Operation Evacuate The Limey

Who: Alice, Gabriel, Genevieve, Henrik, Roberts (NPC)
What: The combined effort to get the fallen RAF Airman out of Arras
When: August, 1940

Coordinates : 16 4

A fine example of a French town, despite the signs of modern warfare with several buildings completely ruined by German bombs. One area of this block is almost completely wiped out, other areas are completely untouched and makes a stark contrast to the ruins.

It is currently dawn.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Air Raid Shelter
2. Alice's Sew Shop

Alice furrows her eyebrows, frowning as she hears this. "Oh Gabriel…" She moves over to him, setting down the breakfast on a table and moves to hug him if he lets her. "I am sorry. And bah, they are the ones with dogs and soldiers." A scowl. Why are they pressing her poor husband into this? It is an outrage. She reaches up to ruffle Gabriel's hair. "I wish I could help somehow."

Three solid, even knocks sound on the door of the little establishment, perhaps summoned by the treasonous talk within.

"I promise soon," Alice blinks at his words, eyes wide. She smiles though, as he hugs her. She squeezes him gently. "I know, I love that you are an honest man, my Gabriel. But it will be done before you know, and God will know what kindness you have given this man. You gave him a chance, when murderers would throw him to dogs." She nods. Her voice is low, likely audible only to Gabriel when— a knock? Alice quirks her eyebrows. "Just a second, my love." She turns, peering. "Oh! Monsieur Henrik!" She opens the door, and smiles. "Please, come in. Your shirt is done. I think you will like it." She invites him in.

By the time the door opens, Gabriel has gathered himself mentally as well as physically, and is standing before the counter, both hands resting calmly at his sides. He gives Henrik a quick nod of greeting as Alice invites the man in. "Good morning, Monsieur. How does the day find you?"

Henrik nods curtly once, muttering a low greeting to Alice as he steps inside, old habit encouraged anew moving him to scan the interior of the shop, noting Gabriel with a second dip of his head, before searching for any other- less welcome occupants. "Have you a moment?" the big man asks evenly, in his deep, level voice. Poor manners perhaps, but he does not answer Gabriel's question.

Thankfully, for the moment, the shop is Nazi-free, though a few black shirts with tags and pins on them are a lingering reminder. Alice smiles at Henrik, closing the door behind him. "A little, yes." There's a breakfast on the table. Strange. "How are you?" She asks quietly, despite the man not answering Gabriel. She looks to her husband, peering at him.

Gabriel shrugs silently, unsure of where Henrik's sudden lack of response… but then again, this is Henrik. Gabriel busies himself with turning around and quietly nibbling at the breakfast on the counter, as if whatever business Henrik has with Alice is of no interest to him.

"Ask me tomorrow, Madame and Monsiuer," Henrik answers without color, his stonefaced expression constant. A slowly drawn breath precedes his next speech: "Be ready to move him tonight. The signal will be plain," the foreigner begins, voicing further a moment later. "Do you still have the knife?" he asks of Alice.

A little smile at Gabriel. She seems happy he is nibbling away. Then she turns to Henrik, going a little pale at what he mentions. She closes her eyes. "Of course… tonight," She bites her lower lip, then ohs! Alice turns, moving behind the counter and opening a lockbox. Voila! One F-S combat knife, all cleaned is produced. "I found a radio too…" Obviously, one that can broadcast. "At night though?" She seems troubled by that detail.
Alice is keeping her voice very, very low.

Gabriel tenses slightly, but reminds himself that right now, whatever it is, he has to be scenery. And so that way he stays.

Henrik nods curtly, once again. "Yes, tonight. And good news of the radio." A calloused, scarred hand reaches to take the dagger, a blue eye briefly studying the weapon, as he advises, "For a short while the patrols should not be a problem, but don't drag your feet." He tucks the knife away, before blue eyes shift back to Alice. "Do you know the copse of trees to the north west of Arras?"

«Equipment» Alice has dropped F-S Combat Knife.
«Equipment» Henrik has picked up F-S Combat Knife.

