Pfc Laurence Slayback
Laurence Michael Slayback
Portrayed By Hugh Jackman
Gender Male
Age 21
Aliases Lars, Tank, Oni
Place of Birth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Occupation Steel worker, Marine PFC
Number of Wounds Accumulated Far too many
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Laurence Slayback was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a lower-middle class family.. Through highschool he always had higher-than-average grades and graduated at the top of his class. In Pittsburgh, the only choices he had after graduating highschool was to either work in a steel mill or to join the military. His father was an abusive man, making his choice all the more easy. Before he shipped off to basic training he met a beautiful young Navy-nurse hopeful named Roxanne DuBois. There was instant chemistry and he proposed to her after a few weeks of courting. During the time he spent learning to speak Japanese, he received, along with a note from Roxanne, a letter from the Navy, informing him that his fiance had died in the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, where she was stationed.

After joining the war effort he took linguistics classes and learned how to communicate in basic Japanese. He couldn't read a novel to you or anything, but he has a firm grasp on the Japanese language and how to get information from villagers and soldiers alike.

While in basic training and learning to speak with the locals, Lars was approached with an offer to join the 1st Parachute Battalion of the United States Marine Corps, or "Paramarines". He whole-heartedly accepted and went off to training. The 1st Parachute Battalion was picked, along with a unit of Marine Raiders to join the 1st Marine Division for the assault on Guadalcanal.

He's never been known as the nicest guy but he likes to try and make friends. Most people have a hard time getting to know Lars because he has a tendency to hold a knife to their throats. However, anyone who actually makes an effort finds him to be quite a loyal friend who will pull their asses out of the fire.

After the war effort, Laurence married Grace Dupree and was promoted to Sergeant. He spent the rest of his life as a drill sergeant, becoming quite infamous at the Marine base he was trained in as the most hardass person you'd ever come across. After retiring from service, he and Grace retired to the New Zealand countryside and started a ranch.


"Rule one: Never kill a man without a reason. Rule two: You can always find a reason to kill a man."


  • Likes redheads.
  • Unwavering loyalty to the person in direct command of him.
  • Recipient of the Purple Heart (with several silver stars)
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