoile, stupidly, doesn't follow Henrik's instruction.

From Arras, Alice wants to scream or cry or something. Let the poor man alone, he's fallen! That's /not fair/. But not much is fair in war, is it? She half-looks away, moving one hand up to hide her eyes (But maybe just peek a bit. Surely he wouldn't …? Over some /paper/?). Her lower lip is wobbling a bit, so she bites it hard to stop. Although, Eisen's miss is a little amusing, at least until the machine gun came out.

From Arras, Eisen levels his machine gun at poor wounded Trip, red-faced and furious, and shout, "SCUM!" None of the other Germans seem inclined to stop him.

From Arras,
At point blank range, Trip was an easy target for the SMG. The man goes near lifeless instently as all his muscles relax and he goes into shock. He still breathes showing signs of life, but in his condition he doesn't move. He continues to bleed from his gun shot wounds onto the street and now living on borrowed time.

From Arras, Eisen shoots and shoots and shoots Trip until he's dead. Then he fires a few bullets into his lifeless corpse.

From Arras, Just about everyone flinches when guns fire at close range. Its a natural, healthy human response. Doubly so when a human being is blasted apart in front of a person. Henrik does not, the foreigner might as well be hewn from rock or wood for all the reaction the callous execution inspires in him.

From Arras, "STOP THAT," Etoile screams at Eisen, rather too late, as the gunfire subsides. She does it without really thinking about it. Both her hands are now by her sides, clenched in to fists, and her expression is an odd mix of fear and rage.

From Arras,
Trip goes limp as bullets outline his body sending debri into his wounds. The injuries were so bad, that he dies from them shortly after being shot. His body breathes its last breath and now goes completly limp with a lifeless face stairing out towards the crowd of French civillians.

From Arras, Alice almost screams, wincing and stifling it. It is reduced to a squeak, a whimper, a sob. Though, there's water building in her eyes. Oh no, oh no no noooooo. She's seen the aftermath of fighting, but never a helpless man blown apart in front of her. She looks thoroughly terrorized. "Oh my god!" She cowers. The horror of it all! The woman is horrified, saddened and shocked all at once. How /could/ they? Are these Germans even human?

From Arras, One or two of the Germans, maybe, look vaguely uncomfortable at the bloody mess that is all the remains of the English tail gunner. Still, there's work to be done. Muttering in German commences among them. Two parachutes fell from that plane, and the bullet-riddled corpse of Trip only accounts for one of them. There's another man out there to find. Eisen is still riding high off the brutality, though, and he whirls on Etoile. "Shut up, French whore!" he yells at her.

From Arras, Henrik turns aside and instructs curtly to both of the women, in a voice lacking patience, "Get out of here now, both of you." As Eisen starts toward Etoile however, the big man's even blue stare shifts back to the german.

From Arras, Etoile steps away from Eisen out of pure reflex - again, it's something she does without thinking. If she had any sense right now, she'd probably just stand there and let him hit her. She doesn't run, though. Part of her is still well aware that it just might make things worse.

From Arras, "Etoile!" Alice gasps. Oh dear. Oh no. She tries to move, but only finds her feet frozen. "Please, just … come …" She murmurs. She offers the other girl her hands. Poor Alice is about to cry at all of this.

From Arras, Some rough German command is barked at Eisen and he halts, nodding curtly. "Go home, bitch," he orders Etoile tersely. He's mastered the French translations of those sorts of phrases. The Germans disperse after that. They've got a pilot to find. Trip's body is left to lay where it is for now, though the Germans eye it sternly as they move off. Trip is clearly not to be moved.

From Arras, Dog1 has arrived.

From Arras, Etoile breathes out when Eisen loses interest in her. She takes a few more halting steps away, pausing to look back at Trip's corpse, then blankly glances to Alice, taking her hands.