"Yes," Alice hands the knife over, handle first (Safety first!). She blinks, at his comment. "Of course not but -" But Alice knows the ravenous patrols and their hated dogs. She seems confused, but accepts the idea. "Yes, the little trees… berries used to grow there, I would pick them when I first came here," She looks nostalgic a moment.

Gabriel clears his throat then, and stands. "Alice, I'm going to go in the back and check on that coat you had hanging." And before anyone can say much else, gets his ass into the back of the store, before he ends up learning too many specific details.

Henrik had been unsure of Gabriel's preference, simply aknowledging the man's choice and departure with a nod and grunted word in parting. Returning his eye to Alice, "Yes, that place. There is a shovel set against one of the trees," Henrik notes simply. "If I am not talkative tomorrow, there is a crate buried there with several petrol bombs inside."

"Okay, dear. Watch out for the bust leaning against the door," She smiles at him, letting him go without fuss. Alice seems to understand, dim as she is. She looks to Henrik once again. "I … see," She /stares/ at Henrik. "Petrol bombs?" What is she going to do with THOSE?

Henrik nods once. "Yes, petrol bombs. Someone will know what to do with them," he rumbles under his breath, before noting, "I'll leave now. I would bid you good luck if there were such a thing, Alice."

Alice still looks a little puzzled. Someone will know … she just mms softly, "Okay. Thank you, Henrik. It means a lot to hear that." She takes a deep breath, "I am kind of nervous. Is there - anything else?" She asks quietly.

Henrik considers the question for only a moment before he notes, "Hide the radio, if you havn't already. The fascists will probably search houses." Another silent moment of thought, before he concludes, "Otherwise, no. There is nothing."

"Okay, although- I thought our friend wished to call his friends. Should he do it here or there?" Alice asks quietly. She smiles at him, "Thank you for your guidance." She seems to appreciate it, even if inexperienced. "Be well then, and offer a little prayer for this fool."

"He should do it now, and he should do it in a hurry," Henrik advises a bit tersely. A drawn breath and an instant later, he adds, "Remove all trace he was ever here. I'm not such a hippocrite as to pray for you.. But for what they are worth, my best wishes are with you." A curt nod and the big man turns to walk out.

"I will tell him then," Alice murmurs. "And that I will do," She nods twice. "Thank you." She seems to accept his good wishes, suddenly feeling small and alone in the world. Alice takes a deep breath. "Dear God, it is Alice. Please help me. I promise no more pinching pastries. Amen, Alice." She rubs her temples.

Henrik steps out into the street, bootsteps briefly audible in the moments after the shop door falls closed. "It begins, again," the big man murmers under his breath, in his native tongue. The steps recede and are lost to the ear.

"They're only a few pastries." Gabriel says from behind the counter, moving through the hallway as he sees Henrik make his way out. "But theft is a bad habit to have." He then leans with his elbows on the counter, his voice low. "All is set then, and we can put some of this worry behind us?"

"Eek!" Alice jumps, looking startled, "I know, I said sorry and promised to stop." She nods, "It makes you annoyed and …" And well, God doesn't smile on thieves. Does he? She nods, "Yes, tonight." She smiles to him and moves towards her husband. "Thank you, for your support."

Gabriel reaches out to take Alice's hand, letting it rest in his own. "And Monsieur Henrik goes with you? He is a sturdy man, I am sure you'll be kept safe." Gabriel nods slowly and does what he can to shut out the fear that is trying to plague him.

"He'd better! He took the fellow's knife," Alice chirps. She accepts his hand, looking down at it. She smiles just a bit at it. "You are so strong Gabriel, thank you. And I will do my best to be so!" She nods back to him. "Then you won't have to lie. Not anymore."

Later that night…

Henrik moves in the shadows as best he can through the streets and behind the buildings of Arras. Yet the cover of city and stone can only take him so far. As he reaches the edge of town and spies the airfield which cuts through the autumn wheat to the north, the big man moves silent and low, toward the destiny ahead.

«Ground Combat» Henrik moves North <N>.

