On Belleau Wood

In thanks, the French commander of the sector gave the following praise…

Army Headquarters, June 30, 1918
In view of the brilliant conduct of the Fourth Brigade of the Second United States Division, which in a spirited fight took Bouresches and the important strong point of Bois de Belleau, stubbornly defended by a large enemy force, the General commanding the Sixth Army orders that henceforth, in all official papers, the Bois de Belleau shall be named "Bois de la Brigade de Marine."
Commanding Sixth Army

The atmosphere in Paris went from one of panic to one of riotous celebration overnight when the news that the German offensive had been stalled fifty miles away reached them. And there was a new respect from the British and the French towards their American allies. The United States had stood on the Western Front with the other allied powers, and had fought and bled with typically Great War levels of casualties, with a determination at least the equal of the others. Till this point the Americans had been treated somewhat offhandedly by the Allied high command, that scepticism was now a thing of the past.

At Belleau Wood, after the war, Army General Harbord was made an honorary Marine in a brief ceremony, and a memorial built.

"Now and then, a veteran … will come here to live again the brave days of that distant June," Harbord said. "Here will be raised the altars of patriotism; here will be renewed the vows of sacrifice and consecration to country. Hither will come our countrymen in hours of depression, and even of failure, and take new courage from this shrine of great deeds."

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