From Arras, How rude. Alice frowns a bit, then looks sadly at the fallen Trip. She shivers, almost visibly and swallos. She still looks ready to cry. Poor poor fellow. She blinks quickly, trying to keep her watering eyes under control. There's a bit of relief when Etoile is ordered away and accepts her hands. "We should … go …"

From Arras, Dog1 leads his handler towards Trip, obviousely the dog had picked up on the wrong sent leading the pair to the already found Sergeant Trip. The dog continues to sniff at the ground trying to find a new scent to pickup on.

From Arras, Eisen hooks himself up with a mean team of tracking dogs to find the surviving pilot. And perhaps shoot him. And then maybe feed him to the looming German shepherds.

From Arras, Etoile nods to Alice, and starts to head back the way they came, back towards the cafe. There's alcohol there. She turns her back on the dog teams and heads homewards so that she can 'self-medicate' for a while.

[Admin] War relocates Roberts to just south of the PCs. "I figure in about 30 min, the Germans can start rolling through. I still have some stuff to knock out, so once they hide him I'm probably going to call it good for a night….though a few cordon and searches tomorrow would make for good scenes.

From Arras, A twinge of pity and a prayer for the surviving pilot. Run fast, run far and stay the hell away from anywhere with booze and sausage. Alice wipes her eyes a few times, "I think I am allergic to dogs." Her voice wobbles dangerously. She follows along with Etoile though, not wanting to be left alone with the Germans.

From Arras, Dog2 snuffles the ground, growling at Trip's corpse before going to snuffle around the parachute.

From Arras, Dog1 emits a low growl towards the French women as they pass by. The dog was a military dog, cropped ears, tail, the hole ten yeards to make it as mean and fearsome as possible. Its white teath were not something you would want cought around your throat.

From Arras, Eisen prowls about, waiting for the dogs to pick up on something. He nods approvingly at Dog1. He likes dogs. Especially the vicious Aryan ones.

From Arras, Great, even the nazi dogs are assholes. Etoile quickens her pace.

From Arras, Dog1 sniffs around at the ground trying to pick up a scent that could lead him to any other British chew toys.

From Arras, Eeeeeeeeee. Alice is soft and squishy! Her eyes widen at the dog, "Nice puppy." Says the cat lady. She scoots away. "Don't maul Alice puppy," She adds hurriedly. She scampers off after Etoile, but poor Alice is winded from her sprint. And the water in her eyes is making it hard to see. Off with her!

From Arras,
Roberts is the other airman that was lucky or unlucky enough to bail out from the aircraft…only time will tell which it will be. The man appears to be in a bad position as his parachute seems to have cought on the backside of the Arras Hospital leaving his feet just a few inches off the ground. His knife lays down by his feet leaving the poor man stranded. The only reason he probably hasn't been found yet was because he was sorta hidden between the Hospital and another building.

From Arras, Etoile is quiet on the walk back to the cafe, staying next to Alice. She doesn't say anything, and keeps her eyes to the floor - although, oddly enough, she's not crying. Perhaps she's still a bit in shock. She catches something out the corner of her eye and glances up, pausing sharply when she sees Roberts, then bolts over to him at full tilt. She's still not wearing shoes, of course.

From Arras, Alice stays near Etoile, sniffing now and again. "Damn dogs. Allergic to them, ugh." She rubs her eyes. Then they widen, spotting Roberts. She bolts after too, in awe. Maybe they can save at least one? "Hello," She offers in an accented English. "Hurry …" She looks to Etoile. If Etoile doesn't pick up the knife, Alice will.

From Arras, Dog2 is loosed from his handler, so he can run free as he snuffles to pick up a trail. He can't seem to get a bead directly on it, but he barks viciously as he runs off. Must find English blood!

From Arras,
Upon hearing shuffling, Roberts gets nervious. This is quickly washed over with relief as he realises the two are not Germans. He appears to be in far better shape this his comrad when he landed. The man appears to be free of injuries. Quickly he points to his knife, "Cut me loose quick!"

From Arras, Etoile hesitates, so Alice gets possession of the knife. Besides, she's a nurse/seamstress, she's probably better at handling sharp objects. While she leaves Alice to cut him down, she quickly darts away to get a good look up and down the street for any sign of Germans.