Coordinates : 17 6

Surrounded by far stretches of grass, with the barracks hinting to the west, is this military airfield. The runways are grasscovered but has been finecombed and smoothed out for good takeoffs and landings. The area is open but a large fence has been built around it to protect from intruders, and guards patrols constantly. Planes are parked in rows not too far from the runways, and there's also a large hangar and a few other buildings.

It is currently night time.

Henrik moves as swiftly as he dares, already well familiar with the field's layout. The target looms ahead, as much by memory as by sight as he slips closer, and reaches into the sack he carries.

«Ground Combat» Henrik moves to engage Fuel Tank in close quarters combat, and succeeds!
«Game» Henrik wields his Molotov!

Bruno is on guard duty around the fuel tank. He looks bored and sleepy.

«Ground Combat» Henrik moves to engage Bruno in close quarters combat, and succeeds!

«Game» Henrik unwields his Molotov!
«Game» Henrik wields his F-S Combat Knife!

Henrik spies a guard- almost too late, and replaces the bottle to draw the british airman's knife.. He creeps closer, breath held, and moves.

«Ground Combat» Henrik sneaks up on Bruno and delivers a SILENT KILL! (Bruno, do not pose or page your demise so as to warn others.)

«Game» Henrik loots the body of Bruno
«Game» Henrik unwields his F-S Combat Knife!
«Equipment» Henrik has dropped F-S Combat Knife.
«Game» Henrik wields his Molotov!

Bruno is a poor, stupid young SS recruit who went eagerly to France to serve the Fatherland. Poor bastard. He doesn't even see it coming as Henrik sneaks up on him, and his life is knifed right out of him. He barely makes a sound as his limp body falls.

Henrik comes up behind the guard and swiftly grabs about the man's head with one arm to muffle any sound. The british dagger is drawn across the throat with a lethal pull- the steel left standing in the flesh as Henrik quietly lowers the body, quickly rifling through for weapons and papers before returning to the task at hand..

«Equipment» Henrik picks up Luger P-08.
Henrik slips the pistol into his belt and creeps back toward the fuel tanker.

Henrik lets out a slow and silent breath as he crouches on the far side of the truck, keeping it between him and the western barracks to hide the flash of a match being struck as he lights the petrol bomb…

«Ground Combat» Henrik fires his Molotov at Fuel Tank but misses!

«Game» Henrik wields his Molotov!

«Ground Combat» You notice Eisen arrive at Wheatfield.

«Equipment» Henrik picks up F-S Combat Knife.
«Game» Henrik unwields his Molotov!
«Game» Henrik wields his F-S Combat Knife!

Henrik has the dicipline not to curse at his miss, but not the skill to avoid missing in the first place… As the gunner arrives, he recoves the dagger.

«Ground Combat» Henrik moves to engage Eisen in close quarters combat, and succeeds!

Eisen comes jogging in at a brisk pace at the sound of grenades, peering about for the dirty British saboteur. He doesn't spot him right away. The sight of Bruno's gacked body does catch his attention, however.

«Ground Combat» Henrik sneaks up on Eisen and delivers a SILENT KILL! (Eisen, do not pose or page your demise so as to warn others.)

«Game» Henrik unwields his F-S Combat Knife!
«Game» Henrik wields his Molotov!

Henrik recognizes the big fascist soldier from days past. He approaches the man from around the truck and does not whisper until the killing blow is struck. "Regards of Comrade Trip," he growls, before recovering the molotov.

«Game» Henrik changes his style to Banzai!

«Ground Combat» Henrik fires his Molotov at Fuel Tank and hits!
«Ground Vehicles» Henrik hits Fuel Tank (#1859) in the SIDE!
Superficial Hit!

Eisen didn't even see it coming. One moment he was peering 'round, all ready to find some peasant scum to beat on for the Fatherland. And now he's dead. Dead, and all his dreams of one day seeing his beautiful, Aryan homeland again destroyed.

«Game» Henrik changes his style to Stealth!
«Equipment» Henrik picks up MP40.

