Legionnaire Phillip Chevalix.
Born: Oct 31, 1909.
Died: 1938.
Age: 29.
Phillip Chevalix, formerly of the French Foreign Legion, died in battle while trying to assess what his small ambush force faced. Expecting a mass of infantry to move from a westerly position, Phillip moved into the open to quickly scout the situation and then return. Sadly, a German Panzer murdered him ruthlessly before he could do so. However, he did manage to warn his comrades of his murderer, before his lifeless body slid into a nearby ditch.
Phillip is survived by a wife, and young daughter who live in his hometown of Cambridgeshire, England. Phillip was serving with K company of the XI international at the time of his death, having previously spent five years with the legion before coming to Spain. As per his final letter to a fellow comrade, Phillip has been buried in a simple unmarked grave with the only epitaph being "A fallen Legionnaire."

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