From Arras, Dog2 snuffles along the road, making a low growling sound as it searches for something to maul.

From Arras, Alice moves quickly, nodding. "Okay," She murmurs. She's got quick hands, even if her brain lags harder than China trying to download democracy. She's not terribly /strong/, but she knows where to cut. Please, please, let her hands be swift. The tip of her tongue sticks out of the side of her mouth comically, but it's hard to think of much funny.

From Arras, Roberts quickly points to the right locations to cut to get him out from the harness quickly as possible. He goes still for a moment as he catches sight of something outside of the alley…"Oh man..I hope that dog is a local." he says in English as he cought a glimpse of Dog2.

From Arras, Dog2 comes to a dead stop, sniffing vigorously. Sniff. Sniff. Growl. Oh yes. There's /something/ out there.

From Arras, Alice cuts like a thousand Myspace whores on speed when defriended. Really! She is working at it. Trying very hard. A dog? She blinks a few times and turns around. "Oh merde," She mutters. "Anyone got food?" She asks. Perhaps they can distract it or something? Now she cuts … well, she's somehow found the strength to work a tiny bit faster. Fear is an excellent motivator.

From Arras, Etoile recognises the word 'dog', and panics. "Hurry up," she hisses at Alice. Could they shoot the dog? Nah. Stab it? Nah. Distract it with biscuits? Nah. She could throw her shoes at it? Nah.

From Arras, Dog2 sniffs again. Then raises his head, ears laid back on his head. He growls again, menacingly. He sets his purebred nose to the ground, snuffling a slow trail toward the pilot.

From Arras, Roberts falls to the ground under his body weight as the weaker straps tear after being cut. He pushes himself up off his knee looking at the dog and the alley way to the north, "Maybe…we should just head back up that way and leave the dog in the street." he points to the north as a possible escape rout.

From Arras, Alice gives him a confused look, then glances behind her. "Nazi … were … behind way we came from," She explains, in faltering English. But she does nod at the idea of moving away from the dog. "Dog follow?" She asks quietly, worried about that. "OH!" Then she looks at Etoile, "Do you have fish in the cafe?" She asks quietly.

From Arras, Etoile understands the word 'north' and sees where Roberts is pointing. "North isn't good," she mutters in French - and then nods to Alice. As she's not doing anything otherwise useful right now, she jogs towards the cafe. To get some steak.

From Arras, Roberts understood what Alice had ment and he would much rather face the Dog then angry machine gun wielding Germans that where present to the north. He draws his pistol not wanting to use it, but he would much rather have it in his hands and ready then have to waste time drawing it.

From Arras, Dog2 growls again, jerking his head up as he sees Etoile jog past. He follows after her.

From Arras, Etoile soon reappears with a rather bloody chunk of cow flesh in her hand, looks around for more Germans (rather than German shepherds), presents the steak to the dog to get his attention, jogs on a bit to encourage him to follow, then flings the piece of meat as far away from her as she can. AWAY from the direction of the alley, of course.

From Arras, Alice looks like she's thinking hard and fast. One can almost see the smoke now even. Her home! "South," She motions. "Home or sewing shop to hide?" At least he gets a choice. "May be in closet though … sorry," She murmurs. At least Gabriel's busy nearly all day. She watches Etoile and the dog, worried.

From Arras, Dog2 growls at Etoile. But he does lope after her, snapping at the steak. His teeth flash menacingly in the morning light.

From Arras, Roberts thinks quick on his feet and chooses, "Shop." At least there he could at least claim he broke in and hid as to where the home…it would be much more far fetched to claim that they never knew he was there. Before leaving, he reaches up to the straps that still dangled from the hospital. He grabs them and throws them up and over the hospital to hopefully buy him some more time should any germans stumble through this allyway. He now looks ready, though the idea of the dog in his path isn't something he is fond of… and slowly he moves towards it and tries to move around it while keeping his gun trained on the beast should it turn on him.