Henrik sends the second petrol bomb, and knows even as he releases it that he doesnt have time for a third. Damnation. He goes about quickly collecting the fallen weapons- again replacing the F-S dagger.. with a hasty look westward.

«Equipment» Henrik picks up 9mm Parabellum x 200.
«Equipment» Henrik has dropped F-S Combat Knife.

Henrik pries away the nozzle cap and with one last quick look west, crams the now empty canvas sack into the pipe. Striking a match, he sets off east- again keeping the truck between him and the barracks…

«Autojudge:» Henrik rolls 1d100 and scores 35!
«Game» A fire ignites!

«Ground Combat» Henrik attempts to disengage from close quarters combat with Fuel Tank, and succeeds!.

Announcement: Strife shouts, "The sound of explosions can be heard from the direction of the German airfield and, if one is close enough to see, the light of fire from there starts to burn."

«Ground Combat» Henrik moves East <E>.


Coordinates : 16 4

A fine example of a French town, despite the signs of modern warfare with several buildings completely ruined by German bombs. One area of this block is almost completely wiped out, other areas are completely untouched and makes a stark contrast to the ruins.

It is currently dawn.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Air Raid Shelter
2. Alice's Sew Shop

Alice is with her husband, looking worried. Then startled as the shop's bell rings. Her hands jerk and flail a bit. Whoa! Her eyes go wide. "Yes hello, hi! I'm here," She turns and waves. She takes a slow breath, smiling lightly, once she sees it's Gene and not a Nazi.

Gabriel slowly comes to a stand behind the counter and moves around outside it as Genevieve knocks on the door. "Go ahead, I'll wait."

Genevieve opens the door as she hears Alice's muffled voice and she sticks her head in a moment before coming in the rest of the way, "Alice, sorry, I'm sorry… I know it's late but I need this tomorrow. Afternoon is fine… it's just ripped all to hell and back and I can't do this kind of stitching.." Gene admits, a touch breathless. Apparently she ran to get here before curfew hit. She nods towards the black tuxedo dress and a rip all the way to the waistline up the side seam.

Alice smiles, and waves a hand, "It's … okay." Then a blink, and looks at the dress. Oh dear, her eyebrows furrow at the tear. "That's no good, is it?" She surveys the dress. Alice mmms softly, and goes to get a hanger with some pins and a little note paper. "Here, write your name so we know it is yours," She smiles lightly. Looks like a hefty job. Although, Alice seems to be avoiding the closet.

Nightfall is nearing. It's nearly curfew time and the German's nightly patrols are starting. They've grown particularly intense since the British pilot was downed in town. Speaking, Roberts languishes in Alice's closet, his nerves on edge.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Grenades from Wheatfield (17 6)!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Grenades from Wheatfield (17 6)!

Announcement: Strife shouts, "The sound of explosions can be heard from the direction of the German airfield and, if one is close enough to see, the light of fire from there starts to burn."

A breath of relief brushes across Gene's lips as Alice says she'll take the dress. She nods immediately, handing it over and then accepting the note paper. She scrawls quickly: 'Genevieve' on the paper, not bothering with a surname, and then offers it in Alice's direction. Gabriel's words draw a frown to her lips and she turns towards the windows…"Out at the d'Artois estate. It… is a journey. Bloody hell." She hisses as she hears the echoing sound of a fight. "Shite. I thought we were done with this."

Genevieve tilts her head, a hint of confusion dancing across her features, "Rabbit? I always considered you more in touch with felines, Alice…" that is good old Gene, always ready for a joke or even a bit of booze. She still seems to feel as if she's missing something but she shakes it off and looks up to Gabriel, "I would not wish you to get in trouble… but if you are offering, I shan't turn you down either.

Genevieve is really damned confused now, turning her head curiously as she hears voices behind and Alice speaking. She shakes it off, though, this not entirely her business as she looks back towards Gabriel, "Very well then, I don't suppose I should ask what in hells is going on here?" She asks that before the door opens, but then falls quiet and steps towards the front entry way.