From Arras, Etoile keeps a beady eye on the dog, ready to cover Roberts' and Alice's ass with more stolen meat products if need be. She doesn't immediately follow after them. Her duty is dog distraction.

From Arras, Phew. At least one of them has a brain cell to spare. Alice nods, and motions. It's to the east, a tiny bit aways from here. She offers Roberts his knife as she leads him to her sewing shop. "This way," She murmurs. Then a pause. "This is yours," A nod at the knife. The shop is closed, but Alice produces a key when they are near, glancing over her shoulder constantly. At least she /moves/ somewhat quickly.

From Arras,
Roberts is only a few steps behind Alice not wanting to spend anymore time on the street then possible…especially with the rising sun and the soon to be morning commuters on their way to work. No doubt there would be those looking to improve their life by selling him to the Germans. Probably slim, but who wanted to take the risk when their life was on the line.

From Arras, Dog2's ears prick up at the sound of the parachute being thrown about. He lets out a low growl, forgetting the steak. Gluttonous as he is, he's at least well trained. He lopes speedily in Robert's direction, growling.

From Arras, Roberts knows he cant out run the dog and turns getting ready to face the beast….man vs beast and Roberts hopes he would be the one to win…he strikes at the animal with his pistol.

From Arras, Dog2 lunges at Roberts, snapping at him, teeth closing over his arm. But the whap to the head with the rifle makes him waver. He whines, puppy-ish.

From Arras, Etoile wasted an expensive steak all for nothing! She joins in on the dog-beating.

From Arras, Roberts had pistol whipped the dog right on the nose sending it back. He turns to run away only to realise that both women were facing off with it…had it gotten abck up? It sure did. He turns around to finish the task.

From Arras, Dog2 wobbles around, letting out a plaintive whine. Poor killer Aryan puppy.

From Arras, Etoile can't punch nazis, so she makes do by punching a nazi's best friend, aiming to swing again at the dog.

From Arras, Dog2 bites Roberts in the arm again, growling viciously.

From Arras, Kick the dog? Tempting. But Alice realizes time is flying past and Roberts got bitten! She turns the key in the door. Tch-click! The door is open! "Come, come," She hisses. "We've got to clean that wound and-" And get rid of that dog goes unsaid. But the door is open now. Thinking quickly though, she nudges the door open and moves to punch the dog. Cept she totally forgot she was holding a knife.

From Arras, Roberts leans forward and delivers a solid kick to the dogs ribs.

From Arras, Dog2 snaps and bites wildly. Roberts may be the enemy but he's sort of out for Etoile's blood right now. Tease, with that steak.

From Arras, Etoile misses, then says something extremely unladylike under her breath.

From Arras, "Door is open," Alice repeats quietly, trying to shoo the dog off with her knife.

From Arras, Roberts says, "We need to kill the dog otherwise it'll bark and alert the Germans." He then kicks at the dog again.

From Arras, Etoile kicks the dog in the leg, after quickly checking to make sure that her right hand still has all its fingers.

From Arras, Dog2 takes a bite out of Etoile's hand, then whirls about to snap at Roberts' head. Roberts' blow to the chest finally knocks him back, with a low whine.

From Arras, Roberts walks over to the dog and raises his foot in preperations to crush the unconscinece dogs head in against the pavement.

From Arras, Alice is mostly holding the door open, "We'll clean your hand inside… I've got some bandages inside," She promises Etoile. She is worried looking still, fretting and keeping an eye out. "You … we have to hide dog body too. Guess spare trunk," Sigh.
From Arras, Dog2 sprawls on the pavement. It's cuter when it's unconscious and not trying to maul young women.

From Arras,
Roberts is bleeding from the forhead and both his hands from having fended off the dogs earlier attacks. During his stomp, he staggers slightly and he crushes the dogs right paw…kind of. The damn thing would be waking soon and heading back to its masters. It needed to be killed and dumped in an ally way…or maybe served up at Cafe Mason?