Alice gives Roberts the food for his journey, making sure he has his civilian clothes too. She seems to be oblivious to the outside, trying to hurry. Whatever it is, she's doing it fast.
Roberts hurries along with Alice. He wants out of here as much as she wants him out.

«Ground Combat» Gabriel moves out of Alice's Sew Shop.
«Ground Combat» Genevieve moves out of Alice's Sew Shop.
«Game» Roberts changes his style to Stealth!
«Ground Combat» Roberts moves out of Alice's Sew Shop.
«Game» Alice changes her style to Stealth!
«Ground Combat» Alice moves out of Alice's Sew Shop.

After the two depart, they are off! Alice is doing her best to be sneaky, cautiously peering around. "Look … west?" She is trying to pick their path carefully, darting behind some trash cans.

«Ground Combat» You notice Dog1 arrive at Arras.

Dog1 comes sniffing through the streets. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.

Roberts heads west with Alice. West! Sounds jolly good to him. He heads that way.

Gabriel waits until Genevieve is outside to shut the door behind him, and moves down the street, presumably at Genevieve's side. "Nothing worth getting involved in, Madamoiselle d…. pardon me, Madame." He dips his head in a nod as he happens to glance down at her hand. "Sometimes late deliveries require a bit of secrecy to avoid the soldiers." Yeah, that's believeable. Apparently Gabriel isn't the most skilled at obfuscation.

Alice has spotted the dog, and scoots west, trying to hope puppy doesn't sniff her. She's sneaking away.

«Ground Combat» Alice moves West <W>.

«Game» Roberts changes his style to Sprint!
Roberts legs it fast when he sees the dog, remembering how that thing ripped into him last time!

«Ground Combat» Roberts moves West <W>.

Genevieve walks smoothly, comfortably through the streets, trying to make it look as if they belonged and there was no issue or sneaking to be done between she and Gabriel. She smiles as he adjusts his comment, "Yes… Monsieur d'Artois and I are wed now. Just seemed the smart thing to do. And… understood. Deliveries." That's all she says about that, not wanting to reveal whatever game was going on here, but she looks a touch more tense than before now.

Dog1 pauses in its sniffing near the sew shop. Something there interests it. It growls at Genevieve.

Alice freezes at that. Oh hell. She just smiles weakly. Righto. "Here goes nothing."

Roberts just tries to keep his upper lip stiff as he sneaks along, a growing sense of dread upon him.

Gabriel is able to keep his expression neutral (score one for the stoic!) and comments simply, "My congratulations to you both then." He opens his mouth to speak once more when he hears the dog growl, and turns toward the creature, his eyes narrowing. "What do you want?" He asks of the creature, considering that there is no handler in sight.

"We go … west, then north through wheat… is no good on pastures," She murmurs. Alice hopes that seems like a good idea. "Sound good?" She offers in her whisper.

Roberts shrugs, nodding. Fine with him. Whatever keeps him alive a little longer.

«Ground Combat» Alice moves West <W>.
«Ground Combat» Roberts moves West <W>.

Roberts looks around him at the abandoned house, a standing reminder of the chaos that's ripped so many from their homes. It's not encouraging. But he just nods. "I'll get some sleep, I think," he says, creeping off to find a remaining sofa. Or a soft bit of floor. "Thanks again, love."

Alice nods, "I'll keep eye out. Will be death to break curfew." She smiles at him. "Good night. You are welcome." Another nod and Alice peers out, to wait out the night.

AAR: Operation 'Evacuate the Limey'

Alice, Gabriel, Genevieve, Henrik, Roberts (NPC)

The effort to get RAF Airman Roberts out of town used a raid on the Luftwaffe airfield north of Arras as a diversion. Alice led Roberts out of town after an explosion and fire started on the field, and successfully reached an abandoned farm north west of Arras, being sighted by a dog once, but escaping without conflict.

The raid on the airfield resulted in two captured weapons and a set of valid nazi id papers (Forgery artists attend!). Alice returns to Arras the next morning, and as of yet, no arrests have been made.


Nazi Casualties:
Bruno and Eisen killed
Fuel tanker at Airfield destroyed

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