From Arras, Etoile leaves Robinson to it, tucking her injured hand under her armpit to try and stem the blood loss. It's not bleeding that badly, mind you. "Oh for god's sake, just slit it's throat!" she mutters at Roberts, suddenly the expert on dog-killing.

From Arras, Dog2 is tougher than that, limey scum, canine soldier of the Fatherland that he is. He stirs, growling.

From Arras, Roberts grabs his pistol and strikes down at the dog with the butt of the weapon…though the dog was two quick and he was misses, "Oh crap. Its awake. Stab it with the knife." He says as he kicks at it again.

From Arras, Dog2 is a mean, blood thirsty son of a bitch. He snaps at Etoile again. But he's no match for Alice's knife. He slumps to the ground with a bloody whine.

From Arras, Etoile can't believe this! She's getting beat up by a German dog. An outnumbered German dog. At least the damn thing stops biting her when Alice stabs it.

From Arras, "I hate … stabbing animals," Alice admits. She pretty much flings the knife down, rather than get closer than she needs to. But even that seems to be enough, hitting an artery near the shoulder/leg. "Okay. Now, put it in the trash or something?" She bites her lower lip. her shop is opened, and she is frantically looking around.

From Arras, Roberts looks between the women, "I'll be in the shop in a moment." he grabs the dog by its hind legs and begins to haul it in the ally way from which he was found in. A lid to one of the trashcans used to store medical garbage is lifted open and the large dog is lumped in with a huge heave. It was a heavy set dog and not an easy thing to just haul around. To bad the germans didn't use toy dogs in their arsenal of weapons. Much easier to dispose of. With the dog gone, Roberts follows Alice towards her shop.

«Game» North of Arras is no longer a war zone!
«Game» Arras WW2 is no longer a war zone!

From Arras, Etoile follows after Alice as well, tucking her injured hand under her arm to stem the bloodloss.

From Arras, "Quickly please," Fortunately, Alice hasn't pulled up the curtains to show off the dressed dummies, wearing the latest fabric saving frills, fluffs and puffs. Oh yes. She will wait for Robers patiently at the door. She looks more than a little disturbed, at all of this.

From Arras,
Follows the women into the shop and closes the door behind him. He grabs the bolt lock and slides it closed to keep anyone out that didn't need to be inside. He looks around trying to figure out a plan of how to escape the city now. His hand are rather bruiced from the dogs bite and hurt a bit, though his head hurts far worse from the gash over his brown.

From Arras, «Game» Roberts moves into Alice's Sew Shop.

From Arras, Once inside, Alice will set about to patch them up. She nods, as Roberts locks the door. "Speak French?" She asks quiet. "Maybe need new clothes… uniform is bad," The woman points out. Ditz and dumb she may be, Alice is capable of periodic bursts of insight.

From Arras, «Game» Alice moves into Alice's Sew Shop.

From Arras, Dog2 has left.

From Arras, "Three people against a dog…" Etoile mutters under her breath, and flops down in to the nearest chair as soon as they're inside. The full weirdness of this day will probably hit her later. "If he does go in to public, he's going to need to stay mute or his accent'll give him away, too."

From Arras,
Roberts shakes his head, "I don't know any French…only English." This was obviously a problem for the airman and his hosts. His injuries were not terrible, but when added togeather he was in pretty bad shape with the potential of things taking a really bad turn if he wasn't treated correctly.

From Arras, Alice is going to bandage people as best as she can. She's really only a nurse. Not a doctor. The woman sighs, "Well. Then you claim sore throat or mute if found. We need find papers… new clothes, cannot just sneak out, Nazis especially out at night. Is curfew," Alice murmurs. She has a hard time stringing together proper English, while tending to Etoile. She smiles at Etoile, "That's true too… we are so bad huh? Subverting the Nazis like this."

From Arras, "Guess he'll have to stay in here indefinitely," Etoile says, still speaking French. "Getting papers for him looks like a nightmare." She offers Alice a half-smirk.

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